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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Scarce “Union Dissolved” 20000
2 Col. Charles C. Tew-signed Cavalry Tactics Manual 500
3 Confederate shipping documents 200
4 60th N.C. Infantry officer’s letter 1000
5 Rare 1861 Georgia Officer’s Commission for the “Confederate Invincibles” PASS
6 A Georgia Resident Requests Colonel’s Commission and Plans the Defense of Her Coast 500
7 Scarce Georgia Secession Broadside - Dalton January 21st, 1861 3750
8 Beauregard Orders Supplies for His Attack on Fort Sumter 325
9 The 1st Communication by John Kell of the Alabama and his wife Mrs. Blanche Monroe 60
10 Beauregard Proclamation Slams Lincoln 4000
11 Jefferson Davis Is Grateful For Georgia’s Strong Show of Support For the Confederate Cause. He received a state resolution stating - “War to be prosecuted to independence.”. 3000
12 Forrest Orders Hides Captured by Bragg’s Army to be Collected PASS
13 Rocket battery war-date document 120
14 6th Georgia Infantry discharge signed by officer killed at Antietam 100
15 Confederate chaplain from a Mississippi artillery regiment 325
16 Autograph letter signed by Gen. Thomas C.H. Smith 250
17 Anti-Negro and Emancipation Letter from Illinois Copperhead with Letter by Bruce Catton 800
18 The 29th Virginia Receives Weapons 425
19 The 29th Virginia Receives Orders for the Eastern Kentucky Campaign 200
20 Department of the Gulf Pass 180
21 A Georgia Family Seeks the Grave of their Fallen Kin at Antietam 425
22 Confederate Cover Signed by Gen. Paul Semmes 300
23 Autograph Letter Signed by Gen. Scholfield 300
24 General Benjamin Butler Manuscript Document from Louisiana 700
25 Fort Pulaski Sketch 400
26 Confederate Infantry Button 110
27 Gov. Brown Writes General Lee 300
28 Hanging Union Spies 1000
29 General John Hunt Morgan Broadside 2500
30 Beauregard Wants the Flags Titled ‘1st Corps Army of Potomac’ PASS
31 5th Alabama & 8th SC Document Pertaining to Gettysburg Casualty 160
32 Farewell address of Gen. William B. Franklin 110
33 Confederate military prisons morning report PASS
34 Gen. Howell Cobb war-date signed document 140
35 General orders signed by Josiah Tattnal on orders for the CSS Atlanta 850
36 Signed by 4 Confederate Generals Pertaining to a Captured Pennsylvania Flag From Gettysburg Presented to CSA President Davis PASS
37 Confederate hymn book signed by blockade runner captain and a member of the first Hunley crew 1800
38 Signed twice by Gen. Hindman 300
39 War crimes at Point Lookout 300
40 Braxton Bragg Writes Gen. Marcus Wright Complaining of His Dismissal PASS
41 Signed by Col. George W. Brent pertaining to attack by Gen. Kelly PASS
42 42nd Virginia Manuscript Document Signed 300
43 Townsman Eye Witness Account of Quantrill’s Raid on Lawrence, Kansas 2400
44 48th Georgia Manuscript Document 160
45 Wheeler’s Cavalry Corps Battle Order 250
46 Medical Certificate for Captain in the 42nd Mississippi Infantry 425
47 Receipts for the Preparation and Shipment of a Corpse from the 7th West Virginia who was killed at Gettysburg 400
48 7th Army Corps Pass to Fortress Monroe 110
49 James Seddon War Date Autograph Letter Signed 400
50 Yankee Soldier is Paroled After His Capture by Nathan Beford Forrest 1500
51 State of Georgia Quartermaster’s Document 50
52 Gen. Longstreet Orders in Tennessee 200
53 Hanging a Confederate Slave 1100
54 He served on both sides 90
55 Polk Signed Manuscript Map of Vicksburg Campaign PASS
56 Two Rare Views of Andersonville with Union Prisoners by Confederate Photographer 2500
57 Johnson Island prisoner Album with Confederate Generals, Morgan’s Raiders, Gettysburg Prisoners and Much More 3500
58 Appomattox Group With Letter Attesting It’s Authenticity PASS
59 Sandie Pendleton Letter with Great Camp Content and Mention of his father General William N. Pendleton 3000
60 Card Signed General Pickett 2000
61 51st Georgia Officer Writes about Lee being Out Generaled and Retreating from Gettysburg 500
62 Gettysburg Flowers with Note of General George Pickett’s Wife PASS
63 A Five Piece Gettysburg Collection 550
64 Rare Confederate States of America Vessel Registration for Ship Owned by Secretary of War James Seddon PASS
65 Fine Prisoner of War Autograph Album John Hunt Morgan and His Raiders, PASS
66 RE Lee Broadside Just After Gettysburg - July 11, 1863 3500
67 General Bragg Sends Beauregard Orders Pertaining to Lee’s Troops During The Battle Of The North Anna 375
68 Killed in Pickett’s Charge PASS
69 Confederate ordnance stores document 130
70 Special orders pertaining to the board to relieve the Army of disabled, disqualified and incompetent officers PASS
71 12th and 6th Mississippi officers signed document- both KIA 375
72 Gen. Hood writes Gen. Wheeler from Alabama 160
73 He escaped capture during Morgan’s Ohio Raid 110
74 U.S. military telegram to Gen. Vandever 60
75 U.S. military telegram to Gen. Vandever PASS
76 Beauregard informs Col. George W. Brent they have no control over the Navy 160
77 60th NY Infantry letter on depredations caused in Sherman’s March to the Sea 275
78 27th Mass. soldier writes of the 55th Mass. and hanging guerillas 900
79 Signed by Confederate Gen. William Martin 170
80 Field Orders to Gen. Beauregard 90
81 Great Content Letter from Wheeler’s Corps 250
82 Early’s Division Stores Document PASS
83 Rockland County, NY Man Hires a Substitute PASS
84 Pass for a Corpse Authorized by Capt. John Cassels 130
85 Military pass from Camp Douglas Prison 225
86 CS Navy parole 400
87 Scarce Special Orders 225
88 Signed by Paroled Confederate Prisoners 150
89 Guarding Andersonville Prisoners 170
90 3rd Rhode Island Parole of Honor - Louisiana Confederate imprint 475
91 Signed by CSA Surgeon General Samuel P. Moore 400
92 British Officer Thomas G. Peacocke Joins General George Pickett’s Staff 500
93 General Beauregard Signed Cipher-Written Telegram, Ordering an Attack PASS
94 General Robert E. Lee Warns President Davis That Richmond Faces Imminent “Disaster” PASS
95 Ordnance lost by the 154th New York infantry at Chancellorsville 350
96 Transporting a Confederate prisoner of war to his home in Mississippi 170
97 5th Kentucky Mounted Infantry wants to use Gen. Wheeler’s cavalry tactics 375
98 Unused imprinted receipt for hospital POWs 110
99 Transportation order for paroled Confederate POW 170
100 CDV: Gen. Benjamin Huger 130
101 Shipping Negroes in Alabama 120
102 Hoke’s signed Farewell Address 2000
103 7th Mass. Light Infantry writes of battle at Blakely, Alabama 140
104 Irish signed Confederate Louisiana Artillery document PASS
105 Greensboro Parole Signed by Raphael Semmes as Admiral and Brigadier General PASS
106 War-date Autograph Letter Signed by Gen. Wheeler - Content Regarding the Eenemy PASS
107 Surgeon Captured at Gettysburg Signs his oath to the Federal Government 250
108 Pass for a Paroled Georgia Prisoner PASS
109 North Carolinian’s Oath to the Federal Government 100
110 1865 Richmond, Va., Pass 60
111 Gens. Trimble and Kemper are transferred to the Gettysburg Hospital 2000
112 Oath of Allegiance by Kentucky CSA General 750
113 6th Virginia Parole of Honor 450
114 General Johnston Orders From North Carolina 110
115 Appomattox Parole Signed by 24th Virginia Cavalry Colonel 3250
116 State of West Virginia Oath of Allegiance PASS
117 Georgia Militia Button 50
118 Lot of Four Early U.S. Marine Coat Buttons PASS
119 Soldier’s Furlough 325
120 Morgan’s Raid in Ohio 450
121 Tintype Photograph of Two Members of Mosby’s Rangers 3000
122 Missouri farmer’s Civil War Claim is Denied 50
123 Large 1883 Tipton Photographic View of the Gettysburg Battlefield 800
124 Killed More Yankees Than Any Other Confederate Soldier 225
125  Scarce John Brown Albumen Photograph 2000
126 Photographs of a Black Confederate Veteran PASS
127 Black Soldier Photograph and Letter PASS
128 Fire-Eater Rhett Discusses the Slave Trade With His Father 500
129 The 21st Miss. Infantry (Including General Humphreys) Are Mended Back To Health By Cousin Archer 200
130 "As For Peace...We Should Give The Northern Abolitionist With Lyncoln At Their Head One Good Brushing Before The Matter Closes." 1100
131 "What A Shock I Received [at] The First News of The Loss Among Our Atlanta Companies" After The Battle of First Bull Run 160
132 Confederate Secessionist (Baltimore Issued) "Don't Tread On Me" Patriotic Card. 150
133 Confederate Secessionist "Southern Rights" Maryland Based Patriotic Card. PASS
134 A 2nd Lt of Forrest’s Cavalry Gets Paid 100
135 21st Mississippi Letter Pertaining to the Battle of Manassas 650
136 12th South Carolina Quartermaster Writes Home 900
137 The Following Eight lots are Confederate Printed, War-dated, Newspapers. The scarcity of Confederate newspapers is well established based on the lack of available rag paper from which to publish... PASS
138 Confederate Newspaper reports Continued Secession PASS
139 Confederate Newspaper Reports the Bombing of Sumter PASS
140 Confederate Newspaper Reports The Battle of Bull Run PASS
141 Free Colored Fights For the Confederates PASS
142 New Orleans Confederate PASS
143 The Choctaw Support The Confederacy PASS
144 Scarce Issue of the Camden Confederate Newsaper, 120
145 An Influential South Carolinian, Gabriel E. Manigault Says "6 Grown Negroes Have Died" While He Experiments With Salt Refinement PASS
146 The 1st South Carolina Cavalry Readies Its Advance To The Front 100
147 Confederate South Carolina Cavalry Medical Certificate 100
148 The 28th North Carolina Is Severally Cut Up At Battle of Hanover Court House, Va. 400
149 An 18th Georgia Infantryman's Condolence Letter After His Soldier Brother Is Killed During The Battle of Gaines Mill. 450
150 A Pair Of CSA Ballots For CSA President Davis 275
151 ALS of CSA General Tilghman 550
152 Scarce Document Signed By J.J. Pettigrew Who Was Wounded In The Pickett’s Charge Battle And Killed In The Gettysburg Retreat PASS
153 Texas Confederate Shin Plaster 1100
154 A Destitute Rebel In Johnson's Island Military Prison Needs Help 190
155 Confederate Forces Serve With Short Rations At Cumberland Gap 100
156 Three Confederate Imprinted Music Sheets 275
157 The $1000 Stonewall Jackson Bond PASS
158 Soldier Letter With Gettysburg Content 170
159 Describes Effort to Reinforce Fort Sumter - “Tonight we will start early in order to get over before the moon gets up” PASS
160 Directly After Gettysburgh, General Lee Approves a Military Pass For British Officer 1600
161 Printed Confederate Soldier’s Pass 140
162 Group of Confederate Bonds PASS
163 Confederate Bond Group PASS
164 WIA at Spotsylvania Sketch of Punishment in the Union Army 140
165 Wounded In The Head At The Battle of Jonesville, Virginia...He Is Now "O. K." 1600
166 South Carolina Surgeon’s Exemption Certificate 140
167 Group of Four Confederate Bonds PASS
168 Funding the Confederate War Machine PASS
169 Funding the Confederate Government PASS
170 Pair of Confederate Bonds PASS
171 1864 Confederate Bond PASS
172 Clipping of Robert E. Lee's Hair PASS
173 A Quick and Easy Robert E. Lee Signature PASS
174 Confederate Soldier Signs the Wilmington Oath Of Allegiance 225
175 He Was a Member of Mosby’s Cavalry and is Pardoned in 1868 130
176 Miseries and Sufferings of Six Hundred Confederate Prisoners 140
177 Staunton, Virginia Female Seminary Advertising Card Including "Competent and Kind. Mrs. Gen. J. E. B. Stuart." 325
178 Colonel Mosby Writes Why he Fought for the South 50
179 Unusual Image of the Confederate Politicians 70
180 Colonel Heros von Borcke's Journal PASS
181 CSA Prints: Hall's Generals of the Confederate States Army in Hard Case Box, 1992. 300
182 The CSA President PASS
183 Confederate General Beauregard 130
184 Confederate President Jefferson Davis 225
185 CSA Vice President 90
186 Scarce Naval Photograph PASS
187 JEB Stuart CDV 110
188 Unusual View of JEB Stuart PASS
189 The CSA President 80
190 CSA Cavalryman CDV: One of J. E. B. Stuart's Most Favorite Lieutenants, Thomas L. Rosser. 160
191 President of the Provisional Congress of the Confederate States. 200
192 Early War Date Image of Thomas J. Jackson 100
193 McArthur was wounded leading his brigade in a breakout of the Confederate encirclement on the first day of Shiloh. 100
194 Rare Confederate Naval Officer CDV PASS
195 Commodore Matthew Maury CDV 130
196 Confederate "Battle Flags" CDV. 200
197 CSA Cavalryman CDV: Fitz Hugh Lee. PASS
198 CSA Cavalryman CDV: Wade Hampton. 110
199 Rare Salt Print Southern (Mobile, Alabama) Manufactured CDV of Robert E. Lee. 400
200 Thumbnail Strip Photos of General Grant 120
201 Confederate "C. S. A." Battle Flags CDV. 190
202 Confederate "In Memoriam" Battle Flag CDV. 100
203 Rare Robert E. Lee and Staff "Military Medallion" CDV PASS
204 Robert E. Lee As He Appeared For Mathew Brady After Appomattox 450
205 Washington DC’s Treasury Building PASS
206 Great Cabinet Card of Robert E. Lee's "Floppy Tie" Pose. PASS
207 CDV Of Former CSA General Wade Hampton 100
208 USS Tallapoosa at Portsmouth, NH Navy Yard 100