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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation Printing in Newspaper 160
2 Negro plot to murder whites 130
3 Two His and Hers Ku Klux Klan Robes 3000
4 Two KKK Handbills 225
5 Twelve Pro-Klan Newspapers 275
6 Tuskegee Airmen Grouping 300
7 Ku Klux Klan Broadsides 550
8 Rare United Klans Embossed Stamp 200
9 Mid 20th Century KKK Items 400
10 General Samuel Cooper Signed General Orders No. 9 PASS
11 Robert Hunter Autograph letter 100
12 CSA General Eppa Hunton II Autograph Document Signed PASS
13 General Hugh W. Mercer Signed Georgia $5 Note PASS
14 Confederate General Patrick Cleburne Signed Check PASS
15 General James Jay Archer Signed Military Document PASS
16 Check Signed by Confederate General “Grumble” Jones PASS
17 General William A. Quarles Signed Bond 275
18 Heading South Immediately After Sumter Falls 60
19 Blind Institute Students Perform A Mesmerizing Rendition of Dixie 275
20 He Will Not Stand For His Artillerymen Command Becoming Infantry 325
21 When Any Of Us Get Sick We Try To Act Like Brothers Toward Each Other. 120
22 Patriotic Confederates Evacuate Cheat Mountain 550
23 Robert E. Lee Fails To Connect With The Attack On Cheat Mountain. 800
24 The Yankees Intend Making An Effort To Get…In The Rear Of The Army. 900
25 Death Before Dishonor Maryland Secession Card. 425
26 CDV of General Hardee 160
27 The Confederate Daily Delta New Orleans Newspaper From Runaway Slave Ads To Virginia's Secession 160
28 The New Orleans Daily Delta Illustrated Runaway Slave Ads To The Bombardment of Fort Sumter. 275
29 The New Orleans Daily Delta reports On The Battle of First Bull Run. 200
30 The Daily Delta Reports "How A free Colored Man Fought" 250
31 The Daily Delta Gives A Rare Account of The Battle of Ball's Bluff 200
32 The Daily Delta Announces The Death of Senator Colonel edward Baker At Ball's Bluff. 180
33 The Daily Delta Jeffer Davis' Inauguration Speech While Lincoln Heads To Washington! 200
34 The Destruction of the Snake of South Carolina PASS
35 Confederate Patriotic Covers 50
37 Confederate Privateer Imprint 225
38 Confederate Constitution Printing in Newspaper 160
39 General Daniel Ledbetter Signed Confederate Document PASS
40 War-date General Isaac Ridgeway Trimble Autograph Letter Signed PASS
41 For President of the Confederacy 170
42 Confederate General Patrick Henry Nelson Writes from Morris Island 400
43 The Alabama Volunteer Corps Canebrake Rifle Guards Offer Their Service To The Day After The State's Secession 300
44 Rare Confederate General John B. Floyd Endorsement Weeks Before Fort Donelson. PASS
45 Stragglers Are Rounded Up & Sent Back To Gen. Lee During The Antietam Campaign. 250
46 Rotten Bacon Plagues Lee's Army During The Antietam Campaign. 100
47 Antietam's Confederate Dead Will NOT Be Transported Home By Their Government. 200
48 JEB Stuart's Cousin Petitions Against A Drunken Officer's Ride Amongst The Wounded. 150
49 Secretary of War Randolph & Gen. Smith "Approve" Col. Davidson Seizure of A Hotel For Those Wounded At Antietam. 400
50 Maryland Steuart Prepares For The Victims of The Antietam Campaign. PASS
51 Confederate General Davidson Sends reinforcements To Lee's Army In Sept. 1862. PASS
52 Captain Baker Prepares To Provide For The Wounded From Antietam. 200
53 Confederate Surgeon General Samuel Moore Demands Answers 300
54 Antietam's Wounded Overwhelms Staunton. 150
55 Brigadier General Robert Ransom's Wife Fears He Was Wounded. PASS
56 His Seizure of The American Hotel As A Hospital Is Approved. 100
57 Secretary of War George Wythe Randolph Writes Col. Davidson. 300
58 The Yankees…Passed Col. Birkett Fry "By In Silent Contempt" While Suffering From His Antietam Wound. PASS
59 Confederate Deserters Exhaust The Ammo of Their Would-Be Captors. PASS
60 Prisoners Will Escape Under The Secretary of War's Demand! PASS
61 His Quartermaster Outranks Him PASS
62 General Gustavus Smith Passes The Buck On Assuming Responsibility. PASS
63 The Major Genl. Comdg. Is Reluctant To Employ Forcible Measures In This Matter… 100
64 He Needs A Furlough "I Have Several Valuable Negroes…The Enemy In Passing Through Has Been Destroying Everything The Could Lay Hands On." 170
65 Davidson's Brother-in-law Regrets His "Union" Leaning During Yankee Occupation of Shelbyville, Tennessee. 200
66 Confederate Non-Commissioned Officers Can’t Remember The Names Of Their Commanders! PASS
67 Robert E. Lee Directs That Forty Cannon Be Sent To The Defenses of Richmond. PASS
68 Brig. Gen. George B. Anderson Dies After Antietam. His Brother Sells His Horse 550
69 Col. Davidson's Horse Goes Up For Auction PASS
70 Lee's Chief of Staff, ROBERT H. CHILTON Gloats Over "McClellan's Disgrace" After Antietam PASS
71 Twice Endorsed Confederate Hospital Document Signed By ROBERT H. CHILTON and BBG HENRY B. DAVIDSON 400
72 Three Union POWs Are In Stonewall Jackson's Crosshairs PASS
73 CSA Patriotic Covers of Jefferson Davis 100
74 CSA Patriotic Covers collection lot of three CSA flag design 130
75 CSA Patriotic Covers collection lot of two 50
76 War-date ALS by General Ruggles Pertaining to Confederate Brigade Movements PASS
77 Scarce Letter by the Mother of Richard Thomas Zarvona, “The French Lady” , to President Jefferson Davis Pertaining to his Capture and Imprisonment - With Endorsment by General Samuel Cooper PASS
78 General Joseph R. Anderson of the Tredegar Iron Works Confederate Cover PASS
79 Excellent Card Signed by General Hamilton P. Bee with Rank and Command 450
80 War-Date General Fitzhugh Lee Autograph PASS
81 General Alexander Welch Reynolds Autograph Document Signed PASS
82 Texas Confederate Heroes PASS
83 Four War date North Carolina Newspaper PASS
84 The Gettysburg Campaign: "There Were Three Negro Yankee Captains Sold…To Go Down South To Pick Cotton." 450
85 The Surgeon Gets Reimbursed 100
86 General Jeremy Gilmer War-date ALS About the Use of Slave Labor, The Defenses of Charleston and President Davis Defending General Bragg PASS
87 Autograph of General Eppa Hunton II PASS
88 War-date Autograph of Confederate General Archibald Gracie PASS
89 Autograph of General Alpheus Baker PASS
90 30th Virginia Sharpshooters Letter with Endorsement by Confederate General Gabriel Wharton 800
91 Confederate Colonel of the 1st Georgia Infantry Writes from Fort Wagner with Content on Shelling by Monitors PASS
92 Kagey Difficulty In Seeking An Appointment As Hospital Steward 120
93 Surgeon Henkel Writes: "The Late Ration Law Begins To Pinch. Meals Are Very Lank." 130
94 He Likes Confederate General Lilley & The 25th Virginia Is "Gen. Johnson's 'Pet' Regiment. In Every Fight He Orders Them…Thrown Out As Skirmishers 170
95 Gen. Lee Has A Large Army & When A Meeting Does Take Place…Somebody Will Be Hurt. 250
96 Battles of the Wilderness Through Spotsylvania: "Nearly All Of The 25th Regiment…Were Killed, Wounded or Captured At That Time 2000
97 Lee's Men Will Not Allow Him To Led The Charge-They Send Him To The Rear! "The Yankees Cant Whip This Army; "Dutch" General Sigel Is Whipped At New Market 1600
98 Ewell Intends To Head Off Grant Who Is Moving To Our Right From Spotsylvania Battlefield. 200
99 Darkey's Serve Their Masters; "This Is…The Line That Lee Wished To Bring Grant" While Falling Back On Richmond; His VMI Friend and The Battle of New Market 225
100 Lee Is In His Fortifications: "Perhaps It's Grant's Desire To Parallel It…To Richmond & Besieged It As He Did Vicksburg." 275
101 Whilst I Am Writing This Another Great Battle [Cold Harbor] Is Being Fought…The Fighting Is Raging Terribly. 550
102 Unusual Battle of Cold Harbor Hospital Steward's Letter Written On The Back Of His Pass To Richmond! PASS
103 Early's Command March In Pursuit of General Hunter's Yankee Invaders 190
104 Early's Men Entire Maryland In Their Push To Threaten Washington 325
105 Jubal Early's Men Attack on Washington,"That "Den" of Black Republican…They Were Awfully Frightened…All Over Yankeedom." 550
106 Newly Minted Brigadier General Robert Doak Lilley Is Wounded And Captured Near Winchester By The Yankees PASS
107 Marcus…Is Doing Well. I Wish I Could Spare Him…I Much Prefer Having Him At Home While Within The Yankee Lines. 150
108 Confederate Success At The Second Battle of Kernstown; Corrupt Confederate Agents and Their Cavalry "Sponges" Off The Locals 450
109 Confederate Currency Is Only Good "In The Enemy's Country Where They Are Forced To Take It." 250
110 Send Me A Wheelbarrow Full of Confederate Money. 150
111 Both Armies See-Saw Around Cedar Creek In The Lower Shenandoah Valley 250
112 This Confederate Falls Victim To Fake News 150
113 Early's Command Again Threatens To Invasion Maryland But Has A "Spirited Fight" With The Enemy At Shepardstown 375
114 The Great Bulk of The Yankee Army Are Between Charlestown & Harpers Ferry. 150
115 Gordon's Division Drives The Enemy Before Them At Smithfield; A "Reliable Gentleman" from Martinsburg Brings News of Franklin Pierce's Nomination At The Chicago Convention! 200
116 Contentious Fighting Stalls The Yankee Cavalry Near Berryville, Va. PASS
117 If The Enemy Press Us We Go Soon…The Main Force of The Enemy Are Between Berryville & Charleston. 120
118 Battle of Winchester: "Most of The Cavalry On Our Left Gave Way & Let The Yankee Cavalry Run Them Into Winchester." 550
119 Early's & Sheridan's Forces Feel Each Other Out Days Before Cedar Creek 250
120 Relocated From The Valley To The "Poor Wilderness" of Petersburg 250
121 Tell Eliza She Must Not Smoke. Be a Good Girl.; A. P. Hill's Corps Reclaims Their Cabins 100
122 We Had a Very Unpleasant Car To Ride In Filled With Soldiers & They Were Full of 'Confeds.' …Lice. 100
123 The Citizens of Richmond Prepare A "Great Dinner" For Gen. Lee's Men; CSA Bond Interest Issues & They Establish A Division Hospital 225
124 John McIntosh Kell War-Date Account of the Sinking of the Alabama 2400
125 Soldier’s Letter from 43rd Battalion, Virginia Cavalry - Moseby's Rangers PASS
126 Confederate Bill for Soldier Clothing PASS
127 Twice Signed by one of the Youngest Confederate Generals to Die While Fighting PASS
128 Nice Autograph of Confederate General John Adams - KIA at 2nd Franklin 700
129 War-date Autograph of Major General Dabney Herndon Maury PASS
130 War-date General John McCausland Endoresment on Verso Virginia Cavalry Letter 300
131 War-date Endorsement by General Ferguson for Confederate Cavalry to be Compensated for Horses Killed in Action PASS
132 Gorgas Directs The Parrots Alabama 350
133 Rare General Clement A. Evans War-date Autograph Document Signed PASS
134 Letter to General James Longstreet Signed by General Moxley Sorrel PASS
135 Governor Vance Signs a Commission for this Boy Soldier and Student at Hillsboro Military Institute PASS
136 Amazing Battle of Hatcher's Run CSA Hospital Steward's Account: Newly Married General John Pegram Is Among The Slain 375
137 The Battle of Hatcher's Run Continues! 375
138 Confederates Live Underground To Escape Yankee Bullets at The Crater 700
139 1865 Watercolor of The Confederacy's "Stainless Banner." PASS
140 Confederate Flag Memorial Watercolor 250
141 Printed Confederate "Stainless Banner" Memorial 150
142 Desirable Greensboro, North Carolina, Surrender Parole 1000
143 Texas Cavalry Officers Autographs 100
144 CSA Texas Soldiers PASS
145 General William R. Boggs Signed Savannah Document PASS
146 Autograph of Confederate General Daniel M. Frost PASS
147 Confederate General Dudley DuBose Writes Alexander Stephens 100
148 General Matthew Calbraith Butler Signed Autograph Book Page PASS
149 CSA General David A. Weisiger Signed Bank Document 100
150 Confederate General John Echols Signed Stock Certificate 150
151 Confederate Regimental History 300
152 Major General John C. Brown Signed Letter to General Marcus Wright Mentioning President Cleveland PASS
153 Confederate General Dabney Maury ALS PASS
154 General Daniel Govan Signed Chickamauga and Chattanooga Battlefields Document PASS
155 Confederate General Francis Marion Cockrell Writes from the Senate Chamber PASS
156 Confederate Flag Memorial Watercolor Sold For The Benefit of Richmond's Jeff Davis Monument. PASS
157 Check Signed by Colonel Mosby’s 2nd in Command PASS
158 Confederate/Robert E. Lee Memorial Watercolor Painted Postcard PASS
159 Macon Georgia Prisoners’ Autograph Album 900
160 Slave Importers Samuel and William Vernon Ship Document 500
161 Pro-Slavers Riot in Springfield Massachusetts 325
162 General Howell Cobb Postal Cover Group 200
163 Confederate Captured Tactical Manual 600
164 Confederate Pay Master Document Signed by General William J. Hardee and Thomas C. Hindman PASS
165 Rare Free Masons Resolutions for a Fellow Soldier By these Prisoners of War in Richmond PASS
166 Libby Prison Artifact 170
167 Scarce, Early Large Albumen of the Confederate Command 400
168 Early War General George E. Pickett Signed Military Document 1900
169 General Stephen D. Lee Signed Charleston South Carolina Document a Week Before the Assault on Fort Sumter 375
170 Group of Nineteen Georgia Notes 300
171 Confederate Dead in the Sunken Road at Fredericksburg, Virginia PASS
172 Forrest Muster Signed by N.B. Forrest PASS
173 An Incredible Necessity Newspaper With The Infamous Beast BUTLER Proclamation 650
174 Plan of the Military Prison Situated on Johnson Island in the Bay of Sandusky Ohio 2500
176 Rare War-date Lewis Addison Armistead Autograph Endorsement Signed 4250
177 War-date Autographs of Generals Ewell, Longstreet, Hood and Early 1800
178 $500 Georgia State Bond Signed by Governor Joseph E. Brown PASS
179 General Humphrey Marshall Orders his Briagde Movement the Day Before his Vicotry at The Battle of Princeton Court House 160
180 6th Arkansas Document Signed by an Officer in the "Dixie Grays" PASS
181 24th Mississippi Infantry Turned Cover 160
182 Confederate Surgeon Certificate of Appreciation 1000
183 General Benjamin Butler Pays Himself $1100 from a New Orleans Bank Account PASS
184 Very Rare Kentucky Bank Note 375
185 Rare Confederate States of America Vessel Registration for Ship Owned by Secretary of War James Seddon 750
186 Brevet Brigadier General Signed Prison House CDV 130
187 Articles of Parole by Order of Lt. Gen. T.J. Jackson PASS
188 The Libby Prison Minstrels PASS
189 18th Connecticut Letter with Good Content on the Battle of Winchester 325
190 2nd New York Cavalry Officer Writes from Libby Prison 225
191 He Escaped From Libby Prison Weeks Before the Great Escape PASS
192 Confederate Ownership ID’d by Florida Soldier PASS
193 War-date Confederate General Hindman Signed Document Pertaining to the Battle of Chickamauga PASS
194 General Beauregard Receives a Request to use his Influence in Getting the Confederate Torpedo Boat ‘Torch” Approved 750
195 Pair of 1863 Confederate Bonds PASS
196 Pegram Reports the Disabilities 1800
197 13th Massachusetts Soldier Wants to "Shove the negroes in' the Fight 170
198 Rare Confederate Railroad Stock Certificate PASS
199 Gen. Williams Authorizes The Foraging Of Virginia's Countryside After The Gettysburg Campaign 150
200 Army of Northern Virginia Ordnance Document Enumerating The Ammo On Hand Before The Battle Of Chancellorsville PASS
201 Louisiana Soldier is Discharged Due to Vision Issues 160
202 Pair of Chaplain Signed Confederate Documents PASS
203 General Isaac Trimble Writes from Prison to McHenry Howard 1600
204 Confederate Pass to Castle Thunder PASS
205 Hotel Libby Letter 170
206 Libby Prison - The Great Escape Inquiry 750
207 Jefferson Davis War Date Letter to General Robert E. Lee PASS
208 Rare Arizona Brigade Letter Pertaining to Battle Fought Under Colonel John S. Ford PASS
209 Secretary of the Confederate Navy Releases Funds for the Pay of Confederate Sailors 120
210 Confederate Letter Pertaining to the Mills in Atlanta PASS
211 Army of Tennessee Confederate Surgeon’s Document 150
212 A Union Soldier Does Not Fight For The Freedom of The Slave 250
213 Confederate Officer Suffers from PTSD and is Prescribed Whiskey 120
214 Confederate Document Signed by Generals William Nelson Pendleton and Reuben Lindsay Walker 250
215 Three Days Before his Promotion by General Grant, General W.T. Sherman Writes General Thomas 900
216 43rd Virginia Cavalry - Mosby’s Regiment at Petersburg 350
217 Rare “Galvanized Southerns” Letter About Filling This Commanders Regiment 250
218 Confederate Document Signed PASS
219 Good Content Mississippi Letter Pertaining to his Servant Family with General Nathan Bedford Forrest Battle Report 750
220 Civil War-date Requisition signed twice by General Robert E. Lee drawing forage for his two horses, Traveler & Ajax 7000
221 He Was One of the Confederate Soldiers Paroled at Augusta, Georgia with No Yankee Officer Present PASS
222 Libby Prison Museum 200
223 Rebel Atrocities - Union Prisoners of War 425
224 War Date Western Military Institute Album With Albumen Photos and Identified to a Florida Cadet Who would Later be Captured 10000
225 Union Sheet Music “The Richmond Prisoner” PASS
226 1st Georgia Infantry Parole from Macon, Georgia 200
227 He Was in Charge of Libby Prison After the War PASS
228 Document Signed by the Leader of the Libby Prison Tunnel Escape PASS
229 Confederate General Alfred Iverson Signed Command Document 500
230 CSA Surgeon Letter 475
231 Four Clipped Autographs of Confederate High Commanders 300
232 Rare War-date Usage of General John B. Gordon AES 475
233 Confederate General Fitzhugh Lee Writes General Grant Requests His Parole 500
234 Colonel Rose’s Story of the Libby Prison Tunnel Escape 250
235 Jefferson Davis - "I had no gold when captured, either private or public" 1000
236 Three Views of Libby Prison PASS
237 The Libby Prison Is Taken To Chicago 475
238 Libby Prison Post Card 50
239 Scarce Diagram of Libby Prison Completed by Colonel Thomas Rose Who Led the Libby Prison Escape 4750
240 Album, for reproductions of Confederate Currency PASS
241 Prisoners Folk art Mauscript Poem, 1900
242 Gettysburg and Vicksburg Reports 100
243 The New York Riots Get Plenty of Coverage 50
244 Casualty Listing at Chancellorsville PASS
245 Two U.S. Sanitary Commission Receipts PASS
246 Champ Ferguson Hunted him Throughout the Civil War 350
247 NY Daily News volume 750
248 Surrender of Rebel Gen. Kirby Smith 50
249 Newspaper group with post war reports PASS
250 Barnum’s Museum burns PASS
251 New York World Newspaper Announcing the Death of John Wilkes Booth 300
252 A Complete and Detailed Description of a Prisoner in Andersonville 750
253 1867 Mitchell Map of Alabama & Georgia PASS
254 Union General Dan Sickles Signed Check 50
255 GAR Certificate PASS
256 CDV of General Hoke PASS
257 CDV of Confederate General Robert E. Lee 100
258 CDV of Edward Bates 50
259 CDV of Confederate General Magruder 100
260 Two Drummer Boys 300
261 Very Unusual Stonewall Jackson CDV with Gravesite Albumen Affixed 325
262 Zouave Tintype 180
263 CDV of Columbia Military Prison, Charleston. 225
264 War-date CDV of The Confederacy's Grey Ghost Col. John S. Moseby 850
265 CDV of General Robert E. Lee by Gardner 225
266 Albumen Photograph of General Francis Preston Blair and Staff 475
267 Famous Union Personalities PASS
268 CDV of Confederate General P.G.T Beauregard 250
269 The Last Photographic Sitting of General Robert E. Lee 300
270 Giclee Printing of Longstreet by Noted Artist Dale Gallon PASS
271 Confederate CSS Star of The West Naval Die Cube Relic 650
272 Group of FIVE Confederate Notes 50
273 Another Group of FIVE Confederate Notes 60
274 Another Group of FIVE Confederate Notes 70
275 Pair of War-date Confederate State of Virginia Button PASS
276 Maryland Button Converted Into Use As A Brooch Pin "Keep Sake." PASS
277 Civil War-date Confederate V. M. I. Button + Flat Coat Button PASS
278 Confederate Artillery Lined “A” Coat Button PASS
279 Wooden Paddle Found In Wharton's Virginia Cavalry Camp. PASS
280 Another Larger Spoon Found In The 1864 Winter Camp of Wharton's Cavalry Command. PASS
281 Confederate Prisoner of War Bone Carving PASS
282 Pair of Confederate "United Confederate Volunteers" Flag Stick and Lapel Pin 150
283 Early United States Naval Dirk 250
284 The Image From The Lincoln / Douglas Debates 350
285 Lincoln Drafts 75,000 ... Fort Sumter Surrendered 100
286 Featuring John Wilkes Booth 50
287 The President Thanks an Ohio Soldier PASS
288 Lincoln Presidential Ads in Each Issue PASS
289 Trial and punishment of the Lincoln assassination conspirators 250
290 Philadelphia Turner Certificate PASS
291 Olaf Wieghorst Lithograph Signed by Him PASS
292 William H. Harrison’s Campaign Newspaper 120
293 NY Caucasian Newspaper 130