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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Ancient Artifacts From New Caldonia Includes Skin of a Mummy PASS
2 Pair of 1754 Virginia Indentures PASS
3 Murder of a Pool Player in Philadelphia - 1760 PASS
4 South American GIANTS PASS
5 Three Maps - 1770 PASS
6 Boston Grievances - 1773 PASS
7 He Signed the Declaration of Independence for New Jersey the Same Year He Signed this Colonial Currency 350
8 A Proclamation by General George Washington, Morris-Town - 1777 100
9 Copper Engravings Of Early Coins 1784 PASS
10 Period Engraving of a London Fire 1784 PASS
11 Well Known South Carolinia Politician Who Published Articles in Defence of Colonial Rights PASS
12 A Sophisticated Horse Theft Takes Place In 18th Century Virginia. 100
13 Gentleman’s Magazine - Christian Illustrations - 1790 PASS
14 The Castle is Nearly 1000 Years Old PASS
15 Virginia Governor Henry Lee Signs Land Over to Major William Croghan a Revolutionary War Hero 600
16 Rare Early Image of Thomas Beckett, the Martyred Saint 50
17 Patriotic Sons of America - Chromolithographic Membership Certificate PASS
18 A Key Revolutionary War Booklet PASS
19 Father Divine Prison Broadside Following His Sayville Arrest 110
20 Native Hawaiian and Tragic Slave Story 1785 50
21 Rare New York Slave Bill of Sale 250
22 1817 - Mississippi Constitutions FORBIDS Emancipation of Slave and the Death of Paul Cuffe 50
23 Three Cases The Slave Stealers and Hunters - Two Are Blacks Themselves PASS
24 900 Manumitted Slaves - Many Settle in Ohio 50
25 The Denmark Vessey Uprising PASS
26 South Carolina Enacts the Black Codes PASS
27 Is This A Case of Slave Stealing, or, Capturing a Fugitive Slave PASS
28 An Important Step Against Slave Trading PASS
29 Slave Revolt Aboard An American Schooner PASS
30 10,000 Slaves Sold Daily PASS
31 Early Washington DC Newspaper Group With Runaway Slave Ads PASS
32 Slave Appraisal PASS
33 The Colonization Society Is Saving Africans From African Slavers 1833 PASS
34 A Tennessee Planter Runs Out of Money After Purchasing Land and A Slave Family. PASS
35 Washington DC Wants To Colonize Liberia 300
36 Kentucky Will Vote To Emancipate Her Slaves In 1849-She Will "Do All In Her Power To Wipe Out The Only Foul Spot." 250
37 Slave Life In Brazil PASS
38 Whipping The Slave PASS
39 Rare 1852 Kentucky Slave Population Census Record 190
40 A Freed Virginia Slave "Positively Refuses" To Go To Libera & "Abolition Has…Poisoned The Minds Of The Colrd. Race." PASS
41 Slave’s Divided Amongst Family and Friends with Stipulation that they “be treated with special kindness and indulgence” 150
42 Music Sheets Related to Uncle Tom's Cabin and Black Americana PASS
43 Negro Slave Hire Document PASS
44 Rare Slave-related Broadside - 1856 Dred of the Dismal Swamp 1400
45 “Bleeding Kansas” Report From President Pierce 80
46 Checks Signed by Large Slave Holders of South Carolina PASS
47 Slave Patrol Letter PASS
48 Over 250 Fugitive Slave Cases Reviewed PASS
49 Mount Vernon with Slave Boy in Front Yard 650
50 Slave Poem: "They Say I Would Bee Happy If I Would Run Away" PASS
51 Rare Union Republican Ticket with Freed Slave Politicians 350
52 This is a White Man’s Government PASS
53 Excellent Anti-Klan and Democratic Party Speech in North Carolina PASS
54 Greeley Raked For Support Of The MONSTROUS 15th Amendment 100
55 Fraternal Sword PASS
56 Cabinet Card Photograph of Black in Uniform PASS
57 The First American Mennonite Missionary To Africa. PASS
58 Better Grouping of Black Americana Post Cards PASS
59 Black Woman Googly-Eye Racist Pins PASS
60 Early Colored Printed Die-Cut Minstrel Figures 50
61 All Black Chain Gang Photograph 60
62 A Pair of “Black Face” Booklets PASS
63 The Most Famous Black Cowboy - Promoting the Movie of Bill Pickett 100
64 Black Face Minstral Grouping 50
66 Angela Davis, Dick Gregory and Jesse Jackson Pinbacks PASS
67 They Want Black Panther Angela Davis Freed PASS
68 The Early Laws From the Commonwealth of Kentucky PASS
69 Robert E. Lee - Before He Was the Greatest General in the South he Was an Engineer and Supervised the Construction on the St. Louis Harbor PASS
70 The Early Laws From the Commonwealth of Kentucky PASS
71 Washington College As She Appeared Before The Civil War. 250
72 A Duel Is Averted Between Leading Members of Virginia Society 200
73 Great 1850's Look At Life In Richmond Including Arrest of Under Ground Railroad Operator. 1000
74 The Famed Appomattox Campaign's High Bridge Construction Is Completed. 275
75 Great Illustrated View Of 1851 Richmond, Virginia, "I Sold A Negro Woman…& A Flock Of Them Last October." PASS
76 New Market, Virginia's Newly Established Female Seminary Needs A Building. PASS
77 Confederate Senator and The Last Surving Civil War Veteran Signed Documents 50
78 Checks Signed by Generals A.W. Campbell and C.C. Washburn 500
79 He Was the First Man to Sign the South Carolina Ordinance of Secession! 50
80 Checks Signed by General Buckner and General Hunton 150
81 UVA's Rector Thomas Jefferson Randolph Applauds An 1860 State's Rights Speech. 200
82 War-date Document Signed by Captain Childs and Week Before Fort Sumter 200
83 Good Content Big Bethel Letter with Mention of the Polish Brigade of Louisiana and Limbs in Trees PASS
84 Confederate Civilian Sends a Letter on Captured Yankee Cover Mentioning Casualties from the 2nd Virginia Infantry PASS
85 The Nucleus of the Confederacy 200
86 John Brown’s Spy Signed by Confederate General John Echols 170
87 The Confederate Government is Not Liable for Kidnapped Slaves PASS
88 Group of FOUR Mississippi Civil War Politicians PASS
89 Group of FOUR Civil War Politicians PASS
90 Group of SEVEN Confederate Military Autographs PASS
91 The 12th Mississippi: The Battle of First Bull Run. 600
92 Stonewall Jackson's Expedition on Dam No. 5 Goes Awry 500
93 Recognizing The Existence of War Between The Confederacy and The U. S. Government Document. 325
94 Virginia Considers Secession; He Is No Fan of "Black Rascals"; The Northern "Confederacy Will Out Pace The Southern "Confederacy." 1100
95 Lincoln Abdicates The "Throne" And Leaves Washington "In The Same Old Plaid Cloak". 250
96 To His Fellow Virginians Causing Them Not To Rush Towards Choosing Secession. PASS
97 Colored-Servants Are Charged Half Price At Warrenton Spring In April 1861 800
98 A Confederate Soldier Brings Lorena To His Fellow Civil War Soldiers and The World. 120
99 1861 Jeff Davis For President Campaign Ballot. 200
100 1861Jeff Davis Confederate Patriotic Devise. 375
101 Collection of Confederate Bonds - 5 Bonds, One For each Year Of the War 200
102 Collection of Confederate Bonds 100
103 Montgomery issued Confederate Bond 60
104 Collection of Confederate Bonds PASS
105 11th Alabama Soldier Writes of Regiment Casualties and Mentions Antietam PASS
106 17th Battalion of Virginia Cavalry Officer Writes of the Hope Placed in the Hands of General Stonewall Jackson 425
107 Here's Your Mule 200
108 The Drummer Boy of Shiloh as Sung by First Tenn. Concert Troup. 200
109 Group of Confederate Printed Newspapers 250
110 North Carolina Civilian Letter “...Mother says make haste whip the Yankees and come home” PASS
111 Advises Ruggles That He Needs Transportation and Weapons For 1000 250
112 A South Carolina Officer On Fredericksburg and General Burnside. 300
113 The 12th Mississippi: The Siege of Yorktown 300
114 Confederate General Ruggles' Shiloh Battle Report. 950
115 Confederate Gen. Whiting's Brother Brother Does "All He Can To Stir Up The Imbeciles" at Richmond Before McClellan's Advance 650
116 Runaway Slaves Sing Their Way Into The "Yankee" Lines PASS
117 Bright Banner of Freedom CSA Patriotic Cover With Battle Content Letters 300
118 Captured “Secesh Paper from Newbern” PASS
119 The Battle of Rappahannock Station - 52nd Virginia Surgeon’s Letter 300
120 Rare Confederate Document from Chimborazo Hospital in Richmonda 800
121 Up With The Flag…Dedicated to the Fourth N. C. Troops 225
122 The Prisoner's Lament…Dedicated to Miss. Anna Ford of Woodstock, Ga PASS
123 Cobb’s Legion Requisition Document 100
124 Confederate General McNair Sends Troops Before the Battle of Chickamauga 80
125 CSA Financial Docs 70
126 Texas Soldier Skirmishes With Federal Pickets at Sabine Pass. 325
127 Confederate General Richard Ewell Receives A "Presentation" Leg 500
128 The Confederate States of America Taxes Naval Stores and "Spiritous Liquors." 180
129 This Confederate Citizen Is On A Mission to Deal With The Europeans PASS
130 13th Va. Light Artillery Soldier Writes from the Trenches at Petersburg about his Loyalty to the Cause PASS
131 Stonewall Jackson’s Prayer PASS
132 The Alabama Printed in Richmond, Virginia, 1864 325
133 The Standard Bearer - Printed in Richmond, Virginia, 1864 PASS
134 The Soldier's Suit of Grey 750
135 To Capt. O. R. Singleton of the Confederates Madison Co., Miss. Confederates' Grand March 950
136 God Save The Southern Land 800
137 Three Cheers for our Jack Morgan! PASS
138 Confederate Document With Signatures of General Williams Wickham and Walter Taylor 400
139 Trading Cotton Cards for Bacon PASS
140 Reconnaissance Report 150
141 Assignment Of SC Soldier 70
142 Bravery In Combat-The Hand of God Stop Kilpatrick & Dahlgren At The Gates Of Richmond. 900
143 Union Gunboats Land At Wheatland on The Rappahannock During Grant's Overland Campaign 150
144 Rare Yankee Intercepted Confederate High Command Cipher Telegram. 1200
145 Unusual "Form For Retiring Mauled Soldier" Signed By Gettysburg Hero Surgeon PASS
146 Rare Richmond, Virginia "Turnpike and Other Roads" Civilian's Pass. 350
147 A Pass From "Stonewall Jackson's Eyes and Ears" The 2nd Virginia Cavalry. PASS
148 Critical Confederate Gen. Polk Meridian, Mississippi Campaign Telegrams. 170
149 Nice Confederate Navy Warrant Document 250
150 Jeff’s Double Quick PASS
151 Confederate Orders Announcing General Lee’s Ascension to Command of the Armies of the Confederate States 130
152 A Late Date Conscription PASS
153 A Virginia Woman Does Not Want Depreciated Southern Currency 425
154 Winchester Rebuilds in '66; Of Their Slaves: "Tis a Relief To Be Rid of Them"; Yankee Carpet Baggers & "Rebel Girls" Hold a Fair In Baltimore. 850
155 Great Description of Antebellum Lexington, Virginia w/VMI Institute and Washington/Lee (Future) University Content. 900
156 Mobile and Girard Rail Road Company Bond 80
157 Scarce Music Sheet Dedicated to Confederate General Baxton Bragg. PASS
158 Checks Signed by Confederate Colonels Cheves and Haskell 50
159 A Legislator Works Hard To Virginia Re-Admitted To The Union. 850
160 A Texas Confederate Colonel Gracefully Accepts The 14th and 15th Amendment PASS
161 Check Signed by General James Walker 80
162 1st Edition “Four Years with General Lee” 150
163 Check Signed by General Bradley T. Johnson 120
164 Checks Signed by General Joseph Wheeler and General Eppa Hunton 150
165 Founding Member of the Ku Klux Klan and Confederate General Signed Check and Check Signed by General Johnson PASS
166 Rare Gunmaker Paper Label 50
167 Document Signed by Two South Carolina Soldiers and a Confederate Chaplain PASS
168 Check Signed by General E. Kirby Smith 170
169 He Had Six Horses Killed Underneath Him During the Civil War 190
170 A Tennessean Confederate Colonel Is Murdered In Texas. 100
171 Lee's Lieutenants - Scarce Prospectus PASS
172 Robert E. Lee Booklet PASS
173 Three Soldiers Executed For Rape and Murder; "Daguerrian Artist" Is Accidentally Killed; Going After "Forrest & Co." PASS
174 Major General John A. Dix Signed Documents 180
175 Lorenzo Thomas - Courtsmartial PASS
176 Excellent Presidential Campaign Cover for General Breckindridge 90
177 Vibrantly Colored Lithograph "Maryland Guard Gallop" 275
178 Rare U.S.S. Minnesota Lettersheet - Battle of Hampton Roads Fame 300
179 Gosline Zouaves Signed Document by Colonel J.M. Gosline and Captain Edward Carroll PASS
180 12th Massachusetts Infantry Gettysburg POW and KIA at Wilderness 200
181 Stunning Hand-Colored Irish Brigade Quadrilles 375
182 Colonel Baker's Funeral March with CDV 300
183 Every Star Thirty-Four PASS
184 Brig. Gen. Lorenzo Thomas autograph with rank PASS
185 Group of FOUR New York Civil War Politician Autographs PASS
186 Group of THREE Civil War Politician Autographs PASS
187 Three Red/Blue Union Covers PASS
188 The 2nd Michigan At The Battle of Blackburn Ford PASS
189 Attacking A Rebel Picket Position & Using Contraband Spies At Mathias Point, Potomac River In 1861 375
190 Nathan Hale Revolutionary War Poem. PASS
191 Conservation of the Flag of the Union, Old South Meeting House PASS
192 Camped Within Sight of The U. S. Capitol. 70
193 Rare 1861 Civil War Balloonist Letter. 500
194 Col. Edward Baker Is Eulogized By General George B. McClellan. 300
195 After First Bull Run Murder, Mutiny and Misconduct. 100
196 The Satirical Vanity Fair Distrusts the English 50
197 Serious Civil war Medical Publication 100
198 Great Col. Marcellus Mundy Heroics Letter with Content on Robert Johnson and his Prison Escape and the Attrocities in Tennessee 700
199 Reverend Warren of the American Tract Society Writes Chaplain Quint of the 2nd Mass Vols at Sharpsburg 90
200 KIA 6th Connecticut Soldier Writes His Mother Hoping to See Her Again and Gives a Great Description of Hilton Head Island 275
201 17 Page Antietam Campaign Letter with Battle Content PASS
202 Grieving Mother Searches for Information on her 2nd Mass Son Who Died in Richmond PASS
203 1st Massachusetts Cavalry Correspondence Grouping 700
204 1st Massachusetts Cavalry Letter with Great Battle of Secessionville Content 325
205 General McClellan is the Leader! PASS
206 General Grants Grand March PASS
207 General Grants Quick Step PASS
208 Hand-colored Sheet Music Pea Ridge March 140
209 We'll Go Down Ourselves 140
210 Gen. Burnside's Victory March PASS
211 Tribute to Colonel Brodhead of the 1st Michigan Cavalry PASS
212 Vallandigham Polka PASS
213 General Robert L. McCook's Funeral March PASS
214 General Corcoran's Release March PASS
215 A Complete Bound Volume Of Civil War dated Newspapers PASS
216 1862 Naval Gunnery 140
217 U.S. MARINES in the Civil War: Death, Financial, and more! 150
218 15th Mass Soldier Writes from Camp Parole after Being Captured at Ball’s Bluff 325
219 General Thomas and General Buell Quarrel and General Bragg Gets Away 150
220 Pair of Civil War Advertising Circulars, two-sided by King & Baird 80
221 Congressional Speech - The rebellion, its origin, and the means of suppressing it. PASS
222 Man Shot in Cold Blood PASS
223 General Wool Will Not Allow Lawless Behaviour PASS
224 General Keyes Signed Surgeon’s Disability Certificate 100
225 Headquartered at The Residence of Confederate Naval Hero Admiral French Forrest at Cloud's Mills & Advancing After Into VA After Antietam 160
226 Two Letters On The Advance of The 122nd Pennsylvania Into Virginia and Fredericksburg 150
227 Battle of Fredericksburg: " it Made A Soldier Dodge On Account of The Balls And Shells." 550
228 Rare Second Battle of Bull Run Sutler's Pass Issued By General John Pope. PASS
229 Union Soldier's Postal History Collection. 150
230 General Keyes Men Are Reprimanded After The Battle of Seven Pines. 100
231 West Point Report PASS
232 The Federal Government Charters Its Navy PASS
233 He Was Detailed In Indiana To Help Capture John Hunt Morgan, "The Old Devil." PASS
234 It Is A Dam Way To Go To War At Camp Curtin. 150
235 I Will Write To You, If I Don't Get Killed, [On] How Fighting Goes. 110
236 William T. Sherman Gets A Hard Start Towards War. 425
237 Repairing A Rebel Blown Up Bridge Over The Green River at Munfordville, Kentucky. 300
238 Advancing On "Old Buckner" From Munfordsville, Kentucky In February, 1862. 200
239 Protecting A House of A "Cecesh" At Nashville While The Paymaster Sells Their Gold and Silver For A Profit. 180
240 Guarding Columbia, Tenn. with Cannon From A Hilltop; Her Citizens Hesitate To Take The Oath; Putting Down An Uprising While Advancing On Corinth After Shiloh. 200
241 The North's Noose and "War Tax" Strangle Loyal Southerners. 180
242 Pulaski, Tenn. Is Ransacked Following John H. Morgan's Raid On Union on Union Forces in May, 1862 450
243 A Rare Account of The Battles of Sweden's Cove and First Battle of Chattanooga, Tennessee. 425
244 Camped At Nashville's Hermitage; Guerrillas Attack A Train To Columbia While The Union Cavalry Improvise a New Method To Capture Bushwhackers. 190
245 Marching Towards Bowling Green, Kentucky At The Start of The Perryville Campaign. 275
246 Bragg is Badly Whipped At Perryville, Kentucky 375
247 Reporting On Their Wounded At Perryville 170
248 In "Hot Pursuit" of John H. Morgan After His Lopsided Victory at Hartsville, Tenn. 160
249 A Witness To A Murfreesboro Hanging Following A Cavalry Battle At Shelbyville 425
250 Tullahooma Campaign-Battle of Hoover's Gap 700
251 In Tennessee The "Air Is Stinking From The Negroes And Dirty Deserters That Comes Into Our Lines Daily." 325
252 Great Battle of Chickamauga Letter; Trapping And Killing Rebel Soldier Using Whiskey As Bait 700
253 The Siege of Chattanooga Tightens Around The Union Army 425
254 Great Battle of Lookout Mountain and Battle of Missionary Ridge Letter 700
255 No Sutlers In Chattanooga and "The Weather Changes More…Then The Women Change Their Mind On Sunday Morning..." 225
256 Exhuming Yankee Dead at Chattanooga During The Creation The National Cemetery While Reenlistments Bolster The Union Army. 350
257 Southern Civilians Who "Pretend To Be Loyal Are Put To Work For The Government"; Col. Hambright is WIA at Buzzard Roost; Sherman Pushes Towards Atlanta and He Is Not A Deserter As His Copperhead... 190
258 Reburying The Dead Is Hard Work While Fighting To Capture Atlanta. 150
259 Great Descriptive Battle of Jonesboro, Ga. Letter. 700
260 Lincoln Is Not My Favorite But I Will Vote For Him and General Sherman's Old Marietta, Georgia Neighbors "Don't Like Him Too Well" Now. 600
261 A Comrade Commits Suicide After "Old Joe" Johnston Sends In A Flag Of Truce 550
262 On The Day The Conspirators Were Hanged The Use of Patriotic Stationery-Soldiers Mutiny After Not Being Mustered Out. 190
263 A Private's Sudden Death; His Unruly Colt; Postage Stamps Are Use To Get Drunk; Patriotism Will Subdue England. 170
264 The Rebels Had Bowling Green, Kentucky Heavily Fortified Against Yankee Attack. 200
265 Pursuing Rebel Colonel John Hunt Morgan Throughout Kentucky 150
266 Finding John Hunt Morgan's Command "Fortified To Well" At The Cumberland Mountains. PASS
267 A Tragic Death Causes Them To Send Lieut. Nissley's Remains Home In A Metallic Coffin. 100
268 The Trenton, Kentucky "Affair" Allows The Rebels To Escape. 600
269 Two Of His Comrades Desert Over The "Trenton Affair…[We] Have It Worse Then Any Kentucky Slaves." 225
270 General Sweeny’s Grand March 200
271 6th Connecticut KIA Soldier Writes Home of New Years Day Festivities and More PASS
272 83rd Illinois Soldier Writes onf Fine Battle of Winchester Lettersheet 130
273 Fighting Mosby in Virginia 90
274 Fremonts Battle Hymn 100
275 Iron Brigade Quickstep 130
276 Brig. Genl. Boomer who fell at The Siege of Vicksburg PASS
277 The Drummer Boy of Shiloh PASS
278 Maj. Genl. Hooker's Grand March 130
279 Payments to Over 3000 New York Volunteer Officers 375
280 Conduct of the War PASS
281 Army of the Potomac Civil War Imprint 1863. McClellan's Removal, Inaction PASS
282 3rd Massachusetts Vols PASS
283 The Mayor of Philadelphia Vouches for a Virginia Woman 70
284 Soldier Requests to see the Chaplain and dies the next day 100
285 184th Pennsylvania Letter on Stoneman’s Raid PASS
286 Art Ward Jr,'s speech 2 the U.S. Army! PASS
287 Rare Account of The Battle of Vermillion Bayou, La. During The Port Hudson Campaign. PASS
288 Rare Union Military Louisiana Governor's New Orleans "Special Permit" Pass 475
289 The Brother of The President of Virginia's Secession Convention Gets A Union Pass. 500
290 Relief Vouchers For The Family of A 76th New York WIA Gettysburg. PASS
291 Massachusetts Civil War Soldier's Letter Collection. 150
292 Occupying Vicksburg, The "Gibraltar of The West" Is No Easy Task After Its Surrender. 250
293 USCT Circular mentioning citizen Robert Ferguson, "citizen" as chief of engineers. PASS
294 Collection of Jewish Printer's Civil War Hospital Forms. 140
295 Mine Run Campaign Battle Letter 100
296 This Sergeant WIA at Fair Oaks, KIA at Petersburg PASS
297 Lincoln General Hospital Imprint 275
298 19th Indian Artillery Soldier Writes of Negro Troops and the Emancipation Proclamation 600
299 19th Indiana Writes of General Grant, Meade, Rosecrans and Baird and Much More 500
300 Good Battle Content 19th Indiana Artillery Letter 425
301 Confederate Dead on the Battlefield of Perryville 700
302 The Fall Of Richmond PASS
303 Dedicated to the State of New York 100
304 “... But wounded was borne from the bloody plain ...” PASS
305 The Union’s First Lieutenant General PASS
306 “ ...He's gone to be a soldier in the army of the Lord ...” 100
307 A Recruiting Tune for the USCT PASS
308 Racist War Date Music Sheet 150
309 The Union Sieges a Confederate Fort PASS
310 The Slave Love Story PASS
311 The Martyr Ellsworth PASS
312 ReCapturing Fort Sumter PASS
313 McClellan’s Farewell PASS
314 The Union Cavalry Charging PASS
315 Fort Sumter Falls PASS
316 The Battle of Cedar Creek PASS
317 Unique Baltimore Lettersheet With Cover PASS
318 Six Song Sheets in a Unique Format. PASS
319 The Fall of Richmond - Same Words With a Different Image PASS
320 Victory At Last - Same Words With a Different Image PASS
321 Group of Three Union General Signed Checks PASS
322 10th Mass Light Artillery Soldier Writes from Libby Prison After Being Captured at Ream’s Station PASS
323 Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! The Prisoners Hope PASS
324 Gen. McClellan's Grand March 100
325 He Was Killed by a Sharpshooter at Spotsylvania Court House 140
326 The Government Issues Regulations For Tracking Property PASS
327 70th Ohio, in Alabama and Georgia 50
328 Transporting Soldiers in Virginia 60
329 1864 Pass on Rare Washington Form PASS
330 Pair of Union Substitute Documents 50
331 On Trial in the Mexican War PASS
332 Union Army - Arrest Documents PASS
333 The Heart is the Badge of the 24th Army Corps PASS
334 This Union Document Notes the Officers Black Servant PASS
335 Mosby Clashes With New York Cavalry at Kabletown 250
336 Our Spencer Carbines "Make The Rebs Scatter." 650
337 Battle of New Market Road; Rebel Deserters Says When "Old Abe Gets Elected. They Will Stop Fighting Right Away." 550
338 Stealing His Comrades Election Ballots Who Voted For Little Mac? 650
339 Do Your Duty At The Polls…Do All For Lincoln & Johnson. Heavy Fighting At Deep Bottom. 375
340 Battle of Darbytown Road (Second Fair Oaks) & The Election Tickets Arrive 200
341 The Contrabands Steal If Not Given Support, But The Union Soldiers Plunder Just The Same; Defending Beaufort While They Are Fired Upon By Rebel Pickets PASS
342 Witnessing The Botched Execution of Pvt. Joseph Provost; A Drunken Spry While Their Raid On Lynchburg Results In Disaster 400
343 An Unflattering Description of Nashville In 1864-Murder and Robberies Cause This Ex-Soldier Do Not Go On The Streets "After Night. 200
344 Rare "Destitute" Virginia Citizen Aid Union Army Document 225
345 An Iron Brigade Officer POW Gettysburg Writes From Libby Prison. 650
346 An Iron Brigade (24th Michigan) Battle of Gettysburg Death Certificate. PASS
347 A Union Soldier Sends For A Roast Rooster…But Is He Really? PASS
348 Saratoga Springs Orders Relief For A Cavalryman's Family. PASS
349 1864 George B. McClellan Portrait Ballot. 325
350 Huge 1864 "Regular Democratic Ticket" McClellan/Pendleton Portrait Ballot. PASS
351 1864 George B. McClellan Ballot Printed on Adversity Paper. 100
352 1864 Presidential Campaign Election Broadside. PASS
353 Collection of Civil War Era Derogatory Penny Song Sheets PASS
354 Medal of Honor Receipient Lt. Joseph Follett of the 1st Missiouri Light Artillery Arranges for Charges to Be Dropped in a Court Martial of Two of his Command PASS
355 Period Manuscript Copy of General George Custer’s Farewell PASS
356 New York Times Correspondent Writes Upon Entering Richmond Using Captured Confederate Bond as his Stationary PASS
357 52nd Pennsylvania Letter on the Final Days of Charleston’s Confederate Dreams PASS
358 Maj. Gen Sheridan's Grand March 120
359 Autograph Album Leaf - Seward, Fish, King PASS
360 Letter to Benson Lossing About his History of the Rebellion PASS
361 Conscripted Three Times - Escaped PASS
362 WIA at Hatcher’s Run, 20th Mass Soldier Wants the Ball and Piece of Bones from his Head Wound 200
363 New York Bounty Vouchers PASS
364 24th Army Corps General Orders Signed by Officers PASS
365 Union GO’s PASS
366 A Four Signatures from The U.S. Colored Troops PASS
367 Union Forces "Made A Purty Good Haul" In The First Attack On Fort Fisher, N. C PASS
368 Cheering, Booming Cannon, Bell Ringing and Ship's Vessels Announce Richmond's Fall At Fortress Monroe. PASS
369 A Union Cavalry Commander Loses His Horse To Confederate Guerrilla, Col. Richard M. Gano 325
370 NorthWest Sanitary Fair Circular: Many Were "Mangled And Made Helpless For Us." 100
371 Requa (Civil War Machine Gun) Battery Muster Roll. 400
372 One of Jeff Davis' Captors Gets Wisconsin State Aid For His Family PASS
373 105th Pennsylvania “Wildcats Regiment” Circular Signed by the Company Commanders 60
374 He Was the First Officer in the Breastworks at Nashville PASS
375 Superintendent of Hospitals in Ohio - Claims his Negro Servant PASS
376 The Officers Duties At The End of 1865 PASS
377 Yankee Notions Reconstruction Newspaper. 170
378 Illinois FEMALE COLLEGE Advertising Stationery With Letter To Civil War Governor Richard Yates. 100
379 Presidential Ballots from North Carolina for Winfield Scott and U.S. Grant 50
380 Documents Signed by Generals Washburn, Totten and Henry PASS
381 23rd New York March PASS
382 Grants Presentation Grand March PASS
383 Checks Signed by Generals Washburn, Sickles and Carr 150
384 General Hancock’s Campaign March 100
385 Memoirs of U.S. Grant PASS
386 Gen. Lew Wallace Chariot Race or Ben Hur March PASS
387 Collection of 22 Civil War Themed Post Cards 50
388 Rare Southern Photographer Photograph of an Interior View of Fort Sumter the Day After the Evacuation on April 14, 1861 PASS
389 Remember Ellsworth! PASS
390 General Robert Anderson CDV PASS
391 The National Lancers 50
392 Boston Photographer of William Lloyd Garrison and His Daugter PASS
393 CDV of New York Soldier PASS
394 CDV of General John Martindale PASS
395 CDV of General Daniel Butterfield PASS
396 CDV of Robert E. Lee’s Mansion During the Civil War 400
397 Confederate General Bushrod Johnson By Confederate Photographer 275
398 Civil War Naval Officer CDV PASS
399 Signed CDV of 94th New York Officer WIA & POW at Gettysburg 250
400 CDV of General George McClellan PASS
401 CDV of General Quincy Gilmore PASS
402 The other speaker at the dedication of Gettysburg's National Cemetery, Edward Everett PASS
403 Civil War General Hooker And Staff At Lookout Valley PASS
404 CDV of The Man Who Assisted In The Amputation of Gen. "Baldy" Ewell's Leg. 550
405 CDV of Alfred Stratton who Lost Both Arms at Petersburg PASS
406 CDV of the Collection of Andersonville Relics Obtained by Clara Barton Including the “Dead Line” 525
407 Jeff Davis Caricature CDV 70
408 Jeff Davis Waiting for the Hangman 70
409 General Grant Mourning the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln 100
410 Two Grant Related CDVs PASS
411 George Armstrong Custer CDV Grouping PASS
412 Grant & Wilson Campaign Hall Photograph 70
413 Dedication of Soldier's Monument PASS
414 Jefferson Davis Real Photo Reunion Pinback 150
415 Civil War Phleam 100
416 A Chaplin’s Sword PASS
417 Excellent Charles Magnus “View New York City” Trade Token PASS
418 South Carolina War Period Button 50
419 Rare Confederate "Pike Head/Bayonet" Bowie Knife with Sheath PASS
420 Civil War Pioneer Corp 50
421 Civil War Engineer Badge 90
422 Civil War Navy Buttons 90
423 New York National Guard Hat Badge PASS
424 Staff Officers Hat Cord PASS
425 Calomel Medical Bottle 50
426 Naval Binoculars in case PASS
427 Civil War Donut Candle Sticks 50
428 Eagle Flag Staff Finial PASS
429 2nd U.S. Artillery Cap Insignia 50
430 Crescent Moon Hat Insignia PASS
431 Marine Revenue Items 50
432 Civil War Ammo 160
433 Civil War Medicine Box 60
434 Musket Caps Tin 50
435 Civil War Gonnorhea Medicine 50
436 Quassia Cup with Label 50
437 Civil War Opium Bottle 50
438 Civil War Medical Tools PASS
439 Civil War Soldier’s Ivory Handle Picnic Set 80
440 Bullion Sword Knot 50
441 A Pair of Crutches PASS
442 Civil War Era Drum Major Baton 100
443 Powder Flask PASS
444 Civil War Medical Tools PASS
445 Civil War Medical Bandage 70
446 Civil War Naval Mustard Bottle 50
447 Sharps & Hankins Navy Carbine 600
448 Tennessee Union Cavalry Period Flag PASS
449 US Grant Appomattox Campaign Medal PASS
450 President Lincoln CDV Funeral Ohio State House Columbus Ohio April 1865 375
451 Beautiful Presentation of The Great Seal of United States PASS
452 Six Civil War Centennial Pennants PASS
453 John C. Breckinridge - Political Brady Silk Ribbon 1500
454 Abraham Lincoln Is A "Black Republican" Letter December 1, 1860 "Missouri Will Go With The South" 200
455 Rare 1860 Stephen Douglas Campaign Ballot. PASS
456 1860 Abraham Lincoln "Rail Splitter" Campaign Token 200
457 George Billings Who Married the Young Girl who Suggested to Abraham Lincoln to Grow His Beard PASS
458 Lincoln Offers The South A Rescue From Secession 50
459 Matthew Brady CDV of President Abraham Lincoln 250
460 Three Lincoln Related CDVs 100
461 Abraham Lincoln, Day of National Thanksgiving, 1863. PASS
462 Union Soldier with 1864 Ferrotype Abraham Lincoln Badge 180
463 Three Views of Lincoln PASS
464 Two Lincoln Related CDVs PASS
465 Letter to Abraham Lincoln PASS
466 1864 Election Tally Sheet PASS
467 1864 Abraham Lincoln "We Will Defend It Forever" Campaign Ballot 225
468 Spectacular 1864 Abraham Lincoln "CSS Alabama and USS Kearsarge" Campaign Ballot. 350
469 1864 Abraham Lincoln "Lady Liberty" Campaign Ballot. 50
470 Trio of Northern States 1864 "Union Ticket" Governor Campaign Ballots. PASS
471 1864 Abraham Lincoln Romanesque Campaign Token PASS
472 1864 Abraham Lincoln Campaign Token. 120
473 1864 McClellan Campaign Token. 70
474 They Will Vote For "Honest Old Abe" After Getting The Right To Vote By Absentee Ballot 500
475 Perhaps, The Best, and Most Passionate Lincoln Reelection Letter We Have Had The Pleasure To Offer. 850
476 Lincoln's Assassination; Attending The Funeral; Saluting General Grant; Sherman Must Be Insane After His Negotiations For Peace With Joe Johnston. 700
477 16th New York Soldier Writes of the Pursuit of the Assassin John Wilkes Booth, Being in Lincoln's Funeral Procession and the Surrender of General Lee 900
478 Pair of CDVs of The Assassin John Wilkes Booth 120
479 Speed Pose of Abraham Lincoln by Fredricks PASS
480 Two Mary Lincoln CDV’s 100
481 Scarce Lincoln Pardon of Deserters Proclamation PASS
482 Photograph of the “Our American Cousin” Broadside PASS
483 The Congregation Learns of Jeff Davis' Capture. "The Sour Apple Tree Ought To Be Selected." 100
484 Twain and Lincoln PASS
485 Letter to Lincoln’s Secretary about American History 50
486 The Boston Massacre Monument from the Fostell Collection PASS
487 Victor David Brenner Centennial Birth Plaquette Feature President Lincoln PASS
488 U.S Naval Officer's Full Dress Epaulettes, Fore-and-Aft Hat, in the Original Enameled Case, 275
489 The United States And Britain Inch Towards War In 1807. 600
490 War of 1812 Kentucky Signed Document Regarding Desertion 200
491 Scarce American Eagle Head Naval Officer's Straight Sword 275
492 The American Military Newspaper PASS
493 Militia Sunburst Hat Plate PASS
494 1840 Flat Head Eagle Cavalry Saber 225
495 Knights of Pythias Sword PASS
496 Mexican War American Eagle Spurs PASS
497 The Capture of General Mariano Arista's Silver PASS
498 1848 War with Mexico - John A. Dix Speech PASS
499 Mameluke Sword PASS
500 Naval Tintype 60
501 Marine Corp Flag Staff Finial pre 1871 PASS
502 No Title PASS
503 The Mulligan Guard 100
504 Specifications of Rifled Cannons PASS
505 Maryland Epaulets 50
506 United States Battleship Kearsarge 50
507 Span-Am War with Hurricane Content PASS
508 Important Span-Am War Letter by the Captain of the Maine 110
509 Group of forty-two (42) Naval Stereoviews PASS
510 General Wood On "Race Questions" and WWI "Will Be Rather Insignificant." 120
511 Four Nice World War I Maps PASS
512 World War I Military Convoy Diary PASS
513 WWI - The Quartermaster’s Wood Measuring Stick PASS
514 When in 1919, a few French Veterans, who for the most part had left New York in 1914 to join their regiments in France, established the Federation of French War Veterans, Inc., they defined its... PASS
515 The French Leader PASS
516 Hand Colored Artwork ReUniting The French Battleship to the Allies PASS
517 Parade Sword PASS
518 The WWI Lost Battalion 80
519 Two (2) Nazi-Hitler Photo Tobacco Card albums 225
520 World War II Special Event Covers PASS
521 The B17 Flying Fortress PASS
522 Knight’s Cross of the IRON CROSS Award in the Original Presentation Folder 6250
523 A Grouping Of FIVE Hitler Photographs PASS
524 Patriotic Merchants Window Signs PASS
525 A moving account of the life, imprisonment and death of an American officer captured at Corregidor PASS
527 Typed Letter Signed by Admiral Hewitt PASS
528 Cold War US Army in Germany ARCHIVE of Sweetheart letters PASS
529 Two Checks Signed by Secretaries of the U.S. Treasury 100
530 Jenny Lind’s Greeting To America PASS
531 Boss Tweed Signed Document 180
533 Four Silver Coffin Plates PASS
534 A Sterling Spoon with Mormon Motifs PASS
535 Box from the Oak of the Cunarder Aquitania 140
536 Another Jew Arrested in 1767 70
537 Soliciting Money From the Charleston Jews To Pay Ransom to the Turks 50
538 A Sacrificial Offering - Roasting A Jew 375
539 I Was Under The Painful Necessity Of Stripping Her After Her Dress Caught Fire! PASS
540 WWI - the Jewish Welfare Board PASS
541 ANTI-SEMITIC Book Circular PASS
542 18th Century Bill for Childbirth & Death, Midwife, Coffin, Grave. Unique history PASS
543 1795 Early Effort to Adopt The Metric System 110
544 Masonic Poem PASS
545 Extremely Rare and Early Kentucky State Motto design PASS
547 Louisiana Imprint, only 4 extant, rare and significant 275
548 1822 - Savannah’s First Hotel 70
549 The Pilgrim's Progress and New England's Memorial, 1826. PASS
550 A Detailed Manuscript Describing A Stage Coach Journey Across NJ-Penn. - 1832 160
551 New England Broadside: Murder of Rhode Island "Factory Girl" Sarah M. Cornell 350
552 The Controversial World Story on The Suicide of A "Feral Child." PASS
554 Presentation Copy of an Address by David Henshaw PASS
555 Texas Map At Time of Annexation 325
556 New York State Grand March PASS
557 19th Century Virginia Marriage Certificates PASS
558 The Death of Daniel Webster 50
559 Hudson River Railroad small Broadside, 1852 110
560 Seeking Retribution For A Harpers Ferry Gunsmith. PASS
561 The Report of the Gratin Massacre In Which The Sioux Revenged Murdered 29 Soldiers PASS
562 The Christian and Muslim Faiths Explored PASS
563 Unusual Postmaster General Lot 120
564 Masonic Hall Archive PASS
565 Tobacco Advertising 100
566 The UCV Thanks the GAR for Financial Assistance in Charleston after the Earthquake of 1886 50
567 1895-1910 Russian Bonds PASS
568 Large Collection of Pulps 170
569 An Ebalmer’s Collection PASS
570 The Sinking of the Titanic Memorialized in Music PASS
571 Striking Mens’ Fashion Color Printed Card’s -1914 PASS
572 Displayable Men’s Fashion Sheets - Skating and Skiing PASS
574 Displayable Men’s Fashion Sheets PASS
575 1917 Aviation Course Lessons PASS
576 Mormon Brigham Young Statue dedication SIGNED by Utah Senator Elbert Thomas PASS
577 Pilot Guide Book For 100’s Of Airport PASS
578 A Group of 18 White Supremacists Newspapers PASS
579 Indian Wars Period Photograph PASS
580 Group of five stereoviews of 1872 Boston Fire and San Francisco Earthquake PASS
581 Group of eleven (11) Occupational Stereoviews PASS
582 RARE tissue Stereo of the Skeleton Opera PASS
583 Group of four (4) Bicycle Cabinet Cards 50
584 Japan 1890: Kimono textile women! PASS
585 Little Girls Playing With Their Dolls 50
586 Philippine Spanish-American War Photo PASS
587 Group of nine (9) Washington D.C. Stereoviews PASS
588 Original silverprint of George Jay Gould I PASS
589 Taxidermist RPC PASS
590 The “Dummy Gun” Used by Fred Brown in his Prison Escape PASS
591 Anti-12th Amendment Speech on Presidential Balloting PASS
592 Congressional Leaders In favor of Repealing the British Embargo PASS
593 Henry Clay Early Glass Tea Saucer PASS
594 John Fremont 1856 Campaign Cover 160
595 Checks Signed by Edwards Pierrepont and Peter Cooper PASS
596 Rare Populism-Greenback Party pamphlet 50
597 1884 Blaine and Logan Campaign Token PASS
598 Secretary of the Treasury James Guthrie and Congressional Letter by Czar Reed on “Suspension” in the House PASS
599 People's Party Compromise 1896 Presidential Election- Supports Bryan PASS
600 Book Signed by Cordell Hull 100
601 He was the Attending Physician at George Washington’s Death 160
602 Pair Nicely Tinted CDVs of George and Martha Washington PASS
603 Three CDV’s of George Washington PASS
604 George & Martha Washington CDV’s 60
605 Official White House Presidents’ Portraits PASS
606 George Washington's Bookplate 600
607 From Mount Vernon PASS
608 The First State of the Union Address by President Thomas Jefferson PASS
609 Gavel Made from Wood From Thomas Jefferson’s Plantation 325
610 42,000 Thomas Jefferson Manuscripts PASS
611 A Complete Printing of the Monroe Doctrine PASS
612 John Quincy Adams Oration on Gilbert Motier de Lafayette 1835 Original Imprint PASS
613 General Andrew Jackson: Addresses on Presentation of his Sword 1855 PASS
614 Rare Andrew Jackson Campaign Ballot 200
615 Andrew Jackson Portrait Mourning Ribbon 200
616 President Jackson Responds to South Carolina’s Nullification Acts 60
617 Provides a COMPLETE Review of South Carolina’s Nullification Efforts Which Many Believe to be the Run Up to the Civil War PASS
618 Three Early Almanacs from 1840, 1860, 1861 50
619 William Henry Harrison Campaign of 1840 PASS
620 The Union and the Constitution! 50
622 U.S. Grant 1868 Portrait Campaign Cover And Ballot From New Hampshire 130
623 Group Of Six U.S. Grant Images Including Desirable 1868 Campaign CDV 100
624 Great New York Skyline on this Grant Spoon 50
625 Two Nice Grover Cleveland Jugate Ribbons 160
626 Three President’s Cabinet Cards 50
627 Nice Grover Cleveland Presidential Invitation PASS
628 United States Presidents Cabinet Card Photograph PASS
629 1907 Theoore Roosevelt Button Issued For “GEORGIA DAY, JAMESTOWN” EXPOSITION” 150
630 Postmaster General Harry S. New Writes of Warren Harding PASS
631 Boldly Signed by the Democratic Standard-Bearer! 450
632 President Eisenhower Signed Political Cartoon 275
633 A Pair Of Washington DC Kennedy Assassination Newspapers 180
634 Richard Nixon Inscribed Photograph to Ambassador Landau PASS
635 Signed LBJ Biography 225
636 1840 William Henry Harrison Campaign Token. PASS
637 1849 Gold Rush Imprint PASS
638 Civil War Era San Francisco Stock Certificate PASS
639 American Explorer and Soldier John Mullan Writes a Letter in 1866 About Indian Attacks and the Threat to his Stagecoach Line 700
640 10th Infantry Soldier’s Diary Mentioning Buffalo Hunts, 2,000 Hostile Indians and Chippewa Killing Sioux and much more 2400
641 The Stagecoach King Signs a $10,000 Check for his Oregon and California Rail Road Company PASS
642 Deadwood SD 14 Year Mayor, Sol Star Signed Warrant 50
643 Unusual Wood Engraving of Buffalo Bill PASS
644 Colorado Gold Mining Company PASS
645 Soldier Boy by J.P Rhodes of Phoenix PASS
646 Exceptional Graphic newsprint Advertising Forepaugh’s Great All-Feature Show 100
647 A Pair of 1881 Tombstone City Business Licenses 160
648 Confesses to Killing a Branded Cow PASS
649 Army Navy Journal Grouping PASS
650 Great Advertising in These Army Naval Journal Newspaper Grouping PASS
651 Circus Trade Card for Forepaugh Shows 50
652 Scarce James Dolan Signed Document PASS
653 El Paso Gets Another Deputy - 1889 50
654 Indian U.S. Deputy Marshal with War Cap from Chief Johnnycake of the Delaware Tribe PASS
655 The Famous Cheyenne Frontier Days 80
656 A Quit Claim For A Chinaman PASS
657 Graphic Western Themed Crate Labels PASS
658 Selling the Cure All Medicine Water PASS
659 The Klondike Gold Rush Prospector 70
660 San Antonio, Texas Cattle Ranch Photographs PASS
661 Buffalo Bill’s Private Asylum PASS
662 Cattle Rustling RPC PASS
663 Octavia the Yankee Snake Charmer PASS
664 Rare Photograph of African-American 101 Ranch Cowboy Bill Pickett Performing his Act 130
665 A Pair of Attractive Western Letterheads 50
666 From the Site of the McKinley Assassination. PASS
667 Geronimo Photo in Exposition Booklet PASS
668 Wonderful Sepia Toned Western Images - Texas Longhorns PASS
669 Both Were Stars in the 1908 Silent Movie Bank Robbery PASS
670 Commanche Chief Quanah Parker and Squaws 150
671 George B. Cornish Photos of Native Americans and Ranch Scenes 250
672 Advertising the Tiger Bill Wild West Show PASS
673 Bentley’s Wild West Show Photo PASS
674 The Lecturing Warrior PASS
675 Three Letters to Joe Miller of the 101 Ranch PASS
676 Three Letters Written By Western Show Owners 150
677 Indian Agent Captain Charles Rastall Grouping PASS
678 Thomas Ince, Known as the "Father of the Western", Made Over 800 Films. PASS
679 Three Graphic Western Lettersheets PASS
680 The Round-Up - Pendleton Oregon PASS
681 1919 Advertising for Ranger Texas 130
682 The Real Circus Period 50
683 The Good Guys Wear White Hats 50
684 Writing About Buying Horses PASS
685 The Most Prolific Western Silent Movie Star 100
686 Buck Jones early Western Hollywood Star studio photos PASS
687 Four Piece Remington Ephemra Group PASS
688 Advertising Outdoor Canada PASS
689 Letter to the Noted Captain North PASS
690 Pancho Villa’s Headquarters PASS
691 Note Western personality “Yellowstone’ Kelly Letter PASS
692 Diamond Dick Was An Autograph Collector PASS
693 Diamond Dick Does Not Want A Movie PASS
694 Three Graphic Ranch Letterheads 50
695 Tom Mix Traveling Show Schedules 90
696 Juneau Alaska Gold Mining Company Map PASS
697 1934 Nebraska Rodeo Letterhead PASS
698 Western Music Sheet PASS
699 The Early Western Actor 70
700 Famous Characters of the Old West PASS
701 Two Western Frontiermen Write During WWII PASS
702 Montana Mack - Manis McGurrin Archive PASS
703 Gun Maker’s Stock Certificate PASS
704 1913 Southern Michigan Baseball Ticket. 50
705 Hall of Famer Bill Dickey of the New York Yankees Signed Photograph 60
706 1842-43 Bound Volume of Newspapers 50