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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Directly From Benjamin Franklin’s Printing Press 50
2 1757 George Washington Report 100
3 Three Maps - 1770 PASS
4 Boston Grievances - 1773 PASS
5 New York Patriot PASS
6 By June 1779 Times Have Become Tough In War-Torn Boston. 650
7 George Washington Writes of the Execution of Major Andre 1500
8 Connecticut Pay Vouchers 50
9 Bill For Childbirth and Funeral - c1790 PASS
10 Gentleman’s Magazine - Christian Illustrations - 1790 PASS
11 Revolutionary War Merchant’s Ledger 225
12 CDV of Revlutionary Bishop PASS
13 Revolutionary War Map 170
14 Ode to the Battle of Bunker Hill 50
15 Wood Relic From Original Timbers of the Independence Hall 50
16 No Lot PASS
17 The Denmark Vessey Uprising PASS
18 South Carolina Enacts the Black Codes PASS
19 1826 Kentucky Slave Auctioneer “Crying” Payment PASS
20 Illustrated Cover of Shakeled Slave 60
21 1829 Bill of Sale for Georgia Slave 120
22 Early Washington DC Newspaper group PASS
23 The State of Ohio Places Regulations on Blacks and Mulattos 50
24 Pennsylvania - A Slave Holding State - 1832 50
25 Article on the noted Poetess Phillis Wheatley 375
26 First Women Author in America to Oppose Slavery 100
27 Image of Slave Child on the Blocks 425
28 Illustrated Runaway Slave Advertisements 50
29 Early Christian Publication With Slavery Reports PASS
30 The 3rd Party of 1848 Solicits Support 100
31 Slave Life In Brazil PASS
32 After 150 Years, Uncle Tom’s Cabin Still Has Impact 100
33 Little Eva Uncle Tom's Cabin Sheet Music 50
34 The Life Magazine of 1853 50
36 Mr. Frederick Douglass Ejected from the Hall - 1860 50
37 The Most Dramatic American Slave Ship Image in Harpers PASS
38 Vase of Little Eva Reading to Uncle Tom 750
39 Vase of Uncle Tom Reading to Little Eva 800
40 The Stern Mammy With Her Charge PASS
41 Broadside Printed Onboard A Union Frigate 1200
42 A Group of Four Slavery Themed Covers PASS
43 A Group of Four Better Slavery Themed Covers 150
44 South Carolina County by County Slave Count 50
45 “A Slave Auction Described by Mr. Russell.” 100
46 Dress Review of the 1st Regiment South Carolina Negro Volunteers, 50
47 A Dramatic Image of a Colored Troop PASS
48 A Connected Pair of CDVs - The Servant and The Master PASS
49 The New York Tribune Warns The North Not To Use Black Troops; Disproportionate Casualty Rate Suffered By The 54th Mass. (Colored) at The Battle of Fort Wagner PASS
50 USCT - The First Louisiana Guard PASS
51 The Freed Slave “Pick” Serves in the Cavalry PASS
52 Slave Wilson Chinn Teaching Reading to Slave Children 325
53 A Chaplain of U.S. Colored Troops Declares “ the idea of the war to me.” 1800
54 Compensating The Slave Owners After Emancipation 160
55 Reading Books For The Freed Children - 1868 100
56 A Texas Confederate Colonel Gracefully Accepts The 14th and 15th Amendment PASS
57 Discontent with Gilded Age Presidential Politics and the Influence of “the negro vote” PASS
58 Mississippi Klan report PASS
59 Buffalo Soldier Muster Roll Signed by Medal of Honor Recepient 700
60 Period Imprints From Black Image Wood Blocks PASS
61 The Florida Slave Market 50
62 Colored Students Teacher Pay Vouchers 50
63 Scarce Civil War Image Of Black Soldier PASS
64 A DuBois Study of the Negro 50
65 Pleanty of Colorful Illustrations on These Music Shhets 100
66 Striking Front Cover Shows A Mob Burning A Black Man 225
67 All The Students Are Black 200
68 Southern Cook Books PASS
69 Emmett Till Remembered PASS
70 Leader of Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and Honorary Prime Minister of the Black Panther Party, Now Appears Before The US Senate 50
71 A Battle of New Market VMI Cadet Described Richmond's "Soldier Home." His Roommate Is A Mosby Ranger 100
72 This Future Confederate General Would Be Killed In Action 350
73 Obsolete North Carolina bank Note 60
74 Rare Confederate Flag Presentation Speech: The Loudoun Guards Thank The Ladies Of Leesburg For their Flag 1200
75 An Early War Dated Document Signed by William Wickham 450
76 Governor Letcher Issues A Commission PASS
77 Defending North Carolina's Coast From Bogue Island in 1861 PASS
78 The South's "Best & Noblest Are To Be Taken Away PASS
79 Rare Seven Star CSA 1st National Banner Letter Head From Stonewall Brigade Soldier Heading off To War 170
80 The Battle of Manassas Shakes His To The Core But They Will Win As The Lord Is On Their Side 425
81 A Clash with Union Forces At Falls Church Leads To Another Union Rout. 100
82 Jackson's Brigade Prepares To Move Back Into The Valley 100
83 Stonewall Jackson In His Raid on Dam No. 5 "Has Over Done The Thing This Time" While Turner Ashby Has Crippled Half His Horses PASS
84 Future Confederate Secretary of War Makes Recommendation to War Department PASS
85 Georgia Militia Incorporated into Provisional Confederate Army PASS
86 Texas Army Patriot Robustly Writes About Southern Independence 250
87 Confederate Document Written By The 1st Creek Indian Regiment 300
88 Kentucky Document Signed by Two CSA Generals 300
89 From Atlanta - The General Sends A Special Orders PASS
90 Confederate General Order Rocket Signal Outline in Confidence 200
91 Rare 1st Georgia Cavalryman's Leave of Absence Signed By Col. Morrison PASS
92 Beauregard Sends A South Carolinian To Augusta Arsenal 170
93 No need For Money Now; Appointment As Surgeon; Not Imposing on Mrs. C's Servants; Mrs. P's. Ugliness; Missing His Wedding To Bring A Substitute To Camp; A Premonition of Death; Is Lee's Army... 225
94 Furloughs Will Not Be Granted To Stonewall's Men Unless They Agree To Reenlist-A Idea That Does Not Go Well With The Men. PASS
95 A Stonewall Brigade Trooper Declares: "I Do Not Care About Being A Martyr For The South. I Do Not Covet The Glory Gained By Battles PASS
96 Yankee Troops Occupy Winchester, Hundred Are Captured; Turner Ashby Has Been Fighting Them All Day; Virginia Has Broken Her Contract With The Troops 250
97 . A Stonewall Jackson Man Thinks He Was "Out-Generaled" At The Battle of Kernstown PASS
98 Dreading The Next Battle With The Yankees. He Says: "The Southern Cause Looks Gloomy PASS
99 After Winchester "The Yankees Are Afraid To Come Above Him For Fear Of Being Cut Off." PASS
100 The Stonewall Brigade Drives The Yankees At The Battle of Winchester 400
101 This Family Came To America in 1623 100
102 Often referred to as the Confederate National Anthem 375
103 Virginia Governor Letcher Commissions A Marylander PASS
104 This Soldier Reports on the Death of Stonewall Jackson and General Whipple PASS
105 Things Look…To Be Tending Downwards As Jackson's Men Gather For The Spring '63 Campaign PASS
106 Stonewall Jackson Dies Following Chancellorsville: "All The Original Secessionists Are Getting Killed 375
107 Troops Move Before The Gettysburg Campaign While His Aunt Worries 50
108 The Firing At Brandy Station Fills The Air In The Stonewall Brigade's Camp 130
109 Cut Short While Heading Out Towards Gettysburg 100
110 First Towards Harpers Ferry Then Towards Pennsylvania and Afterwards Gettysburg 100
111 Stonewall Brigade Fort McHenry POW Letter and Cover 170
112 Rare Confederate Recruiting Broadside 1500
113 Turner Ashby's Cavalry Gets Assessed For Land Damages Near The Beginning of the Gettysburg Campaign 150
114 South Carolina Impressment Agent Negotiates With General Beauregard for the Release of Slaves to their Masters PASS
115 This Confederate Citizen Is On A Mission to Deal With The Europeans PASS
116 Manuscript Report Taken from Confederate Prisoner Details Confederate Naval Strength 300
117 Confederate Georgia Document PASS
118 This Confederate Engineer’s Atlanta Home Still Stands PASS
119 Col. Gholson's Cavalry Command Receives Fodder PASS
120 The Confederate Government Pays To Beef in '64 PASS
121 . A Great Description For Making Confederate Jean Style Pants In 1864 PASS
122 Learning The Fate of Cousin William "Roby" Redwine Who Died At Point Lookout Prison Camp, Maryland PASS
123 Scarce Confederate Songster 1600
124 A Pair of Confederate Government Imprints 50
125 Very Scarce Danville Parole PASS
126 A Pair of Late War Special Orders Issued By General Daniel Ruggles 300
127 The Assistant Provost Marshal of Richmond Learns The Amnesty Oath PASS
128 Reinflating the North Carolina Confederate Banks and State Treasury 50
129 Beauregard Autograph Notes Signed, Telegrams Sequencing The Battle Of Manassass 2100
130 Noted Political Cartoonist Nast provides Race Cartoons - 1875 PASS
131 Confederate Sympathies used by Political Adversaries…ten years later! PASS
132 The Story of the Confederate Spy Lt. S. B. Davis PASS
133 Wade Hampton Biography Honoring The Legion Commander's On His Death Date PASS
134 This Author Tells her Grand Children About The War, The Slaves, Reconstruction, The KKK ... 110
135 Published By Longstreet’s Memorial Association PASS
136 Valuable Source for Confederate Numisatics 50
137 Lee’s General Order Number Nine 170
138 This UDC Chapter Is Still Active PASS
139 This Mass Soldier Says, “I have seen any quantity of legs and arms cut off by doctors” PASS
140 Union Generals BANKS, MILROY, WILLIAM & VINCENT and New York Governor All Weigh In On Louis P. Di Cesenola Colonel's Appointment! 200
141 A Camp Parole Soldier Is Cared For By Civil War Nurse Mrs. Mary Morris Husband 150
142 In July 1861 Lowe Was Appointed Chief Aeronaut of the Union Army Balloon Corps by President Abraham Lincoln. 50
143 . Manuscript Map Circa 1860, Lexington, Kentucky 100
144 Early War Dated Map 50
145 Beautiful Hand Colored Patriotic Music Sheet 140
146 Rare Illustrated Baltimore Stationery; Women Pin Secessionist Flags To Their Breasts; Destroying The Property of A Secessionist Landowner. 400
147 Sworn Into US Service; A Broken Drum; Drumming A Man Out of Camp After He Refused The Oath; Plenty of Ladies; When Are You Coming Down Here & William Bell Is Laughed Out of Camp PASS
148 Traveling Tom Louisville &b Then Camp Nevin; Expecting An Attack At Any Moment. 225
149 Coded Sexual Content Letter: About Those "Moonshower" Ladies At Home & of Milking Cows (aka Young Ladies) Out Of Their Pure Cream. 325
150 F Bombs & News From The Front PASS
151 The Rebels Are Driven During a Lively Skirmish At The Green River In Dec. 1861 On Rare "Let Loose The Dogs of War" Stationery 180
152 Passing Ships Are Fired Upon; Spies Are Thrown Into The Guard House At Camp Defiance; This Shiloh KIA Would Like To Shot those Spies PASS
153 A Civilian Visitor To Camp Defiance Gets The Scar of His Life While There PASS
154 An Early Massachusetts Minuteman Gets A Private Interview With "Old Abe Lincoln PASS
155 A Detailed Account of Military Life In The City of Washington In Early May '61 200
156 Rough Going Drilling And Training In Not Yet War Weary Washington PASS
157 The 5th Mass. Is Caught In A Tug of War Between Winfield Scott and Ben Butler; Sending Home His Picture Taken In Their Grey Uniform; Describing His Uniform PASS
158 Witnessing President Lincoln Welcoming "His Friends" At White House Ceremonies & A Detailed Description of This Letter's Washington City Illustration 425
159 . Detailed Account of Col. Elmer Ellsworth's Death. The Whole City Is In Mourning 600
160 Occupying Alexandria; Rebel Forces Attack A Train Load of 1st Ohio Soldiers Near Vienna, Va.; The Marshall House Is Used As A Jail; A Strong Secession Family of Young Ladies; Live Across The... 300
161 The Field and Staff Officers of The 5th Mass. Vols. Are Promoted Into The Regular Army-One is KIA Gettysburg and Another Becomes A Brigadier General. PASS
162 Alexandria, Virginia Is A Rough Place In July '61; Imprisoning A Slave Owner; The Women Insult The Soldiers Telling Them That They "Will Run Like Blazes" When They Met Their Kin Folk; Ellsworth's... 300
163 Written on Manassas Gap RR Document: Union Forces Build in Washington Preparatory To First Bull Run PASS
164 . Four Alabamians (5th Alabama Trooper's Calling Card Included) Are Captured and Sent To McDowell For Interrogation-One Was A Harvard Grad; The Garibaldi Guards Come To Town. PASS
165 He Could Not Bear The Thought of Losing His Haversack After The Battle of First Bull Run. There's A "heap of trouble on the old man's mind. [But} he's getting better. PASS
166 Massachusetts First Volunteers Leave For War; Pass Signed By Col. Lawrence Severely Wounded And Left For Dead at First Bull Run PASS
167 A Mother Losses Touch With Her Son At Ball's Bluff 50
168 Callousness At The Death of His Comrades Allows For Self Preservation 110
169 A Young Lady Strikes Out On Her Own In Early 1861 100
170 The 4th Connecticut Volunteers Gather At Hartford & He Goes As "Captain's Boy PASS
171 The 4th Connecticut Gets A Deserter In Their Ranks PASS
172 Local Ladies Present The New Volunteers of Connecticut With Small Trinkets. PASS
173 A False Report Rouses Them Out of Bed Towards The Potomac River PASS
174 Future General Robert Tyler Takes Ove The 1st Conn PASS
175 The Guard Shoots A "Negro" Who Was Suspected of Poisoning Their Well. PASS
176 General Ormsby Mitchell Addresses His New Troops PASS
177 Marching Into Kentucky The "Negrous" Follow Their Music 100
178 He Hates Those Who "Back Out of Going To War PASS
179 Rare Battle of West Liberty, Kentucky Letter-October 23, 1861 PASS
180 Lost In The Woods While Scouting Towards Prestonsbug, Kentucky, Two Little Boys Lead Them To Safety 200
181 Ohio Cavalry Scatter A Handful of Rebels On The March to Prestonsbugh, Kentucky PASS
182 Faring Better In Cold Kentucky Than When at Home Shelling PASS
183 Traveling To Louisville; Their Government Overcoats Were Refused by Col. Harris PASS
184 They Are Treated Kindly By Louisville's Natives PASS
185 Union Troops Concentrate at Louisville In Late 1861 PASS
186 A Southern Gentleman Reclaims His "Negro" and They Lose Their Cook. 225
187 Buckner's Cavalry Turns On His Union Adversary Near Bowling Green 100
188 1861 Pennsylvania Reserve Corps Patriotic Poem 50
189 Oct. 26, 1861 Frank Leslie Newspaper with large map of Southern states and "Dark Artillery" contraband & Lincoln satirical cartoons on verso PASS
190 Thirteen Harpers Weekly Newspapers PASS
191 Lot of Four Frank Leslie's Newspapers 100
192 Detailed Map of Washington DC 50
193 Battle of First Manassas 50
194 The First Battle of the Peninsula Campaign 160
195 Impressive Elsworth Letter Sheet 275
196 This Recruit is Certified, Swears the Oath, But Would Later Die at Andersonville. PASS
197 The Flag Officer Goldsborough Signs A Requition 100
198 War Dated Theater Broadsides PASS
199 The 20th Ohio Heads To War. Their General Says "All is Quiet Around Bolivar". 50
200 Rough Conditions At Soldier's House; Bolivar, Tenn. Strong Fortifications; Abandoned Rebel Munitions; Train Cars Run Off The Tracks In Kentucky 100
201 Going On A Raid Towards Grand Junction: "Everything in the country belongs to the soldier." 100
202 Grant Sends Troops Towards Holly Springs, Miss.; East Tennessee Cavalrymen Burn The Houses of Their Rebel Neighbors. 150
203 Grant's Men Occupy Holly Springs, Miss. While Playing Yankee Doodle THEN Dixie! 100
204 Van Doren's Army Is Outmaneuvered Before The Tallahatchie River PASS
205 A Lunatic Asylum Should Be Built In Liberia To Treat "N**er On The Brain" Disease 475
206 You No Nothoning of Wor…If You War Her You Would See The Horror PASS
207 Secesh Women Frequent This Union Camp; Moses The Contraband Took The Prize For Dancing During A Spree In Camp 100
208 Three Union Volunteers Swim The Tennessee River To Burn Several Houses Used By Rebel Sharpshooters; He Defends Himself Against Claims of Seduction. 150
209 At Camp Butler, Springfield, Ill. "We Have Preaching, Speaking, Dancing, Gambling, Drinking & Swearing PASS
210 The "Sesesh" Of Northern Kentucky Will Not Own It." PASS
211 Samuel Kehr Dies In A Wagon As They Enter Beautiful Lexington, Kentucky 100
212 The Price of Tobacco Is So Dear He Is Afraid He Will Have To Give Up Use of The Weed PASS
213 He Will Never Desert His Country In Her Hour Of Need. PASS
214 Another Hard March To Louisville 50
215 Camp Douglas' Fence Is Torn Down; A Sutler Is "Cleaned Out" While A Fire Rages In Camp. 100
216 The Bloody Month of May 1864 Twenty-Two Page Union Soldier's Battle Letter. PASS
217 A "Quack" Doctor Gets The Boot 50
218 Advancing Slowly Towards Corinth Following The Battle of Shiloh PASS
219 A Deserter Is Branded With A "D" and Drummed Out of Camp 120
220 Practicing As Artillerymen With Blank Cartridges 50
221 A Flag Of Truce Comes Into The Lines Near Fort Barnard 100
222 Not Worried If He Gets A Bullet Through Him. He Mans an Eight Inch Howitzer Which Throws A 64 Lbs. Ball 100
223 Preparing To Follow Their Siege Train To Fortress Monroe PASS
224 At Yorktown; Observing One Of Lowe' Balloons; Passing Counterfeit Confederate Money Among The Secessionists; Giving McClellan Nine Cheers As He Passes 120
225 It Takes Time To Set Up Their Siege Guns At Yorktown; McClellan Makes His Headquarters Near Their Position PASS
226 The Siege of Yorktown Chronicles-Dodging Shells, Land Mines and Rebel Attacks PASS
227 Rare Battle of Hanover Court House Letter-An Ambush Is Avoided Thanks To Two Slaves PASS
228 All of McClellan's Army Has Crossed Over The Chickahominy River 100
229 A Soldier Is Taken Out By Friendly Fire During The Seven Days Campaign PASS
230 The Seven Day's Campaign & The Battle of Malvern Hill PASS
231 Lincoln Visits and Saving Their Siege Guns During McClellan's Seven Day's Campaign 100
232 The Rebels Spark Another Fight at Malvern Hill PASS
233 Their Bulky Siege Train Returns From The Peninsula While Hoping To Join Pope's Army PASS
234 Surveying The Destruction at Pittsburg Landing 50
235 The Mississippi Runs Into Another Ship While Transporting Troops To New Bern; This Place Has "Any Quantity of Black People 100
236 . An Expedition Captures Plenty In New Bern's Countryside PASS
237 New Bern Is Threatened By A Rebel Picket Attack PASS
238 Rebel Deserters Are Escorted Home By Lieut. Morton-One Soon Dies After Getting Home PASS
239 Union Gunboats Are In Need of Repair Because of Their Heavy Guns PASS
240 Rare Printed Union Battle Report Battle of Matamora or Hatchie River, Iuka/Corinth Campaign PASS
241 Charles Magnus Colorful Rose of Washington 200
242 Broadside Issued Within HOURS Of The End of The Battle of Second Manassas PASS
243 Solving The Coin Shortage In 1862 50
244 CDV of Union General David B. Birney Wearing his Kearney Medal of Honor 120
245 Squirrel Hunter's Discharge - Given Out to the Ohio Citizens Who Came to the Defense of their State When Threatened by Confederate Invasion! 300
246 Calvaryman Tells of Capturing A Confederate Major and Appropriating His Horse PASS
247 General Hooker Is Getting The Better of The Rebs at Fredericksburg. 100
248 Richmond Falls; The Southern Confederacy Is Gone Up; Good For Nothing Captain's Pet. 100
249 His Hair Was Too Long For The Photographer; Reviewed By General Sturgis. 100
250 Just Misses Van Dorn Holly Springs Raid; Marching Throughout Tennessee Afterwards; A Stingy Bunkmate Throws His Food Away. 140
251 Fulton Survived Being Pinned In A Train Wreck Only To Be shot At The End Of The War. 450
252 A Little Sore He Returns To His Regiment 100
253 Grant Invests Men Near Vicksburg: Do Not Enlist; Escaped Slaves Help Lead An Expedition Into Louisiana; Game Fighting Roosters In Camp & The Plantations Are Nearly All Deserted 130
254 A Mississippi River Levee Is Cut Allowing Army Transports To Reinforce Banks at Port Hudson During Grant's Lake Providence Expedition. 100
255 Army Steamers Run Vicksburg's Blockade; A Pilot Is Killed; Logan Supplies The Men After Naval Men Refuse To Go 160
256 Battle of Port Gibson; General Tracy Killed; Shelled By A Rebel Batteries While Swimming In The Black River 150
257 A Truce At Vicksburg: "Rebel And Union Soldiers Were Soon Mixed Together As Friendly As If They Were All Brothers. 180
258 He Knows He Is Danger While In The Trenches At Vicksburg, But Please Do Not Send My Brother To War! 140
259 He Accidentally Shots Ed Knox After A "Dutchman" Loads A Found Pistol And Places It On His Bed PASS
260 Battle For Vicksburg: Hand Grenades; Blowing Up Rebel Forts & A Contraband Named "Tom" Gains His Freedom By Landing Within Union Lines 450
261 Private Knox Who He Accidentally Shot (In THe Bowels) Is Doing Fine; Vicksburg Surrenders; In Battle Their Captain "Plays The Coward"; He Waits Until They Built Breastworks In Order To Hide Behind PASS
262 Is Certainly A Smart Man, But That Don't Make Him A True Patriot; He Is NOT A Republican But A Douglas Democrat; & The Dems Are "Prejudiced" Against Lincoln's Administration 170
263 Self Diagnosis On The Hospital Boat Nashville; The Ammunition Boat City of Madison Blows Up While Moored To The Wharf at Vicksburg 100
264 The Hospital Boat Nashville's Library Consists of "Confiscated" Books; He Is There Postmaster; He Will Not Get Home Until The War Is Over. 50
265 His Pa's Opposition To Lincoln's Administration Does Not "Display Much Wisdom..I Will Vote For Everything To End The War" & Beaver Walks On Crutches. 140
266 Wonderful Commentary On General John A. Logan's Review & Parting Speech With The His Old Command And Is Given The 15th Corps-They Will See Fighting Soon Enough 100
267 Vicksburg Has Been A Great Place Before The War. Every Other House Is A Saloon Or Gambling House PASS
268 Grant Wins The Day At Chattanooga PASS
269 Hopes The News of McClellan Being Recommended For President Is True As "He Is A Favorite In The Army." 100
270 Fulton Condemns Army Pet Lt. Col. James Newton McElroy As A Drunkard PASS
271 Cyrus Liggett Is For Allowing The "N**ers" To Fight For Their Cause 350
272 Traveling To Missouri As A Trapper In 1863 PASS
273 Harpers Ferry Is A Nice Place But [the] Town [is] Burnt [and] Shelled Nearly All To Pieces PASS
274 Camped "In Sight Of The Battle Ground Whare Old Miles Surrendered His Men To The Rebels." PASS
275 Much On His Soldier Brother's Death & Details On Picket Duty. PASS
276 They "Used" Charlestown, Virginia Hard For Being Secesh & Having Been The Town Where John Brown Was Hung PASS
277 In 1863 There Are No Provisions In The Best Part Of Virginia-The Shenandoah Valley; They Have Got Their New Enfield Rifles PASS
278 News Of Hooker's Victory At Chancellorsville Leads To Premature Rejoicing PASS
279 They Fall Back During The Opening Of The Gettysburg Campaign PASS
280 This Soldier Does Not Know How Man Or Beast Can Live In The Devastated Virginia Countryside PASS
281 Ordered To Charge The Enemy's Works During The Mine Run Campaign; Not Caring Where Slavery Existed As LOng As The War Was Over PASS
282 They "See The Elephant" At The Battle of Chickasaw Bluffs PASS
283 Battle of Arkansas Post Letter. They Replaced The Fort's Rebel "Rag" With Their Battle Flag Following The Fight 300
284 Their Guns Become Rusty While It Is Did, Dig, and More Digging On Grant's Canal PASS
285 They Have Been In Six Battles Since The Battle of Port Gibson 100
286 The Idea of Besieging Vicksburg Is Better Than Fighting The Rebs 100
287 Martin Dowdy Is Shot In The Head While On Picket Near Vicksburg But Lives Two Days 100
288 Women Peddlers Offer Their Goods To The Soldiers Both On Land and Water 200
289 Marching Towards Texas They Find: "Niggers Seem To Grow Spontaneous 100
290 Reporting On Those Recovering From A Railroad Collision In Louisiana. PASS
291 Fears His "Likeness" Would Even Make "Old Abe" Feel Sorry For Him! Grant's Success In Georgia Makes The New Orleans Sesesh "Look Savage PASS
292 Lt. Gilbert Is Horrifically Wounded During Rappahanock Station PASS
293 Fearing For Nelson Vibbert While His Regiment, The 27th Connecticut, Is Slaughtered at Fredericksburg PASS
294 A Transplanted Vermonter Oversees His Former Town Folk While A Captain In The Confederacy PASS
295 A Worried Mother Frets For Her Soldier Son 225
296 The Kansas Jayhawkers Round Up Guerrillas In Tennessee PASS
297 Arrested For Helping Burnt A Comrade's Tent; Crocker's Intense Inspection & Parolees Return To The Regiment PASS
298 At Fredericksburg: "My Bullet Went Through His Heart For His Gun Went Off In The Air. 400
299 They were Ordered To Stand Down During The Battle of Chancellorsville PASS
300 Rebel Limbs Stick Out of Their Graves On The Battlefield of Stones River. The Do Not Like Col. Anson G. McCook 100
301 There Are Many Missing Faces In His Company Following Stones River PASS
302 John Hunt Morgan's Wife Is Captured Along With 250 Prisoners. PASS
303 Union Soldiers Are On To The Slick Southern Belles PASS
304 A General's Scout Is Maligned By A Southern Belle; Rosecran's Soap Factory Is Opened At Murfreesboro PASS
305 Two Rebel Guerrillas Are Hung-"Murdered". One Has His Throat Cut and Ears Cut Off. 190
306 Roscrans' Army of the Cumberland Begins To Move On Its Bloodless Tullahoma Campaign 50
307 John Hunt Morgan's Raid Fails; They Are Living "High" On Their Way South. 100
308 He Would Beat The Butternuts Back At Home Then Go To Australia After The War Ends 100
309 They Have Invaded Georgia-He Can't Wait To Get To South Carolina 100
310 Battle of Chickamauga Letter 200
311 We Do Not Like The State of Georgia Quiet As Well As We Did…It Is Most Too Hot For The Yanks Bullets Fly Most To Thick. PASS
312 Tattered and Barefoot Ohioans Return From The Knoxville Campaign & On Three Quarter Rations At Chattanooga PASS
313 At Chattanooga "Eatables Is Scarce As Hen Teeth." PASS
314 He Will Not Reenlist Until The Men At Home Come And See What Soldiering Is Like PASS
315 Their Poor Arms Gets Them Kicked Out of Heckman's Brigade PASS
316 A Feint Is Made Towards Kinston, North Carolina. PASS
317 Moving Towards Fort Totten To Get Out of The Range of Neuse's Gunboats PASS
318 Their Company Purchases Metallic Coffins For Their Dead Comrades; A Picket of the 158th New York Shots Off His Fingers PASS
319 All Should "Unite In The Great and Glorious Cause For Which…We Are Now Separated PASS
320 A Flag Raising, Gen. Foster Serenaded and Fort Totten Celebrate Washington's Birthday While The Star Spangled Banner is Played PASS
321 Washington, North Carolina (And General Foster) Is Threatened By Rebel Forces PASS
322 They March To Little Washington, N. C.'s Relief PASS
323 General David Hunter's Racial Policies (He Declares Slaves Free Before Lincoln Does) Gets His Removed PASS
324 General Foster Gives A Speech Begging Them To Reenlist PASS
325 3rd Massachusetts Letter Group 325
326 Hand Made Union Patriotic Song Book Containing, "Year of Jubilee or KINGDOM has COME PASS
327 Civilian Contractors Play The Role As Army Teamsters PASS
328 Heavily Outnumbered Union Forces Perform The Complicated "Hollow Square" Maneuver During The Battle of Philadelphia, Tenn. In Order To Save Themselves 200
329 6th Arkansas Soldier Writes: "I Am Well and Belong To The Southern Confederacy." Late KIA Atlanta 100
330 Just Before The Battle Mother Poem From The Adjutant of The 4th Iowa PASS
331 Under a “Flag of Truce,” a Mother Asks Confederate Marshal Philip A. Clayton to Help Secure the Release of Her Son PASS
332 New York Soldier’s Grouping PASS
333 war time images 50
334 George Youngs 126th New York Letter Archive Balance With Above Average Political and Military Commentary 1100
335 President Jefferson Davis’ Slaves PASS
336 141st Pennsylvania Soldier Writes of a Grand Review and Drunken Soldiers 160
337 West Point Report PASS
338 A Ticket to The Dance 50
339 Colorful 5th U.S. Cavalry Patriotic Sheet Music 60
340 Reporting the Confederate Prisoners of War PASS
341 General Geiger's Vulgar Speech Pales In Comparison To Those Read By McPherson and Force; Drilling For A Special Battle Flag. PASS
342 Wants To Serve In The Place Of His Brother; Draft Rumors; Sending Home A Piece of The Vicksburg Surrender Tree PASS
343 Troops Mass To Attack Johnson's Forces That Are Stationed Along The Central Railroad PASS
344 The 20th Ohio Marches Into Northern Alabama As Part Of Grant's And Sherman's Grand Strategy In '64. PASS
345 Great Description of William T. Sherman Reviewing His Men & of Savannah, Georgia After Its Fall 190
346 Treating The Copperheads Roughly While At Home Recovering From His Chickamauga Wounds. PASS
347 When Grant Moves In The Spring He Will Make The Rebels Git PASS
348 Preparing To Move Into The Wilderness PASS
349 Carrying Off The Wounded As Litter Bearer During The Battle of The Wilderness & Spotsylvania PASS
350 Richmond Is Gone Up Sure; The Rebels Lose Men By The Thousands; His Army Can Hold Out The Longest PASS
351 The Shenandoah Valley Is Devastated By The Union Army In Sept. '64; Col. Staunton Is Dismissed From The Service; Nomination Of McClellan For President-He Will "Gow" For Him If It Means Peace PASS
352 He Will Not Vote For Either Little Mac or Lincoln in The 1864 Election 100
353 The 67th Penn. Vols. Receives New Flags Replacing Those Captured At Winchester; Feeding The Rebel's Wives and Children; Virginia Is Desolated; The Armies Of The North Will Soon Crush The South PASS
354 Every Letter Brings News Of A Neighbors Death, Wounding or Capture 50
355 Glad To Hear That Some Illinois Copperheads Had Been Murdered By Soldiers & Old Grant Will "Do Up The Job If Any Body Can 100
356 Concentrating At Morganza, LA To Attack The Rebs PASS
357 He Is Not Tired Of The Cause; He Has Great Faith In Grant and Sherman's In Their Final Success. PASS
358 New Recruits Pour In While "Old Soatters" Return Home In Late 1864 PASS
359 Since Becoming A Soldier He Sees More Men Than He Thought There Was In The World. PASS
360 Grant's Army Recently Had A Fight Only To Gain Some Ground. PASS
361 Unusually Rare Union Soldier's Letter About Helping Dig The Dutch Canal. PASS
362 He Is Glad To Hear That Old Abraham Lincoln Was "Reinlisted" Hopes "it will bring the Joneys all rite again PASS
363 He Half Expects His Name To Be Called In The Next Draft While Wondering Whether A Friend Will Skedaddle After Being Called PASS
364 Butler Whips The Rebels at Dutch Gap PASS
365 His Christmas Encounter With Two Starving Rebels PASS
366 Action At Morton's Ford; Gen. Hays' Plunk; Commentary On A Soldier's Wounding; Dodging Shells; Amputations & Whiskey PASS
367 The 2nd Corps St. Patrick's Day Celebration PASS
368 Hancock's Corps Crosses The Mattaponi River Outflanking Lee's Spotsylvania Defenses; The Rebel Conviction To Fight and A Great Description of Butler and His Headquarters Flag 400
369 Stragglers Are Bucked & Gagged; A Rebel's Estate Is Ransacked; The Relentless Advances Continues PASS
370 General Hancock's Calmness While Advancing His 2nd Corps Towards Cold Harbo PASS
371 Witnessing His First Negro Soldier; Boiling Coffee Near Two Dead Men; The Incessant Fighting At Cold Harbor; Witnessing Gen. Grant Under Fire; Refused Flags of Truce & Capt. McCume Loses His Leg 500
372 A Lengthy Union Letter (27 pages!) In Diary Style Covering Grant's Advance In June 1864 PASS
373 Battle of The Crater; Grant Visits General Hancock's Headquarters 300
374 Great Battle of Ream's Station Letter: "The Awful Din of Musketry Was Added To The Thunder of The Cannon And The Yells of Men 650
375 Negro Substitutes Are An Insult To The White Soldiers; Father "Goes Strong For Old Abe 325
376 Great Battle of Boydton Plank Road Letter. 600
377 The 2nd Corps Swaps Positions With The Ninth Corps. PASS
378 Rare Andersonville Letter & More 500
379 A 20th Maine Volunteer Who Would Be Killed at The Wilderness Heads For Antietam. 100
380 The Black River Is Evacuated PASS
381 His Battery Fired Ninety Percussion Rounds Into Petersburg Yesterday--"Grant Has Had Their Principle Forts Undermined and Will Blow Them Up 150
382 Thinking Deserting and Joining Another Regiment Is Perfectly Fine PASS
383 Soldier Art Military Motif Letter-Getting A Close Shave By Rebel Picket's Bullet While Another Goes Through His Coffee Pot PASS
384 Soldier Art Military Motif Letter-Correctly Predicting A Big Battle In May 1864 While The Rebels Are Starving PASS
385 He Caused His Mother Trouble And That Is Why He Enlisted In The Army- Grant Needs All The Men He Can Get For The Spring Campaign PASS
386 The 2nd Minnesota Gets a Drum & Sticks "Complete PASS
387 A Chaplain Ends Up Sleeping With Refugees, Dining At The Table of A Wealthy Man Who Was Murdered By Guerrillas and Sharing His Last Crackers With A Soldier While Trying To Reach His Regiment in... PASS
388 The 12th Kentucky Cavalry Gets Ballard Carbines PASS
389 Marching In Late 1864 The 12th Kentucky Cavalry Goes On A Raid 150
390 12th Kentucky (Union) Cavalry Account of Successful Raid Against Saltville, Virginia, December 1864 900
391 Ohio Attorney's Letter Regarding His State's Influence in Washington During the Civil War, with Related Papers PASS
392 . During The Battle of Seven Pines. The 6th New Jersey Vols. Gets Brand New Springfield Rifles Before Going To Casey's Aid 100
393 General George B. McClellan Authorizes The Destruction of Arms While Falling Back During The Seven Days Campaign PASS
394 Soldiers Hymn Book Presented by The Soldier 600
395 His Mother Would Expect No Other Vote Than One For Lincoln & Three Rousing Cheers For Gallant Phil Sheridan 475
396 Expecting Richmond to Fall in this Map PASS
397 Medal of Honor Receipient Lt. Joseph Follett of the 1st Missiouri Light Artillery Arranges for Charges to Be Dropped in a Court Martial of Two of his Command PASS
398 "One had to have his leg amputated….the Bushwackers took a great many of our men….Ordered in on a charge….Excellent content 9th Pennsylvania Calvary letter From Battle At Watauga River, TN. 100
399 Congratulatory Letter From General Samuel Carter Regarding Battle At Watauga River, Tennessee 100
400 Excellent Content 9th Pennsylvania Calvary Letter….Charging Into La Fayette Georgia Against Confederate Troops….The Rebels Have Been Advancing On Chattanooga 100
401 One Man Killed By Guerillas….His Skull was Fractured So That His Brains Oozed Out"…."I Have A Servant….He Is The Best Nigger I Ever Saw….". Excellent Content 9th Pennsylvania Calvary Letter 100
402 Confederate General Earl Van Dorn Charges Into The 9th Pennsylvania Calvary At Franklin Tennessee....Letter Written By Two Brothers 100
403 Three Days After Heavy Fighting In Averysboro, NC The 9th Calvary Camps In Lexington, NC....Slaves Freed....Sherman Has Left Richmond....Traitorous Rebels and Copperheads....Let foreign Powers Beware 50
404 Good News Richmond Evacuation....25,000 Prisoners Taken....Rebel Armies May Concentrate And Give Us One Big Fight....We Will Eat Lee Up....9th Pennsylvania Calvary Letter PASS
405 We Left Chattanooga Tenn. On Tuesday For a Scout after Wheeler Who Is Making Another Extensive Raid...9th Pennsylvania Calvary Letter From Tennessee 50
406 The Commanding General Is Arrested PASS
407 Celebrating Lee’s Surrender - The Death of the Confederacy 1200
408 While Steaming Towards The Yazoo Their Smoke Stack Collapses Hurting Several On Deck PASS
409 Predicting The Last Campaign Will Be A Bloody One 100
410 Columbia Burns; "Old Billy Sherman" Orders The Execution of A Fifty-Year-Old Minuteman. 750
411 Sad Letter Archive Chronicling Pvt. Henry Fulton's Murder At Pine Level, N. C. April 12, 1865. 850
412 Reporting On The Fall of Richmond & The Results Of The Appomattox Campaign 275
413 The Men Are Getting Tired of Fighting For Brother Sambo 200
414 1865 Draft Notice Pennsylvania Broadside 150
415 The Siege of Fort Blakley Fatiguingly Goes On PASS
416 Pvt. William Smith A Hastily Buried On Shiloh's Battlefield. PASS
417 New Recruits Are Treated Like Criminals While On Their Way To The Front. PASS
418 Lee Surrenders "He Serantert His Hole Forces In This Plas" On Sunday Last. PASS
419 At Appomattox Court House "We Have Got and All His Young Ones. 475
420 The Rebels Are Played Out In Old Virginia PASS
421 After Abraham Lincoln's Murder He Will Never Take Another Rebel Prisoner. 200
422 Happy That Lincoln Lived Long Enough To See The Fall of Richmond & Feeling Good To See The Stars and Stripes Flying Once More Over The Confederacy's Capitol 150
423 Patrolling War Torn Richmond While Keeping Its Starving Population In Line PASS
424 He Is Not Fit To See After Destitute Rebels. PASS
425 He Gives His Wife Permission To Buy "Old Linking Picters"; Virginia Is A Very Lousy State PASS
426 Risking Insubordination He Finds Himself Sometimes Swearing At The Officers PASS
427 Their Richmond Grand Review Gets Washed Out PASS
428 Removing The Gallows So The Soldiers May Not Steal Them PASS
429 Three Deserters From The 5th New Hampshire Are To Be Executed PASS
430 The Appomattox Campaign Opens; Heavy Fighting During The Battle of Fort Stedman; Grant Extends His Lines Along The South Side Railroad; Battle of Lewis Farm; The 126th New York's Loss Is Heavy. 750
431 Salutes Are Fired While Lincoln's Body Is "Consigned To The Tomb. 100
432 The Appomattox Campaign Is Chronicled (Including Thinking Lincoln's Assassination Is A Hoax) In This Twenty Page Union Soldier's Letter 1300
433 Booth's Escape and An "Old Negroe's" Lack of Wit Delays General McLean's Horse 650
434 Killing The Bothersome Rebel Virginia Guerrillas After Appomattox; Collecting The Captured Rebel Cannon Ata Richmond and Fort Darling 100
435 Inventorying The Heavy Armor At Drewry's Bluff PASS
436 Thirty-Four Men Vs. One Female Nurse Set The Standard At Hardin's Hospital Following Lincoln's Assassination 50
437 Hawaii's U. S. Consul from Virginia's Seeks Amnesty After The War. 1500
438 8th Indiana Light Artillery Corporal's Letter Archive-Battle of Chattanooga, Treatment of Wounded, Joe Hooker's Drunkenness and More 1900
439 The Navy Encourages The Hiring Of The Vets PASS
440 Announcing Surrender of Confederate Armies in South Carolina, Georgia, and Ordering the US Army in Florida to “Cease All Hostilities” PASS
441 News of The Sultana Disaster Is Overshadowed By Booth's Remains Being Sewn Up In A Blanket and Sherman's Tarnished Reputation 250
442 Assaulting Fort Fisher North Carolina 50
443 He Was the First Officer in the Breastworks at Nashville PASS
444 Early Printed Massachusetts regimental 200
445 Connecticut Regimental PASS
446 First hand Prisons Accounts of Andersonville 50
447 Campaigns in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania PASS
448 Massachusetts 24th Regimental PASS
449 Massachusetts regimental PASS
450 Taken in Front Of The Marshall House PASS
451 Early CDV Of Stonewall 110
452 Three CDVs of Jeff and Varina Davis 110
453 Unique Outdoor Image of Five Generals. PASS
454 Brady Photograph - Major General George B. McClellan and Staff PASS
455 Killed On The 1st Day of Gettysburg PASS
456 Cabinet Card Zouave PASS
457 Admiral Dahlgren and Staff On Board the Ship PASS
458 CDV of Major-General Winfield Scott Hancock PASS
459 This Prisoner Was Used As A Human Shield, Charleston, 1864 400
460 Large Format Gardner Photograph PASS
461 Photograph Includes A USCT and a Hero At Morris Island PASS
462 Blacks Gather Around the Well PASS
463 The Napoleon Of Surgeons 90
464 Was He Hiding While His Men Charged The Crater 90
465 When Joseph Hooker Took Command of the Army, thisGeneral resigned Rather Serve Under His Command PASS
466 This General Is Most Noted for His Defeat at the Second Battle of Winchester in 1863. PASS
467 Died Of Yellow Fever on Hilton Head PASS
468 He Was the First Presidential Candidate of the Republican Party PASS
469 Beauregard; V. P. Stephen and Baxton Bragg Die In Vain CDV 120
470 Collection of U. S. Grant General and Grant Presidential Judgat CDVs 130
471 Gettysburg Orator Edward Everitt and New York Tribune Editor Horace Greeley CDVs PASS
472 Armed Soldier and His Wife 110
473 Stereo Confederate Dead on the Battlefield of Gettysburg 100
474 The Smallest Photographic Style of General Sherman 50
475 The Smallest Photographic Style of General Sheridan 50
476 Very Interesting Grant Relic 150
477 The Telegraph Battery Wagon PASS
478 Wounded at Spotsylvania PASS
479 At 85 He Is The Oldest Presidential Nominee 90
480 Occupied New Orleans Photograph 120
481 General Grant’s War Council PASS
482 Signed CDV By Gettsburg Hero, Jewish Alfred Raphall 475
483 Standing In The Revolutionary Cemetery PASS
484 Not True, But Widely Published Account of Jefferson Davis Capture 90
485 Jeff Davis Children CDV 130
486 Pair of CDVs Lincoln Family and Jeff Davis As Federal Officer 100
487 Raising Money For The Disabled Vets 140
488 Twice Signed Photo - Mary Custis Lee PASS
489 Custer and Pleasonton - The Cavalry Generals, October 1863 PASS
490 An Important Custer Image PASS
491 The Fort Sumter Medal PASS
492 Christian Booklet For the Wounded Soldiers 300
493 Confederate Bonds Ready For Display 160
494 Currier & Ives Military Print 50
495 Albumen Image And Muster-In Roll For Isaac D. Landis 9th Pennsylvania Calvary 150
496 Original Artwork of Confederate Soldier 50
497 Automobile Race Participant Badge - 1914 PASS
498 Matched Set of Lindbergh “Spirit of St. Louis” Airplanes PASS
499 Bound Volume of Newark Daily Advertiser With Lincoln Hamlin Election Ads 250
500 Treasury Secretary “Salmon P. Chase” Tintype In Original Carte de Visite Photograph Mount PASS
501 The Famous Lincoln Greeley Exchange - “The Prayer of the Twenty Millions” 100
502 Abraham Lincoln Recognizes the Efforts of Admiral DuPont 50
503 Period Lincoln Adorned Button 150
504 The Lincoln Administration Is Vilified Over A Long Draw Out War & McClellan's Removal. 110
505 Lincoln Proclaims the First Thanksgiving 50
506 Lincoln General Hospital Imprint PASS
507 Lincoln & Tad in Unique Period Frame 110
508 It Looks An Oils Portrait of Lincoln PASS
509 Nice campaign Piece - McClellan PASS
510 Pro-McClellan 1864 Presidential Campaign Newspaper: The Rochester Daily Union. PASS
511 Hand-Carved Cane with Abraham Lincoln’s Bust Portrait PASS
512 Abraham Lincoln Campaign Tintype 150
513 George McClellan Campaign Tintype 150
514 Two Gem Size Albumen Images Of Lincoln Cabinet Members 70
515 The Rare Last Photo Taken of President Abraham Lincoln PASS
516 Stunning Abraham Lincoln Wax Profile Bust Presentation PASS
517 Ford's Theater Playbill Photograph….John E. Buckingham Doorman On April 14, 1865 PASS
518 Lincoln's Death Over Shadows The End of The War 150
519 Lincoln Led A Charmed Life So That He Could Die A Martyr 150
520 Execution of the Conspirators at Washington PASS
521 The Photographs of Abraham Lincoln by Frederick Hill Meserve, October 1910. 200
522 The Insurrection Governor of Rhode Island - Thomas Dorr 50
523 Its War With Mexico PASS
524 This Military Genius Sat Out The Civil War 100
525 A CDV Grouping of Cadets Attending Peekskill Military Academy 500
526 He Commanded the Union’s USS Monitor Against the Confederate Vrginia 300
527 1870's Remington & Sons Firearms and Ammunition Sales Brochure. PASS
528 The Gatling Company Exports To Japan in 1877 1700
529 Rough Rider Charged San Juan Hill With Roosevelt PASS
530 Spanish American War Period Photograph PASS
531 Missile Equipped with Turbine Engines PASS
532 The Greatest of All Leathernecks PASS
533 Secretary of the Navy Signed Card, PASS
534 World War Two - Women’s Army Corp 250
535 Great Camp Art 160
536 Woman World War Two Marine Poster 200
537 Ernie Pyle The Day After Normandy 850
538 Famous Hollywood Personalities: Jack Benny, Carole Landis, Larry Adler, Martha Tilton & June Bruner All Sign This Short Snorter PASS
539 The Soldier Took Nearly 100 Photos 50
540 Lot of World War II Tail Gunner’s Personal Effects 50
541 NASA Space Group 60
542 Near Perfect Condition Enola Gay Signed Poster 130
543 Democracy Falls to USSR - 1991 PASS
544 A Navajo Code Talker 50
545 Stephen Douglas Mourning Albumen And Free Frank Signature PASS
546 McKinley's Secretary of the Interior. PASS
547 Simeon Ford Cabinet photo PASS
548 Cabinet Photo of Famous Business Criminal, Charles W. Morse PASS
549 American Set of Signed Rockwell Prints 900
550 Theodore Roosevelt’s Hunting Book PASS
551 Americana Icon - Scrimshaw Eagle 250
552 Two 1832 Philadelphia US Mint Coins PASS
553 An Important Bishop of the Episcopal Church is Consecrate PASS
554 The More Scarce 1883 Carson City Silver Dollar 160
555 A Pair of 1884 Carson City Silver Dollar 250
556 Vintage Charm Bracelet from the New York World's Fair - 1939 PASS
557 the Jewish Second Temple 110
558 Planting Trees in Israel PASS
559 Photographic Book of Sholem Aleichem’s Funeral by His Wife Olga Rabinowitz PASS
560 The Balfour Letter and It’s Consequence PASS
561 Free Synagogue of Flushing - 46 Weekly Bulletins 50
562 Jewish G.I. hero of WWI. PVT. ABRAHAM KROTOSHINSKY, U.S. ARMY; credited with saving the “Lost Battalion,” a dramatic battlefield incident in France. PASS
563 Honoring The Jewish Americans - 1936 50
564 Astrology in 1652 160
565 Early Biblical Illustrated Pages PASS
566 1812 Shoemaker's Apprenticeship Contract PASS
567 Sauk War Chief, Black Hawk, Goes In Tour Through New York State in 1833 100
568 Rarely See Such A Lengthy Run of Periodicals - 1844-1851 100
569 Rarely See Michigan State Congressional Imprints PASS
570 Kit Carson and John Fremont Exploration 60
571 Six Months Bound Volume Daily National Intelligencer - 1848-49 180
572 An Important Iowa Map - 1856 PASS
573 The First Complete Year of Harper’s Weekly 275
574 Seminole Chief Billy Bowlegs Passes Through New Orleans On His Way To Arkansas' Indian Territory 110
575 Texas Railroad Used Extensively By The Confederate Government 200
576 Topeka, Kansas Frontier Letters Including Terra Haute, Indiana Female Institute. 850
577 Making Treaties With The Various Indian Tribes 550
578 1869 Railroad Engineer's Account of Death and Destruction Upon The Northern Central Railroad 150
579 New York City Real Estate - 1870 PASS
580 Complete Bound Volume of the “Illustrated Christian Weekly” 50
581 Barnum’s Pitch Booklet - Admiral Dot & the Bearded Girl 50
582 Early Statehood County Clerks Listing For Western States - 1878 50
583 Quackery medicine Defends Its Patent 50
584 Rare Rare Card Set of the Cincinnati Court House Burning by The Mob 250
585 Keeping The Town Band in Pennsylvania PASS
586 Patriotic Memberships to Amaerican Memorials PASS
587 Stephen A. Douglas - The Little Giant 50
588 For The Gun Collector 50
589 Charlie Chaplin 1916 Piece 190
590 16 Pornographic Tijuana Bibles 200
591 Signed Newspaper Photograph of "Bring them Back Alive" Frank Buck! PASS
592 At the Height of the Cold War, Congress Investigates The Commies PASS
593 1970 - The Federal Goverment Investigates the New Left PASS
594 For the Women of the World PASS
595 The Family That Hangs Together .... PASS
596 Abolitionist Clergyman 130
597 The Father of Evolution 190
598 Medal of Honor Winner John Brown Kerr as a West Point Cadet 50
599 Homes of Mormon Leader Brigham Young 50
600 Medal of Honor Winner General Edward McClernand 50
601 Medal of Honor Winner General Walter Scribner Schuyler 50
602 Perhaps the Most Corrupt Politician in Our History 100
603 Classical Works of Art PASS
604 Mathew Brady Signed Photo 160
605 The Indian Love Story in Photograph PASS
606 Early Views Of Germany PASS
607 Large Format Scottish Fraternal Photograph PASS
608 Vermont Governor Discharge PASS
609 Campaign Circular from Whig Committee 50
610 Democratic Republican Election Ticket PASS
611 Three Issues of PUCK PASS
612 Highly Politically Charged Issues of Puck PASS
613 Great Color Images in These Issues of Puck PASS
614 The Presidential Politics of 1888 50
615 More 1888 Presidential Politics PASS
616 “Tunnel Day” in New York City, 1900 PASS
617 1900 United States Presidents Cabinet Card Photograph PASS
618 Mini Silver Coin Sets 50
619 Tilden Campaign Newspaper 50
620 A George Washington Inaugural Button PASS
621 A Better George Washington Inaugural Button PASS
622 Rare 1824 George Washington & Marquis de LaFayette Colorful Canary Yellow Creamware Commemorative Cup PASS
623 George Washington 1876 Centennial Cup 100
624 John Adams Signed Payment Receipt for Lawsuit 2300
625 The Only Former President to serve in the United states Congress. 250
626 John Quincy Adams Autograph Free-Frank as Sec. of State year before elected President 350
627 Andrew Jackson Inauguration Celebration Pass 225
628 Lady's brooch GORGEOUS 175-year old political jewelry! PASS
629 Zachary Taylor Mourning Silk PASS
630 Andrew Johnson CDV By Alexander Gardner 50
632 Centennial Presidential Engraving PASS
633 U.S. Grant Campaign Albumen 150
634 Acts Passed Under Thomas Jefferson’s First Congress PASS
635 Handsome Presidential Collage PASS
636 1884 Cleveland Campaign Item PASS
637 A Great Theodore Roosevelt “Look Alike” Photograph PASS
638 Theodore Roosevelt Military Commission 450
639 Taft Promotes a Future Distinguished Service Medal Winner Who Also Was Awarded The Navy Cross. PASS
640 William Howard Taft Contemplates Loosing The 1908 Presidential Election To William Jennings Bryan….Evokes the name of Adams….Calhoun….And Abraham Lincoln….Religious Attacks And Industrial Concerns 1000
641 Portrait of FDR, Signed and Inscribed by Roosevelt to Samuel Messer 750
642 Franklin D. Roosevelt Campaign Banner 50
643 From Ike’s Inauguration PASS
644 Group Of Vice President Hubert Humphrey Pens, c. 1965 50
645 President Richard Nixon Signed Book PASS
646 Bright Signed Photo - Reagan 120
647 1845 Letter On Choctaw and Chippewa Indians In Michigan 100
648 The Government Supplies the Indians PASS
649 US Pennsylvania Rail Road Expedition & Survey PASS
650 A Maryland Historical Marker Claims He Killed 500 Bear and 2000 Deer In His Career 50
651 Gold Mining Having Failed He Is Nearly Shot While Working On A Ranch 250
652 The Sheriff of San Marcos, Texas Gets A $2000.00 Reward Offer PASS
653 He Was Tunstall’s Partner And Fought Alongside Billy The Kid in the Lincoln County War 60
654 Large Grouping of 18 New Mexico Territory Documents 150
655 The Hunter Brings His Prey To The Studio PASS
656 Withdrawn PASS
657 Withdrawn PASS
658 Withdrawn PASS
659 Mary PASS
660 Document of Billy The Kid’s Good Friend John H. Tunstall 325
661 Billy The Kid Was Wounded At His Mill 110
662 This Deputy Sheriff Was Killed By Billy The Kid 275
663 Johnson County - Territory of Wyoming Subpoena PASS
664 The Wild West of Johnson County Wyoming 200
665 29 Old West Lawman Letters, 1882-1906. 375
666 A Show Promoter Is "Sure of Plenty of Money" If He Gets Sitting Bull! PASS
667 Johnson County Wyoming - 2 Assorted Documents PASS
668 This Sheriff Chased Down Billy The Kid With Pat Garrett 250
669 World Renowned Actress - Jersey Lily PASS
670 Western Scenic Albumen Photo Grouping 150
671 Withdrawn PASS
672 Withdrawn PASS
673 Montana Territorial Documents 225
674 Johnson County War Legal Documents 250
675 More Important Johnson County War Documents PASS
676 Selling liquor To The Indians Is Illegal 50
677 Voucher Payment Request for Guarding and Hunting Down The Outlaws PASS
678 The First Man Killed in the Johnson County War AND The Last Man Killed - Brothers 500
679 Directly Related ToThe US Marshalls Killing the Members of the “Wild Bunch” Outlaw Gang in What Has Become Known as the Ingalls Battle 650
680 The End of the Wild Bunch - Chasing Down And Killing Bill Doolin 650
681 Oklahoma Lawmen Documents Regarding Outlaws Such as Dynamite Dick & Zip Wyatt 550
682 The Sheriff Who Hunted Down The Doolin Gang 275
683 Indian Affairs Reservation AgreementsWith Congress PASS
684 A Grouping of Various Letters Focused on Western Wild West Shows - 23 Pieces 150
685 20 Fine Pieces Of 101 Ranch Ephemera 475
686 Great Spontaneous Outdoor Photo Of Buffalo Bill With Family Provenance PASS
687 Comanche Chief Wears His Peace Medal PASS
688 Sepia Photographic by Arkansas City, Kansas Photographer George B. Cornish 110
689 Wonderful Sepia Toned Western Images PASS
690 He Was Hollywood's First Western Megastar PASS
691 Buffalo Bill’s Farewell 120
692 Withdrawn PASS
693 Withdrawn PASS
694 Helldorado Days Commemorating The Gunfight at the OK Corral PASS
695 Edward Everett Dale Photograph Collection Of Western Outlaws and Lawmen PASS
696 Gratton Dalton Memorial Photograph PASS
697 Emmett Dalton & and His Wife Julia Johnson PASS
698 Poker Alice, Gambler and Brothel Owner PASS
699 Hung Together With Two Fellow Robbers - Albert Mansker PASS
700 Pearl "Bandit Queen" Hart - First And Last Women To Rob A Stage 100
701 Charley Pierce - Another Dalton Gang Member PASS
702 Richard Oglesby PASS
703 Bill Raidler PASS
704 Richard Speed Was Killed by the Doolin Gang PASS
705 the Dapper Killer - Marion Hedgepeth PASS
706 William Walters PASS
707 On Her Tombstone Reads - Tis but the casket that lies here, The gem that fills it sparkles yet -Belle Starr PASS
708 Belle Starr’s Children PASS
709 Jesse James’ Wife and Children PASS
710 Boxing Reports From 1884 PASS
711 Mickey Mantle Signed Post Card 50