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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Scarce Field Printed Murfreesboro Pass Signed by 2nd Kentucky Lt. Mortally Wounded at the Battle of Murfeesboro 650
2 1828 Savannah "Ship Hope" Bill of Lading -- John Bones 50
3 James Longstreet Writes George Pickett Pertaining to His Wound at Chapultepec PASS
4 John Tyler Clip 225
5 General Danville Leadbetter-Signed Document 100
6 Rare Map to Illustrate First Bull Run PASS
7 Fort Sumter 1861 Letter 150
8 Appeal to the Benevolent Broadside - Seeking Slaves and Supplies at Manassas 1861 2100
9 South Carolina Military Officer Recruiting Roster 750
10 c. 1861 Nottoway Artillery Recruiting Broadside 2200
11 5th Texas Killed in Action Officer Letter 950
12 General Roswell Ripley War-date Autograph Letter Signed 150
13 Group of Four Autographs Includes War-date General John B. Gordon 500
14 Orr's Rifles Pass 140
15 Map of Route of Poctoliga Expedition 150
16 Georgia Arms Lost in Action - Signed by Officer Later Killed at Gettysburg 110
17 Coleman’s Scouts Telegram to General Gideon Pillow 100
18 3rd Florida Pay Voucher PASS
19 “The enemy’s boats have passed — Prepare for action” 250
20 Pencil Sketch by Harper’s Weekly Artist, Charles Allgauer 300
21 Carte de visite of Commodore Buchanan, CSN PASS
22 Col. Newell Gleason 87th Indiana Draws a Map and Writes About the Battle of Chickamauga 650
23 Confederate Parole for Union soldier PASS
24 16 Year Old Soldier’s Resignation is Denied with Endorsments by Generals Robert E. Lee, James Lonstreet, Robert Ramson 6750
25 Tweed-Signed Substitute 120
26 1863 Georgia Pass 225
27 Federal Military Telegraph Group 450
28 Buying Confederate Slaves in Georgia 350
29 Captured by Early’s Forces as They Advance in Gettysburg 750
30 Commander Bushby of the English Blockade Runner “Calypso” Meets with Gen. Robert E. Lee 300
31 CSA Song Sheet 130
32 8th Confederate Cavalry Soldier is Given a Leave of Absence PASS
33 Rare 1st Maryland Cavlary Pay Voucher PASS
34 Confederate Army Intelligence Responds to a Request for Assistance in Locating Two Brothers in the 24th Virginia, Possibly Lost at Gettysburg 425
35 Richmond Arsenal Document Signed by John William Mallet at the Confederate States Central Laboratory in Macon, Ga. 140
36 Fantastic Chickamauga Content in 1st Alabama letter 650
37 Provisional Return for Polk’s Corps of Army of Tennessee PASS
38 50th Virginia Pay Document for Deceased Soldier 400
39 Slaves Who Are Serving in the Confederate Army Without Permission of Their Masters Are to be Reported 100
40 The Day After Taking Command of Recruiting and Two Weeks After his Failure at Stones River, General Gideon Pillow Orders the Recruiting of Conscripts to Fill the Confederate Ranks 850
41 Confederate Rations Broadside 500
42 Mississippi Yankee Hunters Song Sheet 250
43 Great Letter Penned in 1865 by Robert Ould Confederate Agent of Exchange for Prisoners Pertaining to Prisoners held at Andersonville, Cahaba, and Meridian 600
44 Confederate Colonel of the 1st Georgia Infantry Writes from Fort Wagner with Content on Shelling by Monitors 1400
45 States Rights Gist Letter to Governor Pickens 750
46 Member of Pickett’s Division Writes of the Devistation at Gettysburg 2400
47 Rare 1st Florida Cavalry Document 100
48 1st South Carolina Office Writes Days After Gettysburg about the Battle and the Death of Captain William T. Haskell on July 2, 1863 1000
49 General Longstreet Turns Down an Invitation by the Confederate Congress for Recoginition to Continue his Work in the Field PASS
50 T.J. Jackson Approves His Medical Dierector’s Request to Assign Dr. Conrad to His Corps 4250
51 Pre-War JEB Stuart Document 1000
52 Liverpool Printed Handbill 425
53 Gen. Wright’s Order from Atlanta PASS
54 Inept Confederate Hospital Attendants/Stewards Discharged Without Authority 160
55 Gen. Winder Writes Gen. Bragg From Andersonville - 1864 PASS
56 Gen. Johnston Writes Gen. Hardee Requesting He and Gen. Hood Join Him to Scout for a Position on the Front Lines in Georgia PASS
57 Gen. William Smith’s Battle Report Submitted to Gen. Sherman 600
58 Confederate War Department Issues a Pass for a Slave PASS
59 CSA Paroled Prisoners Sign for New Clothes 200
60 Free Negro Enlists in the Confederate Army 1000
61 Gen. John B. Gordon War date Signed Division Monthly Review PASS
62 19th Iowa writes, “niggers are dying pretty fast” 120
63 Gen. McLaws Hears of Attempts to Slow Sherman’s March to the Sea 300
64 Confederate Document Signed by Major R.G. Wright, 27th Alabama and Major Cummings PASS
65 Recruiting Broadside for the Notorious Andersonville Prison Guards 1600
66 Union Prisoner of War Writes from Camp Oglethorpe with Rare Cover 600
67 Surgeon’s Exemption for South Carolina Soldier 225
68 Outstanding Battle of the Crater Letter by a Member of the 48th Georgia Infantry with Content on Killing Negroes and Yanks in Hand to Hand Combat 2500
69 General Imboden Removes a Deserter from the Rolls 375
70 Confederate Document Signed by Generals Early and Pegram While Staging for the Valley Campaign PASS
71 Rare Document Signed by General Lomax Pertaining to the 2nd Maryland Horse Artillery and their Hero Commander John McNulty 750
72 General Robert E. Lee Signed Document regarding Union Navy Placing Torpedos in the River 3500
73 Document Signed by CSA Generals Cleburne, Hardee, Mercer Days Before the Battle of Atlanta 2300
74 Just Prior to the Battle of the Wilderness Sandie Pendleton Writes his Mother a Loving Letter 2750
75 Documented Remnants of the 31st Virginia Infantry Battle Flag 700
76 General Mahone Writes General A.P. Hill - Captured at Appomattox PASS
77 Palmetto Sharpshooters Death Certificates PASS
78 Soldier Witnesses An Execution 600
79 War Date telegram by Governor Smith to Beauregard with the General's Initials 200
80 Wheeler Writes to the Colonel of the 24th Arkansas 170
81 Imprint Resolution of Wise’s Brigade - “Will never consent to yield ...” 150
82 Receipt for Ordnance, Winchester, Va. 160
83 Inter-unit Competition Letter 325
84 Arming Confederate Slaves - “Southern Negroes stink like skunks...” 325
85 16th Army Corps Content letter 250
86 Paroled From General Johnston’s Army 600
87 Gen. Joseph Wheeler Writes Gen. D.H. Hill pertaining to Enemy Movements 950
88 Gen. William T. Sherman War Date Autograph Letter Signed - 1865, Military Content Chasing Johnston’s Army PASS
89 10th Texas Cavalry Parole and Grouping PASS
90 David Hunter-Signed Execution ticket 600
91 23 Civil War Steel Engravings PASS
92 Packet of 9 Civil War engravings PASS
93 6th Kentucky Cavalry Letter About Burning Alabama and Georgia 700
94 Judah Benjamin Gives the Order to Disburse the Last Funds of the Confederacy 4250
95 The Attorney General States that Confederate Officers Cannot Wear Their CSA Uniforms nor Fly the "Traitor's Flag" 100
96 General George Washington Custis Lee Writes of a Possible Colored Troops Division in the Confederate Army 325
97 The Sinking Of The USS Tecumseh Haunts The Crew Of The Ironclad USS Chickasaw 250
98 Rare 3rd Florida Prisoner of War Letter PASS
99 Provost Marshal’s Pass for the District of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida 170
100 Rare Field Printed Parole for a 4th Georgia Cavalry Soldier 190
101 Appomattox Parole for a 4th Georgia Infantry Soldier 2300
102 General Rosser Writes About Turning the Confederate War Ordnance Over to the Federal Government 375
103 President Davis Surrenders Military Authority to His New Secretary of War 3250
104 J.B. Gordon Signed Endearment 140
105 Turner’s Ashby’s Regiment Bounties During Stonewall Jackson’s Valley Campaign 800
106 Mrs. T.J. Jackson Autograph Letter Signed 500
107 8th Texas Roster 375
108 CSA Lt. Col. Osmun Latrobe, Longstreet’s AAG, writes Longstreet with Great Content 100
109 Unused Appomattox Parole Pass PASS
110 Mississppi Manuscript General Order Issued by General Bragg 120
111 Good Political Content Jefferson Davis Autograph Letter Signed as Secretary of War PASS
112 Land Grant Signed by General John B. Floyd 120
113 Senator Toombs Writes Alexander Stephens and Franks the Cover 200
114 Railroad Stock Signed by General Lawrence O’Bryan Branch 150
115 He Was Severely Wounded at Murfreesboro and Immediately After Was Promoted to Brigadier-General PASS
116 Document Signed by Colonel George Alexander Who Ran Castle Thunder PASS
117 This General Was Twice Wounded in Action and Taken POW PASS
118 This General Was Killed in Action at the Battle of Peachtree Creek PASS
119 The Alabama Volunteer Corps Canebrake Rifle Guards Offer Their Service To The Day After The State's Secession 425
120 On Alabama's Day of Secession. We Maintain "a Spirit of Deadly Hostility To Black Republican Rule." 325
121 A Week After Sumter's Surrender Syndenham Moore Forms The Nucleus of The 11th Alabama 475
122 Early War-Date Alabama Governor's Slave Revolt Letter 1400
123 An Alabama Woman Says She Will "If Necessary [Give] My Life" To Serve As A Nurse In The Southern Cause 200
124 Alabama Jeff Davis Presidential Election Certification Document 400
125 Rare Signed Fire-Eater WILLIAM L. YANCEY Endorsement On A "Avowed Disunionist For The Sake of Disunion" Service Application 250
126 Secretary of War Judah Benjamin Authorizes The Formation of One of Joseph Wheeler’s Best Cavalry Commands 150
127 Governor Moore Sends A Doctor To Make Cartridges For The Confederacy at Pensacola PASS
128 Alabama Governor Moore Gives Safe Passage To A Member of The Warrior Guards PASS
129 An Alabama Officer's Body Servant Is Given A Free Pass To Join His Master At The Front 250
130 Rare Confederate General Danville Leadbetter Letter On Repairs To Fort Morgan, Alabama PASS
131 An Early Confederate Post Master's Application Letter PASS
132 The Commandant of Cahaba Confederate Military Prison Gets An 1861 Endorsement PASS
133 A Young Georgia Volunteer To His Mother, "Tried To Get My Consent & Failing To Do So He Would Go Without It." 275
134 Rare Alabama Captain's Petition Signed By Brig. Gen. William H. Forney and Provisional Governor Lewis E. Parsons 250
135 Rare Pro-Union Rural Alabama Announcement, "Come one. Come All Good Patriotic Union Men." 250
136 Confederate General Patrick Henry Nelson Writes from Morris Island 800
137 For President of the Confederacy 130
138 General Griffith Writes of 1st Manassas and his Commanding Officer General Ewell 950
139 Confederate General Richard Griffith Writes of Tasks for his Slave and Needing Artillery to Defend from McClellan 950
140 Confederate Pass on Camp Pickens Form PASS
141 1st South Carolina Pass on Army of Potomac Imprint 225
142 Actual Cast Ballot for Confederate Jefferson Davis 1861, 300
143 withdrawn PASS
144 Scarce Orange Cover From Richmond’s First Prison, Liggon’s Tobacco Warehouse 425
145 Letter Written to Paul Semmes by His Half Brother, A.G. Semmes Regarding the Marriage of His Son, Spencer Semmes Only Weeks After Louisiana Secedes PASS
146 General Robert E. Rodes War-Date Document Signed as Commander of the “Warrior Guards’, 5th Alabama Infantry PASS
147 The Battle of First Bull Run, "Oh, It Is Horrid." 1200
148 After The Battle of First Bull Run: "War Is Likely To Continue For Some Time." 650
149 Flushing The Yankees Out Of their Strong Entrenchments "So We Can Have A Fair Chance At Them." 600
150 Camped Near Cub Run "Where The Yankees Made Their Double Quick Retreat From Bull Run." 550
151 Control From The Front: "Are The Negroes Easily Controlled By You. Are Dick & Charley Bad Boys?" 550
152 He Does Not Want To Give The Required Bond To Become A Confederate Regimental Staff Officer 350
153 Officer's Election Wrangling Effects His Chances At Advancement 375
154 CSA Officer: "Grow Fast And Make Little Soldiers." Hire Out Starlin To Make Shoes 350
155 Peninsula Campaign: "I Don't Think McClellan Intends To Fight Johnson Fairly If He Can Help It." 900
156 Facing Yankee Onslaught At The Battle of Seven Pines 1400
157 News On The Battle of Seven Pines Reaches Home 500
158 After The Seven Days Campaign: "Our Co. Is Ruined For Ever." 750
159 The Father of Confederate General John C. C. Sanders Buries His Friend In Oakwood Cemetery, Richmond 800
160 Our Martyrs Can Never…Be Forgotten. Their Names Are Embalmed In Every Throbbing Heart. 400
161 Lt. Abner Newton Steele 11th Alabama Volunteer Collection 200
162 Following Nashville's Fall This Officer Says: "Don't Look For Me Till You See Me Dead Or When Every Lincolnite Is Killed Between Me And Home." 250
163 General Breckinridge Mildly Admonishes Chief of Cavalry Joseph Wheeler 140
164 The Confederacy's Poet Laureate's Father "I Don't Like To See A Man Vain." 150
165 Rare Alabama Clothing Requisition Form PASS
166 Lincoln Will Raise His 600,000 Troops…He Will Inflict Upon Us Untold Suffering and Devastation. 275
167 Confederate General Josiah Gorgas Confederate Ordnance Signed Letter PASS
168 Rare Confederate States of America Marine Corps Document PASS
169 Hood’s Texas Brigade - Rare Confederate Cover 400
170 A Pair of Richmond Medical Documents 150
171 Unique Parole Of Honor Issued By Kirby Smith - Battle of Richmond Kentucky 1900
172 First Confederate General to Die in the Western Theater. 225
173 General Simon Bolivar Buckner Authorizes a “Buckners Guards” Requisition PASS
174 Confederate Letter by 43rd North Carolina Soldier WIA & POW at Gettysburg, Immortal 600 Member 350
175 Two Pieces of North Carolina Confederate Currency 150
176 15th Georgia Infantry Officer’s Group 2200
177 CSA General Patrick Cleburne Goes After Yankee Battle of Chickamauga Artillery Debris 275
178 A Confederate Partisan Ranger Recalls A Pitched Battle 150
179 Four CSA Generals Are Named To One Of Their Youngest Victims, John H. Kelley 170
180 Questioning The Legitimacy of A Possible Kentucky Deserter's Story 150
181 Execution For A Rebel Deserter Found Among Captured Union Troopers At The Battle of Murfreesboro 700
182 Union General McCook's Murderer Is Defended By His Former Cell-Mate Escapee 400
183 Historically Important List of Confederate Volunteers From, Plantersville, Alabama 150
184 Poet James D. McCabe, Jr. pens His "Mississippians Never Surrender" Poem 170
185 Bibb County, Alabama's Slave Population Outnumbers The White Ten To One PASS
186 CSA Postal Cover 12th Georgia WIA Second Bull Run PASS
187 Flag Remnant from the Montgomery Guards and More in this Confederate Officer’s Grouping 1600
188 Confederate State Rights Imprint PASS
189 31st North Carolina Infantry Letter on the Second Battle of Charleston Harbor PASS
190 31st North Carolina Soldier Writes from Sullivan’s Island 100
191 31st North Carolina Soldier Writes of 13 KIA at Fort Sumter 325
192 General Stuart and General Lee Set the Groundwork for the Jones-Imboden Raid PASS
193 North Carolina PCSA Confederate Medical Document 100
194 Confederate Virginia Medical Manuscript 160
195 Originally Written By A POW in Libby Prison, March 25, 1863 150
196 Radical Congressman Signed CDV From The Man Who Would Have Become Temporary President Had Johnson Been Convicted 500
197 On His March to Gettysburg, Field Printed R.E. Lee General Orders on Non Retaliation 4250
198 An Officer’s Libby Prison Letter With The Commandant Response 750
199 Confederate ADS Signed by Col. Meriwether Lewis Clark PASS
200 War-date Document Signed by General George Harrison and Others PASS
201 $1 Alabama Note Captured from General Marcus Wright’s Uniform 150
202 General Hood Concentrates Cavalry Forces At The Outset of The Franklin-Nashville Campaign 160
203 Confederate General John H. Kelly (One of The Youngest Generals KIA In The War) Orders Changes To His Command PASS
204 An Alabama Volunteer: "We Got a Little Worsted The 24th" During The Battle of Chattanooga 450
205 Slave Impressment Form Marengo County, Alabama 325
206 McClellan & Wood Have Been Nominated As Candidates…We Have Defeated The Yankees In Virginia. 50
207 A Call For Help To Governor Watts, "This Is The First I Have Asked As A Soldier's Wife." 100
208 14th Virginia Cavalry in the Shendandoah Valley Campaign and the Battle of Summit’s Point 1200
209 38th Virginia Infantry Officer Writes of the Battle of Cold Harbor 1200
210 Governor Brown Commissions a Major 300
211 8th Texas Cavalry Soldier Writes from his Camp Near Atlanta about the Spirits of the Generals and Taking the Colors of the Yankees PASS
212 Rare Confederate Photograph of Andersonville 1400
213 A Libby Prisoner Escapes and is Recaptured 200
214 Rare Field Printed Allen's Cavalry Division Morning Report Form PASS
215 Another Rare Field Printed Allen's Cavalry Division Morning Report Form 150
216 Confederate Troopers Were Too Busy Fighting At The Battle of Aiken, South Carolina To Plunder Graniteville PASS
217 A Kentucky Rebel Gets A Furlough Extension Because An Unhealed Stomach Wound During The Atlanta Campaign 100
218 An 1865 Alabama State Constitutional Convention Delegate Writes Provisional Governor Parsons 200
219 In Seeking A Pardon From The North, "Have You…Been Engaged In Hunting Anyone With Dogs." 250
220 He Was Perhaps The Very Last Confederate Brigadier General, Charles C. Crews Signed Document PASS
221 Rising Sun's Editor..."May [Jeff Davis] Never Again Be Permitted To Disgrace Skirts and Petticoats…". 325
222 General Lee Takes Command as “General in Chief of the Armies of the Confederate States” 350
223 The End of Lee’s Army is Near PASS
224 Andersonville Survivors Medal 375
225 The Last Confederate Newspaper Printed In the Confederate Capital of Richmond 500
226 Rare TEXAS Parole of Honor For A Colonel - 1865 1000
227 Scarce Florida Parole 425
228 7-Star, UCV First National Confederate Flag 800
229 An Oath To "Support All…Proclamations...Made During The Existing Rebellion With Reference To The Emancipation of Slaves." 150
230 Another Proclamation Oath Supporting "Proclamations…Made…With Reference To The Emancipation of Slaves." 150
231 This Confederate Balloonist Used Captured Balloons PASS
232 Document Signed Three Times by Secretary of the Treasury Memminger PASS
233 Map of Western Virginia by Stonewall Jackson’s Map Maker 600
234 General Mathew Ector Signed Document 150
235 He Was Captured at Jonesboro and Exchanged for General Stoneman 150
236 Confederate Secretary of State R.M.T. Hunter Autograph Letter Signed 70
237 Free Frank by Vice President Alexander Stephens 100
238 He Was the Youngest Confederate General PASS
239 Confederate Soldier Group 300
240 A Pair Of Andersonville Prisoners Items 300
241 His Promotion to General was Never Confirmed Before the War Ended PASS
242 He Supervised Mosby’s Rangers’ Intelligence Ops PASS
243 24th Massachusetts Soldier Writes from Inside Libby Prison after the Fall of the Confederacy with Great Content about the Tunnel Escape and the Fortunes of Dick Turner 1600
244 Ruby Ambrotype of Confederate Soldier with Rifle and Bowie Knife PASS
245 1/4 Plate Outdoor Tintype of Members of the 2nd Mass Heavy Artillery - All of Whom Died of Disease Except for One 1400
246 Confederate President Jeff Davis and Secretary of War Breckinridge 110
247 Confederate Generals Johnston 130
248 CDV of Jefferson Davis 120
249 Wood from the Confederate Steamer Albermarle 275
250 Identified Confederate Epaulettes PASS
251 Confederate Hat Badge 225