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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Seven Hundred Years Old 500
2 He was Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony PASS
3 Antoine-Ulrich Broadsheet PASS
4 Map of the Amazon by Padre Samuel Fritz 100
5 1748 North Carolina “Winged Stirrup” Vignette Note PASS
6 William Ellery Autograph Document Signed 200
7 The Important Step of the ASSOCIATION Issued by the Continental Congress PASS
8 Bullet Reports From The Colonies PASS
9 Tories in Marshfield Call on Gage For Defence 250
10 Revolutionary War Large Hand-Made “Caltrop” Weapon 180
11 Tiffany & Company Impression of Colonel William Augustine Washington PASS
12 Benedict Arnold Signature 1300
13 The Capture of Rhode Island by the British 50
14 1777 Colored Map titled: “A PLAN OF THE CITY AND ENVIRONS OF PHILADELPHIA” by Matthew A. Lotter PASS
15 He Signed the Declaration of Independence on Behalf of Pennsylvania 150
16 Thomas Heyward & Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Signed South Carolina Document Signers of The Declaration of Independence & Articles of Confederation PASS
17 John Hancock Elected Governor of Massachusetts 100
18 President George Washington Approves the Establishment of the Department Of War 250
19 Map of the Quebec Expedition Led by Benedict Arnold 100
20 The Battle of Bunker Hill - 50 Years Later 100
21 1839 Declaration of Independence by Dearborn 180
22 American Battle Chart Broadside 180
23 Celebrating the Boston Tea Party 80
24 James Wilson and The Wilson Doctrine 60
25 The Works of John Wooolman - Good Anti-Slavery Content 110
26 Widows Dower, FOUR Named Slaves 250
27 Early Colonization Booklet 225
28 Enslavement of African Americans Was Necessary! 250
29 A Slave Murderer Loses His Trail; William L. Goggin's Political Chances and A Man Accused of Aiding Runaways 800
30 Writings of Friends on the Subject of Slavery 225
31 1840’s Anti-Slavery Imprint PASS
32 Manumission Document - 1842 250
33 The Slaves of Charleston, S. C. Have: "High Cheek Bones & Forehead All Denote African Race." 700
34 Distribution of TWELVE Named Slaves - 1843 400
35 1848 Virginia Bond For Hire of Slave “Negro Girl, Lucy” PASS
36 Period Imprints From Black Image Wood Blocks 110
37 Mid 19th Century Slave Drawing 140
38 First Black U.S. Armed Forces Regiment’s Commander Thomas Wentworth Higginson of 33rd U.S. Colored Troops 200
39 Slave Purchase Letter: "I Wish To Purchase A Boy." 350
40 Period Sketch of a Plantation Schoolhouse 200
41 A Manual of Religious Instruction...for the Oral Teaching of Colored Persons 700
42 Slave Hire Document 110
43 A Slave Catcher's Demands Payment During Reconstruction 600
44 A Slave Owner Illegally Retains "Boy, Abe." 170
45 Black Image Cover PASS
46 The District of Columbia Emancipates Its Slave In April 1862 Devaluing The Slavery Market 700
47 The Department of The Gulf Issues Strict Orders For Contraband Employment. 350
48 War Dated Doctor’s Bill For Treating a Negro Girl 70
49 CDV of The Jolly Cook PASS
50 Virginia's Runaway Slaves Are Encouraged To Join and Fight For The Union Cause. 800
51 1863 Emancipation Scene CDV 225
52 Rare Outdoor Civil War Photograph of Slaves in the Camp of Union Soldiers in South Carolina 1500
53 CDV of The Baggage Train PASS
54 CDV: Black dance festival PASS
55 Regiment of Freed Slaves 550
56 The Congessional Leaders Who Voted For the 13 Amendment PASS
57 Carte de visite of a Slave Woman at Auction 2200
58 African-American Soldier Receives his Bounty for Fighting Confederates 325
59 U. S. Colored Troops Freedmen's Saving Bank Circular 275
60 Blind Tom CDV with The Rain Storm Sheet Music, ca 1868 1300
61 CDV of “Old Aunt Coly” 110
62 Collection of Black family photos PASS
63 The Ten Little Mulligan Guards 170
64 White Slave Stereo PASS
65 Cuban Slaves PASS
66 Out of Bondage - First African American Musical 450
67 9th Cavalry Badge 150
68 CDV - 2 Black Children PASS
69 African Trade Cards 100
70 Frederick Douglass Signed Document 425
71 Derogatory African American Photo 150
72 Document Signed by the First African American to Serve in the U.S. Senate 275
73 James Balmer’s South African Kaffir Choir Photograph 140
74 Sketch of the Life of Samuel Morris - Prince Kaboo PASS
75 Nice Group of 19th Century Sheet Music 250
76 Black Infantry Knapsack - "Soldadosnegros"as the Filipinos 200
77 The Cakewalk Dance Craze PASS
78 Minstrel Group 70
79 Bigotry in Advertising 70
80 Ku Klux Klan Bulletin Issued by Notorious Klansmen from New Jersey PASS
81 New Jersey Ku Klux Klan Silk Ribbon 150
82 Rise of the 2nd Klan 160
83 They Were A Subset of the Ku Klux Klan 180
84 Jazz Musicians Photograph Group 110
85 Hand-Drawn and Colored Minstrel Broadside 150
86 Rare Harlem Entertainment Spot - Ubangi Club Noisemaker 140
87 National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses By-Laws 60
88 Grouping of 15 Issues of the African American Weekly Newspaper 190
89 The Negro in American Life PASS
90 Rare Membership Card for the National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses 60
91 Ticket Roll from the Anderson County Colored Fair 50
92 Integrated Schools in Pennsylvania PASS
93 Rare Song Book by Charity Bailey 50
94 An Account of Robert Williams and his Opposition to the KKK 70
95 Early NAACP Cap 325
96 Civil Rights - “Freedom Now” Lapel Pin Display 300
97 Heavyweight Champion Archie Moore Autograph Letter Signed 80
98 This Area Saw Heavy Action During the Civil War - And Commodore Maffitt Used His Knowledge of the Environs Most Effectively 50
99 General Eppa Hunton’s Autograph 70
100 Confederate Masonic Imprint from Mississippi PASS
101 Confederate Masonic Imprint Printed in Macon, Georgia PASS
102 Confederate Freemason’s Imprint PASS
103 Confederate Masonic Imprint from Alabama PASS
104 Confederate Masonic Imprint from Alabama PASS
105 Confederate Telegram to General Pillow 160
106 Three Confederate Covers 70
107 The Confederate Government is Not Liable for Kidnapped Slaves 150
108 Four Confederate Newspapers with Good Content 225
109 Rare Uncut Sheet of Charles Magnus Confederate Cartes de Visite 250
110 They Were Decemated at Gettysburg 150
111 Rare Confederate Bond Issued at Houston, Texas 180
112 Five Confederate State Notes 120
113 Lot of six tokens including "No Compromise with traitors." and a Nice Detroit Merchant Token 70
114 Lot of four (4) C. S. A. covers. 70
115 2nd Georgia Battalion Signed Document 100
116 He Was Killed at Fredericksburg 200
117 Signed by General Birkett D. Fry Who Was Wounded 4 Times and Commanded a Brigade During Pickett’s Charge 190
118 Signed by PACS General Moxley Sorrel 250
119 General WIlliams Wickham War-date Endorsement 150
120 On "Captured" Yankee 9th Corps Stationery This Rebel "Our Independence Is A Fixed Fact" In Late '64! 300
121 Group of Four Type 69 Confederate Notes PASS
122 Lot of three (3) CSA ten dollar bills. PASS
123 Group of Six (6) Confederate Autographs PASS
124 Signed by Judah Benjamin 500
125 Rare Isaac Israel Hayes Autograph Letter Signed PASS
126 Conscripted Three Times - Escaped 100
127 Confederate Officer’s Poem from Johnson’s Island PASS
128 The Author of "Maryland, My Maryland" Is The Guest Of Honor On Maryland Day 120
129 Alexander Stephens Autograph Letter Signed 150
130 General M. Jeff Thompson Writes of the Levee System in Louisiana PASS
131 General Tappan Writes of Generals Cleburne and Hindman 100
132 Rare Signed Original Poem by Paul Hamilton Hayne Signed PASS
133 Court of Commissioners of Alabama Claims Grouping PASS
134 Senator William Mahone Writes of an Unpaid Freight Bill PASS
135 General Wilcox Letter Mentioning Generals Lomax and Law 150
136 Virginia Military Cadets Reunion Piece PASS
137 Mass. 54th Black Unit - Confederate View of Fort Wagner 275
138 General Evander Law Autograph Letter Signed 150
139 He Received Thirteen Wounds During the Civil War Including Five at Gettysburg 150
140 Confederate Commander of "Mosby's Rangers" Autograph Letter Signed Mentioning Ex: CSA General Fitzhugh Lee with an “Inside Joke” that Lee might be a (Confederate) “Turncoat” “putting on the blue”... PASS
141 Philadelphia - UDC Address on Robert E. Lee 70
142 Confederate Battle Flag 275
143 We are very pleased to continue to present items directly from the Steve Putnal Confederate Collection. The following lots, #143 through #179, are from that special collection. Steve Putnal was one... 200
144 The Colonies War-Date Map 250
145 War-Date Patrick Henry Autograph Document Signed 1200
146 Francis Scott Key Autograph Letter Signed 1300
147 He Received the Congressional Silver Medal for Action at the Battle of Lake Erie PASS
148 The Famous and Profound 1850 Webster Speech is Remembered 350
149 Baltimore Riots - Secession Convention of Maryland Signed Document 350
150 Anti-Lincoln & General Dix Proclamation Broadside PASS
151 William Sherman Franked Cover 225
152 J.E.B. Stuart CDV PASS
153 CSA Railroad Ticket 130
154 CSA Railroad Ticket 160
155 Soldier’s Letter - “was taken by a gurrilla band” PASS
156 Excellent Content General Nathan Bedford Forrest War-Date Letter PASS
157 Union Prisoner Opposes “fighting for niggers...” PASS
158 61st Virginia Document Signed by Colonel Groner and Captain Etheredge 100
159 Confederate Choctaw 2nd Cavalry Retells of His Capture by The Federals - And A Sketch of His Gravesight PASS
160 Missiouri Soldier Begs to be Transferred Back West and His Request is Granted and Signed by Generals JEB Stuart, Fitzhugh Lee and Richard Beale 7750
161 Confederate POW Autographs - Captured at Gettysburg 275
162 Lesbians in the Confederacy 350
163 5th Alabama Soldier’s Letter with Good Gettysburg Content 1200
165 New York City Draft Riots Broadside 550
166 51st Indiana Document 170
167 CSA Stage Coach Ticket 200
168 The 57 Georgia Holds an Election PASS
169 General Wheeler Updates General Bragg on the Federal Forces 600
170 U.S. Grant CDV 90
171 Massachusetts Soldier writes from Chattanooga - “A nxxxxr first a mule next. “ 180
172 Recommendation Endorsed by BOTH Grant and Meade. 1300
173 Robert E. Lee Autograph Letter Signed on Yankee Casualty Under the Care of Dr. Stary 6625
174 13th Texas Parole from Houston 500
175 Photograph Three Confederate Prisoners at Gettysburg 475
176 Prisoners Captured by Wheeler are Exchanged 110
177 Jefferson Davis Writes from Montreal, Canada a Week after his Release from Prison to the Wife of his Attorney .... And, a Letter from his Attorney to his Wife on the Date of the Release with... PASS
178 Indian Silks - Premium 60
179 Life on Confederate cruiser Alabama - 1866 PASS
180 Captain of the Federal Kearsarge , War Date ANS 60
181 General John Dix Autograph Letter Signed PASS
182 Stock Certificate Signed by General John Dix 70
183 Tennesseen Andrew Johnson Defends the Union in 1861 60
184 Ellsworth Zouave Battle Cry Broadside 70
185 Union Ships Run The Confederate Blockade on The Potomac River In 1861. 110
186 Battle Carnifax Ferry Campaign 1st (Loyal) Virginia Cavalry Telegram. 130
187 The Same Cut Three Times PASS
188 A Group Of Ellsworth Covers PASS
189 Group of Patriotic Covers 160
190 Group of Smaller Patriotic Covers 100
191 45th Massachusetts Officer’s Tactical Manual 250
192 “Union Volunteer Refreshment Saloon” 250
193 Colonel Graham’s Report on the Mason-Dixon Line 50
194 The Governor of Maine Writes About Trying to Obtain a Discharge 120
195 General John Dix Autograph Letter Signed PASS
196 Admiral Foote Autograph Letter Signed PASS
197 Signed by Medal of Honor Recipient Robert Orr 50
198 Rebels Sabotage The Yankee's Water Supply With Poison. PASS
199 Rebel Forces Threaten Baltimore During The Antietam Campaign. 100
200 Expansion of The West: Pioneer Life In Northern Illinois. PASS
201 An Illinois Cavalryman Has A Lack of Money; Guards Prisoners; Cooks For The Company 100
202 Any Prisoner Attempting To Make His Escape Must Be Fired Upon. 140
203 Union General Samuel Crawford On Antietam Wound And Winfield Scott's Ill Health. 800
204 The "Secesh" In California "Dare Not Open Their Mouths" & Santa Cruz Sends Men To The Cavalry. 100
205 George B. McClellan "Never Has Followed Up An Advantage." He Is A "Grate Failure." 140
206 Nice Louisville Kentucky Hospital Muster roll 250
207 Nurses on Cumberland, Maryland Hopsital Roll 225
208 Good Content War-date ALS by General Henry Briggs Shaw 300
209 Rare Pennsylvania Regimental Battle of Yorktown Battle Report PASS
210 Col. Davis Answers For No Guard At His Camp Before Yorktown. PASS
211 Restructuring The Decimated 104th Pennsylvania Infantry Following the Battle of Fair Oaks. 250
212 The Army of the Potomac's Chief Signal Officer On Petersburg Operations PASS
213 Secret Approval Is Given The 1st South Carolina Colored Troops To Advance On The Reb's Fortifications. 400
214 Col. Davis Is Ordered To Report With 100 Rounds Ammo and 10 Day Rations Before The Assault On Fort Wagner. PASS
215 Tiffany Made Flag Presentation; "Guns Loaded & Fixed Bayonets" In Their March Through Baltimore. PASS
216 Eyewitness To President Lincoln At The White House; Rebel Spies "Prowling Round"; Firing Into The 1st Maine's Tents. They "Were Good Mind To Fire Upon Us." 400
217 A Soldier's Prank Goes Badly. A Loaded Gun Leads To One Losing His Leg 475
218 Washington D. C. July Fourth 1861: Lincoln's Troop Review; Seeing Hamlin, Sumner, "Johnson of Tenn." & Witnessing The Election of The Speaker of The House. 350
219 Runaway Slaves "Flock In Very Fast" & Kept "For Cooks, Waiters" Oliver O. Howard Is Made Brigadier General; Ellsworth Zouaves And "Saucy" Southern Women. 650
220 Sending Home News That "By The Kind Providence of God I Am Spared" The Day After The Battle of First Bull Run. 500
221 Battle of First Bull Run 3rd Maine Vols. Letter. 750
222 Alexandria: "A Fine Place For Women?"; Austrian Muskets; The Fall of Fort Henry "Secesh Must Come Down"; Officer Elections. PASS
223 Rare Battle of Williamsburg Letter. The Rebels Were "The Most Miserable Set of Devils." PASS
224 At Seven Pines Was: "Was Something Like Pittsburg Landing Surprise…We Kept Telling [Our Men] To Fire Low…The Balls Were Flying Like Hail." 850
225 McClellan Is No Napoleon Otherwise The Disaster at Seven Pines Would have Never Happened. 600
226 Graphic Seven Days Campaign Letter: Train Explosion At Grapevine Bridge; Covering The Retreat…Refusing To Cheer Little Mac. We "Stood In Gloomy Silence" When He Passed. 850
227 During John Hunt Morgan's 1863 Ohio Raid, "Giving The Rebels A Hot Reception." 300
228 Republican Propaganda Political Broadside 550
229 We Had Much Rather Take Gen. Grant…Soldiers Here Almost Worship Him. 150
230 The Commander of The Piatt Zouaves "Sold His Life Dear set" At The Battle of Wytheville, Virginia. 225
231 May [I] Live To See…Our Glorious Old Flag Unfurled To The Breeze From Every Capitol In The Union. PASS
232 Bank's Expedition Survives The Same Storm That Sunk The U. S. S. Monitor. PASS
233 Small Group of Andersonville Victim's Cavalry Letters on Patriotic Stationery. 325
234 Abolitionist Massachusetts Gives One of Her Own For The Colored Troops: "Simon G. Is Promoted To Adjutant of One of The Color'd Regiments." PASS
235 The Battle of Gettysburg: "The Rebels Came In Pennsylvania Amongst The Copperheads & Stripped Them…of Horses, Cattle. PASS
236 The First Louisiana Corps de Afrique Port Hudson "Killed In Action" Muster Roll. 850
237 The Slaves Of Kentucky Are "As Smart As The Average Of Whites" And Will "Fight Until They Died" 1100
238 The Burning of Chambersburg 200
239 Narrative of Privations and Suffering of Union POWs 130
240 This Unit Laid all bridges for Army of the Potomac during the Seven Days Campaign 50
241 39th Massachusetts Muster Roll 90
242 1864-Dated Civil War Autographed Union Naval Orders PASS
243 Missouri Guerrillas Harass A Young Woman On Her Journey To Kansas. 250
244 The Country Is Ruined Forever Especially If Mr. Lincoln Is Reelected. 275
245 Bad Cheese Defeats General Sheridan After His Victory At Cedar Creek 120
246 Ohio's Supreme Court Decides The Soldier's Vote 225
247 Rare 1864 Lincoln Draft Call/1st New Hampshire Cavalry 1864 Recruiting Broadside. 325
248 Vote For McClellan: "He Could Fill Both Civil & Military Chairs" While Serving In The Navy, "Is Much Better Than Going For A Soldier." PASS
249 Drunken Union Officer Kills A Soldier In Boston. PASS
250 And His Colored Servant 100
251 If Old Abe Will Send Us A Good Lot of Ni**er Troops. We Can Settle This War Up. 190
252 Battle of Gettysburg (and Campaign) With The 17th Maine Vols.: "Took Into…Battle 43 Good Hearty Men." 450
253 After Gettysburg The Army Is "In A State of Masterly Inactivity (a-la-McClellan) While Quantrill's Guerrllas "Make Sad Havoc in Kansas." 150
254 The 17th Maine Makes A Diversionary Raid To Support Kilpatrick's Raid To Kill Jeff Davis and His Heads of State. 140
255 Intense Heat In Baltimore Takes A Man Out While On Drill; Chaplain Sullivan H. Weston Is Overrated. PASS
256 Baltimore's Canines Are Executed Per The Colonel's Orders. 100
257 Martin Van Buren's Death if Honored With Heavy Artillery Salutes. PASS
258 Assisting In Amputations; Dressing Wounds; "My Boys" Include Those With Amputated Limbs; Guerrillas Fighters Threaten Fredericksburg and much more. 275
259 Dressing The Wounds of Friend and Foe Alike. 250
260 Service As Christian Commission Postmaster Along With Caring For Hundreds of Wounded. 225
261 Caring For The Point Lookout's Rebel POWs. 150
262 Serving At City Point: "Gen. Grant Is Often Around. I Was At His Headquarters Yesterday" While He Has Contraband "Dave" To Help. 250
263 Rare Printed District of Columbia, Washington Draft Enrollment Document. 100
264 A Doctor's Care and Use of Chloroform Seems To Make Him Sicker. 180
265 Battle of The Crater: "Taking Care Of Colored Soldiers When Wounded Is Rather Unpleasant Work This Warm Weather. 1000
266 Annapolis Receives Union POWs "Who Were-Most of Them-Dying From Starvation & Exposure While In Rebel Hands." 140
267 1865 Masonic Imprint from Pennsylvania PASS
268 American Academy of Music Broadside PASS
269 The Battles in Tennessee 325
270 General Joshua Chamberlain Gets his Due 90
271 Two pieces of Civil War Sheet Music PASS
272 Military Academy Cadets Graduate PASS
273 Officers Can Make Field Purchases PASS
274 Order in Respect to Captured Confederate Naval Property PASS
275 Extension of the Military Lines of the United States to Encompass the Confederacy PASS
276 New York Pays The Bounties PASS
277 Civil War Discharge Gettysburg Vet Joseph Brummel 13th Maryland 50
278 Percy Greg Authored “Ninth of April 1865” Titled Original Handwritten End of the American Civil War Period Poem PASS
279 Nice Image of General Grant PASS
280 The 2nd United States Colored Cavalry Is Routed At Bowers Hill During Kilpatrick's Raid On Richmond 750
281 Very Rare "Shelling of Fort Anderson," New Bern Battle Broadside. 600
282 Drunk Soldiers; Jeff Davis' Capture, Lincoln's Assassins; The Penobscot Indian Tribe and Lumbering on the Penobscot River 50
283 Rare 2nd Corps, Army of The Potomac, Washington D. C. Pass. PASS
284 Naval Family Photograph Group PASS
285 Two Union Personalities PASS
286 Winchester, Virginia Oath of Allegiance 120
287 Lee Surrender Broadside issued by General Winfield Scott Hancock 500
288 Treasurer Francis Elias Spinner Autograph Letter Signed PASS
289 General O.O. Howard Makes a Political Connection PASS
290 General Winfield Scott Hancock Autograph Letter Signed 475
291 Society of the Army of Tennessee PASS
292 2nd Dragoons Chromolithograph PASS
293 GAR Funds Letter PASS
294 Dan Sickles Signed Check 70
295 General Schofield Writes of an ‘Old War Letter’ PASS
296 Governor Oglesby Writes of the First Meeting with General Grant 50
297 General Schofield Writes about Henry War Beecher 150
298 Eulogy of General Sheridan PASS
299 General McCook Says He Doesnt Know Where to Get Abraham Lincoln’s Autograph PASS
300 Teddy Roosevelt’s Speach at the Unveiling of the William T. Sherman Statue With A press Release PASS
301 The 24th Massachusetts Regimental History 50
302 Four GAR Postcards PASS
303 Daguerreotype by Otis Cooley 50
304 Rare Ferrotype of Stephen Douglas 150
305 Rare View Of Civil War Teenage Cavalry Trooper. 110
306 General Meade, Repeat PASS
307 A Pair of Union Commanders’ CDV’s With Printed Identifications PASS
308 CDV: To Arms: Freemen to Arms barefoot drummer boy PASS
309 A Drunken George B. McClellan CDV at Harrison Landing, Va. PASS
310 The Colored Volunteer by NY Photographic Co. PASS
311 The Colored Volunteer PASS
312 Union Tintype 90
313 CDV of Robert Anderson PASS
314 Pair of Civil War Tintypes of Union Soldiers 140
315 Outdoor Stereoview By Alexander Gardner 180
316 CDV of Confederate General Jubal Early 100
317 JEB Stuart Cabinet Card 325
318 Confederate Carte de Visite of Jefferson Davis in Mourning Matte PASS
319 Ambrotype of Powder Monkey PASS
320 Collection of JEB Stuart CDV and cartoon cards (3) 100
321 Pair CDVs of Libby Prison 375
322 Carte de visite of President Johnson PASS
323 Side Show Freaks by Gable and Usher of Augusta PASS
324 Maggie Mitchell CDV PASS
325 Albumen Photographs of Three Union Generals PASS
326 Civil War and American Personalities 150
327 General Hardee Carte de Visite 50
328 “The Council of War” Mezzotint PASS
329 CDV of Circus Freak Capt. M. V. Bates 100
330 CDV of a Confederate Memorial, Richmond PASS
331 CDV of Lulu Dickson PASS
332 General Sheridan Cabinet Card 100
333 Copy Photo RE Lee original by Vannerson PASS
334 Cabinet Card Copy Photo From Original Minnis & Cowell Negatives PASS
335 GAR - Civil War Veterans Grouping 90