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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Future Colonial Loyalsts Massachusetts Governor Document 200
2 He Served Washington By Setting Up The Flying Camp PASS
3 French and Indian War Document PASS
4 1759 Pamphlet: The Honest Grief of a Tory-With An Argument Against Proposed North American Tobacco Taxation PASS
5 Declaration Massachusetts Signer PASS
6 Colonial New York Governor 180
7 1776 From the New York Provincial Congress’ President 225
8 Oliver Ellsworth Approves the Voucher PASS
9 Nice to Have a Declaration Signer’s Document From 1776 200
11 A Document Fragment Signed by Three Prominent New York Revolutionary and Political Leaders PASS
12 “We, the People of the United States” ... Full Printing of the United States Constitution ... September 26, 1787 9250
13 Alexander Hamilton Sets The First United States Budget - 1789 1000
14 Whiskey Rebellion Related Person 170
15 The Former Rev War General Wants to Ease His Fathers Concern PASS
16 The Revolutionary War General Collects the Fees 100
17 Du Ponceau Served as a Secretary to Steuben PASS
18 One Of The Green Mountain Boys PASS
19 A Wonderful Account Of Thomas Coke’s Missionary Work In The Indies In Connection With John Wesley’s Methodist Movement 250
20 16 Named Slaves Sold at Auction to Man who Owned 366 Slaves in 1860 600
21 The City of Washington Places Restrictions on Blacks in 1831 900
22 Abolitionists, Whigs and The Mexican War PASS
23 Very Unique Slave - Advertising - Tobacco Artifact 450
24 In This 1852 Letter, A Fugitive Slave Preaches at a Meeting in Cazenovia, NY, Just Two Years After Frederick Douglass Presided at the Fugitive Slave Law Convention There in August 1850 140
25 Caning of Sumner In The Liberator 100
26 Stunning Slave Image PASS
27 Free Man of Color 160
28 An Important Fugitive Slave Report PASS
29 The Fugitive Slave Anderson Makes a Public Speech PASS
30 Witnessing Congressional Debates On "Arming & Forming Negro Regiments” 100
31 Picking Out "Negroes" To Work at Home For "They Know Their Place." 200
32 Black Musicians Entertaining the Troops 250
33 Brutally Racist War Period Broadside Songster 650
34 Slave Gordon, the Scarred Back Contraband & Executions of Two Rebels PASS
35 Lady Liberty Holds The Emancipation 100
36 Will Maryland Free Her Slaves? War dated Broadside - 1863 300
37 Military Black Teamster PASS
38 The Cuban Slaves Dealt With Sugar More Than Cotten PASS
39 CDV of Former Slave From Missouri 150
40 Circa 1870s Ku Klux Klan Hood and Its Owners U.C.V. Parade Coat 4000
41 Civil War Veterans Photo Includes Two Black Vets 300
42 The Black Legs vs The White Stockings 90
43 “Friends of Freedom” - Photograph of Many of the 19th Century Abolitionists 250
44 Handmade Black Mammy Rag Doll PASS
45 Horrible Lynching Photograph 800
46 Albumen of Colored Nursemaid PASS
47 25th Infantry Buffalo Soldier’s Photographs 130
48 A Pair of Klansman March Photographs 650
49 The Klan at its Pinacle 100
50 Two Important Legal Cases Reported in this Black Owned Newspaper 50
51 Scarce MLK March on Washington Flyer 1600
52 Dr. Martin Luther King - Pinback PASS
53 The Virginia Military Institute Diploma For William O. Yager Signed by 24 Classmates 750
54 Secretary of War Jefferson Davis Writes A Reccomendation PASS
55 Exceptionally Rare State of Georgia - Lumpkin Law School Diploma 3500
56 An Extremely Rare Confederate Secession Arm Or Hatband PASS
57 Confederate Letter by Surgeon Joseph B. Amiss PASS
58 Georgia Soldier William T. Conn Writes Writes About J. E. B. Stuart & Sees the Results of the Battle of Drainsville 550
59 Early Confederate Letter From the First Capitol, Montgomery Alabama 450
60 The Confederate SC Governor Needs to Know the Numbers of Arms at the Arsenal 300
61 This Alabama Soldier Would Be KIA Within Months of This Letter PASS
62 The Charlestonian Writes His New York Friend 100
63 10th Virginia Infantry Soldier Samuels Gives Young Lady "A Yankee Skull" As A Momento PASS
64 A Pair of Documents Concerning the Palmetto Guard PASS
65 Kirkwood Rangers - S.C. Holcombe Legion Cavalry 300
66 17th South Carolina Volunteers - Starting the Cadet Riflemen Company PASS
67 Rare Stereoview of the Inside of Fort Moultrie by Savannah Photographer D. J. Ryan 90
68 Very Scarce Confederate Letter Sent From Fort Sumter 1200
69 An Old Age 48th Tennessee Captain Sees Doom and Gloom While Stationed At Clarksville in 1861 190
70 President of the Senate Confirms General Dunovant & Colonel Ripley - Jan. 28, 1861 PASS
71 Large Confederate Patriotic Cover 160
72 Fascinating Letter January 1861 Describes Events in Independent South Carolina 450
73 The Commander of the Arsenal, Major F. Childs Writes to General Thomas Jordan Regarding the "Harbor Obstructions" in Charleston Harbor 325
74 18th S.C. Infantry Letter from Sullivan's Island with Envelope & Nice 5 Cent CSA 1 Green Jeff Davis Stamp & Perfect Charleston Cancellation PASS
75 War Date Stock Certificate for the Bank of Charleston 50
76 Colonel Turner Ashby Approves the Requisition Orginated By CaptainThomas Marshall - Both Killed In Action 650
77 Confederate Adversity Cover PASS
78 A Scarce War Date Cavalry Order Signed By Confederate General Humphrey Marshall PASS
79 War News From This Confederate Richmond Paper 50
80 Scarce Letter from the 35th Virginia - White’s Cavalry PASS
81 Confederate Officer Writes An In Depth Description of the Shelling of Fort Sumter 950
82 This Mississippi Soldier Had a Colorful Career 475
83 S.C. Palmetto Sharp Shooter Letter 700
84 Two Brothers Write Describing The Yankees Pummeling Fort Sumter! 425
85 13th Alabama Surgeon Henry M. Clarkson Writes from Gettysburg, Pa. on July 4th, 1863 - He Cared for Wounded Confederate Soldiers in The McPherson Barn ! PASS
86 Jefferson Davis Sets General Wise Straight PASS
87 Army of Tennessee Surgeon Needs Help - Manuscript Telegram From Chickamuaga 110
88 Important Letter from CS War Dept. Regarding Blockade Running in N.C. & S.C. in Relation to CS Government! ... And, a Related ALS of CS Congressman William Porcher Miles, Designed CS Flag 950
89 Confederate Document & CDV - The Blakely Gun Battery in Charleston, a Rare Pair! PASS
90 Georgia Soldier’s Letter - Written “In Line of Battle - Atlanta, August 22, 1864” PASS
91 Confederacy Orders Uniforms from England 550
92 Great 2nd Virginia Cavalry Battle of Berryville, Virginia Letter 300
93 Special Order Issued Under The Authority Of Colonel Alfred Rhett 150
94 Confederate Kentucky POW Letter 300
95 A Georgia Resident Dies Leaving An Estate of Six Slave In Late 1864 250
96 Major Viley Seeks General Breckinridge's Help In Avoiding "Anything But A Comfortable Place For Me" In Being Placed On General Joseph Lewis' Staff 130
97 Confederate Major John R. Viley Is Highly Critical of Joseph Johnston's Atlanta Campaign Tactics PASS
98 Confederate Imprint: General Orders Detailing The Disposition Of Dead Soldiers Clothing PASS
99 $1000 State Of Virginia Montgomery County Bond 100
100 Confederate Document Signed by Dozens of Notable Officers and Men of the South PASS
101 Signs Receipt For $35,000 In Louisiana 50
102 Confederate Money PASS
103 Dark Clouds of War Part and The Sky Brightens For This Virginian in 1865 150
104 1865 Confederate Alabama Document 100
105 Lee’s Farwell - General Order Number Nine 100
106 He Served On Nathan Bedford Forrest’s Staff PASS
107 Georgia CSA Major General PASS
108 Randall Gibson Free Frank PASS
109 Beauregard Note Signed On Copies of Telegrams Sequencing The Battle Of Manassass 1500
110 A Daring Confederate Officer Becomes a Noted Businessman 100
111 The Letter That Caused The The Jefferson Davis Monument To Be Built 500
112 He Served as Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation and Supported the Confederacy. PASS
113 79 Years After the War - Texas Remembers the Confederacy PASS
114 Serves as President Taylor’s Secretary - Later Becomes Union General 70
115 Slave Dennis Woods Runs Away Five Times From His Maryland Master PASS
116 Nation on the verge of Civil War; Attempt to Save the Union Failing Deplorably -- 7 Letters 375
117 Very Rare US Marine Civil War Dated Letter 550
118 Firsthand Account of the Beginning of Submarine Warfare in the United States. 800
119 Soldier is Writing From the Philadelphia Hospital - Graphic Battle Letter Describing Malvern Hill & 2nd Bull Run 475
120 July 1861 Letter on Fabulous Full Page Stationery Showing U.S. Capitol - Great Description of Being Shot at in Baltimore & of Lincoln's Review 600
121 Battle of Ball’s Bluff - “I saw Col. Baker when he was shot and helped carry him off the field. He was shot by 5 bullets.” 1400
122 19th Mass. - Private Joseph Gifford - Excellent Description of Trading with the Enemy! 250
123 1st Vermont Cavalry "Archive" PASS
124 5th Vermont Vol. - Camp Holbrook, St. Albans PASS
125 1st New Jersey Soldier’s Letter on Scarce Patriotic Stationery – Early Action Around Alexandria, Va. – Writer would be killed 9 months later at Gaines’ Mill 130
126 “They shot poison balls at our men.” PASS
127 Five Magnus Covers PASS
128 Colorful magnus Covers PASS
129 Ellsworth Patriotic Covers. 200
130 Honoring the States of the Union 100
131 Connecticut Regimental 100
132 General Washington Visits General McClellan in a Dream 100
133 Washington Is The D-dst, Mean Looking Place I Ever Saw PASS
134 He Is Not Fond of His Officers While "Cramped Between Decks With Somebody Crawling Over Me Every Minute" 250
135 Fortress Monroe; Butcher Surgeon; Burying The Dead; Stealing Whiskey; Stay Home Don't Enlist; He Will "Pop" One Before He Turns Tail and Runs 100
136 Their Officers Are "D-d" Scoundrels They Are Trying To Kill Us Off…Make It "Publick” 160
137 Alongside The USS Minnesota-The Rebels Fire On The Union Fleet From Sewell's Point 300
138 Port Royal Falls; Three Ships Are Lost; He Has A Bayonet Accident; The "Old Butcher" Treats Him and Then Ignores His Advice 200
139 More Details About His Wounding; The Wabash Saves Their Lives; Charleston's Citizenry "Were In A Hell of An Uproar"; Horse-Ladened Boats Go Down; Attack and Capture of Fort Walker; Beaufort's... 200
140 King Abraham's Bull Dogs Attack Port Royal; Hiding Whiskey Barrels From The Officers 160
141 Contrabands Are Coming In All The Time PASS
142 Stealing A Pleasure Boat and Two Mules In Sight of Rebel Pickets…They Got "The N**ers" To Help Them Get Away-Bull Island Cotton Relic Sample 150
143 Sending Home Items Stolen From A Plantation 100
144 They Are Used Like Damned Dogs By Their Officers 200
145 Seeking The Influence of The Governor To Promote Orderly Sergeant McKenney To Captain-Sending Home A Little Contraband 100
146 Preparing To Attack Fort Pickens-Wants Rebel Guts and Blood on His Bayonet-His Lieutenant Better look Out In The Next Fight-Uncle Sam is Clearing The Seacoast Out of Its Cotton. 190
147 Professor Thaddeus Lowe Spies on The Rebels With His Balloon at Hilton Head 400
148 Building Barracks For Contrabands-White Men Are Treated More Poorly Than The "N*ger"-Damn His Lieutenant-Drunkenness Is Not A Factor 200
149 The Rebels Prepare To Defend Fort Pickens-The War Is Carried On By Speculation 120
150 Move To Wassau Sound; Ten Times Rebel Forces Face Them; The Soldiers Are "Lousy As The Devil"…If We…Leave One You Will Hear Him Whistling For His Mate"; Lt. Andrews Has Not Had His Sense For Three... 225
151 Lieut. Andrews Dies-Last Moments At His Bedside-Compassion Follows His Fall- Decomposition Prevents His Body's Passage North 375
152 Returning From Florida After Being Relieved By Terry's "Fancy Regiment"; General David Hunter Assumes Authoritative Command 225
153 After Being Dismissed For Incompetency and Failure To Recognize Officers Appointed By Maine's Governor, Col. Rich Is Restored To Command 200
154 Working At The Water Condenser on Hilton Heads Dock-Lt. Kelley Must Go Home 100
155 More On Running The Water Condenser; The USS Montauk Is Badly "Bruised" During Her Attack on Fort McAllister 190
156 He Is Working At The Water Condenser at Hilton Head 110
157 The "Traitor's" John B. Floyd's Son-In-Law In Captured By "N**ger" Regiments In Florida; Working Day and Night Producing Water For Hunter's Expedition 550
158 Col. Rich Resigns and Goes Home; The Steamer Mantano Sinks Near His Condenser and is a Total Loss PASS
159 The "Rebel Ironclad Monster" CSS Atlanta Is Captured In Wassaw Sound By The Monitor Weehawken 150
160 Gillmore's Union Forces Are Ready To Leave Their Bones On Morris Island After The Assault on Battery Wagner in July 1863 200
161 In Sight of Charleston; They Are Bombarded Daily; Morris Island Is One Vast Sepulcher 110
162 The Swamp Angel and Others Bear Down On Charleston; The Stench From Soldier's Graves Makes The Men Gasp Before Battery Wagner 140
163 The Taking of Charleston Is No Child's Play…The Rebs Say …The Yanks Would Live In Hell…The Swamps of The South Is A Paradise To Them. 160
164 The Monitor Passaic Sinks; An Explosion Erupts Inside Fort Sumter: Rebel Deserters Come In Everyday 100
165 Fears His Mother Has Forgotten Him; Three Years Service Have Caused Great Changes; All Troops That Can Be Spared Are On Morris Island 130
166 As A Member of The U. S. Signal Corps He Counts The Shells That Fall in Charleston 160
167 Union General Seymour Meets With Disaster at Lake City, Florida; Charleston Is Burning; Charles' Brother Is Superintendent of The "Darkies" 150
168 The USS Housatonic Is Sunk By A Submarine; Morris Island Is Stripped of Its Forces Following The Battle of Olustee, Florida; One Gun Alone Fires Over 3700 Shells Into Charleston 450
169 Union Soldier's Original Poem: "Soldiering's Played Out." PASS
170 Fearing That If He Does Not Reenlist and The War Goes On For Three More Years He Will Be Drafted 50
171 The Blockade Runner Prince Albert Is "Smashed Up"; Moving About Charleston's Island; His Horse Is Nearly Killed 225
172 The 54th Mass. Colored Troops "They Make The Money Fly"-Clearing $3.00 In One Day; Hilton Head's Sutler's "Robbers' Row" 450
173 Barrow Sends Images of Hilton Head, By Famed Photographer Henry P. Moore, Home 130
174 Union Forces Attack Pocotagilo RR To Aid Sherman's Advance 100
175 Rebel Atrocities On Northern POWs Sickness Barrows To The Core 250
176 Charleston Will Share The Same Fate As Savannah By Sherman's Hand 100
177 Sherman's Movements Are Kept Secret From The Department Newspapers PASS
178 Charleston & Columbia Falls; An Underwater Cable Sends Communications Across The Sound & The 175th New York Are "Dutch as sauerkraut and jabber like a flock of crows.” 60
179 Sadness Reigns Supreme Over News of Lincoln's Death, But They Fire A One Hundred Gun Salute Honoring Johnston's Surrender 325
180 The Southern Government Concocted Lincoln's Murder Plan; The Town Selectmen Try To Swindle The Soldier's In The Field; He Will Go South After The War But Arm Himself To The Teeth! 200
181 The Federal Government Helps Rebuild Savannah's Foundry; Mrs. Peck's Sixteen Year Old Daughter "Regales" Them With Song 325
182 Rebel Parolees Are Forced To Give Up Their "Taggery" Uniforms 190
183 A Mainer Dies Away Down South In Savannah and Is Buried In Savannah 50
184 Balance of Barrows' Soldier and Family Letters: Fort Pulaski; An Uncooperative Telegraph Cable; Death and The Town Bounty 375
185 Practical Jokes Are Played Among The U. S. Signal Corpsmen PASS
186 The U. S. Signal Officers Are All Off "Hoaring" All The Time at Charleston in 1865 50
187 This Rhode Island Soldier Writes Of the Battle of Fredericksburg PASS
188 5th Connecticut Infantry - First Battle of Winchester - Fighting Stonewall Jackson PASS
189 4th Vermont Infantry - Battle of Lee's Mill, Virginia April 1862 250
190 Gives a Graphic Description of the Battle of Fredericksburg - "One house in particular I counted 54 shot holes in it... all torn to pieces" - Sends Home a Piece of Ivory from a Destroyed Piano "to... 1100
191 The Rebels fight like bulldogs - "I had a bullet shot right threw my blanket, which was strapped on my back" PASS
192 Signed CDV & Graphic Fredericksburg Battle Letter 1200
193 29th Mass. - Sgt. J. Murray Atwood Writes from Newport News, Virginia February 9th, 1862 PASS
194 Yes, the Irish did like their liquor! PASS
195 On Guard Duty "if anyone offers us any insult to run the bayonet through them" PASS
196 Spying On Union General Hooker's Conversation With a US Senator PASS
197 Battle of Fair Oaks-Breaking Down And Crying Over The Reported Death of a 62nd Pennsylvania Soldier at Gaines Mills PASS
198 General Keyes Men Are Reprimanded After The Battle of Seven Pines PASS
199 Map of Antietam PASS
200 Antietam Battle Letter “We pushed on through a cornfield, the bullets whistling in all directions", "Hundreds and hundreds of dead and wounded men lay on the field, most of them Grey Backs." 1500
201 55th Illinois KIA Shiloh - His Last Letter Home PASS
202 Letter by Colonel Clark S. Edwards, 5th Maine - Description of the Battlefield of Antietam Including Dunker Church 1000
203 Michigan Pioneer Brigade Battle of Murfreesboro Poem 120
204 President Lincoln and Secretary Cameron Review The Pennsylvania Bucktails PASS
205 Sarcastic War Period Broadside 400
206 Lincoln’s First General in Chief PASS
207 Ohio Woman Writes Of The War PASS
208 Union General Thomas Ruger Writes Describing the Battle of Chancellorsville PASS
209 Union General’s ALS PASS
210 Today we turn in our old Enfield rifles and received the new Spencer Carbine seven shooter. PASS
211 Of lincoln He Says “If it had not been that we had a President a man every inch of him ... It would have been more disastrous to our cause PASS
212 Hilton Head, S.C. January 19th, 1863 , 47th New York Infantry Charles Ryant would soon fight at Olustee, Fl. & survive, only to be killed at Cold Harbor 4 months later 100
213 Battle of Fredericksburg Letter - 105th N.Y. Vol. - Capt. Abraham Moore Describes Looking for One of His Missing Men on the Battlefield - "I went so near the enemies pickets that could hear them... 300
214 William A. Smith Writes from Winter Quarters in December 1863 PASS
215 Action-Filled 116th PA. (Irish Brigade) Bristoe Campaign PASS
216 William S. McCrea Writes of their Accommodations PASS
217 1st PA. Light Artillery at Yorktown, VA. 50
218 13th PA. Cav. (Irish Dragoons) - Fighting Rebs in the Shenandoah Valley! PASS
219 This Union Soldier Would Rather Be Considered Secesh Than Fight For The "Nig*r" 900
220 A New York (Orange Blossoms) Soldier Self-Diagnosis His Gettysburg Wounding 100
221 Battle of Chancellorsville 6th Corps Field Hospital "Report of Sick and Wounded" Muster Roll PASS
222 Union Hospital Soldier's Bed Card 50
223 Overly Optimistic Battle of Second Fredericksburg Battle Letter. 200
224 Detailed Battle of Rappahannock Station, Virginia Letter-They Took The Rebels By Surprise and Gave Them A Balls Bluff 350
225 Fighting Joe Hooker and The 141st New York Help Open The Cracker Line at The Battle of Wauhatchie PASS
226 A Rebel Captain Union Cavalrymen; Vaccinating For Small Pox; Home Sickness & Working The Laziness Out of The Skulkers 100
227 Drunkenness Abounds In Washington; Rebel Spies Shall Be Shot 300
228 The Putrid Condition of Small Pox Cases Disgusts Him; Rebel Operatives Disperse Into Maryland's Countryside 100
229 The Slaves of Muddy Branch Are As Well Off As Their Masters 190
230 A "Negro" Funeral Plays A Joke On Union Pickets 275
231 Seizing A House of A Reluctant Rebel For His Patients 100
232 Hooker's Men Help Protect Washington By Gambling and Licentiousness 425
233 Patients Fill Fairfax Seminary Hospital and Its Barracks 225
234 Fort Lyons' Powder Magazine Explodes; A Soldier Mortally Wounds Himself In The Lung & Carrion Rots Within Rods of Their Camp 425
235 Lee's Army Advances Into Maryland; Battle of Ashby's Gap; Pvt. Brown Accidentally Shoots A Friend In The Head; Union Sympathizers Are Stiffed By The Government 150
236 Great Description of Camp Parapet; Ripe Crops Spoil As All The Former Slaves Are Now In The Army 250
237 A "Negro" Uprising; General Banks' Wife Wears A low Cut Dress Thus "Excite[ing] Considerable Talk"; Catholics Abound In and Around New Orleans 100
238 The Colored Troops Take Great Pride In Their Uniforms and Weapons; One Black Soldier Accidentally Cut Off Three Toes; A Local Planter Has Many Slaves Who Are Unwilling To Work 450
239 A Slave Woman Gives Birth To A White Child-The Father Is a Wisconsin Soldier; Observing Sugar Cane Production; Planter Host Had Nothing To Drink But Wine; Gen. Shepley Is Under Investigation 300
240 An Original Union Soldier's (Deserter's) Poem: "Song of the Teche" Chronicling The 12th Maine's Early Service 225
241 Lincoln's National Fast Day; Greenbacks Revive The Men; His Prescriptions Trumps Surgeon Sweet's; Ex-Slaves Occupy Abandoned Houses Across The River in Virginia. 225
242 Irish Brigade - Saint Patrick's Day Horse Race - 2nd Corps Letter 100
243 this Seaman reports on the Action at Port Hudson 225
244 General McClernand Honors the Wisconsin Regiments In A Letter to the Wisconsin Governor PASS
245 ‘Bloody 9th Illinois Cavalry’ Fights Forrest on MULES! - “We have come so accustomed to the music of balls and the shrick of shells..." PASS
246 7th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Letter - Battle Action at Lookout Mountain 600
247 A Group of Union Commanders 100
248 1st Michigan Engineers Poem: "THE WOUNDED BOY ON STONE RIVER." 100
249 1st Michigan Engineers Poem: "MY COUNTRY." 160
250 Brevet Brigadier General Julius Hayden Inspects The Ambulance Corps 100
251 Springfield Arsenal Booklet: Model 1863 Springfield Musket 300
252 Constitution of the Loyal Union League of Citizen's of The United States 160
253 The Erie Canal Will Not Be Expanded--Ohio Governor David Tod Sends His Anti-Expenditure Policy to Congressman Cox PASS
254 The Anthony Photograph of Washington Painting Looted From R.E. Lee Residence 375
255 Early New-York Times Report of the Battle of Gettysburg. 100
256 3rd Massachusetts Infantry Writes of Capturing a Guerilla in North Carolina, an “Uncle Tom” Plantation and much more PASS
257 Great Service Records - 105th Pennsylvania “Wildcats Regiment” PASS
258 Patriotic Songs Inspired by True War Events on the Gettysburg Battlefield PASS
259 The Following 5 letters are written by “William G. Whitworth” who enlisted 8/9/1862 at Grand Rapids into A Co. MI 6th Cavalry. He was captured and died at Andersonville, 9/20/1864. PASS
260 Hunting Down the Rebels PASS
261 The rebels Are deserting Into The Union Lines PASS
262 Eight Page Letter Wriiten By Whitworth PASS
263 Converned about Stonewall PASS
264 General Gordon Advises His Political Ally of the Current Situation PASS
265 Spotsylvania Battle Letter - May 19th, 1864 PASS
266 Writes a Description of the Regimental Colors & Color Staffs - Includes Antietam & Gettysburg Presentations PASS
267 34th MA. Color Guard at New Market PASS
268 Rebels In Route To Burn Chambersburg _ He Escapes Capture PASS
269 Writer James O. Parmlee is given a Confederate Circular Inviting Foreigners "Entrapped" in the Union Army to be aided by the Confederacy! 600
270 He Is Describing Vicksburg After Its Fall PASS
271 Battle of Cedar Creek Letter - 10th Vermont PASS
272 The Officer Captures Men and Money PASS
273 6th N.Y. Heavy Artillery - “The Rebs cut every button off of his jacket....” 275
274 Spotsylvania Court House Battle Letter - Written Right on the Field 325
275 The Michigan 5th Cavalry Document 250
276 He Was A Nephew of Abolitionist William Cullen Bryant and Led as Colonel of the 46th USCT PASS
277 He Served in the Siege of Petersburg, Commanding a Division of Black Troops in the Ill-Fated July 30 Charge on the Crater PASS
278 Battle of New Market Heights: "The Negors Charged Their Main Line of Works Carrying Everything Before Them…" PASS
279 GIDEON WELLES Sends A Surgeon To The Examining Board-With Engraving PASS
280 St. Patrick's Day Celebration; Grant Takes Command; The Army is Reorganized ; There Are No Signs of The Confederates; Major General Sykes Wife's Ball Dress Falls Short at Gen. J. J. Bartlett's... 450
281 Surgeon Faxon Is Vexed By Gen. Warren; Warren is Losing Reputation At Head Quarters; Fourth of July Celebrations Will Bring in New Patients; Turning In Gen. Griffin For Violating War Department Orders 150
282 The Officers of the Army of The Potomac's & The 5th Corps Are FOR McClellan While The Soldiers Are NOT! PASS
283 While Defending Potomac Creek Crossings Brevet Brig. Gen. Stephenson Reports On The 5th Corps Shake Up Following Chancellorsville 100
284 BBG Stephenson Reports: The Advance on Rappahannock Station; Gen. Griffin Seeks Another Star; Col. Guiney Allows His Irish Regiment To Get Drunk, "Whiskey Can Be Purchased or Stolen"; The Army's... 250
285 No Faith In Grant Against Lee: "The People Are Doomed To Be Disappointed in Their New God." 500
286 Capt. Edward O. Shepard Chronicles Grant's Overland Campaign PASS
287 Mystified By Lincoln's Renomination For President; Grant Has Been Outwitted By Lee In The Wilderness; Losses Are Heavy; What Will They Do Without More Men. PASS
288 General Stephenson Reports On Pennsylvania "Oil Rush" in 1864 PASS
289 Apple Jack Flows During a Raid on The Weldon Railroad...Those Who Straggled Are Found With Their Throats Cut 375
290 Ordering A "Big Blister" On A Soldier Who Will Not Work; In New Orleans Irish, French and German Flock To The Army 100
291 A "Negro" Break Down; Ragged Refugees Come Into The Lines; Examining The Colored Troops of 2nd Louisiana (Colored) Troops 250
292 A Massachusetts' Flag Presentation; General Nathaniel Banks' Little Daughter Leads The Speech; A Grand Review and More 100
293 Great Early Description of Mardi Gras In New Orleans; Amputating A Man's Arm To Save His Life 300
294 General Banks Gives A Commanding Speech During A Flag Presentation; Daring Escape of A CSA Conscript 150
295 The Soldier's Pay Go To Cotton Speculators 100
296 Runaway Slaves Are Returned To The Plantations; Col. Kimball's Promotion; Payroll Misdeeds; Rebel Deserters; A Thieving Regiment Is Sent South; The Red River Campaign 250
297 General Banks' Command Meets With Disaster On The Red River and General Shepley Goes AWOL 100
298 General Banks Fails Miserably; All Eyes Turn To Grant To Save The Union 100
299 He "Can't Bear The Sight of a Negro Soldier"; Greenbacks Lose Their Value; The Correct Way To Amputate a Finger 300
300 His Colored Assistance Gets Surly Soon After The Arrival of US Colored Troops-Then He Hires "A Regular African"; The Chicago Board of Trade Battery Loses All Their Guns During The Red River Campaign 325
301 Many Sacrifice Their Lives For This Cause; Has Not Changed His Mind About The Colored Race; Helping Care For Texas Refugees While The Government Provides For Them 325
302 Occupying Baton Rouge; A Dead Body Floating Down River Presents A "Horrid Sight"; The 30th Maine Has Been Decimated on The Red River and By Disease 100
303 Rushed To Butler's Bermuda Hundred Front Lines-The Pickets Observe Their Own Truce 100
304 Troops Movements Up and Down The James River; A Rebel Sharpshooter's Bullet Nearly Misses Him; Union Gunboats Heavily Shelled The Rebel's Camp 140
305 The 12th Maine Covers The Withdrawal; General Birge "Puts On More Airs Then Grant." 100
306 Severely Criticizing Black Troops Following The Mine Disaster-He Wants White Troops To Be Treated Like Human Beings; Mosby's Guerrillas; Dr. Bradley's Archaic Medical Practices 350
307 Advancing Into The Shenandoah; This Letter Closes While Confederate General Early Attacks Sheridan's Army At Berryville 200
308 Gen. Sheridan Is Not Disposed To Bring On A General Fight Unless The Rebs Commence It. 100
309 Advancing On Rebel Occupied Berryville, Virginia 100
310 Dr. Towle Is Overwhelmed With Amputations Following The Battle of Third Winchester 350
311 Treating The Wounded of Both Sides After The Battle of Winchester: "This Has Been A Week of Surgery And I Have Improved It.” 150
312 Incredibly Detailed Civil War Surgeon's Battle Letter 450
313 He Was Unable To Operate On A Friend From Home; Sheridan Rides Along The Lines During The Battle of Winchester; No Charges Have Been Filed Against A Drunken Surgeon; The 14th New Hampshire Commit... 250
314 Rebel Troops Surprise Sheridan Opening The Battle of Cedar Creek 250
315 Sheridan's Appearance Turns The Tide of Battle During The Battle of Cedar Creek 150
316 The 12th Maine Are Told To Return Their Colors By General Grover While Mosby Takes Dinner With A Local Family 100
317 A Soldier Is Accidentally Shot Dead "By The Discharge of A Musket"; Going Into Winter Quarters; After Bloody Fighting The Maine Regiments Are Consolidated 100
318 Rag Pickers Collection The Discarded Union Soldier's Clothes-Blue Rags Bring a Premium 100
319 Scarce General Hatch’s ALS PASS
320 The Maine Sharpshooter States “I can count the buttons on their clothes a mile off.” PASS
321 34th Ohio Battle Letter by Franklin L. Allen - Writing from Fort Toland, West Virginia, with Cover 600
322 101st Ohio Infantry - Altoona Pass Battle Letter PASS
323 11th Massachusetts Battalion Battle Report From Cold Harbor To The Mine Explosion PASS
324 Sixth New Jersey Volunteers Grant Overland Campaign Battle Report PASS
325 Two Union Generals Square Off On Whiskey and Commissary Pricing In 1864 PASS
326 Fifth New Jersey Volunteers Grant Overland Campaign Battle Report 375
327 Rare General Montgomery Meigs Printed Battle of Chattanooga Report PASS
328 Bound Volume of 1864 General Orders 150
329 California War Dated Poll Tax Receipt PASS
330 Extraordinary Graphic Prisoners’ Document Written to the Historian of U.S. Prisons. 550
331 Field Printed Danville Pass PASS
332 Letter by Confederate Soldier Who Became A "Galvanized Yankee" Telling of His Job Placing "Electric Machine" Torpedoes in Harbor, Sullivan's Island, Charleston, S.C.! 600
333 49th New York Infantry - Two Letters from Medal of Honor Recipient John P. McVean 170
334 The Confederate Uniforms Aren’t Worth A Dime 90
335 In 1888 He was Promoted to the Rank of General of the Army During the Term of President Grover Cleveland 50
336 Robert Smalls of Planter Fame Captain Their Boat; Occupying Savannah, Georgia Shortly After Its Fall; Several Rebel Homes Claim Protect Under Foreign Flags; The Rebels Flood The River To Prevent... 1100
337 Savannah Is Rocked By Huge Explosions That Levels Nearly Ninety Buildings In The City; He Is Nearly Hit By A Shell From The Arsenal 475
338 Soldier Art; Becoming Spoiled By "Colored" Servants; Down On Bounty Jumpers; State Agents Are Recruiting Former Slaves To Fill Their State Quotas 400
339 Meeting High Ranking Confederate Officers Under A Flag of Truce; "Lincoln Sentiment Is Gaining Ground" With The Sober People of The South 475
340 Lincoln's Assassination Hits The South Hard; Slighted By Col. Kimball On Passing Assistant Surgeon Towle Over For Promotion-He Has Many More Friends Than The Colonel Realizes PASS
341 Jeff Davis Passes Through Augusta; Former Slaves Are Told They "Must Not Consider The Word Freedom As Meaning Freedom From Labor." 650
342 The Grand Review PASS
343 1st Michigan Engineers Poem Condemning Their Colonel and Major During Sherman's March To The Sea and Through The Carolinas 1300
344 General Weitzel's 25th Corps Honors Her Valiant Soldiers PASS
345 Collection of Army of the James 25th Corps Documents Including Many Signed By Medal of Honor Winner Lt. Co.. Daniel D. Wheeler PASS
346 Hero of Hoover’s Gap Later Killed by Desperadoes in Texas - 6th Missiouir Cavalry Signed Discharge 50
347 Georgia Guerillas “go round plundering and hanging Union people....” In 1865 PASS
348 War Hero Continues to Serve In New York Politics PASS
349 General Sherman Comments “our country men have already forgot their old soldiers” 425
350 A Cincinnati Railway Tunnel Company Stock Certificate Issued To And Signed On Verso By John C. Fremont 250
351 The Federal General Who Stopped Lee At Gettysburg PASS
352 The 14 Connecticut Major Accused of Misuse of Funds PASS
353 Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies - Maps PASS
354 Dedicated to General John Palmer 50
355 His Leg is on Display at the National Museum of Health and Medicine 50
356 Scarce 1860 Breckinridge & Lane Ferrotype 500
357 Great Scene of Soldiers Having Supper - Black Man Seated on Ground With Them - A Rare Camp Scene 400
358 Abbott Tintype Union General Benjamin F. Butler 100
359 South Carolina Photo With Officers and a Servant 325
360 CDV Of the CSA VP 150
361 Large Albumen Major General George Thomas 50
362 Stevens and His Staff at Beaufort SC PASS
363 Rarely Seen Photo of an Ironclad 110
364 Brady Photo of U.S. Grant PASS
365 Nice Signed Officers CDV PASS
366 In 1880 This Heroic Union General Ran For president 80
367 Confederate NCO Mounted Albumen PASS
368 The Abolitionist, Author and Wife of General Fremont 225
369 A Pair of Officer CDV’s 50
370 A Pair of Soldier Tintypes 180
371 The Sodiers’ Remains Still On The Battlefield 155
372 The President’s House 80
373 General George McClellan Signed CDV Sold At NY Sanitary Fair 700
374 War dated CDV - Named After George Washington PASS
375 Tintype of Union General Henry Halleck PASS
376 Antietam Confederate Dead PASS
377 Taken in Front Of The Marshall House PASS
378 The Oldest Gettysburg Combatant 120
379 Issuing Rations at City Point PASS
380 A Patriotic Cat 110
381 The patriotic mascot - Old Abe 140
382 Brevet Brigadier General James B. Swain 11TH N.Y. Cavalry & Wife Photographs PASS
383 Photograph of "Old Aunt Coly” 100
384 Important Florida Confederate Naval Officer - Part of Breckinridge’s Escape Escort PASS
385 Massachusetts Shipwreck Victim 100
386 Fort Lincoln Photograph By Alexander Gardner 400
387 CDV of George Armstrong Custer as a Major General 650
388 Montage Phtograph of the Confederate Leaders 110
389 Engraving of John C. Breckinridge 110
390 Tom Thumb Wedding Lithograph PASS
391 Union US Dug Buckle Plate, 50
392 Five Photographs of Period War Dated Sketches By Well Known Artist PASS
393 Just a Unique War Item Honors McClellan PASS
394 Large Format Broadside Supporting Lincoln’s Second Election 550
395 The Last Confederate Flag and the First Sermon for Freed Slaves in Richmond PASS
396 The Bank Check Has a Profile of Secretary William Seward PASS
397 Rare Stephen Douglas 1860 Presidential Campaign Biography 325
398 Rare Bell and Everett 1860 Virginia Campaign Ballot 300
399 A Pair of Lincoln Patriotic Covers PASS
400 President Lincoln and Gen. McClellan in McClellan's Tent 550
401 An Enormous Pair of Massachusetts Lincoln Elector Tickets PASS
402 Rare 1864 Presidential Campaign Connecticut Election Broadside PASS
403 beautiful Lincoln campaign Item - 1864 PASS
404 Lincoln 1864 Political Lapel Pin 500
405 Patriotic Lincoln Paper Label 180
406 President Lincoln and Tad 70
407 Plenty of War Reporting - But Also Ads For Important Theater News - Ford’s Theater - Laura Keene - Edwin Booth 50
408 Lincoln Is Nominated a Second Time PASS
409 McClellan 1864 Portrait Campaign Ballot From Ohio 60
410 McClellan 1864 Campaign Ballot From Ohio PASS
411 A Wounded Union Soldier Is Sorry His Congressman Will Not Be Able To Stand Up To "Abe Lincoln's Authority" PASS
412 Lincoln Assassination Newspaper 60
413 Exquisite Lincoln Mourning Bracelet. 1900
414 Lincoln Memorabilia 200
415 Lincoln CDV By Alexander Gardner....Gardner Front and Back Imprints 600
416 Lincoln and Hair and Bandage Display 400
417 Lincoln Hair, Bandage and Ford’s Theater Wood Display 1200
418 Shooting Booth 500
419 “Capture Of Harrold And The Shooting Of Booth In The Barn Of Garath’s Farm By A Detachment Of The 16th New York Cavalry Under The Order Of Col. Baker” 500
420 Ford's Theater Playbill Photograph….John E. Buckingham Doorman On April 14, 1865 PASS
421 Engraved Presentation Goblet - Commissioned by Lincoln 300
422 Abraham Lincoln Funeral Flag 1500
423 Lionizing the Assassin John Wilkes Booth In Music 100
424 Great Ford’s Theater Photo 250
425 An Interesting Pair of Relics Presented By Long-time Custodian of Lincoln’s Tomb, H. W. Fay PASS
426 Campaign Piece For Zachery Taylor 60
427 King George III Signed Document 200
428 Printed Document Signed In Type By Santa Anna Days Before The Taking of Veracruz And His Promotion To The Rank Of Brigadier General PASS
429 Very Nice Period Litho of the Mexan American War PASS
430 Rare Santa Fe, New Mexico Document Signed 2x By Union General ALFRED PLEASONTON, 2nd U. S. Dragoons 150
431 1815 - He Was Present at the British Defeat at New Orleans and Fort Bowyer PASS
432 Double Amputee - Alfred A. Stratton of the 147th NY 100
433 U.S.S. Atlanta Sailor’s Hat 650
434 Unusual Span Am Patriotic Covers 50
435 Admiral Dewey- the Only Person to Achieve That Rank 90
437 Unique Spanish American War Artifact PASS
438 Spam Am Broadside PASS
439 An End to the Spanish American War Reported in The First Newspaper to Print Color Cartoons 60
440 DuPont Shows America’s Naval History PASS
441 The Hated Hun Poster 200
442 Opening The Panama Canal 225
443 The Translation Is “GERMANY'S CONQUEST OF THE AIR.” 50
444 World War I Reporter’s Notebook PASS
445 Dramatic WWI Poster 120
446 Two U.S. Army Engineer’s World War I Notebooks PASS
447 Dramatic WWI Poster Art 50
448 “Execution of the Hun Chief - The Death of Militarism” 100
449 WWI Soldier’s Letter Archive PASS
450 WWII Letter Group PASS
451 Recruiting in The Best Men 160
452 Amazing Original Large Lot of about 135 Different Nazi Germany Propaganda Prints Circa late 1930's 150
453 Beautiful Silk Naval Piece PASS
454 Using the Calendar Format, Mussollini promotes Fascism PASS
455 Book of U.S. Navy Ships and Submarines Covers 475
456 Luftwaffe LKPS101 Summer Flight Helmet 250
457 The Invasion Of Poland - Its Victims Dramatized in This Poster 150
458 Nazi Pocket Watch PASS
459 Hitler Youth Candid Photographs PASS
460 Swastika Christmas tree Ornament 100
461 Australian Pilot Recipient of the Victoria Cross PASS
462 Official Hitler Propaganda 50
463 The Fuhrer Encourages His People 100
464 Stopping Hitler - Scarce Poster 100
465 Pearl Harbor Broadside 50
466 Stark WWII Poster 50
467 Hitler “What do you say America?” 80
468 Mussolini “What do you say America?” 50
469 Scarce WWII Marine Bandana 110
470 WWII Air Corp Bandana 130
471 WWII Army Bandanda 50
472 Nazi Admiral Signed Photo 60
473 Pointing Out The American Hypocrisy 50
474 This Japanese 2-Man Submarine Was captured And Used In Fund Raising PASS
475 Rare Formal Portrait Of Hitler 325
476 Prisoner of War Folk Art 100
477 A second Carved and Decorated Prisoner of War Folk Art 60
478 110th Field Artillery Headquarters Guidon, Likely Flown on Omaha Beach, June 6, 1944. PASS
479 Enola Gay Signed Photograph of the Hiroshima Atom Bomb Explosion PASS
480 Enola Gay Tibbets Signed Newspaper 100
481 Highly Uncommon World War II-dated Printed Japanese Ceasefire Broadside 100
482 Dwight Eisenhower Safe Conduct Pass For A German Soldier 100
483 The Nazi Press Photo Shows Halder and Hitler 50
484 He Was the Highest-Ranking American WWII POW 100
485 After the Japanese Cease Fire, He Ordered “If any Japanese airplanes appear, shoot them down in a friendly way.” 325
486 He Later Became Head of the CIA 50
487 Nimitz Believes Armed War With the Communists is Probable” 190
488 The Only American General Officer to Make Four Combat Jumps in the War 200
489 Dachau Camp Used By The Allies To hold SS Soldiers 100
490 Relics From The D-Day Beaches 375
491 Heroes of World War II Commemorative Plates PASS
492 Who Would Believe It ? One of Stalin's personal chefs was Vladimir Putin's grandfather, Spiridon Putin PASS
493 Korea Trench Artifact 50
494 Korean War - Instructing North Korean and Chinese Armed forces How to Surrender PASS
495 In The Depth Of The Cold War 100
496 Viet Nam letter Group PASS
497 Former Nazi General Letter 110
498 Sargent, The Recepient of This Cover, Wrote The Biography About the Sender 180
499 Signed By the Head of the Tammany Hall Political Machine - Boss Tweed 100
500 Signed Engraving Of America’s Greatest Actor PASS
501 America’s Most Prolific Political Cartoonist PASS
502 The Wolf in Patriotic Clothing PASS
503 A Superb Charles Lindbergh Signed Photograph In An Early Silver Plate Frame PASS
504 J. Edgar Hoover Discusses FBI Appointments with Congressman Fulmer of South Carolina PASS
505 The First to Climb Everest 150
506 Fine Wax Wax Art PASS
507 Paul Revere Related Artifact 70
508 Large Transfer Printed Pitcher 200
509 Faux Gold Facsimile Of A Liberty Head Gold Piece PASS
510 The More Scarce 1883 Carson City Silver Dollar 160
511 The Butler Bank 190
512 Unique Artifact - First Report of the Moon Landing 100
513 The Jerusalem Jew PASS
514 Bonnie & Clyde FBI Card 300
515 Chronological Table Of Biblical Figures PASS
516 1822 Act Concerning The Massachusetts Militia PASS
517 Newark Is Incorporated PASS
518 Republic of Texas Certificate of Stock Dated June 15th, 1840 PASS
519 1840 Ohio Indian Fur Trade Letter 100
520 From the Republic of Texas - Texas Association Unengrossed Certificate 400
521 Exceptionally Graphic Early Maritime Membership Certificate PASS
522 In Barnumesque Cunning, This Songwriter Turns $625 Into $11,000 PASS
523 Two volumes of mid-19th century Harper’s New Monthly Magazine 50
524 An Exceptionally Handsome Engraved Image of Commodore Perry’s japanese Expedition PASS
525 Two bound volumes of Harper’s New Monthly Magazine 1858-1859 50
526 Graphic Principal Chief Of The Shawanoes Print PASS
527 1870 Mormon Letter 90
528 A Rare Broadside On The Execution of Louis H. F. Wagner Who Was Convicted Of The Axe Murders Of Two Woman On The Isles Of Shoals Off The Coast Of New Hampshire PASS
529 Printed Just After Barnum Buys Bailey PASS
530 Superb Ottawa Chief Print PASS
531 A Fine Association Of Russell Sage And Jay Gould Signing On The Same Stock Certificate PASS
532 Prohibition Party Print 225
533 Man Sent To Work On An Alabama Chain Gang 100
534 A Chicago Merchandiser PASS
535 The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake Is Dramatically Reported PASS
536 Shocking Graphic Report of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre 150
537 Dillinger FBI Card 300
538 Rare Stock Issued To And Signed Twice By Aviation Legend Roscoe Turner! PASS
539 Popeye And Baseball - Pure Americana 100
540 Original Peter Max Artwork PASS
541 The Military Reception at Grant’s Tomb PASS
542 Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Brother henry PASS
543 Special family Photographic Frame PASS
544 Bicycle Race At Willow Grove Park, C. 1890’s PASS
545 A Risque Grouping 275
546 Geisha Girls PASS
547 National Balloting List For The Midterm Election Of 1838 PASS
548 Henry Clay Ambrotype PASS
549 Photographs of Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Douglas 60
550 Tabular Statement Of Votes From Wisconsin, The Final State Counted In The Election Of 1876, The Second Closest Race In The History Of The United States PASS
551 Tammany Hall Racketeer 50
552 Stock Signed By Donald Regan 50
553 The George Washington The Classic "Linked States" 1789 Inaugural Brass Shank Button 4600
554 George Washington Bi-Centennial Plate - 1932 PASS
555 Large Hand Tinted Print Of John Quincy Adams 190
556 A Choice Printed Silk Broadside Of Andrew Jackson's First Inaugural Address 1400
557 Andrew Jackson Buys Shoes and Caps for His Negro Slaves 2750
558 Large Hand Tinted Print Of William Henry Harrison PASS
559 Scarce Campaign Ribbon 50
560 National Galaxy Featuring Engravings And Biographies Of America’s First Ten Presidents 500
561 John Tyler ALS Concerning An Appointment at Perth Amboy, New Jersey 700
562 Buchanan Discuss the Progress of the First Presidential Memoir 550
563 Ticket To Attend The Impeachment Trial of Andrew Johnson 275
564 Scarce Andrew Johnson Governor Military Academy Appointment 750
565 Our First Accidental President PASS
566 Mourning Ribbon in Memoriam U. S. Grant PASS
567 Ulysses S. Grant Porcelain Portrait Brooch c. 1880 400
568 Great g Grant Good Bye 50
569 Pennsylvania Acknowledges The Death Of U.S. Grant 100
570 A Healed Nation - Virginia Troops Join The Grant Funeral Cortege 100
571 A Rare Centennial Exposition Hall Of Presidents 1100
572 Large Albumen Photos of Grant’s Funeral 150
573 Harrison and Morton Election Speech Ticket 100
574 Benjamin Harrison Campaign Plate PASS
575 Just Part Of President Roosevelt’s Duties 50
576 Large Format Photograph of Eleanor Roosevelt by Underwood PASS
577 Dwight Eisenhower Free Frank while General 850
578 Richard Nixon Signed 1968 Event Card in Atlanta, Georgia 70
579 Pass To Attend Iranian Hostages Being Released Ceremony At White House January 1981 60
580 California Rancher Seeks a Horse Thief PASS
581 He Died with Custer 425
582 He Died With Custer PASS
583 Close Friend of Custer and Survivor of the Black Hills Campaign 50
584 The Western Entertainer of the 19th Century - Jack Crawford PASS
585 Likely Span Am War photograph. PASS
586 A Four Piece Indian Theme Desk Set PASS
587 Noted Artist Paints Custer 150
588 Chief Iron Tail 200
589 The Men and Women of the Indian Wars 100
590 The Controversial Koloma - Josie Earp Photograph PASS
591 Pancho Villa Expedition Letter to Noted International Financier James Luitweiler 70
592 1880’s Colorful Scorecards 350
593 Very Scarce Photo - Woman Baseball Player PASS
594 Circa 1890 Card Baseball Players PASS
595 Everyone Loves Baseball 160
596 The Navy Plays Baseball 80
597 The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks plays baseball PASS
598 Circa 1900 Baseball Team 80
599 Circa 1900 Baseball Team 110
600 Comic Baseball Trade Cards 100
601 This Baseball Novel Contains Three 1914 Printed Baseball Photos 150
602 Early Baseball Team PASS
603 What is the Italian Translation for Baseball? PASS
604 Cyanotype Team Photo PASS
605 Boxer Jake La Motta Signed Check PASS
606 Archiw Moore Letter 100