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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Roman razor PASS
2 1754 Documents Signed by Pierre De Peyster 50
3 Signer William Ellery ADS 190
4 The Massachusetts Bay Colonists Resist The British - 1769 200
5 1773 Plea in Court Case PASS
6 Wonderful Engraving of John Paul Jones 60
7 A Connecticut Toddler Becomes An Indentured Servant During the Revolutionary War. 120
8 Revolutionary War Newspaper With General George Washington Content 190
9 As Governor, John Hancock Writes the Massachusetts Congress on Troop Placement 750
10 Admiral Digby Engraving PASS
11 He was Awarded a Silver Medal by the Confederation Congress for his Leadership at the 1781 Battle of Cowpens 200
12 Colonial 1784 Land Sale Document PASS
13 Madison’s Original Nine Amendments Are debated On The Congressional Floor 1500
14 Pension Document for Widows of KIA Revolutionary Soldiers PASS
15 Color Covers of Le Petit Journal - French Revolution & The Wellman Expedition PASS
16 Revolutionary War Colors 50
17 The Federal Government Brands This Man a Slave Stealer PASS
18 Free Woman of Color Ordered to Appear in Court for Running a Brothel in Tennessee 250
19 The Sate of New York Documents Its early Slave Population PASS
20 An Escaped Slave Is "Discovered Between Deck" On Board The Steamship Philadelphia. 850
21 John Brown Took Him Prisoner 60
22 Music Sheets Related to Uncle Tom's Cabin and Black Americana 100
23 Pre War Slavery Books 100
24 “Decks of a Slave Ship” 150
25 Dred Scott Antagonist: Chief Justice Roger Taney. 110
26 On The Eve Of The Civil War, Virginia Collects The Slave Tax PASS
27 The Abolitionist John Brown PASS
28 Free Black Male Virginia Tax Document PASS
29 Black Themed Cover 50
30 War Dated Doctor’s Bill For Treating a Negro Girl PASS
31 The Carolina Twins 110
32 “Eminent Opponents of the Slave Power” 90
33 Slave Darriel Runs Away To The Yankees, "But Was Taken Up Below Sparta." PASS
34 A Minstrel Show Comes To Rhode Island In '65: "I Thought I Should Kill Myself Laughing." PASS
35 African-American Color Bearer PASS
36 An Important Racist Envelope 150
37 He Was one of the Secret Six 150
38 Negative Black Theme Cartoon Photos PASS
39 Great Image of the 9th Cavalry PASS
40 Frederick Douglass Signed Document 400
41 A Marvelous Series of Ten (9) French, Real-photo Postcards Black Dancers Performing a Dance Entitled "Le Cake-Walk". 100
42 Derogatory Black Advertising Display PASS
43 Group of FOUR Cotton Photographs PASS
44 The KK Grouping 140
45 Pennant Celebrating 50 Years of Emancipation 150
46 WWI Postcard, Recruiting Colored Men 50
47 WWI Poster, Recruiting Colored Men 100
48 An Early Attempt “to pass a Federal law for the suppression of lynching...” 120
49 The Republican Candidate Wants the Colored Vote PASS
50 Criminal African Americans PASS
51 KKK Grouping 375
52 Handbill For Negro Republican Voters League of Iowa 180
53 Early 1930’s African American Performers 50
54 The Champion Boxers Together PASS
55 Announcing the Assassination of Malcolm X PASS
56 Muhammad Ali Questions Why Black Men Should Marry White Women 170
57 An Important Pair of Press Photos - Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas PASS
58 The First Popularly Elected Black US Senator PASS
59 Two African America Broadway Giants PASS
60 Arkansas $5 bond 100
61 The Confederate Government is Not Liable for Kidnapped Slaves PASS
62 Texas Prepares to Vote For the Ordinance of Secession 100
63 North Carolina Civilian Letter “...Mother says make haste whip the Yankees and come home” 50
64 Thrice Signed Confederate General's Document Condemning A Virginia Deserter 450
65 The following thirty seven (37) letters were written by Mann Page (1835-1904) who was one of the very first Virginians enlist. Hailing from Columbia County, near Richmond, Va. he enlisted in the... 425
66 The Cheat Mountain Campaign While Col. John A. Washington "Lost His Life By His Own Imprudence." 1400
67 Robert E. Lee's Men Face Trying Times While Falling Back From Cheat Mountain 500
68 Rough Trip Bring Mrs. Gilham To The Front; Misery Of The Troops and Having A New Sergeant Major's Uniform Made PASS
69 Ordering His Uniform, Haversack And Military Cap "No. 7." 130
70 Col. William Gilham And Major Scott Shipp Return To VMI After Leading Them In '61. 200
71 Do These Two Things For If Anything Should Happen To Me I Would Like To Have Left The Little Darling Something To Remember Me By. 140
72 Stonewall Jackson Drives The Yankees Out of VA.; Their Col. William Gilham & Major Shipp Return To V. M. I.; Lt. Col. John M. Patton 275
73 I Cannot Forsake The Path of Duty To Which My Country Calls Me. 150
74 Battle of Kernstown: Lt. Col. John M. Patton Preformed Gallantly! PASS
75 Ever Hopeful He Plans To Serve The Confederate States Army After The War 120
76 Battle of McDowell & Enlisting the Help Of Secretary of War, George Randolph 250
77 Epic Stonewall Jackson Valley Campaign Letter: "For The First Time…I Saw Old Jack Smile As He Dash[ed] Along Through…Winchester." 2750
78 Page And His Men Are Not To Be Mocked By Cocky Union Prisoners 250
79 On Captured Yankee Stationery: "Fighting Is Nothing New With Jackson's Army" During The Seven Days Campaign. PASS
80 Slave William "Is Very Attentive"; Cracking Done On Lack Discipline Jackson; Concentrating His Forces & The Duties of Adjutant. 200
81 Writing By Slave William He Recalls The Death of His Horse At Cedar Mountain 225
82 Second Battle of Bull Run: "Genl. Lee Knows What He Is About God Grant He May Capture Them." PASS
83 Our Army…Is Twice As Strong As It Was Before The Sharpburg Fight. PASS
84 Appointed Inspector General To Gen. John M. Jones Who Is "Very Pious…None of Us Drink." 475
85 He Had To Discharge Hired Slave: "I Have Spoiled William By Being Two Liberal With Him." PASS
86 Cleaning Up The Debris After The Battle of Chancellorsville; Advising His Uncle To Grow Peas To Provision The Army. PASS
87 Gettysburg Campaign: "Come Up Here" You Could Fill Your Wagons Up "With Such Things You and Those Among You Want." 170
88 A Condolence Letter For A Fallen "Darling Little Boy." PASS
89 Hospital Recovery. PASS
90 He Is Arrested By Drunkard Col. William A. Witcher: "He Is A Mean Man And Has Taken A Dislike To Me." 150
91 Paying Jeff Davis' Private Secretary In "Present" Confederate Currency PASS
92 Everybody Seems To Think We Will Have Bloody Work Here This Summer. PASS
93 Wounded In Action While Serving On Gen. Ewell's Staff At The Battle of Spotsylvania Court House 400
94 They Would Have Captured Washington If Only They Weren't So Exhausted 400
95 Carrying Dispatches For Genl. Early To Lee; Plunder In Maryland Was Prohibited and Death of Family Members 300
96 His Horse Is Killed From Under Him At Winchester PASS
97 Bad Conduct At Winchester Prevented Genl. Early From Gaining The Day At Cedar Creek 300
98 Finding Many Reasons Why Their Cause Will Very Soon Become The Lost Cause 200
99 The People Must Make Up Their Minds To Support The Army Or The Cause Will Be Lost 250
100 Inspecting Wickham's Cavalry Brigade and A Dispute Over An Ill Gotten Horse 110
101 Bragg Issues A Victory Address After Chickamauga PASS
102 Col. William Francis Martin 17th North Carolina Looking To Commissioner Robert Ould About His POWs PASS
103 Gen. John H. Morgan crossed the Ohio River, and raided across southern Indiana and Ohio, 1863. 170
104 Gen. Richard Taylor was the only son of Zachary Taylor, 150
105 Packet of 3rd Virginia Cavalry Documents: Stonewall Jackson, Brandy Station and Robert E. Lee Related Connections. PASS
106 The Famed Daily Citizen PASS
107 Quartermaster General Alexander R. Lawton Authorizes Inflated Payment For Government Slave Hires 850
108 Rare War-Date Major General FITZ HUGH LEE Endorsement 875
109 Seven Hundred Dollars For Your Confederate Mule! PASS
110 CSA Quartermaster General Alexander R. Lawton Document: "It Is Utterly Impossible To Procure Supplies For The Employees of This Dept." PASS
111 Former Slaves Sign Their Mark For The Confederate Quartermaster's Department 275
112 Rare Chimborazo Hospital Document 400
113 Thomas Jefferson Orders Officers for the Militia to Defend Western Virginia During the Revolution 8000
114 Drafting Free Named Negoes in Virginia - 1861 2000
115 East Tennessee Proclamation Broadside by Confederate Colonel Leadbetter 2000
116 Printing of the South Carolina Secession Ordinance 170
117 $1,000 U.S. Parole Bond for a Confederate Prisoner of War 150
118 62nd Illinois Soldier Wants the Negroes to go to Liberia PASS
119 Confederate “Certificate of Disability for Discharge” 130
120 Gen. McDowell pays a Negro Spy in 1862 275
121 Gen. Samuel Preston Moore War Date Letter PASS
122 Georgia Confederate Military Pass PASS
123 Jeff Davis -- Magnus Song Sheet PASS
124 Lincoln Military Commission For Gettysburg KIA Officer 3000
125 Manuscript Map of the Pocotaliga Expedition 550
126 Map of the Battle of Antietam 60
127 Member of Phillips Legion is Furloughed Due to a Fractured Thigh PASS
128 Pass for Sergeant in Chatham’s Regiment to Travel Through Savannah 100
129 Receipt for Purchase of Shotgun PASS
130 Signed by the Chaplain of the 1st Tennessee 160
131 Stonewall Jackson’s Quartermaster Receives Stores the Day after the Battle of Port Republic 250
132 Confederate Military Election Return Signed by Confederate surgeon PASS
133 Confederate Parole for Massachusetts Soldier 600
134 Confederate South Carolina Militia Broadsheet Signed By “S.R. Gist” PASS
135 Governor Letcher Commissions his Son Samuel Houston Letcher as Lieutenant Colonel with Lengthy Oath by Lt. Col. Letcher on Verso Swearing his Allegiance to the Confederate States of America 350
136 A Rare Confederate Telegraph Service Letter On Rebuilding The Wires At Petersburg 425
137 Robert E. Lee Praises the Patriotic Spirit of the Confederate Soldier and Family PASS
138 Sidney Lanier -- Georgia’s Own Hero PASS
139 The Copperhead Millenium Cartoon PASS
140 War Date Letter by Stonewall’s ADC Alexander R. Boteler 130
141 Forrest’s Cavalry Corps Parole Signed by Union Gen. Dennis PASS
142 Fourteen Confederate’s Seek to Take the Oath of Allegiance to the Union at Petersburg in 1865 1000
143 Greensboro Parole Signed by BOTH Confederate Generals Benjamin Cheatham and William J. Hardee 2400
144 Officers of Our Union Army And Navy by Louis Prang, 100
145 Lorenzo Thomas Signed Document - Courtsmartial PASS
146 Rare Pettengill Revolver Company Stock 190
147 22nd New York Letter about the Chief Aeronaut of the Union Army Balloon Corps 425
148 Alexander Hamilton III Letter with Good Content 100
149 Fortifying The Forts Around Baltimore Harbor 90
150 General Twiggs Dismissed From The Army For "treachery to the flag of his country.” PASS
151 Group of Five Illustrated Music Sheets PASS
152 Jeff Davis Used As Art on These Political Patriotic covers 225
153 Nathan Hale Revolutionary War Poem. 70
154 Patriotic Booklet: Consecration of the Flag of The Union, Boston, May 1861. PASS
155 Revised Regs for 1861 PASS
156 The 23rd New York Receives Their Colors in Front of Abraham Lincoln Before 1st Bull Run 180
157 The Trent Affair is Reported to a Merchant in Hong Kong 60
158 U.S. Infantry Tactics Signed by 13th Indiana Infantry Soldier who Lost an Arm at Rich Mountain 300
159 Union Soldier Writes of the Battle of Hoke’s Run PASS
160 Unique Sketch of the Writer in Camp 225
161 18th Connecticut Vols Group 130
162 111th Pennsylvania Soldier Writes of Hangings in the Regiment PASS
163 151st New York Letter Group 750
164 1862 Expedition to Salt Sulphur Springs; The Battle of Lewisburg, (West) Virginia While A Contraband "Hurries After De Yankees". 750
165 $2 Greenback, 2 1862 Legal Tender 250
166 24th Iowa Soldier Writes of Secesh Movements in Arkansas and the Lowly State of Cotton Plantation Slaves 120
167 3rd Rhode Island Heavy Artillery Letter - Report of the Capture of Fort Macon 100
168 4th Pennsylvania Cavalry Soldier Assaults and Robs a Man PASS
169 A Complete Bound Volume Of Civil War Dated Cleveland Newspapers PASS
170 A Raid Towards Charleston, Missouri Reduces The "Swamp Fox" Jeff Thompson Forces, "To About Four…Hundred Crafty, Wily, Shrew, Desperate Men." 275
171 Anticipating The Fall of Forts Henry and Donelson PASS
172 Battle of Lewisburg of Lewisburg With Casualties 375
173 Casualties at the Battle of Cedar Run 120
174 Consolidation of the “Irish Legion” PASS
175 Escorting Peace Commissioners. There Are Plenty of Guerrillas Around and "Plenty of Fun" With Wenches and "Plums To Steal." 100
176 Fear That Longstreet's Reinforcement of Bragg's Army at Chickamauga Will Lead To Their Defeat 250
177 General O.M. Mitchel Died Within Weeks of This Endorsement. PASS
178 Group of NINE Music Sheets 150
179 He Was Killed in Action at Gettysburg PASS
180 M.O.H. RecipienM.O.H. Recipient Capt. Theophilus Francis Rodenbough Writes of his Capture at Centerville - “The bullets flew around our heads thick as hail”!t Capt. Theophilus Francis Rodenbough... PASS
181 Newbern North Carolina Falls PASS
182 Pickets Talk and Exchange Coffee Weeks Before The Seven Days Campaign. PASS
183 Russian Troops Will Help Us In Case of War With England & France PASS
184 The Libby Prisoners Organize “The Prisoners Club” 650
185 This Zouave Died In A Prison Camp 100
186 Union memorial Book: Adjutant Stearns 21st Mass. Vols. following his death at the battle of New Bern, N. C., March 14, 1862 50
187 Union Soldier Writes of Fortress Monroe 250
188 Rare Account of The Raid and Skirmish at Franklin, Va. He Was "Most Tired Out" While "The Captain's Waiters…Buck Negroes Would Be Riding On A Horse And We Had To Got Afoot." 1200
189 Battle of Joyner's Ferry, Virginia Where He Saw A Man's Legs Were Shattered "All To Pieces" By A Rebel Shell. 300
190 13th New Hampshire Letter Group 1000
191 14th Vermont Writes of Rumors about the Gray Ghost 120
192 A Diversionary Raid Upon Lewisburg, West Virginia To Aid The Attack Upon Longstreet's Supply Line At Salem 850
193 Abraham Lincoln Officially Stamps Fitz-John Porter's Removal From United States Service. 120
194 Civil War Union Officer Writes of his Capture at Chancellorsville 190
195 Important Gettysburg Field Issued Broadside - Meade Congratulates the Troops PASS
196 Indiana Civilian Writes of War News 275
197 Maryland Confederate Officer Writes of The Culp’s Hill Battle at Gettysburg PASS
198 On The Emancipation Proclamation: "We Had Better Quit" Than Let "Infernal N**r" Carry The The American Flag. PASS
199 Rare 1st Massachusetts Sharpshooters Document PASS
200 Rare Mention of the Skirmish at Blount’s Creek, NC 250
201 Soldier Writes of Captured Englishmen Coming into the Union Lines PASS
202 Soldier Writes on Major General Halleck Stationary 70
203 The Union League Helps Organize the 20th United States Colored Troops PASS
204 Three New York Civilian Letters PASS
205 Union regimental History: PASS
206 William Washburn is Elected to the House of Representatives 90
207 A Harrowing Train Wreck In West Virginia, "I Went Out And Found The Engine Bottom Side Up." 225
208 He Numbers Himself Among One of The Many of Nurse Nellie M. Chase's Admirers. 300
209 The Union High Command Is Reorganized After Chickamauga and Brother Meets Brother Between The Lines. PASS
210 Battle of Wauhatchie and Col. Underwood's Grisly Wound. PASS
211 Playing The Role of Courier To Visit Gravely Wounded Col. Adin Underwood. 300
212 Looking For A Commission In One Of General Butler's "Negro" Cavalry Regiments. PASS
213 Active Raids Help Capture a CSA General and Rejuvenates The Men of Anderson Troop. PASS
214 Brave Sgt. Sowersby Nearly Loses His Life Mrs. Jones' Well Which Is Now Used As A Stinky "Sink." PASS
215 April 1864: "Rebs Are Showing Themselves Now" Near Charleston, West Virginia. 100
216 Flattered By Being Asked To Become Part of Col. Schoonmaker's Staff After His Appointed As Provost Marshal. PASS
217 1st West Virginia Cavalry's Nepotism and "There Is An Organized Gang…Plundering And Doing Anything For Gain." 200
218 General Averell Raid On The Tennessee & Virginia Railroad. 100
219 Behind Enemy Lines With POWs Captured During Averell's Raid On The Tenn. & Va. Railroad: We Would "Cut Our Way Through." 800
220 Invalid Citizens, Mutilated Soldiers Plea Their Case Before Provost Blackmar. 150
221 Patriotic Union Woman Give Out Bouquets To Averell's Men During Hunter's Valley Raid. 100
222 Oley's Brigade Has Met The Enemy On May Occasions In The Mountains of West Virginia. 100
223 Averell's Virginia Mountain Campaign: "I Pity Our Sick, Wounded…Who Fell Into The Enemy's Hands. I Am Sure They Will Be Murdered." 400
224 He Is To Assume The Duties Of Acting Assistant Adjutant General Giving A Good Description of The Required Duties. 130
225 Captured Cannon Come In From Fighting Then Going On At Winchester. 100
226 Crook's Cavalry Are Badly Whipped And Driven Out of Maryland. 110
227 The Battle of Moorefield, West Va. Devastates McCausland's Command While "Averell's Stock Is Up." . 100
228 1st New York Artillery Officer’s US Army Regs PASS
229 24th Army Corps General Orders Signed by Officers PASS
230 9th Vermont Officer orders an Arrest PASS
231 Eulogy for 1st Maine Cavalry Officer 100
232 Federal General Orders PASS
233 He Was One of the Captains Present at the Attack and Capture of New Orleans 50
234 Intense reporting of The Battle of the Crater 1100
235 Picket Shooting Is The Worst Kind Of Warfare PASS
236 Sexual Misbehavior in the Army PASS
237 Stonewall Jackson’s Prayer 200
238 The Diary of Pvt. J. W. Grant 12th Rhode Island Vols. owned by a member of the regiment B. C. Mitchell, 1864. PASS
239 The Southern Confederacy's Days Are Numbered With The Nomination Of George B. McClellan To The Democrat Platform PASS
240 This Officer Collects Monies at Fort Fisher For His Black Servant PASS
241 Union Army - Arrest Documents PASS
242 Civil War Related Documents PASS
243 Conscripted Three Times - Escaped PASS
244 General Schofield Signed Medical Document PASS
245 General Weitzel Is Looking For A Few Good Men From The Descendent of Revolutionary War General "Mad" Anthony Wayne. PASS
246 Group of DeKay Signed Documents PASS
247 He Ordered the Stars and Stripes to be Flown Over the Fallen Confederate Capital PASS
248 Jeff’s Double Quick 100
249 Letter to Benson Lossing About his History of the Rebellion PASS
250 Letter to General Adin Underwood from his Wife 50
251 Missouri's "Copperheads Are In A Peck of Trouble…The Law On One Side &…Boys With Revolvers On The Other." 100
252 Pair Gettysburg related court documents: (2) April 1865 Adams County, Pa. court documents for fornication. PASS
253 President Andrew Johnson Raises the Restrictions on Contraband PASS
254 President Johnson Restores the Writ of Habeas Corpus to the Rebellious States 50
255 Requa (Civil War Machine Gun) Battery Muster Roll. 225
256 Richard Yates Writes about a Job Opportunity 50
257 Schuyler Colfax Autograph Letter Signed 275
258 State of New York Bounty Vouchers Signed By Future Governor 50
259 The Fall of Savannah; The Slave Population of South Carolina's Low Country Speak A Different "German" Language. 190
260 Union General Prints 100
261 He was Murdered by General Cole PASS
262 Two Documents Signed by General John McAuley Palmer 50
263 He was Chief of Staff to General McClellan PASS
264 Story of a Medal of Honor Winner PASS
265 General James Negley Signed Bond 50
266 General H.E. Paine Autograph Letter Signed PASS
267 General Halbert Paine Signed Stock Certificate PASS
268 Union General Carl Schurz Autograph Letter Signed PASS
269 Union General Corse Letter. 50
270 Chicago Elevated Terminal Railway Company Stock Signed by 105th Ohio Veteran PASS
271 Clem, ‘Drummer Boy of Chickamauga,’ Writes to MOH Albee 170
272 Formal Portrait of Stephen Douglas 90
273 Scarce Gutta Percha Ambro Case PASS
274 Considered To Be The Founder Of Modern Nursing - Florence Nightingale 180
275 Lincoln’s First Secretary of War 100
276 Nicknamed "Father Neptune" - Served 1861-69 110
277 Photograph of Kepi’s PASS
278 US Naval Officers and Ensigns in the Civil War PASS
279 Patriotic Case PASS
280 Another Patriotic Case 100
281 Another Patriotic Photo Case 100
282 The Patriotic Shield is Uned 100
283 CDV of General George B. McClellan 60
284 Three Killed in the Civil War PASS
285 AP Hill Was Shot Dead April 2, 1865 As He Rode To The Front Lines 100
286 Archer Was The 1st general Captured at Gettysburg 200
287 Bancroft Established the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis in 1845. PASS
288 Barnard served as the Superintendent of the United States Military Academy PASS
289 Beauregard was briefly appointmented as superintendent at West Point in 1861 50
290 Breckinridge was youngest-ever vice president of the United States 60
291 Brilliant Colorized Emancipation Image 120
292 Caleb Smith - He Was A Member of the Peace Convention of 1861 130
293 Canby Took General Edmund Kirby Smith Surrender of the Mississippi River on May 26, 1865 PASS
294 CDV: Admiral Semmes Surrender to Sherman, April 26, 1865 PASS
295 CDV: Col. Montford Sydney Stokes PASS
296 CDV: Gen. Ambrose Powell Hill PASS
297 CDV: Gen. Beale 100
298 CDV: Gen. Breckinridge PASS
299 CDV: Gen. James Kemper Was Severley Wounded at Pickett’s Charge 150
300 CDV, Gen. JEB Stuart 100
301 CDV, Gen. Joseph E. Johnson PASS
302 CDV: Gen. Jubal Early delivered speeches establishing the Lost Cause position 300
303 CDV, Gen. Robert E. Lee PASS
304 CDV, Gen. Robert E. Lee PASS
305 CDV, Gen. Robert E. Lee PASS
306 CDV: Gen. Simon B.Buckner accepted Ulysses S. Grant's demand for an "unconditional surrender 100
307 CDV, Gen. Stonewall Jackson 200
308 CDV, Jeff Davis PASS
309 CDV, Lee and Grant PASS
310 CDV Of General Wade Hampton PASS
311 Civil War John Ericsson CDV USS Monitor Designer 120
312 Drummer Boy of Rappahannock 350
313 Eaton Graduated from West Point in 1826 PASS
314 Edwin Stanton Mid Chest CDV by Brady 100
315 Ewell proposed to President Jefferson Davis that in order for the Confederacy to win the war, the slaves must be freed PASS
316 Gen. Gustavus Smith served as Interim Confederate Secretary of War PASS
317 Gen. J. C. Pemberton - surrender Vicksburg 100
318 Gen. James Kershaw was captured at the Battle of Sayler's Creek, 1865 150
319 Gen. Joseph Johnson 50
320 Gen. Joseph Wheeler - 16 horses were shot from under him 275
321 Getty's division, including the famed Vermont Brigade, made the initial breakthrough at Petersburg on April 2, 1865, PASS
322 Gideon Welles Issues Checks to Matthew Brady and Alexander Gardner - Both Endorse PASS
323 Gordon commanded a brigade in XII Corps, Army of the Potomac, at the Battle of Antietam PASS
324 Hawley commanded a hand-picked brigade shipped to New York City to safeguard the election process. 120
325 He graduated West Point with Robert E. Lee PASS
326 He Was The First Republican To Hold Office - Hamlin's increasingly anti-slavery views caused him to leave the Democratic Party for the newly formed Republican Party in 1856. 150
327 He was wounded three times. PASS
328 His father-in-law was the "Father of the US Cavalry", Philip St. George Cooke. 200
329 Hunt graduated from West Point as an infantry officer in 1847 PASS
330 In Uniform, Major General Grant PASS
331 John B. Hood Was Severely Wounded at Gettysburg 190
332 John Wilkes Booth’s Close Friend - Maggie Mitchell PASS
333 Johnson was severely wounded at the Battle of New Hope Church on May 28, 1864. PASS
334 Later Became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court 100
335 On 8 April 1864, Franklin was wounded in the leg at the Battle of Mansfield in Louisiana PASS
336 Outdoor New York Regument Headquarters 180
337 Rosecrans Rejected Original Appointment as Major General, September 17, 1862 PASS
338 Sheridan’s destruction of the economic infrastructure of the Valley was called "The Burning" by residents PASS
339 Sherman Twice received the Thanks of Congress 100
340 Steuart unsuccessfully promoted the secession of Maryland 275
341 Texas Ranger Gen. McCullough was shot out of the saddle and died instantly, March 7, 1862. 100
342 The Abolitionist John Brown PASS
343 The Assassin in Formal Wear 120
344 Turner Ashby’s Nickname Was "Black Knight of the Confederacy" 250
345 Washburn was the target of an unsuccessful raid led by Nathan B. Forrest to kidnap him 110
346 William Seward Profile CDV by Brady Washington. 100
347 20th Mass Officer MWIA at Wilderness PASS
348 Baseball Illustrated and other CDVs PASS
350 CDV of General Burnside 50
351 Governor Wise CDV 110
352 Partisan Ranger John "Hanse" McNeil 18th Virginia Cavalry PASS
353 The Assassin 120
354 Three Cabinet Card Photographs 22nd New York Cavalry 50
355 Vallindigham Was Convicted at an Army Court Martial, Exiled to the Confederacy Where He Ran for Governor of Ohio in 1863 But was Defeated. 100
356 Beecher Family 70
357 CDV of Secretary of War Stanton 70
358 Jefferson Davis Escaping in a Dress PASS
359 Lt. General Grant Immediately After the Lincoln Assassination 110
360 Controversial Gettysburg Hero(?) Daniel Edgar Sickles. PASS
361 Raising of Columns in Front of the US Treasury Building in Washington 150
362 10th Alabama Family Photos PASS
363 The 2nd Civil War PASS
364 Civil War Entrenching Tool 100
365 John Wanamaker Grand Army Day Canteen 100
366 Lithograph of Andersonville 100
367 Confederate Image Cigar Box PASS
368 Polish Composer and pianist Frederick Francois Chopin PASS
369 He Built the Lincoln’s Log Cabin PASS