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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Early English Document 100
2 1766 Pennsylvania Laws PASS
3 1773 Plea in Court Case PASS
4 The Full Printing of theThe Fort Gower Resolution 110
5 1776 Document Supplying The Revolutionary Army “...eighty filled with pickles the rest are not pickled...” 140
6 Revolutionary War-date Voucher For Soldier Who Served At Valley Forge PASS
7 Colonial 1784 Land Sale Document PASS
8 Virginia Rev War Soldier Receives His Land Grant 275
9 The Religious Debate In Early America 100
10 Pension Document for Widows of KIA Revolutionary Soldiers PASS
11 The Execution of Captain Nathan Hale - Clearly Showing the Black Hangman 350
12 The Revolutionary War Viewed in Engravings PASS
13 The Boston Massacre Monument from the Fostell Collection 50
14 Very Early Slave Document - 1725 300
15 Early Sambo Broadside, 200
16 The Writer Offers To Hunt The Negroes PASS
17 Unusual Request For Her Slaves 80
18 The Children Want The Slaves To Be Kept In The Family Only 100
19 Manumission Of Slave Woman 200
20 Appraisal Names Twelve Slaves 200
21 17 named Mississippi Slaves 180
22 He Provides For His Slaves Until They Are 21 - Then Frees Them 200
23 Black Americana Music Sheets 90
24 Price of North Carolina Slaves Is High PASS
25 Mammy and Child With Etched Identification PASS
26 The Details of Renting a Slave For One Year 100
27 Virginia Tax Receipt For Free Colored 130
28 1859 New Orleans Tax Assessment With Slave Values 100
29 War dated Slave Document - Burial in Williamsburh PASS
30 Louisiana Plantion Ledger Sheet - records Cotton Picking PASS
31 The Confederate Government is Not Liable for Kidnapped Slaves PASS
32 Slave Themed Covers 150
33 Whipping Sheridan's Troopers At The Battle of Trevilian Station. 375
34 Doctor’s Bill For Treating a Negro Girl PASS
35 From Boston - The Emancipation Hymn 225
36 The Mammy and Her Charge 350
37 The Fifty Fifth Regiment - Charleston 250
38 Loaded With Important News - 13th Amendment - Peace Negotiations 450
39 Bedford County, (West) Virginia's Newly Freed Slaves Adjust To A New Life. 1200
40 Emancipation of Slaves Confederate Citizen's Pardon. 475
41 20 Indian Wars Period Military Documents PASS
42 Black Photographer in the West PASS
43 Young Black Child in Portland, Maine 70
44 Buffalo Soldier Muster Roll Signed by Medal of Honor Recepient 900
45 Buffalo Soldiers Docs - Twenty 24th Infantry - Group of 20 Payroll Documents PASS
46 Negative Black Theme Cartoon Photos PASS
47 A Pair of Black Americana Stereo Views 70
48 The General Who Commanded USCT’s 150
49 Black Americana Artwork 200
50 Racist Cards 100
51 Black America Theme Whiskey Bottle 225
52 Smoky Joe Advertising Piece PASS
53 Derogatory Racist Print 50
54 Discontinue Colored Cavalry Enlistments 70
55 The President of Liberia PASS
56 West Virginia State University HBCU PASS
57 Jim Crow Era Newspaper PASS
58 Ali, Fraser, Foreman - 1970s Boxing Magazines 50
59 His Sons Served On Opposing Sides During The Civil War 300
60 Removal of the Commander of the Country’s Oldest Arsenal 150
61 This CSA General Nicknamed Stonewall 425
62 Fire-Eater Yancey "Popular Sovereignty" & The 1860 Presidential Campaign. 400
63 1860 Cumberland University Autograph & Photograph Book with Important Confederate Autographs 5000
64 Beauregard Autograph Notes Signed, Telegrams Sequencing The Battle Of Manassass PASS
65 Beauregard Note Signed On Copies of Telegrams Sequencing The Battle Of Manassass PASS
66 Claiborne Seeking An Appointment PASS
67 Weapons Sent by Col Rugglesd 110
68 Letter to Ruggles - Reference Future KIA General Gladdemn PASS
69 Collection of Twelve Virginia Military Institute CDVs PASS
70 Confederate Patriotic Cover PASS
71 Georgia Ensign William B. Hogg PASS
72 Discharge From the Provisional Army of the Confederate States 275
73 An Exceedingly Scarce Confederate Music Sheet. 2750
74 Baltimore Supporting General Beauregard 300
75 Rare Confederate "Safeguard" Pass Issued General Huger, Norfolk, 1861 PASS
76 Well-Known (and Published) Confederate Diarist John B. Jones Issues A Safe Passage Pass. PASS
77 Alabama Jeff Davis Presidential Election Certification Document. 350
78 Early Richmond CSA Bond 50
79 The Following Two Lots Are From Noted Confederate Map Maker, Albert Campbell PASS
80 Fascinating Grouping Surrounding The Appomattox Surrender and the ‘Apple Tree’ Story PASS
81 Blockade Runners Run Into Charleston While The Release of Mason & Slidell Will Result In The Recognition of The Confederacy. 425
82 Speculating In The South Carolina's Upcountry in '62 250
83 Our Cause Grows Stronger & Stronger While The Federals Occupy James Island 300
84 Attacking The Yankee's "Negro Colony" On Hutchinson's Island. 190
85 My 3rd Corporal Had His Head Shot Off By The Accidentally Discharge Of A Gun. 250
86 Island Hopping Chasing Yankee Ghosts…"God's Providence" Will Save Their Cause. 225
87 Rather Than Submit To Yankee Rule We Must Give Up Every Drop of Blood That Southern Hearts Contain. 225
88 Union Forces Withdraw After The Second Battle of Pocotaligo, South Carolina 2500
89 Hard Encounter With The Yanks At The Second Battle of Pocotaligo, South Carolina. 1700
90 We May Soon Have To Go Forth Again To Drive The Insolent…Foe From Our Sacred Soil. 150
91 I Can Get A Very Trusty & Faithful Boy…He Can Make Provision For Us Next Summer. 225
92 Hiring Out A Slave "Boy" and Sending Him To The Front. 325
93 Union Forces Gather For The Attack on Charleston. 200
94 Naval Attack On Charleston Results In The Sinking of The USS Keokuk. 550
95 I Ought To Sell Her While Negroes Are Selling So High. 550
96 Slave Hires; Attack On Charleston; News On Meeting His Cousin's Slave; Preventing Starvation Among The South's Citizens. 325
97 The Defense Of Charleston: The USS Ironsides Is Scuttled By The Yankee Navy; He Still Needs Servant Simon. 600
98 South Carolina Brig. Gen. John Dunovant Is A "Brave Man" and Recovered Alcoholic. 225
99 The Yankees Are Repulsed At Battery Wagner While Charleston Is Shelled. 250
100 Battery Wagner Fails To Fall; Fort Sumter Mounts Guns Daily Including a Whitworth Gun; General Ripley Is Ousted. 500
101 John Fraser & Co. Gifts Two Blockade Run Whitworth Guns To Charleston. 650
102 Yankee Raiders Are Not As Hard On These "Union Ticket" North Carolinian's As On Them. 190
103 The Union People at Kenansville, N. C. Can't Compare To The South Carolinians. 120
104 The Women of Spartanburg, South Carolina Are Not Affable. 250
105 France and England Help The Confederacy's Navy Dominate The World. 100
106 Rare Usage Of CSA Officer's Letter On Adversity Paper. 100
107 Advancing Into Virginia; R. E. Lee's Prediction That The War Will Be Over By July. 140
108 General Beauregard Stops Butler In His Tracks At Drewry's Bluff. 200
109 South Carolina Fights Under General D. H. Hill At The Battle of Drewry's Bluff. 200
110 Hampton Command Goes "After A Lot Of Negro Cavalry Who Have Been Devastating The Country". 750
111 Generals Grant & Lee Play Chess Along The Banks of The North & South Anna Rivers. 250
112 Hampton's Cavalry Drive Back Gregg's Forces During The Battle of Haw's Shop. 375
113 Lee Maneuvers In A Parallel Line Against Grant March Towards The James. 300
114 Sheridan Slits The Throats of His Worn-Out Horses! 225
115 Battle of Nance's Shop, Va.-Unlike His Horses, He Has Survived Hard Campaigning So Far. 300
116 Sheridan Is Bested At The Battle of St, Mary's Church, or Nance's Shop. 750
117 He Is Proud That "It Has Been Our Good Fortune To Do Much To Save Our Country." 375
118 The Kautz-Wilson Raid To Encircle Richmond Is Stopped In Its Tracks By The Help of Hampton's South Carolinian Cavalry. 1100
119 We Have Whipped All The Yankee Cavalry and Drove Them Out of The Country. 300
120 The Value of Gold and CSA Currency Goes Up; Sheridan Prepares For Another Raid on The Rail Roads. 275
121 The Horses In His Command Are "Fairing Badly." He Will Ride His Captured Yankee Horse Until It Die. 425
122 Hampton's First "Beefsteak" Raid, July 1864; Richmond's "South Carolina Soldier's Home". 300
123 Evacuating Petersburg In Pursuit of Grant's Army. 170
124 He Is Commander Of The 5th South Carolina Cavalry "When We Go Into The Fight". 225
125 Battle of Ream's Station & Their Receiving Lee's Complimentary Respect. 425
126 General Hampton's Great Beefsteak Raid. 170
127 Henry Rifles Meet Hampton's Troopers During The BeefSteak Raid. 2200
128 Mocking The Yankee Cavalrymen During The Beefsteak Raid. 750
129 Fighting Near Peeble's Farm Kills Newly Minted Brigadier General, John Dunovant. 375
130 The Fighting At Peeble's Farm Continues While Foreigners Bolster Grant's Ranks. 200
131 I shall be in want of some winter clothing soon… 100
132 Forever Buoyant Mulligan Believes In Jeff Davis And Their Cause In Late 1864. 250
133 I Suppose Most of The Women Employed There To Be Yankees. 225
134 Once Considered A Cowardly Act, Entrenching Is Now A Necessity; Hoping That They Will Be Left Alone After The Presidential Election 2500
135 Asking Capt. Mulligan's Consent For Promotion While He Is Recovering From His Wound. 225
136 Mulligan Reports On His Wound And Refuses Capt. Davis' Promotion Request. 225
137 Four Confederate Theme Engravings PASS
138 General R.E. Lee Gives a Glowing Recommendation PASS
139 DH Hill To His Wife Says Regarding His Removal From NC, “... had I remained, I would now be a corpse or a prisoner. PASS
140 Scarce General S.K. Zook War Dated Letter PASS
141 Confederate Document Signed by Two CSA Generals 250
142 Pencil Reconnaissance to General Daniel Ruggles from General Chalmers PASS
143 Letter to Ruggles - Re: Prisoner Exchange PASS
144 Telegram to Ruggles 110
145 Letter to Ruggles - Raising a Company 80
146 Medal of Honor Awardee Capt. Theophilius Rodenbough Writes of his Capture at Centerville PASS
147 A Barefoot Belle From Winchester Sends "The Flag of Our Confederacy...This Cold, Wintery Morn." 1000
148 Didn't The Old Merrimac Do Her Work Finely? If We Had Twenty Such Vessels We Could Raise The Blockade, Shell Washington and Burn New York 750
149 The 2nd Missouri Cavalry Suffers A "Heavy Hearted" Defeat At The Battle of Pea Ridge. 200
150 North Carolina Civilian Letter “...Mother says make haste whip the Yankees and come home” PASS
151 The Confederate Officer - Johnson Island Prisoner - “very anxious to get back to Dixie” 300
152 The Confederate Music Sheet dedicated to Vicksburg 450
153 Beauregard Issues a Pass to His Louisiana Friend and Confederate Member of Congress PASS
154 A Deserter's Wife Attacks His Captor; The Bailey's (5th Va.) Are Cut Up At Chancellorsville; Stonewall Jackson is Dead. 350
155 Confederate Treasury Department Letter PASS
156 Confederate North Carolina Notes PASS
157 Financing the CSA Government 50
158 Impressing Iron in the Confederacy 110
159 CSA President Davis Quarrels With Georgia Governor Brown 1000
160 Letter to Ruggles - Regarding The Odd Size Guns PASS
161 Confederate Imprint Grouping 150
162 Strong Content regarding the Dictator and the Battle of the Crater 1300
163 The Yankees Penetrate the Confederate Works, But ... 2750
164 Maryland Seargant Joins the Andersonville Survivors Association 170
165 This Soldier Comments On Grant, Slavery and says “ the old white flag is splattered with brains of some poor unfortunate” PASS
166 Robert E. Lee’s Daughter, Agnes, Writes to Her Friend PASS
167 Winchester Is "Much Relieved Being Sometimes [Back] in Dixie" During Early Attack on Sheridan's Forces. 700
168 A Substitute Will "Play Off On" An Orr's Rifle Sergeant. 120
169 Horrific Scenes Abound Throughout Beleaguered Charleston in October, 1864. 500
170 The Favorite CSA Bond 200
171 Financing the Confederacy 400
172 the Following 24 Lots Are Written By John H. Gray Who Enlisted Into Indiana 101st Infantry, August 1862 and mustered out June 1865. 450
173 Likely the Last Muster issued In Richmond - March 31, 1865 PASS
174 Former Confederate Consul to Sandwich Island PASS
175 Lee’s Final Military Appointment PASS
176 Johnson Island Prisoner Seems To Appreciate Johnson’s Island 200
177 An Un-Reconstructed Rebel Avoids Surrendering With Lee's Army. 850
178 A Love Sick Soldier of Col. William C. Oates Famed 15th Alabama Gets His Fortune Read. 100
179 The Confederate Peace Commissioners Meet With "Seward & A. Lincoln In Person." 200
180 An Alabama Women Seeks A Pardon From President Johnson. PASS
181 Still Enlisting in South Carolina - January 1865 100
182 General Longstreet Solicits Help In Securing the Position of Rail Road president 500
183 Mary Custis Lee Letter Protects the General 300
184 Celebrating Robert E. Lee’s Birthday in Ohio 70
185 Lincoln Rival - William Seward 110
186 The Army Wants English Iron Beds PASS
187 Lorenzo Thomas Signed Document - Courtsmartial PASS
188 Future General Mansfield (KIA) Requistions Material for Ft. Pulaski PASS
189 Future General Dix Wants $100,000 for the Church 60
190 Printed Political Card, Ellsworth Corners Davis 100
191 New York State Appointments PASS
192 Vive L’America PASS
193 Group of 17 Civil War Period Music Sheets PASS
194 A Pennsylvania Soldier Gets His Wish And Died After Losing His Leg At Antietam 50
195 Beautiful Hand Tinted Letter Sheet - Washington to Manassas PASS
196 A "Negrow…Says That Some Are Used Well and Some Are Used Hard." PASS
197 Colorful 1861 City of Boston Committee on Military Donations Certificate. 200
198 Douglas Was Defeated By Lincoln And Died Three Months After The Inauguration 150
199 Of Mason & Slidell's capture: "The Bostonians Have Recd. Capt. Wilkes Handsomely & Mason's Co. Are Safely Lodged in Fort Warren." 50
200 The Following 20 Lots Have Beautiful Color Front Cover Illustrations. Although each has the interior music scores/words, we will limited the descriptions to the covers. 160
201 Another Naval Color Cover Music Sheet 100
202 The End Of The CSA Navy 650
203 Both CSA & Federal Flags on the Ironclads 100
204 And The Federal Generals Are Honered 100
205 Burnside on the Shore Overlooking the Fedeeral Navy Below 140
206 The Surrender Of Fort Pulaski 100
207 An Early Federal Victory 100
208 There Were Well over 23,000 Casualties in the Two Days of Fighting - Shilo 140
209 The Colorful Zouaves on a Colorful Cover 100
210 Waves of Zouaves On the Battlefield PASS
211 Adopting the Zouave Uniforms After The War 190
212 Honoring Colonel Elmer Ellsworth 150
213 Dedicated to the Brookly Recruiter Who Died in 1862 140
214 Halleck in Command 100
215 Rosecrans Leads the Charge 100
216 General McClellan with Facsimili Signature on the Cover PASS
217 New York Greys 50
218 The Eagle Mascot of the Wisconsin 8th 250
219 The Mass 19th is Honored in Music 80
220 Dedicated to the 51st Regimment of the Pennsylvania Volunteers PASS
221 General Grant Music Sheet. PASS
222 Music Dedicated to the Milwaukee Light Guards PASS
223 Albany, New York Is A Dangerous Place For Citizens and New Recruits Alike In April, 1861! PASS
224 Battling Drunken Soldiers Before Ever Meeting The Foe PASS
225 A Soldier Is Killed In The Second Baltimore Riot; Seeing "Uncle Abe" During The 4th of July Parade Through Washington & The Skirmish of Arlington Mills 300
226 The Advance on Manassas Begins While The New York Volunteers Are Uniformed With Captured Rebel Clothing. "We Shall Give Them Hell. PASS
227 A Grand Review: Erasmus Keyes Takes His Leave of The Brigade; Getting Lost While On Picket Near Fairfax CH. 120
228 Bold Moves Beyond The Rebel's Pickets While Getting Their New Uniforms. 50
229 Drilling In "Indian [Style] Fighting" While Sharpshooters Qualify In Marksmenship. PASS
230 Uprooted Union Graves Add To The Sickening Sight of First Bull Run's Battlefield-The 14th Brooklyn Rebury Their Dead. PASS
231 Warrenton's Women Defend Their "Secesh Rag" In The Face of The union's Advance On Stonewall Jackson. PASS
232 Taken Prisoner By The 2nd Mississippi at Second Bull Run He Is Forced Into Their Ranks! 1100
233 Exchanged POWs Suffer A Terrible Train Accident While Burnisde Builds His Forces Before Fredericksburg 150
234 Enduring the Battle of Fredericksburg PASS
235 After The Failed Mud March Joe Hooker Now "Runs This Show." 100
236 The Chancellorsville Campaign Opens; They Will Fight If Called To Do So; Trying Hard To Get The Two Year Men to Reenlist. PASS
237 Going As A New York Cavalryman This Time. PASS
238 The 2nd New York Veteran Cavalry Is Called To The Front "On Short Notice." 50
239 Getting To Pick His Horse; Conscripts Are "Sprinkled" Into Their Regiment. 50
240 Ordered To Turn In Their Horses In Preparation of Heading To New Orleans. 100
241 A Surprise Attack of Mounted Texans; Deserting To The French Government & Waiting to Be Relieved By Colored Troops. 100
242 Group of 28 union Commander Engravings PASS
243 14 Union Commanders Engravings 50
244 A Pair Of Great Central Fair Imprints PASS
245 Surgeon Documents PASS
246 Yhe General wants The Negroes Moved PASS
247 He Was reponsible For the First POW’s of the War 50
248 Major Sprague Arrested and Paroled In Texas - April 1861 PASS
249 War Dated Memorial to KIA Mass Soldier 50
250 Massachusetts Regimental Dance Invitation "DANCE, For There Is A Time To Dance" With Racially Insensitive Ditty: "NI**ER ON A MULE COMIN!" 80
251 Zouave Lithograph Advertising Panel With Full Standing Zouave Soldier Wood Backed Cut-Out PASS
252 Wonderful Pair of "Ohio Squirrel Hunter's" Discharge & Governor Tod's Letter PASS
253 A Minnesota Man Witnesses Slaughter After The Battle Of Mills Springs. 700
254 Rebel Forces Abandon Their Well-Fortified Defenses Along The Cumberland River. 225
255 Fighting For "12 Days" Towards South Mountain. 100
256 A Sweaty Abraham Lincoln Reviewing His Troops At Fort Ward, Defenses of Washington. 425
257 Highly Illustrated Letter Sheet With Letter Written By The 1st Delaware Soldier 250
258 Fort Jefferson, Florida "We Have Some Darkies Here" With Babies 100
259 The Wails Of Black Babies Echo Throughout Fort Jefferson, Battle of James Island, Slave Waiters, Port Royal, and Deadly Pickets. 550
260 To End The War. The North Must "Free And Arm The Slaves!" 170
261 The Emancipation Proclamation…Will Add Unity & Devotion To The Enemy. 325
262 There Is Some Very Pretty…(Contrabands) Here…It Makes Me Mad To Think That I Am Not As Good As A Black Man. 225
263 Darky Washer Woman; Rebel Night Attack; Buying A "Six Shooter"; Mink Pelts and The Duties of The Sergeant of The Guard, etc. 120
264 A Lady's Request To General Wool To Visit Friends In the "Southern Army". 100
265 Lincoln's August 1862 Draft Call Anti-Corruption Broadside. 170
266 General Wool Will Not Allow Lawless Conduct - September 17, 1862 - Baltimore 50
267 The Rebels Have Burned Two Plantations On The Mainland…Even All The Negro Houses…. 650
268 Battle of Antietam-"There Is More Fun In Battle Than I expected", Seeing "Honest Old Abe"; A Great Description of General Ambrose Burnside. 225
269 Their Color Bearer Gets Killed After Being Hit By A Shell At Fredericksburg. 275
270 Battlefield Engravings 100
271 Loyal Democrats Side Against Copperheads PASS
272 Establishing a Military Body to Regulate the Recruitment, Training and Equipment of Colored Troops 100
273 Orders From General I.N. Palmer - Near New Bern NC PASS
274 A Pair of Harpers Ferry Guard Reports PASS
275 Discusses the Pickett Exchange From the Field PASS
276 If Mr. Lincoln Would Enforce The Emancipation Proclamation As…He Does The Blockade The Rebellion Would Be Crushed Out At Once. 425
277 The North's Temperance Movement Comes To War-Torn NewBern, North Carolina. 170
278 During The Battle of Fredericksburg They "Showered Loud and Bitter Curses" On Their Commander! 300
279 They Are Trying To Raise A Niger Regiment Hear. 150
280 Andersonville Victim Battle at Culpeper With Rebel Cavalry/Execution Letter. 550
281 I Am In Hopes We Shall See No More Sich Marches…It Don't Seem To Me That I Can Ever Stand It Again. 140
282 I Am Getting To Be Quite An Abolitionist And Not A Humbug. 150
283 A Drummer Boy Goes To War-Tear Drops Stain His Sister's Letter. PASS
284 I Have Not Had Any Trouble About My Leg Yet. I Hardly Think I Will Have It Taken Off This Time. 100
285 General Sumner's Death At Antietam Seals Col. Cross' Fate At Gettysburg; Reviewed By Their Governor. 120
286 The Draft "Will Make Some of Them Rich Men Grumble." 130
287 During The Siege Vicksburg's Women Live In Dug Out Caves and Eat Mule Meat. 130
288 It Was A Hard Fight To Take Vicksburg. 190
289 Penny Song Sheet Advertising Targeting The Soldiers of "All Parts of The Army." PASS
290 Drilling The Troops - In Color 140
291 Meigs was one of the principal architects of Arlington National Cemetery PASS
292 184th Pennsylvania Letter on Stoneman’s Raid 150
293 Illinois Soldier Discharged for Gun Shot Wound - Missionary Ridge 50
294 Special Orders With Two AES’s PASS
296 The General Moves the Troops By Ship 150
297 Mass Draftee Finds a Substitute 50
298 The General Is Notified Of the Death 80
299 General Thomas Bemoans The Night PASS
300 Marcus Reno Sends Orders to George Custer During the Civil War 800
301 Ohio National Guards Certificate 50
302 General Meigs' Chattanooga Campaign Battle Report. 150
303 1st Michigan Engineers and Mechanics Broadside Poems. 200
304 Battle of Arkansas Post-Shells That Nearly Kill and Dear Sister Are You Who Sleeping With. PASS
305 “ ... Let colored troops garrison such points ..” PASS
306 A detail of the 2nd Mass Flags and Staffs PASS
307 The First Vermont Cavalry Is Not Treated Very well By The Soldier's Rest at Alexandria 160
308 Grant's Troops Build While Holt Prays: "May the Gods of Battle Grant Us Victory." 120
309 Ohio Military Bounty Committee Legal Document. PASS
310 Wilson's Cavalry Raid Attacks The Weldon RR South of Petersburg-Battles of Stoney Creek, June 28 and Ream's Station, June 29, 1864. 300
311 Eye-Witness Account of The Mine Explosion-NOT A Fan of The Black Troop's Performance. 700
312 Since The Reelection of Lincoln…The Rebs Are Deserting…By A Continual Stream. 160
313 Lincoln vs The Copperheads In '64-"Talk About Compromise-We Will Compromise Through Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, Farragut." 275
314 A Near Riot Erupts Over A Fight Between A Black Teamster and A White Forage Master. 170
315 Killed in Action New York Soldier’s Book PASS
316 Admiral Farragut’s Grand March 70
317 1864 Pass on Rare Washington Form 350
318 Union Army - Arrest Documents PASS
319 24th Army Corps General Orders Signed by Officers PASS
320 Federal General Orders PASS
321 This Officer Collects Monies at Fort Fisher For His Black Servant PASS
322 104th Pannsylvania Volunteers - Arrested - ReEnlisted 50
323 Gray Draws The camp 50
324 Discusses Morgan’s Involvement at Hartsville 180
325 Claims They Are treated Like Negroes PASS
326 Still Chasing Morgan 160
327 Gray Describes the Destruction at Murfreesboro 120
328 Grays Bed fellow Dies 80
329 “Hundreds of mortals rushed into Eternity without a minute of reflection.” 225
330 “We can go out .. see 12 or 13 coffins on top the ground almost all the time.” 190
331 Gray Sees the South as Desolate PASS
332 Gray Writes 36 Pages Reviewing His Experiences from August 1861 Through September 1863. He Titles The Writing PASS
333 Gray Reports on the Battle of Chickamauga 550
334 Gray Describes the Slave Whipping Gin PASS
335 Gray’s Personal Chickamauga Guide 50
336 Gray tells of Giving The Enemy Ambulance To Carry His Dead From the Field 350
337 Gray has a high regard for General George Thomas 200
338 Gray reports that “the Rebels shot the prisoners and fled” 375
339 “The Rebels do not bury their dead but let them lay and rot,” 200
340 Gray Reports the Fall of Atlanta 500
341 Gray Writes His Father of Sherman’s March To The Sea - Rapping The Slaves 650
342 “Now the slave woman lives better than the mistress. the slave better than the master” 350
343 Gray Forages in Fayetteville 160
344 Gray Believes the Rebellion Is Fast On The Decline 180
345 Civil War Hand PASS
346 Cooper Shop Receipts PASS
347 After Falling In Love With A Thirteen-Year-Old He Needs To Get Out Of Town! PASS
348 Virginia Printed Ninth Army Corps Victory Poem 100
349 Their Lincoln Reelection Campaign Votes Did Not Count. PASS
350 A Gettysburg 2nd New Hampshire POW Orders His Painted Escutcheon PASS
351 A USCT Officer Is Accused To Taking His Weapons With Him. 50
352 He Throws Away His Spencer Carbine To Prevent Drowning. PASS
353 Letter to Benson Lossing About his History of the Rebellion PASS
354 Conscripted Three Times - Escaped PASS
355 State of New York Bounty Vouchers Signed By Future Governor PASS
356 87th Illinois Surgeon’s Letter - Tries To Send A Body Home 100
357 Federal Missouri Volunteer 90
358 16th Vermont Regimental GAR Booklet on The Battle of Gettysburg. PASS
359 1880’s Printed Invitations PASS
360 Collection Michigan Engineers Grand Army of The Republic Pieces 50
361 Souvenir Book: Views of Fortress Monroe PASS
362 This 15 Year Old Drummer Boy Received The Medal of Honor PASS
363 Civil War Times Illustrated Magazine Collection PASS
364 Enlisted in the Navy at Age 14 During The War of 1812 120
365 Ambrotype of Raw Recruit with Stephen Douglas 1860 Campaign Badge 180
366 A Pair of New York Politicians PASS
367 First Union Officer KIA PASS
368 Texas Ranger, Mexican War Major, and CSA General PASS
369 The Union Naval Commanders PASS
370 CDVs From Two Branches 50
371 Foote Among the First to be Promoted to Rear Admiral 100
372 A Pair Of Major Generals PASS
373 Kearny - "The Rebel bullet that can kill me has not yet been molded." - Killed Within Hours PASS
374 The Confederate Vice President 100
375 The Little Creole PASS
376 Killed by the Husband of his Lover 100
377 Nice Miniature Sherman image PASS
378 When the Union Occupied Kentucky, Marshall Enlisted in the CSA as General 100
379 General Buckner holds the unfortunate distiction of being the first Confederate General to surrender an army 100
380 Drunk, Meagher fell off a steamboat in 1867 and drowned while serving as territorial secretary of Montana. 1300
381 He is most famous for making a charge at the Battle of Champion Hill which broke the Confederate left flank 150
382 Father and Son - Studio Photograph PASS
383 CDV of Nathaniel Prentiss Banks, PASS
384 A Pair Of CDV’s of Naval Admirals 100
385 A Pair of Uniformed Boys PASS
386 CDV of The Children of the Battlefield, 50
387 The Michigan Engineers and Mechanics Save The day During The Battle of Lavergne. PASS
388 A Photograph of Rogers Council Of war PASS
389 Enlisted at Age THIRTEEN - Won the Medal of Honor PASS
390 Four Times Wounded in Action this 11th New Hampshire Officer Wears a Lincoln Mourning Ribbon PASS
391 War Period Stereo Views 300
392 Extraordinary Andersonville Prisoners’ Photograph 2750
393 The Grave of Stonewall Jackson 170
394 A CDV Album From Presumably From The Lee Family PASS
395 He Met With Abraham Lincoln and William H. Seward in 1865 at the Hampton Roads Conference PASS
396 CDVs of Prominent 19th Century Figures from the Collection of Maryland Politician, Severn Teackle Wallis A Secessionist PASS
397 Medal of Honor winner PASS
398 An Early Republican - Union General 50
399 Drummer Boy 375
400 Jefferson Davis Cabinet Card, 140
401 very Scarce Photo Format PASS
402 Civil War Play Photographs PASS
403 GAR Department of Ohio Presentation Album 300
405 The Commodore’s Snuff Box, PASS
406 Pennsylvania Volunteers Bone Ring 80
407 Period Cartridges PASS
408 Civil War Period Six Pointed Cast Iron Caltrops PASS
409 Recovered From the James River, Springfield Musket 600
410 Civil War Medical Bottle 110
411 George Washington Image on a Trade Token PASS
412 An Impressive Pair of Union Generals’ portraits PASS
413 Three Trade Tokens 250
414 Grand Army of the Republic - San Francisco PASS
415 Andersonville Survivors Medal PASS
416 United Confederate Veterans Stars and Bars PASS
417 United Confederate Veterans PASS
418 Lincoln Related Stationary - Notes several Lincoln Associates PASS
419 Abraham Lincoln & Stephen Douglas The Great Debates of 1858 PASS
420 Political Item For The Constitutional Union Party PASS
421 The Lincoln Douglas Debates PASS
422 Jules-Ferdinand Jacquemart - Lincoln Etching - 1862 PASS
423 The Dapper Assassin 160
424 In the Campaign, Democratic William Jennings Bryan Uses Lincoln PASS
425 Nominations Of the Lincoln Johnson Ticket PASS
426 Absentee Election Tally Sheet 130
427 "Pres't Lincoln and Family" 50
428 The Citizens of Warwick, Rhode Island Mourn President Abraham Lincoln's Assassination 275
429 Photograph of the “Our American Cousin” Handbill 80
430 Kansas Gets Notified of the Killing of Lincoln PASS
431 Lincoln Emancipation Folk Art 200
432 A Military and Topographical Atlas - 1813 200
433 Three Bonaparte Song Sheets PASS
434 An Interesting Group of Five Military Illustrated Music Sheets PASS
435 Killed in Action - Mexican War 50
436 The First U.S. Officer to Fall in the Mexican–American War PASS
437 The Quarter Master General Resolving a Death Detail PASS
438 He Fought in the Black Hawk War 50
439 Early Military Photograph PASS
440 On Kossuth’s Visit to America PASS
441 Group of Hand Tinted War of 1812 Naval Battles 50
442 Three Music Sheets With Old Glory PASS
443 Military Images on the Cover of These Music Sheets PASS
444 Maryland Tunic Coat PASS
445 A Pair of Span Am War Images PASS
446 The Founders of the Boy Scouts and Girl Guide 200
447 U.S.S. Virginia World War I Songsheet PASS
448 Group of Letters Sent To Admiral Dewey’s Wife - Includes Two By Edith Kermit Roosevelt 160
449 “First Written Orders Sending The American Troops Into Trenches - The Very Beginning of the American Involvement in World War I PASS
450 WWI Liberty Bond Poster 50
451 WWI Photograph Collection 170
452 Adolf Hitler’s Book 150
453 Hitler Press Photos PASS
454 Archive of WASP - Women’s Auxilery State Police - retained by the Dean, Mrs. Dorris Driskill. PASS
455 WWII Infantryman's Journal on the Nazi Soldier PASS
456 Nuremberg Prisoners Autograph Album PASS
457 Nice WWII Ace Signatures 80
458 One of the Original Founders of the Brokerage Firm of Dean Whitter. PASS
459 Mikhail Gorbachev Rare Signed Photo With President Reagan - PASS
460 Early Keepsake Box 50
461 Napoleon Furniture Decoration PASS
462 Napoleon Pitcher PASS
463 Rare Bone Push Dagger, 325
464 Allen & Thurber Six-shot Pepperbox Pistol PASS
465 Beautiful Folded Cutlery Set - Nearly 200 Years Old PASS
466 Sulky Match Case PASS
467 Brutal Bowie 250
468 Unusual Cutlery Pieces PASS
469 Beautiful Pope Medal Issued Upon The Consecration of the Basilica of St. Paul PASS
470 Medical Sword With Medal Scabbard 110
471 Likely Prison Made Weapon - Gun/Knife 200
472 1870 Cigar Smoking Chromolithography 150
473 Brazilian Coin Spoon PASS
474 Canadian Coin Spoon PASS
475 The Family Tree Recorded on Shoe Tree PASS
476 Very Nice Match Safe, 50
477 Leg Shackles PASS
478 Four Sets of Shackles PASS
479 An Extremely Handsome And Huge Hunting Knife 150
480 Cork Artwork PASS
481 Mexican Coin Bracelet PASS
482 Mexican Coin Belt PASS
483 1893 World's Columbian Exposition Columbian Guard Sword 110
484 1893 Worlds Columbia Exposition Medal/Saint Gaudens 120
485 Ashanti Carved Comb From Rainforests of Central Ghana PASS
486 Eleanor Roosevelt Medal 50
487 Two Coin Bracelets PASS
488 Three Australian Coin Bracelets PASS
489 Benjamin Franklin Coin Bracelet PASS
490 Moon Landing Plaque PASS
491 Very Displayable Palestine Map - 1840 PASS
492 Color Printed Advertising For Emile Zola Book PASS
493 Rare War Date Joseph Goebbels Flyer For the Antisemitic Film PASS
494 Holocaust Survivor Artwork 200
495 General Woolfe [sic], 1755 PASS
496 1785 - Sandwich Islands Engraving 100
497 Wolf Skin Bounties PASS
498 Massachusetts Bridge Toll Ledger Sheet 50
499 Washington City Newspaper - War of 1812 PASS
500 A Ballard About A Female Sailor 70
501 Early Napoleon Engraving PASS
502 Simple Simon PASS
503 Detroit - Committee of Young Men’s Society” Reports - The forerunner To The YMCA 100
504 An Early Phrenology Study 50
505 Early Wheeling, Virginia Letter On Prospective Hotel Owner. 50
506 Victoria & Albert PASS
507 Beautiful Hand Tinted Letter Sheet PASS
508 Group Of Music Sheets PASS
509 Union General Daniel E. Sickles Murders His Wife's Lover 300
510 Dr. Tumblety Was Later Considered to be Jack the Ripper 70
511 Unusual 1866 New York State Payment of Bounties to Volunteers Bond. PASS
512 Ultra-Rare Expansion of The West Fort Scott, Kansas Land Advertising Stationery and Letter. 250
513 Three Stevengraph Woven Images PASS
514 Santa Cruz, California Stationery. 150
515 Crofutt's Trans-Continental Tourist Guide With Historic Western Illustrations PASS
516 Grasshopper Plague of 1874 50
517 French Panama Canal Failure PASS
518 Souvenir book of New York City - 1886 50
519 Explorer Peary Teams With Kodak 225
520 Very Cleaver 3-D Display Card 100
521 Graphic Music Sheets PASS
522 San Francisco Music Sheet PASS
523 1911 West Virginia Geological Map PASS
524 Anti-Cigarette Broadside 50
525 Period Schmatic Drawing for 1919 Automobile PASS
526 1920’s Topographical Maps of West Virginia PASS
527 The New York City Bomb Squad PASS
528 CDV Album of Civil War-Era Actors & Actresses, Inc. J.W. Booth, Charlotte Cushman, Anna Dickinson, Charles Kean, and Many More PASS
529 John Rogers Marketing Stereos 120
530 Winston Churchill’s American Mother - 1862 250
531 Group of Seven CDVs PASS
532 Two Commanders CDVs 150
533 Mormon Brigham Young’s Wives PASS
534 Noted Artists Illustrations PASS
535 NYC Photo Album PASS
536 Scarcely Seen - Stagecoach 100
537 Beautifully Hand Colored Japanese Photographs PASS
538 Impressive Firemen Albumen PASS
539 The Great Lynn Fire - 1889 PASS
540 Photo Collage of a Capsized Ship 110
541 The Re-Internment of John Paul Jones 150
542 Mexican Revolution - Border Burial PASS
543 1856 Presidential Campaign, “The Republican Campaign Songster” 190
544 All For Fremont In 1856. PASS
545 Cabinet card Photograph of Peter Cooper PASS
546 Vanity Fair Prints of The 1872 Presidential Candidates Horace Greeley & Ulysses S. Grant PASS
547 13 United States Senator Autographs from 1893-94 PASS
548 A Pair of Late 19th Century Politicians Cabinet Card Photographs PASS
549 Grouping of Presidential Engravings PASS
550 Interesting George Washington Fac-Simili February 22, 1777 Letter PASS
551 Washington before Boston, Bronze Medal by Pierre Duvivier, 19th Century PASS
552 President Fillmore Appoints a Captain 375
553 Grant Colfax Political Broadside 500
554 Grant Funeral Program PASS
555 Grouping of President Garfield Memorial Pieces - “God reigns and the government at Washington still lives”. 150
556 Very Rare President Garfield Appointment PASS
557 A Pair of Garfield Cabinet Photographs PASS
558 Harrison and Lincoln Campaign Photos 170
559 Cleveland Appoints an Important Naval Officer PASS
560 Three Cabinet Card Photographs Of The Clevelands PASS
561 Scarce presidential Format PASS
562 Another McKinley Military Document PASS
563 He Won the Army Distinguished Service Medal For His Service In WWI PASS
564 Theodore Roosevelt Press photo Archive PASS
565 Three Piece Archive - George Lynn Morrison PASS
566 Taft Makes a Military Appointment PASS
567 Candid Snap Shot Photographs Of President Taft PASS
568 Madison Makes a War Dated Appointment 650
569 Native American Quill Pen 200
570 Man Killed After Trying to Bed a Mulatto Girl PASS
571 Infestation in Texas PASS
572 Rare Printed Fort Wingate Letterhead PASS
573 Selling Hogs and Cattle 50
574 From Jefferson Texas in 1870’s PASS
575 Broncho Jim’s Wild West Show PASS
576 Sciopticon Entertainment PASS
577 Texas Law Group 70
578 William Jackson Photograph PASS
579 Gold Prospecting Photographs PASS
580 Pawnee Bill Stereoview 50
581 He Was Buffalo Bill’s Trap Shooter 100
582 Trappers Boudoir Card Photograph PASS
583 Hunting Photographs with the Last Buffalo PASS
584 Cattle and Pack Animals PASS
585 19th Century Come-Along PASS
586 Chain Gang irons 100
587 Salt Lake Coty Photographs 250
588 Native American Art on Supple Skin, 160
589 A Pair of Fort Yates Photographs 200
590 Albert’s Buckhorn Saloon Group 200
591 Selling Branded Cattle in Texas 160
592 Indian Mission School 130
593 Captain Jack Crawford and Apache Indians 160
594 Colonel Zack Mulhall’s Wild West Show 50
595 An Indian Squaw and Her Wild West Gunfighter 250
596 Albumen Photograph of S.F. Cody PASS
597 Three Indian Wars Period Photographs PASS
598 Indian Wars Violinist 200
599 Very Unusual Indian War Soldier Image PASS
600 Great Looking Loom Beaded Sheath 120
601 Following the Guidon by Libby Custer PASS
602 Western County Sherrif PASS
603 Published Shortly after the Battle of Wounded Knee PASS
604 Oklahoma Arrest Warrant 50
605 Scarce Photograph Of Geronimo 1200
606 The Deputy Marshall gets His Man 50
607 Posing as Deputies 50
608 Selling Tracking Dogs PASS
609 P.T. Barnum Advertisements PASS
610 The Show Owner’s Letter 50
611 Wyoming Bill Lettersheet 50
612 The Winchester Store PASS
613 Si Slocum Marriage Stereo PASS
614 Two Western Studio Photographs PASS
615 Native American Stereoviews PASS
616 Fred Cummins Wild West Shows 200
617 Wild West Show Fred Cummins Photograph PASS
618 Pair of 101 Ranch Photos PASS
619 Mixed Group of Western Images 200
620 Double Horned Plains Indian Tomahawk 150
621 Another Flashy Hunting Knife PASS
622 A handsome Pair of Woman Moccasins 250
623 Native American Doll 350
624 Carved and Painted Bird 100
625 Multi Colored Horse Hair Quirt, 50
626 An All Metal Sheffield Bowie 100
627 Turtle Pipe 100
628 Dead Outlaw On Display 275
629 Supoenas For Men in the Creek Nation PASS
630 Serving A Subpoena in the Chicksaw Territory PASS
631 Keith Theatre Broadside PASS
632 Comanche Chief Timbo Photo PASS
633 Hotchkiss M1909 in his Pack PASS
634 Dickey’s Ranch Letter 50
635 Young Buffalo’s Illustrated Lettersheet 50
636 Texas Kit Letter to Col. Miller of the 101 Ranch PASS
637 The Princess Wenona Western Show 60
638 California Frank Writes Col. Miller of the 101 Ranch PASS
639 Advertisement for KIT CARSON’s Wild West Show PASS
640 The Barnett’s Horse Acts PASS
641 Frontier Days in Cheyenne, Wyoming 50
642 Native Americans in Disagreement PASS
643 Newell Convers Wyeth Illustrated Post Card PASS
644 Texas Rangers PASS
645 Pancho Villa Related Photograph 50
646 Nice Pair of Lyman Rifle Sight Brochures PASS
647 Wild West Troupe on World Tour PASS
648 The Native American Mohawk Woman in Native Art PASS
649 Sioux Beaded Coin Purse 140
650 Tex McLeod Photo Card PASS
651 Noah Hamilton Rose Photograph 110
652 Applying for Work with the 101 Ranch PASS
653 Gun Gospel with Ken Maynard Movie Promotion Slide PASS
654 Florence Hughes Solicits Employment from the 101 Ranch PASS
655 Breaking Into the Business 70
656 Jack Case Rodeo Lettersheet PASS
657 Cheyenne Bill is Paying his Peformers 50
658 Western Saddler Photograph 50
659 Jack Hoxie as Buffalo Bill PASS
660 Fancy Chaps, 200
661 He Stopped the Doolin Gang PASS
662 Tombstone International Press Photo PASS
663 Three Wild West Comic Books 180
664 Vintage Pair Of Cowgirls Boots PASS
665 New Mexico Rodeo Cover PASS
666 The Daring Fugitive Slave Rescue of Shadrack Minkins 100
667 Old John Brown Awaits His Fate 100
668 A Nice Grouping of Six Uncle Sam Stone Litho Centerspreads. PASS
669 Newspaper on the Dangerous Condition of President Garfield PASS
670 The Lindbergh Kidnapper named and Arrested PASS
671 Same Day Report of the Killing of Bonnie and Clyde PASS
672 Baby Face Nelson Was Still Alive ... But Did He Survive PASS
673 Miami Keeps an Eye on the Gangsters PASS
674 War of the Worlds 650