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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 A Desirable Dual-Signed Order by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella Known for their Institution of the Inquisition and their Sponsorship Of Christopher Columbus PASS
2 Early Colonialists Land Deed with Great Harvard Association, Recorded 1663 in Cambridge Massachusetts 675
3 Rhode Island Indenture Signed By John Wanton PASS
4 Colonial Pennsylvania Document 50
5 Autograph Document Signed By The First President of New Hampshire PASS
6 The Importance of Beer In London - 1760 80
7 Colonial Pennsylvania Documents 50
8 Philadelphia Colonial Document Signed By Noted Furniture Maker, James Gillingham PASS
9 Important Document Signed by General Thomas Gage Pertaining to the Commission of Officers in the King’s Army at Boston in 1775 PASS
10 Daniel Clymer’s Horses Are Stolen - Chief Justice Benjamin Chew Steps In PASS
11 Scarce 14k Gold “Sons of the Revolution” Medal – With Bust of George Washington in High Relief - in Original Presentation Case PASS
12 A Week Before the Declaration of Independence - This Soldier Wants His Pay 150
13 Colonial Currency: 1777 six shilling Pennsylvania note. PASS
14 Very Scarce Enlistment Sheet 750
15 A Pair of Land Agreements PASS
16 Certifying A Soldier in Captain Edward Rogers’s Company - 1778 PASS
17 A Pair of Colonial Receipts PASS
18 The Worst Naval Defeat for the United States Until Pearl Harbor 1400
19 Another Revolutionary War General PASS
20 The Revolutionary War General 100
21 Colonial Hampton New Hampshire Deed 50
22 Revolutionary War Bill, Fitzgerald & Piers PASS
23 Receipt Paid in “Continental Dollars” PASS
24 Period Revolutionary War Copper Engraved Images Of American Events PASS
25 Matthew Clarkson Letter to General Benjamin Lincoln PASS
26 A True Patriot; Sons of Liberty, Captain of Artillery Under Arnold, Captured and Paroled, Brevetted Brigadier General PASS
27 Three Post Revolutionary War Receipts PASS
28 Resignation letter to the Governor whereby John Houstoun, Revolutionary War Governor of Georgia, resigns as Judge of the Superior Court of Georgia. He was also a member of the Continental Congress... 700
29 Document by the 1st Speaker of the House PASS
30 Alexander Hamilton - The Infamous Reynolds Affair PASS
31 The Hamilton Burr Duel PASS
32 Revolutionary War Pension Document 80
33 Travel Book to Western Africa With Illustrations 352
34 America’s First Elected African American 375
35 Will Distributes Five Named Slaves 275
36 Ten Slaves Named 200
37 The State of Alabama vs. Slave Allen PASS
38 Tax on Slave - $1 50
39 Court Finds He “inflicted cruel & inhumane punishment upon Fleming a slave ...” 110
40 Kentucky Salve Tax PASS
41 Group of Five Racists Newspapers PASS
42 Slave Charged With Attempted Murder of his Master in Alabama PASS
43 A Colored Man Sets His Dog On A White Man 50
44 Tennessean abolitionist asks Mississippi lawyers Miller & Kilpatrick to help him in his claim against a man who he is sure “will run off or dispose of his negroes rather than be forced to pay his... 550
45 Twenty Issues of the Picayune, New Orleans - 1856 325
46 He Represented Sanford in the Dred Scott case 50
47 The SC Governor owned 878 Slaves PASS
48 The Innocent Cause Of The War Cover PASS
49 Future General Hall Swears to the Enlistment of A Colored Troop 550
50 Rockwell’s “The Problem We All Live With” 50
51 Served in the 52nd regiment, United States Colored Infantry 160
52 The Senator Opposes The President’s Freedmen Bureau Bill PASS
53 “Our Colored Brother” Comes Up to Bat with the 15th Amendment .... The Woman Are Ready For the 16th Amendment 2750
54 Discontent with Gilded Age Presidential Politics and the Influence of “the negro vote” PASS
55 Frederick Douglas Signed Document PASS
56 A Rare, Complex and Important Negro History Print PASS
57 The Shades of Skin Dictate Auction Value 70
58 Uncle Tom’s Cabin Issued as a Memorial to the Death of the Author, Harriet Beecher Stowe 100
59 Oval painted snuff box with portrait of Black soldier on the lid. 200
60 Slave - Share Cropper Themed Color Printed Postcards. PASS
61 The FIRST NEGRO TEXTBOOK by a Black Author PASS
62 The Malcolm X Documentary Advertisement On College Campuses PASS
63 1940 Stories of anAfrican American Boy 50
64 Sambo Child’s Book With Mechanical tabs 80
65 Langston Hughes Signed Book 200
66 Panorama Black Soldiers Photo 100
67 Black History Through Comics PASS
68 Charles Evers gives speech about "Blacks in White Politics" Poster PASS
69 Eldridge Cleaver Autographed Draft For His Speech Titled "No Money" PASS
70 AZAPO - The Resistance Party Of South Africa PASS
71 Important, Impressive, Huge Map - Issued under Jefferson Davis PASS
72 Rail Road Stock Signed by Lawrence o’Bryan Branch 150
73 1855 Virginia Military Institute Confederate's Report Card Signed By Major General Francis Henney Smith PASS
74 Know-Knowing Senator Joshua Hill On John Brown's Raid & Presidential Hopefuls 250
75 Scarce Confederate Substitute Document 800
76 A Virginian's Account of The Battle of First Bull Run 850
77 The Chaplain of The "Bloody 8th" Virginia Declares: "Secession Has…Has Shaken Her Wall From Pillar To Ceiling." 650
78 Future CSA General Evander Law Is Elected Colonel As These Alabamians Answer Virginia's Call For Help 150
79 A Stephen Douglas Delegate Puts His Southern Family In Their Place PASS
80 A Fiery Southern Belle "Could Shoot Down The Yankees As Fast As You." 400
81 The First Georgia Volunteers Defend Pensacola, Florida in April 1861 800
82 At First Bull Run: "Our Company Were Engaged In A Very Hotly Contested…Bloody Battle." 325
83 The Confederate Secretary of War Writes the Governor of Georgia Asking for Georgia State Militia Troops and New Enlistees to be Transferred to the Provisional Confederate Army. PASS
84 Wise's Legion Gathers At Winchester In Anticipation of Entering Maryland During The Antietam Campaign 250
85 A West Virginian In The 60th Virginia Cant Wait To Join "Stonewall" In The Valley 325
86 A Shenandoah Valley Farmer Reports on Stonewall Jackson's Movements 100
87 The "Yankees Have Been Very Kind To Me" So Says This West Virginian PASS
88 Time To Stop The Advance of Union Troops At Pound Gap, (West) Virginia 435
89 Discharged From Continental Morgan Guards 100
90 The Citizens Want Rent From The Governmnt For Use Of The Hospital 425
91 Confederate Soldier Sees The Merrimac 800
92 The 45th Georgia at Chancellorsville: "The Yankees Set Fire To The Woods." 375
93 They Were Rearguard for Robert E. Lee before the Surrender at Appomattox 450
94 Tennessee Allegiance Oaths 250
95 Ashby’s Command in New Market, Virginia 50
96 The Confederate News From South Carolina PASS
97 CSA Randall Gibson Grouping 100
98 War Dated Docs to CSA general Ruggles 500
99 Confederate Family Relief Form 110
100 Union Trickery During The Battle of Dallas, Georgia. This Alabamian Will Not Survive The Campaign PASS
101 Pair of 5th Virginia Cavalryman's Letters-Seeing R. E. Lee Inspect The Lines At Bottoms Bridge 425
102 Adjutant Henry M. Bond, KIA in the Wilderness PASS
103 Citizens Are Killed By Union Shells In Petersburg-Doesn't Know If He Has "Killed A Yankee But I Have Done The Best Shooting I Could. 150
104 Confederate General Daniel Ruggles group PASS
105 Grouping of Confederate Imprints PASS
106 Bartering for Supplies PASS
107 CSA Conscription of S.J. Stuart 50
108 Recommends a Colored Cook PASS
109 Civil War 1865 March Through The Carolinas Diary 33rd Massachusetts PASS
110 Occupied Newspaper - The New South, March 11, 1865. PASS
111 South Carolina Citizen Loyalty Oath 100
112 Texas Amnesty Oath 250
113 The General Needs Information on the Reinforcements PASS
114 Autograph Card, CSA General Giles B. Cooke “Staff of Gen. Lee.” PASS
115 Attractive Militia appointment with a Scarce James Longstreet Signature PASS
116 Former Confederates in Congress Infesting the Democratic Party. PASS
117 1776 Occupied New York Arrest Warrant PASS
118 Later KIA’d 250
119 Jewish Book Signed by the Captain PASS
120 90 Day Soldier Discharged PASS
121 Group of Three Letters - Members of Congress PASS
122 Supports Jefferson Davis’ Resolution Which Would Prohibit Congress From Restricting Slavery 70
123 Baxter's Fire Zouaves Advance With Gen. Edward Baker on Falls Church-He Was Later Killed During Pickett's Charge 450
124 Henry Wise Retreats Before The Union Advance Into (Western) Virginia PASS
125 Battle of Carnifax Ferry, West Virginia Letter 900
126 To His North Carolina Friend: "The Union! The Union!! And Nothing But The Union" After Fort Sumter Is Fired Upon PASS
127 Rare Grouping of 1st Virginia (Union) Volunteer Infantry Letters 250
128 Colorful Sheet Music - General McClellan's Grand March. 350
129 Magnus Map 50
130 Beautiful Hand-colored Capitol Stationery; Letter Mentions a Deserter 375
131 Ringgold Artillary - Camp Lacey Broadside 170
132 Union Patriotic Covers 150
133 A British Citizen Comments on the American Civil War 160
134 US Generals Trade Cards 190
135 Confederate Themed Covers 200
136 Spanish American War Covers PASS
137 Battle of Camp Creek, (West) Virginia With The 23rd Ohio Vols PASS
138 Eye-Witness To The Battles of Cedar Mountain and Second Bull Run-General McClellan Is Regard…As A Second Washington." 200
139 "The Little Honey Went Down Stairs With Me So I Just Whispered Lov In Her Ear…What She Whispered I Shan't Tell." 100
140 Rare Rebecca Rouse U. S. Sanitary Commission Letter 200
141 1862 Libby Prison Narrative: "PRISON-LIFE in the TOBACCO WAREHOUSE at RICHMOND." 80
142 Union General Thomas Ruger On Stonewall Jackson's Smashing Victory At Winchester, Virginia 1200
143 Military Using The Slaves PASS
144 What a Letterhead - Lincoln and McClellan 140
145 Bound GO’s PASS
146 Federal Manual 100
147 Buying Your Way Out Of the Draft 50
148 L. C. Turner Writes a Pass for the Future President of Washington and Georgetown Railroad - George S. Gideon PASS
149 He Enlisted at 14 - Now Discharged With Dog Tag 300
150 A True Copy of Major General McCook Scheduling a Court Marshall Trial of 15 Named Soldiers 100
151 General Edwin Vose Sumner Authorizes Payment 100
152 Future General Williams Advises That The Navy Thirty Men 150
153 Washington, D.C.’s Military Governor Grants a Pass 275
154 22nd Massachusetts Infantry Letter Archive Died of Wounds at Yorktown 750
155 Only A Few Killed in the Burnside Expedition 100
156 Vicksburg and Port Hudson Surrendered 140
157 He Writes of the President Lincoln Grand Review in Fredericksburgh 275
158 E.B. Harvey soldier “Grumble Letter” on McClellan, battles, fighting for the “N*****s.” 400
159 Soldier Witnesses McClellan Farewell 110
160 This soldier writes “ “…an old nigar…said he was going into the city to see Massa Lincoln… he owns all the collard people now.” 350
161 Caleb Blood Smith Signed Civil War Patent PASS
162 This Man Works in a Boston Gun Factory 80
163 "Abriham Lincal Was There…He Rode Bye Us With His Old Plug Hate In His Hand." 200
164 A Black Servant Named Snowball…"When McClellan Took Command There Never Was Such An Army In Existence." 100
165 Rare West Virginia Skirmish at Rowlesburg, West Virginia Letter 150
166 Gettysburg Campaign-Little Big Horn Hero(?) Letter 150
167 Hilton Head, S. C. Regimental/Trader Passes and More 200
168 USCT Circular mentioning citizen Robert Ferguson, "citizen" as chief of engineers. PASS
169 Detailed Soldier's Burial Account; The Army of the Potomac Is To Be Broken Up? 650
170 Seeing A "Terrible Monster" Monitor Being Built At Baltimore 250
171 Union Soldier's Letter On Jewish Printer's E. Saches Federal Hill, Baltimore Stationery 150
172 US Colored Troops Officer Signed Military Manual 90
173 Official US Army Register PASS
174 Instructions for Mustering Officers 50
175 Rare Battle of Free Bridge North Carolina Letter with Mention and Gettysburg PASS
176 Two Promotions 70
177 Meigs was one of the principal architects of Arlington National Cemetery PASS
178 ALS - by another Dix PASS
179 Military Passes Into Occupied Southern Cities 80
180 Two Exemption Forms PASS
181 1st New York Marine Artillery Discharge PASS
182 This Order Defines The Signs and Signals 200
183 Morris Island Signs-Challenges-Signals PASS
184 Extract Of General Hamiltons Letter 80
185 Col. Isaac Shepard Authorizes Recruitment of 1st Mississippi Regtiment of African Descent PASS
186 Illinois Soldier in Kentucky 325
187 He Saw Lincoln Review the Troops 250
188 Great political and war content Civil War letters - McClellan fired, Lincoln a “Scoundrel.” 500
189 Extensive Observations of Kentucky Slaves 700
190 Bible owned by John Enright 12th Maine Infantry PASS
191 Rare Artilleryman's First Battle of Ream's Station Letter, June 29, 1864-Capture of Maynadier's 1st United State Battery 300
192 The USS Minnesota Helps Supply Butler's Troops In '64 100
193 Unique Bound Volume of Harper’s Weekly PASS
194 West Mississippi GO’s 275
195 Official Promotions PASS
196 Federal Recruiting Manual PASS
197 the 16 Year Old Soldier’s Book PASS
198 Massachusetts Soldier’s Archive PASS
199 Washington DC’s Carver Hospital Release 250
200 He Served as the Last Commanding General of the United States Army 50
201 John Rodgers Meigs - KIA Only One Month After This Letter 250
202 Endorsed By General Rufus Ingalls 80
203 Poetic Quote by Union General PASS
204 "If any one attempts to haul down the American flag, shoot him on the spot." 160
205 Abolitionist Congressman Orth Sends Optimistic Note 170
206 Draft Notice 50
207 US Colored Soldiers Receive Their Full Pay! PASS
208 United States Colored Troop Discharged PASS
209 Rare 3rd California Infantry Letter 425
210 Edward Everret Letter and CDV 150
211 Hingham Massachusetts Raises Troops Under Lincoln’s Draft Call 1800
212 The Success of Black Troops At Petersburg, Virginia, Under Butler PASS
213 General Burnside Autograph Letter Signed 50
214 This General Escorted Lincoln’s Body from the Peterson House to the White House 80
215 A Negro Passes Through the Lines and Draws the Attention of Generals Peck and Keyes PASS
216 Great Confidence in General Grant 160
217 “Grant and Lee are in a race for Richmond” 200
218 Content archive Henry J. Jenks, 14th NH, includes final letter before getting shot in the head and dying on the battlefield. ... “...She has had two children by a white man, one died the other sold... 800
219 Historic Meeting Between Grant and Meade 100
220 Bible belonging to Theodore E. Curtiss 24th NY Cavalry WIA Cold Harbor PASS
221 War Grouping of Illustrated Newspapers 50
222 A Potty-Mouthed Wife And The Local Men Offer To Pay For Sex 1100
223 Richmond Falls: " I Could Not Help Shedding Tears of Joy When I Heard That The City Was Surrendered." 750
224 9th New Jersey Vols Regimental Flag. 275
225 The President makes Promotions PASS
226 Rare Unionist Louisiana Officer Signed Imprint 50
227 Custer Reports to Stanton 200
228 Likely the MOST IMPORTANT Year of the War and Possibly of Our Nation - 1865 550
229 General Frank Wheaton Signed Card PASS
230 Paying For Those Bounties 100
231 Discharge Sergeant - USC Infantry PASS
232 Announcing Surrender of Confederate Armies in South Carolina, Georgia, and Ordering the US Army in Florida to “Cease All Hostilities” PASS
233 Guerillas Cutting Throats in Petersburg PASS
234 Civil War Bounty Solicitations 140
235 Solicitating the 2nd and 3rd Vermont Regiments 50
236 A “Brevet Rank” is a promotion to a higher rank without the increase in pay or full privileges. It is often given as an honor. In 1861, during the Civil War, graduates of West Point were given... PASS
237 Five Calvary Brevet Brigadier Generals PASS
238 Three Artillery Brevet Brigadier Generals PASS
239 Four Artillery Brevet Brigadier Generals PASS
240 Three Infantry Brevet Brigadier Generals PASS
241 Four Infantry Brevet Brigadier Generals PASS
242 Four Missouri & Kentucky Brevet Brigadier Generals PASS
243 Five Staff Brevet Brigadier Generals PASS
244 Four Staff Brevet Brigadier Generals PASS
245 Three Massachusetts Brevet Brigadier Generals PASS
246 Four Massachusetts Brevet Brigadier Generals PASS
247 Five Michigan Brevet Brigadier Generals PASS
248 Four Indiana Brevet Brigadier Generals PASS
249 Eight New Englnad Brevet Brigadier Generals PASS
250 Three Ohio Brevet Brigadier Generals PASS
251 Four Ohio Brevet Brigadier Generals 120
252 Six Pennsylvania Brevet Brigadier Generals PASS
253 Five New Jersey Brevet Brigadier Generals PASS
254 Four Illinois Brevet Brigadier Generals & One Colonel 150
255 Seven QuarterMaster Brevet Brigadier Generals PASS
256 Seven QuaterMaster Brevet Brigadier Generals PASS
257 Six New York Brevet Brigadier Generals PASS
258 Seven New York Brevet Brigadier Generals PASS
259 Seven New York Brevet Brigadier Generals PASS
260 Two Complete Bound Volumes of Harper’s Weekly -1866 & 1868 400
261 “ ... I personally directed and executed the written parole in duplicate of the two thousand Rebel Prisoners ...” PASS
262 Reporting the ReUnions PASS
263 The Final Written Word From General Sherman 110
264 Recounting the Important War Events He Witnessed PASS
265 The Final Written Word From Major General U.S. Grant 850
266 Union Gen. John M. Corse Letter PASS
267 The Death of Turner Ashby at Harrisonburg 225
268 Two Union Generals’ Letters PASS
269 Justa Wonderfully Detailed Composite CDV PASS
270 General Benjamin McCulloch Phtographic Group PASS
271 1/8th Plate Two Full Standing Union Cavalrymen 200
272 CDV War Commanders and Politicians Group 200
273 CDV War Commanders Group 100
274 Signed Twice! Carte-de-visite photograph of Mrs. Robert E. Lee, Martha Washington’s great-granddaughter PASS
275 CDV: Brig. Gen. William Averrell PASS
276 CDV: Brig. Gen. William Farrar Smith 275
277 CDVs: Brig. Gen. Jeremiah C. Sullivan 190
278 CDV: Brig. Gen. Abram Duryea 50
279 CDVs Sgt. Horace H. Brower 10th New York (National Zouaves) Showing Antietam Wound PASS
280 CSA Female Spy Charlotte "Lottie" Moon Clark PASS
281 CDV of Stonewall Jackson 225
282 CDV: JEB Stuart 250
283 CDV: Col. John Hunt Morgan 425
284 Rare Confederate Naval Commodore Maury CDV by Jewish Photographers 450
285 Ambrose Burnside CDV PASS
286 President Andrew Johnson CDV 450
287 CDV: Commodore Foote (Charles Nestel) and his sister Eliza Nestel PASS
288 Texas CSA & Senator General Louis T. Wigfall 200
289 CSA Blockade Runner Capt. George F. Trescott 275
290 CSA Blockade Runner Capt. John Carnighan 750
291 General Daniel Butterfield PASS
292 KIA Joseph E. Wilder PASS
293 KIA Captain Tantum PASS
294 CDV: Col. Perry 48th New York. 100
295 Mortally Wounded Capt. James Paxton 100
296 Colorfully Painted CSA Patriotic 225
297 Pair of CDVs of General McClellan PASS
298 CDV of Gen. Fitz John Porter PASS
299 CDV-Size Tintype seated Union Lieutenant. PASS
300 Tintype 1/4th plate Seated Union soldier with his Uniformed Son 160
301 Ambrotype of Seated Union Infantry Corporal with His Bride in Patriotic cCse. PASS
302 Oval Painted of a Seated Pretty Woman PASS
303 Civil War Musician Signed CDV Wounded In Action 100
304 Civil War Era CDV Group 190
305 Signed Clem Carte de Visite 700
306 CDV: Pvt. Eber R. Robertson, 4th South Carolina Cavalry, KIA 170
307 The Proceeds of this Photograph Were Used to Educate the Colored People PASS
308 Large Commercial Print of Major General Philip H. SHeridan. PASS
309 Infamous Libby Prison From Mathew Brady Negative 250
310 Ohio Politician Signed CDV PASS
311 War Theme Stereoviews PASS
312 Signed CDV by Vice President Colfax 130
313 The Veteran Returns to Dozens of War Sites - And Snaps the Photos PASS
314 Derogatory Jeff Davis Before-After Fort Sumter Card PASS
315 1861 South Carolina Five Dollar Bill. 80
316 1861 South Carolina Ten Dollar Bill. 70
317 Civil War Contract Surgeon's Archive PASS
318 Civil War soldier's autograph album. PASS
319 Ball's Bluff Era 71st Pennsylvania (1st California) Volunteers Archive. 900
320 USA Civil War 43rd Ohio Vols. Archive 325
321 Union Soldier's Postal History Collection. PASS
322 General Thomas H. Ruger Transmittal Cover Collection PASS
323 Colorfully Printed Magnus Song Sheet. 200
324 Colorfully Printed Magnus Song Sheet. 325
325 Give Us Back Little Mac! 325
326 Colorfully Printed Magnus Song Sheet. 375
327 Reconstruction Era Siege Artillery Revision Archive PASS
328 48 Star Flag With GAR Ribbon PASS
329 Lincoln’s 1st Law Partner 70
330 Hamlin Writes to Washburne 150
331 Colfax Builds His Defense Against Scandleous Accusations 1200
332 Rare Format of the Hessler’ Lincoln Image 850
333 A Pair of Lincoln Covers To Include 100
334 The South Holds Its Breath On The Day of Lincoln's Inauguration 325
335 Lincoln’s “Team of Rivals” - A Collection of 11 Autographs of Cabinet Members and Advisers 375
336 Very Displayable Lincoln Pipe PASS
337 Signed Chase CDV PASS
338 Soldier Letter -believes War to end soon due to Proclamation 150
339 Peter Cooper’s Letter to Lincoln Regarding Emancipation PASS
340 Thoughtful Support of the Emancipation PASS
341 U.S. War Department Issues General Orders, No. 141, Which Announces President Abraham Lincoln's Proclamation Suspending the Writ of Habeas Corpus PASS
342 President Lincoln At Antietam Battle Field October 1862 By Alexander Gardner 1600
343 Abe and Mary Lincoln 50
344 Lincoln Issues A Retallitory General Order To Protect Black Soldiers PASS
345 Lincoln Recalling Soldiers to Their Regiments PASS
346 Wearing A Lincoln Badge - Tintype PASS
347 Two 1864 Lincoln-McClellan Presidential Campaign "Soldier's Ballot" covers 160
348 Two Letters regarding Lincoln’s 2nd Inauguration 200
349 The Funeral of President Lincoln Passing Union Square 325
350 Currier Records Lincoln Murder 200
351 He Wrote “Our American Cousin” PASS
352 Abraham Lincoln's Cabin Displayed in an Important 1865 Albumen Photo PASS
353 The Ford Stage Manager, J.B. Wright Grouping 180
354 Lincoln Offers Pardons to Deserters APRIL 25th 1865 PASS
355 New York Honors The Fallen President PASS
356 Abraham Lincoln Mourning Stereoview PASS
357 Impressive Abraham Lincoln Mourning Badge PASS
358 “That was a daring deed to perform to shoot Old Abe.” 150
359 As a Result of the Lincoln Assassination “ ..they say that every one of the leaders ought to be hung” 400
360 Written only two days after Booth’s killing. PASS
361 Lincoln “Death Chair” Cabinet Card PASS
362 An Interesting Pair of Relics Presented By Long-time Custodian of Lincoln’s Tomb, H. W. Fay PASS
363 Signed as Acting Vice President PASS
364 Animosity Against Lincoln - Forming a Convention 150
365 Actor Dyott ALS To Thomas Allston Brown Regarding An Acting Position 50
366 Lincoln’s Speeches PASS
367 Lincoln Postcards 100
368 Group of Five Militia Vouchers For Drumming And Fifing PASS
369 Virginian Rawley Scott Appointed Major And Takes The Oath 400
370 Only One Month Before The BURNING of Washington, The Presidents Sets Quotas For Militia PASS
371 War of 1812 Embargo PASS
372 War of 1812 Veteran Recommended For The Navy PASS
373 Veteran Wants His Bounty Land PASS
374 Superintendent Lt. Colonel Roswell Lee Reports On The Springfield Armory PASS
375 Letter Signed by the Hero Of Plattsburgh PASS
376 A Pair of Documents Regarding U.S.S. John Adams 50
377 Requesting A Naval Appointment PASS
378 West Point Military Map Drawn in 1841 300
379 New York State Bond To Pay For The Soldier Bounties PASS
380 Pension Granted 58 Years After The War Ends PASS
381 New Jersey Officer's Civil War/Indian War and Span-American Era Archive 300
382 Custer Remains Go East; Gen. George Sykes Gets Divorced and The "Folks" of Fort Randall are Very Plain 190
383 Indian Wars Cartridge Belt 140
384 Senior Captain Francis Grey Ford Wadsworth Grouping PASS
385 He was the Only Person to Hold the Rank of “Admiral of the Navy” 50
386 Hunting Pancho Villa 475
387 Panorama WWI Photograph PASS
388 The 1st Strategic Bomber - 1920 50
389 American Military Heroes PASS
390 Everything You Need To Know About DAGGERS PASS
391 British Military Autographs PASS
392 Nazi Era Stereo Viewer With Cards PASS
393 The Quartermaster’s Wood Measuring Stick PASS
394 He Was One Of The Founders Of Pan Am PASS
395 Felt International Flags Group PASS
396 Press Photos Issued by the US Government 130
397 This Politician Was Kept in a Nazi Concentration Camp PASS
398 The Famous USS Lexington 170
399 WWII Ship’s Air Mail Covers PASS
400 WWII Navy Ships’ Memorial Covers PASS
401 A Very Rare Autograph Book Collected at the Nuremberg Trials Just After the End of World War II, Each Page Including a Chilling Signature of a Nazi Officer or Soldier 3000
402 Grouping Directly From The Atomic Bombing Test Site - Bikini Atoll PASS
403 West Point Graduate Photo Albums PASS
404 The 1956 Hungarian Revolt PASS
405 The China Clipper Remembered PASS
406 The Ultimate Cigar Lover's Relic: A Piece of Winston Churchill's Cigar! 375
407 Political Notable’s Signatures 150
408 Garibaldi Signed Diagram 150
409 Brigham Young Autograph PASS
410 The Robber Barron Pays Himself PASS
411 Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) Check Written in 1875, the Year He Was Working on ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ PASS
412 Lucy Stone Writes Another Suffragist 750
413 Carnegie Writes From Scotland PASS
414 Susan B. Anthony Writes of the Right to Vote for Women 650
415 TLS From Sister Clara PASS
416 Women Suffrage PASS
417 Amazing Charles Lindbergh signed poster from his "Spirit Of St. Louis" national tour PASS
418 Remembering Lindbergh’s Hometown PASS
419 A Helen Keller Letter PASS
420 He Was the Eighth Person to Walk on the Moon PASS
421 Convicted murderers Whitey Bulger and Birdman of Alcatraz: Boston organized crime boss Whitey Bulger signs a photograph of Robert Stroud, Birdman of Alcatraz, with a lengthy handwritten note about... 1400
422 Carson City Silver Dollar 100
423 A Later Chapter of the Anti Horse Theif Association 100
424 He Became King when His Brother Edward Abdicated 50
425 Identified Traveling Lap Desk 170
426 Very Displayable Palestine Map c1840’s PASS
427 Steel Engravings Of Military Leaders 50
428 Scarce Hebrew Veterans Badge 550
429 The Jewish Author Marvin Marx Lowenthal’s Photographic Album 200
430 A Gruesome Pair Of Holocaust Images PASS
431 Archive of the JEWISH WAR VETERANS of the United States of America for the Department of Pennsylvania 110
432 Ben-Gurion Admits He Can’t Find a Drawing of Proposed Statue of Peace PASS
433 Signed photograph of Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin PASS
434 1775 Broaside - The Execution of Mary White. PASS
435 Early 1801 Harvard College Quarter Bill 50
436 An Easy Grammar of Geography by Reverend J. Goldsmith with rare mechanical timezone dial. PASS
437 Prominent Philadelphians 50
438 Perry’s Victory Centennial 100
439 It Was the 1st Federally Funded Road in U.S. History. PASS
440 Charlestown Navy Yard - Schooner USS Alligator PASS
441 1827 Bible Atlas. 60
442 Handsome Reward Mississippi Broadside 2000
443 Scarce 1840 Print From Fort Union Montana PASS
444 Scarce Phrenology Imprint Signed By The Leader of the Movement 150
445 Webster Advises Of An Article PASS
446 Clipper Ship Card - Boston Light, Randolph M. Cooley, NYC. PASS
447 Clipper ship Card - St. Charles, Sutton & Company, Philadelphia. PASS
448 Circa 1850 Horizontal Book of The Rhine 50
449 Important Mormon Document Highlighting Brigham Young, Bridger's Ranch, and the Perpetual Emigration Fund PASS
450 Mill-Stone Advertising Broadside and Circular. PASS
451 Broadside, Cumberland Nurseries, Pennsylvania. 225
452 Colorful Sheet Music - Rising of the People 140
453 The Mayor Puts The Drunks In Jail 150
454 Land Deed Granted to Josiah Bacon of the Philadelphia Bacons, 1864 PASS
455 Winslow Homer Prints PASS
456 1867 Petersburg Female College Commencement Programme and Letter 150
457 "The War Closed Us Out of Our Negro Property…Left Us Without A Dime." 160
458 Jerome F. Fargo Railroad Pass Collection 400
459 Colorful Printed Stationery - Isabella Furnace Company, Pittsburg. PASS
460 The Government Report of The Native Americans PASS
461 100 plus Year Old Tobacco Advertising PASS
462 1892 fold-out map of Boston, Mass. PASS
463 Mormon Notes 100
464 America’s Business Community Collection PASS
465 City Views in 1900 PASS
466 Direct Mail Advertising for Champagne PASS
467 This American Writer Was Lost in the Sinking of RMS Lusitania 100
468 Beautiful Salmon Prints PASS
469 Boston’s Logan Airport Expands PASS
470 American Publishers Group PASS
471 Autograph Collection of Poets, Featuring Tennyson, Ginsberg, Holmes and More PASS
472 Important Historians PASS
473 The Following FIVE lots are all Blacklight Anti-War posters from 1970. Each is 33” x 21”, shrink-wrapped on cardboard, fine. Printed in Ohio, 1970’s. The graphics are outstanding, the political... 50
474 Peace Flag 80
475 Punning Nixon PASS
476 Smokin’ 50
477 An Enormous Archive of Communist Ephemra 100
478 Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Going Do When They Come For You PASS
479 Stunning Peter Max Art “Land Of the Free, Home of the Brave” PASS
480 Peter Max Honors The Victims of Katrina. PASS
481 The Musical Hero of the Day PASS
482 The 1st Communter Train PASS
483 1861 Prince of Wales Albert Edward in Red Velvet Oval Case. 120
484 CDV, William Gaston 150
485 Tom Thumb and Friends at Fairy Tale Wedding PASS
486 Four Post War Soldiers and Sailors. PASS
487 Photo Group PASS
488 Children With Their Best Friends PASS
489 Scarce Image of Explorer Stanley and His Slave PASS
490 19th Century Band PASS
491 Western Man by Hohlweg, Baltimore. PASS
492 Important 19th century Photograph Grouping PASS
493 Impressive RPC Western Grouping PASS
494 Full Plate Military Tintype PASS
495 Chief of the Shoshone Tribe PASS
496 McKinley Asked Him to Stand in the Campaign as Vice President PASS
497 CDV Advertising Mark Twain 170
498 Tintype Album ca. 1890 160
499 Varied 19th Century Photographs of Notables PASS
500 Two Of America’s Early Aviators PASS
501 Edward S. Curtis Photogravure 50
502 A Press Look Into the 1930’s 120
503 Photographs From A US Navy Photographer & Anthropologist 50
504 Hover’s Vice President PASS
505 1868 Tammany Convention Hall Print 100
506 Ex Civil War Union Soldiers and Sailors join Seymour and Blair 1868 campaign club PASS
507 Group of Political Cabinet Cards PASS
508 Massachusetts Pols PASS
509 Signed Photographs and Letters PASS
510 1980’s Powerful U.S. Senators Signed Phoro PASS
511 Hilliary Signed Photo PASS
512 Writings of George Washington PASS
513 George Washington’s Eulogy “...he hath liberated all the Africans who belonged to his estate..” 150
514 Washington Warned of "To Prevent the Spirit of Partisanship From Bursting into a Flame” in This, His Farewell 750
515 Unissued Ships Paper Signed By President Jefferson and Secretary of State Madison PASS
516 James Madison Land Grant PASS
517 James Moroe Land Grant 700
518 President Jackson Issues a Land Grant - Beneficiary Owns Several Slaves PASS
519 Van Buren Free Frank PASS
520 Document Signed by President Van Buren 400
521 President Tyler Autograph Letter Signed PASS
522 National Galaxy Featuring Engravings And Biographies Of America’s First Ten Presidents PASS
523 President Taylor Acknowledges A Gift of Boots PASS
524 President Taylor Alabama Land Grant PASS
525 Pierce Issues Arkansas Land Grant 50
526 Millard Fillmore signed book, Register of all Officers and Agents PASS
527 Future President Fillmore Working To Elect William H. Harrison PASS
528 Franklin Pierce Letter As President PASS
529 President Pierce Appoints a Justice of the Peace in Washington PASS
530 President Buchanan Affixes Seal 500
531 Scarce James Buchanan Clay Pipe PASS
532 Andrew Johnson Appoints The Cananadian Consul PASS
533 Andrew Johnson California Land Grant PASS
534 President Grant Issues Pardon PASS
535 President Grant Makes A Naval Appointment PASS
536 Lee Harvey Oswald's Dallas mug shot, limited edition print from original negative! PASS
537 Land Grant for a Kiowa Indian 60
538 James Garfield Makes A Recommendation PASS
539 James Garfield Bust Whiskey Bottle. PASS
540 President Arthur - Michigan Land Grant 250
541 "Harrison & Morton" campaign art PASS
542 President Cleveland Appoints the Surgeon General PASS
543 President Cleveland - Naval Document PASS
544 President Harrison Postpones An Execution PASS
545 Harrison Colorado Land Grant 50
546 Grover Cleveland Campaign Piece 70
547 Ca. 1900 diary with many President William McKinley entries. 250
548 Teddy Roosevelt As President 400
549 Roosevelt Wants Preference to Veterans 425
550 Theodore Roosevelt Signed Military Commission PASS
551 Presentation Copy, of the Public Papers from Roosevelt's Years as Governor of New York PASS
552 teddy Roosevelt Approves a Colorado Mining Claim 50
553 Taft Makes A Naval Appointment PASS
554 Taft Issues A Patent PASS
555 Snap Shot Photographs Of President Taft PASS
556 Wilson Appoints The Russian Consul - Pre Revolution PASS
557 Harding Appoints A Woman PASS
558 Colorado Land Grant 50
559 Harding Signed A Photo For Lincoln Curator, Herbert Wells Fay 425
560 Unusual Naval Commission Signed By President Coolidge PASS
561 President Coolidge Assigns the German Ambassador PASS
562 President Coolidge Arbitrates PASS
563 Future President Hoover Accepts two Board Seats PASS
564 Franklin D. Roosevelt Silk Textile PASS
565 Very Unique Roosevelt Signed Bas-Relief Flag 375
566 The Truman’s Sign The Photo PASS
567 President Eisenhower Appoints Noted Civil War Historian Bruce Catton to The Civil War Centennial Commission 450
568 Historian Bruce Catton Personal Letters’ Group 1400
570 A Pair of President Ford Items PASS
571 Richard Nixon 1960 Whistle Stop Signed Photograph PASS
572 “Unless we want another dangerous inflationary spiral, we face a choice: either to hold the line on spending at the levels I have recommended, or to raise taxes.” PASS
573 Nixon Sign FDC Related to Lincoln 50
574 President Ford Signed Photo PASS
575 Honoring The Presidents in the Bi-Centennial PASS
576 Ronald Reagan Praises the Patriotism of United States Soldiers in Vietnam for “their dedication to the safeguarding of freedom” PASS
577 Camp David water glass presented to Charles H. Price, U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom PASS
578 Two George Bush Items PASS
579 Rare ALS of George Bush as an announced candidate for the 1980 Republican presidential nomination, attacking President Carter and the Democratic-controlled Congress - "Congress has usurped some of... PASS
580 Signed George Bush Postal Commemorative Souvenir from Inauguration Day PASS
581 President Obama With His Predecessors 225
582 Our 1st African American President Signed Photo 400
583 Thomas Paine’s Washington Eulogy 200
584 An Original Audubon Bowen Print PASS
585 California Mining Stock 100
586 Indian War Period Military Images PASS
587 Advertising Circular: Colorado Railroad Revisited ca. 1871 300
588 Framable Deep Etched Steel Engravings Of Western Themes PASS
589 Montana Documents 70
590 Likely a Wild West Show Performer 150
591 Striking Buffalo Bill Media Print 150
592 The Key Act - Pawnee Bill 110
593 The Wild West Acts Include Custer 325
594 Wild West Showman, Inventor, Early Aviator 3750
595 Western Themed Engravings PASS
596 Mass Grave for the Dead Lakota at Wounded Knee 2400
597 The Dead Being Removed in Wagons 2400
598 The Infamous ‘Medicine Man’ Photo 2500
599 1892 Check Bearing the Rare Signature of the Texas Lawman - Pat Dolan PASS
600 One of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Star 100
601 Another of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Star 100
602 Carson City Bullion PASS
603 Impressive Large Photograph Of Buffalo Bill PASS
604 Strapped and Ready To Go PASS
605 A Campaign To Save The Remaining Montana Buffaloes PASS
606 Young Cowboy 100
607 The Boy Actor, NS Woods 50
608 Selling the Live Stock Brand PASS
609 Noted Gunman Bat Masterson Writes of Fellow Gunslinger PASS
610 An Important Photograph of Several Wild West Showmen 200
611 Mix Sends A Photo to Fellow Performer 120
612 Unique Remington Advertising 50
613 Scarce Souvenir Wild West Pennant 200
614 Wild West Photo Group PASS
615 The Short Lived Wild West Show - Kit Carson 60
616 He Was Hollywood's First Western Star - Tom Mix 700
617 New York Holds A Wild West Stampede PASS
618 The National Bison Association Estimates That White Buffalo Only Occur in One Out of Every 10 Million Births. Noted Photographer L.A. Huffman Captures One On Camera PASS
619 A Pair of Unusual Wanted Poster 300
620 Dramatic Reward Poster For Alvin Karpis and Fred Barker PASS
621 1932 Santa Fe Railroad Poster Advertising the Los Angeles Olympics. 2750
622 Early Program From A Western celebration PASS
623 Fascinating Tom Mix Grouping PASS
624 An Old Time Cowboy Writes Of the Ole’ Days 50
625 1941 World Series Champions! Cover Signed By Yankees Joe DiMaggio, Lefty Gomez, Charlie Keller, Bill Dickey, & Phil Rizzuto on the November 1941 Baseball Magazine cover PASS
626 Three Signed Baseballs PASS
627 Virgil Truck Signed Ball PASS
628 Important Negro Leaguer Larry Dolby Signed Card 100
629 Willie Mays and Negro Leaguer Monte Irvin Signed Cards 100
630 Baseball Signed by 60’s & 70’s Players PASS
631 Negro Leaguer Judy Johnson Signed Ball 150
632 A Tops Basket ball Collection PASS
633 35 Signed Reprint Cards PASS
634 The Old Timers Sign These Commemoratives PASS
635 Group of Signed Photo cards PASS
636 Hall of Famer Al Kaline PASS
637 Group of 12 Pitchers’ Signed Cards 100
638 Group of 19 Fielder Signed BB Cards 100
639 Mike Tyson Signed Photo PASS
640 Four Hall of Famers’ SP PASS
641 Great Hall Of Fame Pitchers 50
642 Signed Baseball Cards PASS
643 Two Old Timers Signed Cards PASS
644 Johnny Mize Signed Ball PASS
645 Enos Slaughter Signed Ball PASS
646 Collection of 28 Baseball Signatures PASS
647 Five Signed Hall of Famers’ Cards PASS
648 Baltimore Team Signed Ball PASS
649 Football Signed Card Terrell Davis PASS
650 Signed Card - Joe Theismann PASS
651 Group of Seven- 1st Downer Signed Cards PASS
652 John Elway - 1st Downer Signed Card PASS
653 Group 15 -Signed 1st Downer Cards PASS
654 Group 15 -Signed 1st Downer Cards PASS
655 Group 15 -Signed 1st Downer Cards PASS
656 Group 15 -Signed 1st Downer Cards PASS
657 Group of 10 Maryland Issues With Slave Ads 250
658 Philadelphia Newspaper Group 50
659 Early Issue of the RAIL_ROAD Journal 50
660 A group of Illustrated Newspapers PASS
661 The Reconstruction Period PASS
662 Frank Leslie Publishes “The Soldier in Our Civil War” PASS
663 States’ Rights Dinner PASS