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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Colonial Pilgrim Era Decorative Cast Pewter Porringer Bowl PASS
2 Colonial Currency 200
3 1741 Massachusetts Bay Deed PASS
4 June 22, 1743 Autograph Document Endorsed by Wealthy Merchant PASS
5 Colonial Religion in New-England PASS
6 Woman Legal New Hampshire Colonial Document 40
7 British ACTS Relating to Coffee PASS
8 South Carolina June 30, 1748 Original Plate Reprint PMG CU-64 PASS
9 Group of Colonial Era Native American Fur Trade Items 500
10 The Famous Christenbury Craigs - 1754 Engraving 50
11 North Carolina March 9, 1754 10 Shillings BIRD Vignette Fine PASS
12 North American Fort Diagrams in 1755 50
13 1755 Copper Engraving of an Unusual Statue 50
14 Mount Vesuvius Erupts - A 1755 Original Report 50
15 Autograph Document Signed By The First President of New Hampshire 100
16 Colonial Currency Paper Money Issue Bill of Exchange Hartford CT. PASS
17 Last Will and Testament, Mass. to be Buried in a Christian decent manner... PASS
18 Playing Cards, Copper Plate Engraving PASS
19 1764 Colonial Connecticut Treasury Receipt PASS
20 Colonial - An Astronomical Diary PASS
21 1768 Woman’s Letter PASS
22 21-Stanza Colonial America Period Four-Page Religious Poem PASS
23 After Paul Reveres Engraving Boston Massacre 200
24 Essex Almanack, - SALEM, MA. PASS
25 1774 Canal Map PASS
26 Colonial 1784 Land Sale Document 40
27 William Ellery, Declaration Signer, Legal Writ of Seisin PASS
28 American colonies react to King George’s response to Bunker Hill 200
29 1776 Document PASS
30 New Jersey March 25, 1776 Twelve Shillings. Fr. NJ-179 PASS
31 Printed WEEKLY RETURN of Foot Regiments 275
32 United States Lottery, Issued Lottery Ticket 275
33 Revolutionary War Period - Land Contracts PASS
34 Document Signed for a CT. Soldiers Family PASS
35 Revolutionary War Period Connecticut Acts and Laws PASS
36 Transport Ship HECTOR Revolutionary War Supplies Receipt PASS
37 Massachusetts-Bay Treasury Certificate Anderson MA-21 400
38 JAMES BOWDOIN Engravings Member Continental Congress, 2nd MA Governor PASS
39 Revolutionary War Bill, Fitzgerald & Piers PASS
40 War Receipt for Use of a Sloop PASS
41 Advanced to Pay Soldiers PASS
42 Matthew Clarkson Letter to General Benjamin Lincoln 50
43 Camp Ponpon South Carolina Revolutionary War Document PASS
44 Mass Interest-bearing Certificate PASS
45 ADMIRAL AUGUSTUS KEPPEL Portrait Copperplate Engraving PASS
46 Print - A British Sailor Offering A Sword PASS
47 Man is Convicted for Swearing a Profane Oath! 375
48 Portrait Revolutionary War French Admiral Suffrein by J. Fielding, London PASS
49 French Politician Francois Felix De Crillon Portrait by Birrell, Crisp Mint PASS
50 Three Post Revolutionary War Receipts 100
51 Congress Sets The President’s Salary 100
52 A Pair Of Newspapers Reporting The Treaty With Six Indian Nations 140
53 Oliver Wolcott Jr. Issued CT Document to a Lt. who Served at Camp Valley Forge PASS
54 He Defeated The Spanish Armada - Sir Francis Drake 50
55 1793 Funeral Bill, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania PASS
56 Single Woman who Delivered a Bastard Child PASS
57 Check Drawn of the Bank of the United States - Signed by the 1st Treasurer 225
58 Escort The Single Woman Out Of Town - 1796 PASS
59 Revolutionary War Naval Officer Richard Dale by R. W. Dodson PASS
60 Pension Document for Widows of KIA Revolutionary Soldiers PASS
61 Revolutionary War Pensioner from Tennessee is Dead 50
62 ABRAHAM YATES, JR. Engraving by Max Rosenthal 170
63 Revolutionary War Anniversary First Day Postal Covers PASS
64 Brutal Slave Insurrection in Jamaica - Early Observations of Georgia - 1767 50
65 Early Will Includes Slaves 150
66 The Widow Gets the Slaves 225
67 The State of Alabama vs. The Slave Allen 425
68 Slave "Fanny Aged Twenty Five And Her Child Mantraville - Two Years [ARE] Both Slaves For Life." 325
69 Ten Page Estate Settlement Lists Slaves by Name 250
70 The Slave Woman Was Defective 250
71 Packing the Slave Ship 300
72 Manumission of Slave Chance Morgan 250
73 Manumission of a Slave 250
74 Runaway Slaves in Canada Are Aided By The American Baptist Home Mission Society. 850
75 Group of Five Racists Newspapers - New York City 100
76 Webster Attempts a Slavery Compromise 110
77 Slave Charged With Attempted Murder of his Master in Alabama 475
78 Africans Attacking the White Interlopers PASS
79 Slave Physician Document 90
80 Slave Theme Patriotic Cover 50
81 Darkey Conscript Song Sheet PASS
82 Mocking the Southern Song DIXIE 90
83 Interference of Slavery In The District of Columbia Is Unwise and Unconstitutional 50
84 Describing His First Experience With Slavery While McClellan Is Removed From Command 800
85 The Innocent Cause Of The War Cover PASS
86 Bragg Issues A Victory Address After Chickamauga 50
87 The New Orleans “White” Slave Children 600
88 General Lorenzo Thomas Sends a Commission for an Officer in the “Colored Regiment” 450
89 US Colored Troops 70
90 Very Unusual Imprint By The Restored Government of Virginia Signaling The Change In Views of Blacks 225
91 The Senator Opposes The President’s Freedmen Bureau Bill PASS
92 Building the Officers Corps in the Freedman’s Bureau PASS
93 The Government Is Paying For the Surgeon’s Black Servants PASS
94 Negative Black Theme Cartoon Photos - 1877 PASS
95 Alabama Voter Intimidation 1880 375
96 Early Slavery In the Virginia Colony 250
97 Scarce Lynching Photo 275
98 Scarce Klan Booklet PASS
99 Ku Klux Klan Bulletin Issued by Notorious Klansmen from New Jersey 140
100 Vaudeville Blackface PASS
101 “The Negro Spirituals” 50
102 Little Black Sambo Grouping 120
103 Small Black Boy Bank PASS
104 Slave - Share Cropper Themed Color Printed Postcards PASS
105 Original Photographs of Famous African-Americans 50
106 UN Secretary U Thant Signed Flag PASS
107 Period Martin Luther King tin plate PASS
108 Black History Through Comics 275
109 Jackson State College Mailing Broadsheet on the Deaths of Phillip Gobbs and James Earl Green 140
110 The Malcolm X Documentary Advertisement On College Campuses 150
111 Fascinating Collection of Black American Themed Stamps PASS
112 Confederate Prisoners of War PASS
113 General Floyd's Command Retreats Before "the Lincolnites" After The Battle of Carnifax Ferry 600
114 Alabama Declares To "Black Republicans" Don't Tread On Me! 375
115 His Hatred For The "Damned Yankees" Knows No Bounds! PASS
116 Chopping Wood for the Confederacy PASS
117 1st Louisiana Heavy Artillery Letter PASS
118 A Virginia Partisan Ranger Misses "Miss. Mary" During The Summer of '63 650
119 Rebel Spy Joseph Smith Is Executed At Carthage, Tennessee in 1863 700
120 The 52nd N. C. Is Devastated During The Gettysburg Campaign With Great Postally Used Adversity Cover 170
121 Very Scarce Confederate Music Sheet Written to Memorailize JEB Stuart’s Famous Ride 800
122 Bartering for Supplies - $16, 948 Voucher PASS
123 Soldier’s Widow Not On The List For Relief in Georgia 170
124 James Longstreet Issues Orders for Confederate Surgeons 250
125 Kill-Cavalry Kilpatrick Gets Within One Mile of Richmond In February, 1865 170
126 A Virginia Infantryman Is Hard On His Uniform Equipment 100
127 General Lee Is Unable to Assist His Wife’s Doctor 8750
128 Capt. John Walker Bitting 48th North Carolina On Runaway Deserters To The Yankees 300
129 This Captain Rode With Forrest and Late in The War Considers the Future of the Family Slaves PASS
130 1867 Mitchell Map of Reconstruction Alabama & Georgia 50
131 A CSA Prisoner’s Son Provides A Recollection Of The News Of His Father’s Capture ... and Additional War News Including D.H. Hills Report On Battle of Big Bethel” PASS
132 The Former Confederate Officer, Becomes a United States Marshal PASS
133 The Cross of Honor was conceived by Mrs. Alexander S. (Mary Ann Lamar Cobb) Erwin, daughter of Confederate politician Howell Cobb, in 1898. She and Sarah E. Gabbett designed the Cross of Honor...... PASS
134 The Texas Soldier Was Captured 80
135 The Alabama Soldier Was Captured April 3, 1865. PASS
136 This Georgia Soldier Enlisted May 1864, in the Georgia Reserves Just Weeks Before Atlanta Fell 80
137 This Georgia Soldier Surrender With General Lee 130
138 The Lost Cause Theme 90
139 Great UCV Letterhead 70
140 ROBERT TREAT PAINE, Signer of the Declaration of Independence. PASS
141 1779 Massachusetts Indictment "for unnecessary traveling on ye Lord's Day contrary to law. 250
142 Governor Edward Telfair Signed Georgia Land Deed PASS
143 Revolutionary War Pay Voucher Signed by Peter Colt 50
144 Colonial Period Map of America 350
145 Sixteen Year Old Simon Cameron Gets Paid in The War of 1812 500
146 Capture of a Vessel Off of St. Bart’s 50
147 Union General McDowell Signed Document 50
148 Lot of Four Early U.S. Marine Coat Buttons 50
149 Currier's Horse Racing a Train 180
150 The Famous Charleston Broadside, Union Dissolved 3500
151 One of the The Earliest Known War Dated Confederate Documents - April 17, 1861 Issued Under The Command Of The Frst General Officer of the Confederacy - Who Led the First Attack on Fort Sumter 700
152 Articles of Parole by Order of Lt. Gen. T.J. Jackson 200
153 A Prisoner Exchange PASS
154 Confederate Gun Dealer Letter 225
155 Music Sheet - Beauregard’s March 200
156 J.E.B. Stuart CDV 100
157 The Soldier Boy PASS
158 Book, “Sibyle Cave” with Ownership ID’d by Confederate Florida Soldier 100
159 6th Arkansas Officer’s Pay Voucher PASS
160 Telegram to General Grant Concerning The Wounded From The Battle of Shiloh PASS
161 McClellan Orders Ammunition after the Battle of Antietam 100
162 Civil War Currency 50
163 Forrest Orders Hides Captured by Bragg’s Army to be Collected 190
164  Alabama Receipt for Purchase of Shotgun PASS
165 Jeff Davis -- Magnus Song Sheet 50
166 Pencil Drawing Of Child Joining The Lee Army 100
167 Member of Phillips Legion is Furloughed Due to a Fractured Thigh PASS
168 Confederate Parole for Union soldier 240
169 8th Confederate Cavalry Soldier is Given a Leave of Absence 100
170 Georgia Confederate Military Pass PASS
171 The Libby Prison Minstrels PASS
172 Libby Prison Prisoner’s Letter 180
173 Confederate Pass By the Order of Brig. Gen. John H. Winder PASS
174 The Libby Prison Minstrels Playbill Christmas Eve 1863 PASS
175 Document Signed By CSA General Thomas Carmichael Hindman PASS
176 Rare Confederate Railroad Stock Certificate PASS
177 Original Sketch of The Battle of Brandy Station 2200
178 Federal Navy - Anti-Shanghai Certificate 190
179 A Confederate Officer On the Opening of the Gettysburg Campaign 425
180 “ ... the General sent all the nxxxxxs into Kentucky...” PASS
181 Substitutes for Substitutes PASS
182 Letter Written By North Carolina Soldier Who Was Killed At Gettysburg 150
183 Letter to CSA General John Kelly Missionary Ridge 180
184 Georgia Colonel Letter 130
185 Confederate military prisons morning report 325
186 Rare 1st Maryland Cavlary Pay Voucher PASS
187 Group Taken From A Dead Confederate at Gettysburg PASS
188 This Confederate Soldier Writes About Gettysburg - “Pickets Div. suffered more I suppose than any ... losing nearly all its officers in killed wounded and captured” 1900
189 Gettysburg Flowers with Note of General George Pickett’s Wife 300
190 Georgia Defense Force Letter 120
191 Palmetto Sharpshooters Death Certificates 130
192 The Chaplains From Provisional Army of the Confederate States Order Stationery PASS
193 Album, for reproductions of Confederate Currency 80
194 Jefferson Davis War Date Letter to General Robert E. Lee 5000
195 Clothing Requisition PASS
196 Rare Confederate Military Telegraphers Log PASS
197 Florida Officer Is Granted Leave of Absence 130
198 CDV Libby Prison 180
199 Slave Military Contract For Impressing Slave 375
200 Union Soldiers are Fired Upon by Girls and Old Men in Winchester, Illinios PASS
201 Andersonville Surgeon Archive 600
202 CSS Alabama's Chief Executive Officer, John M. Kell 120
203 $100 Confederate Bond 80
204 The Writer Anticipates A Fight With Forrest 250
205 CSA General Iverson Signed Atlanta Document PASS
206 CSA Requisition Form Signed for Nathan Bedford Forrest 275
207 Killed in Pickett’s Charge PASS
208 Georgia’s Own Hero - Sidney Lanier PASS
209 Major General Buckner Examines The Report On His Division 250
210 Scarce Print, Officers Held at Libby Prison 1200
211 A Handsome Muster Includes John Hunt Morgan PASS
212 Commissary Document From North Carolina PASS
213 He Was One of the Confederate Soldiers Paroled at Augusta, Georgia with No Yankee Officer Present PASS
214 The Richmond Prisoner PASS
215 Libby Prison Letter by Commandant 1000
216 Document Signed by the Leader of the Libby Prison Tunnel Escape 110
217 Leave is Granted to a Virginia Soldier the Day after Lee’s Troops lay Down their Arms: 650
218 General Halleck War Date Autograph Letter Signed PASS
219 General Richard Taylor Warns Confederate Forces of Negro Troops Advancing from New Orleans to Mobile 200
220 Card Signed By CSA General Henry Lewis Benning 50
221 4th Georgia War Date Document PASS
222 CSA Letter, Macon Georgia 170
223 Irish signed Confederate Louisiana Artillery document PASS
224 Pass for a Paroled Georgia Prisoner PASS
225 Forrest’s Cavalry Corps Parole Signed by Union Gen. Dennis PASS
226 Confederate Georgia 1865 Way-Bill 50
227 The POW Recollects His Friends 550
228 Rare 3rd Florida Prisoner of War Letter 170
229 The Commodore Orders a Transfer 100
230 Macon Brunswick Bills PASS
231 Extraordinary Rare Print Of The Lee Surrender 800
232 The MOST Historically Correct Gettysburg Print 600
233 Excellent Robert E. Lee Engraving PASS
234 Southern Cross Of Honor PASS
235 Another Southern Cross Of Honor 300
236 Scarce ID’d Confederate Shield Badge 550
237 Another ID’d Confederate Shield Badge 550
238 Lorenzo Thomas Signed Document - Courtsmartial 40
239 General George Washington Morgan Signed Document PASS
240 General Ward Commanded at Gettysburg - Discussing Buckle Plate - Approved by General Lee PASS
241 In 1862 He Organized the FIRST NEGRO TROOPS PASS
242 1860 Broadside New Hampshire State Lottery PASS
243 Song Sheet Dedicated To the Fallen Soldiers Who Passed Through Baltimore April 1861 100
244 The Biggest Autograph of Drake DeKay 70
245 A Group Of Elmer Ellsworth Covers 40
246 Whitin Company Bills to William Mason PASS
247 An Early Pair of Covers With Anti-Jeff Davis Images PASS
248 Honoring Lil Mac 50
249 Patriotic Music - PASS
250 Group ogf FIVE Music Sheets PASS
251 Great Kentucky Letterhead Supporting The Union 300
252 A Drummer Boys Gets A Patriotic Song From His Soldier Friend PASS
253 Rare Sutler's Receipt 89th Ohio Vols. Endorsed By Libby Prison Escapee! PASS
254 Early Paper Flag With A Star Shaped Medallion of 34 Stars 1000
255 Secretary of the Interior’s Wife Soliciting Christmas Donations 160
256 The Troops Want McClellan Back 80
257 New York Colonel James E. Kerrigan “Dismissed From The Service Of The United States PASS
258 The New Haven Daily and Columbian Register Bills The State For Military Printing PASS
259 Consolidating The Irish Legion Under Brig General Michael Corcoran 150
260 A Variety of General Orders PASS
261 A Raw Recruit: We "Are Now In Reality Soldiers of The United States Army 100
262 General Philip Kearny's Body Goes To NYC For The Funeral and Burial-A Recruit Gets Drunk On Pain Killer Medicine After Receiving His Bounty 100
263 The Soldier Goes Crazy After Having Free Use of Tobacco & Goes On The Lam PASS
264 Their Journey South With Great Commentary on Philadelphia, Baltimore and The Capitol Building At Washington, D. C. PASS
265 An Officer Is Given The Choice To Go Home or Into The Ranks As A Private PASS
266 A Beautiful Specimen of The U. S. Flag Waves Over The Mansion of Robert E. Lee's on Arlington Heights 250
267 The Soldier's Funeral As It Was At Fairfax Seminary in '62 100
268 There Is Something Wrong Back Home & They Receive New Springfield Rifles 100
269 Drummer Boys, Muskets, and Swords PASS
270 To Fredericksburg Even Though "It Is Yet To Be Taken From The Rebels." 100
271 The Rebel's Fighting at Fredericksburg "Was Not To Be Laughed At." 950
272 Warfare's Absurdity: "Dixie" Fills A Union Picket's Eyes; The Rebels Fortify Fredericksburg; While a Union Soldier "Must Take Care of Himself" at The Front. 600
273 Firemen Are Not Exempt In This Draft At All. PASS
274 General McClellan Authorizes Military Camp Flags and Guidons PASS
275 A New Hampshire Photo Studio Gets A Request For More CDVs From A Soldier 275
276 CSA Soldier of the Cover of This Philadelphia Music Sheet 250
277 This Order Defines The Signs and Signals For The Flag Boat 150
278 Morris Island Signs-Challenges-Signals From The 54th 600
279 Tennessee Ordnance Report - 1863 PASS
280 The Maine Man in Washington Takes the Loyalty Oath 80
281 Civil War Action Steel Engravings 50
282 Connecticut Man Is Exempted For The Draft - Too Short 90
283 The War Through Poetry PASS
284 Putting The Minnesota Regiment In Uniform PASS
285 Union Observation Balloons Go Up; Yankee Pickets Exchange Coffee & Tobacco With Their Rebel Counterparts; A Funeral Takes Place In Moonlight 650
286 His 14 Teen-Year-Old Cousin Is On His Death Bed While They Embark On The Mud March 140
287 Burnside's Mud March Takes Its Toll On The 27th New Jersey 120
288 Promoted To Orderly Sergeant; His Cousin's Death & Lost Money PASS
289 The Battle of Hampton Roads: The Masts of The USS Congress & Cumberland Protrude "Eight or Ten Feet Above The Water." 150
290 Great "Unhappiness & Discomfort Will Occasion Northern Copperheads" During The Coming Draft PASS
291 Traveling In Choking Dust Through Kentucky 70
292 Cavalry Fighting Breaks Out During General Carter's Expedition Into Central Kentucky 150
293 Col. Mindil Does His Best To Suppress His Regiment's Mutiny During the Gettysburg Campaign 350
294 More Mutinying But They Are Persuaded To Remain And Help Defend Pittsburg 170
295 Robbing An Indian Chief's Grave In Historic Dumphries, Virginia 375
296 Rare Gettysburg Related 20th Maine Chaplain Endorsed Postal Cover PASS
297 The Barbarities of The Rebels Meted Out Against The 14th Brooklyn and General Rickett's Following The Battle of First Bull Run PASS
298 A Company of The 102nd New York Fires Nearly 500 Rounds During The Battle of Lookout Mountain PASS
299 Poetic Quote by Union General PASS
300 The Captain Recommends a Colored Cook In Occupied Louisiana PASS
301 Group of Four Letters - Members of Congress PASS
302 Paying the Federal Troops PASS
303 Occupied Virginia - Prosecuting for Desertion PASS
304 Based on “The enormous amount of desertion ..” 70
305 24th Army Corps General Orders Signed by Officers PASS
306 The Country Welcomes Grant In Song 50
307 Ordering A Field Arrest PASS
308 A Variety Of Documents Datelined Washington DC. PASS
309 His Friend Captain Michael Mullery Has A Premonition of His Death PASS
310 North Carolina Locals Write To Col. Clark, 85th New York Volunteers In 1864. PASS
311 Loyal East Tennesseans Populate Northern Alabama While A "Little" Schoolgirl Sings "Just Before The Battle, Mother." PASS
312 The Union Army Sets The Standard For Hospital and Ambulance Corps Flags PASS
313 3 Union Bounty Documents 130
314 Grant's Men "Have Fallen Far From Home and Friends Victims To The Cruel Ravages of War." 150
315 Pray For Our Poor Despotic Rulers - Lincoln and His Minions. 425
316 Suffering From Mental Health Concerns: The Surgeon "Thinks I Am a Kind of A Humbug." 100
317 Loyal Virginians Abound In Virginia's Two Maryland Bounded Counties 350
318 He Witnessed "Sharpshooters As They Sent The Deadly Ball To Some Sighted Victim." 170
319 Attending The Freed Slaves "Camp Meetings." He Then Helps Then Write A Relief Letter. 1300
320 Torn Up Railroads; Broken Government Promises While Wm Brown Is Buried Far From Home And Loved Ones. 190
321 The White House Mansion, The Church Where George Married Martha Are All In Ruins 450
322 Half Buried Soldiers Litter The Field While The North's DICTATOR Fires Into Petersburg 700
323 Encourages His Brother's Regiment To Mutiny During Grant's Overland Campaign 225
324 Cheat Old Abe Out of Your Life. He Seeks It With Millions More - To Free Half Amount of Slaves. 375
325 Dangerous Work At Grant's City Point Arsenal When A Parrott Shell "Monster" Rolls Off The Table But Does Not Explode. PASS
326 His Only "Offense" In Qualifying For The Draft "Being An American - Procure Me a Substitute." PASS
327 A Soldier Plays Games With His Substitute and The United States Army! PASS
328 Hold Off On Paying His Substitute "As I Am Not Fit -For a Soldier." 350
329 I Don't Think I Could Be In Any Better Business Than To Be A Soldier And Help Sustain Our Country To Put Down This Rebellion. PASS
330 Volunteering To March Against The Maryland Militiamen Who Refuse to Be Enrolled In The Service. 100
331 An Overtly Racist Description of Washington City and Region in 1862 500
332 A Rebel Spy Is Captured On His Return From Washington 275
333 Rare New York Regimental Patriotic Stationery With Life In Washington Content 100
334 A Colorful Patriotic Stationery Union Soldier Letter on Viewing The Declaration of Independence 250
335 Pvt. Swain Contracts Small Pox After Stealing A Blanket PASS
336 General Corcoran Kills Lt. Col. Kimball; Freed Slave Camp Called "Unionville" at the Siege of Suffolk 600
337 Wounded and Missing Friends; A Photographer's Equipment Fails To Produce An Image and The Draft PASS
338 Picket McCann Gets Shot In The Head By Bushwhackers on The Peninsula While Sergeant Rider Drowns In Diascund Creek 650
339 Deserters Are Executed At Rappahannock Station While Rebel Guerrilla Fighters "Gobbles A Sutler or Two Once In A While." 120
340 Helping Open The "Cracker Line" and The Battle of Wauhatchie. 200
341 Reporting On The Battle of Rappahannock Station: "Our Corps Done All The Fighting." 550
342 The Battle of Chattanooga: "The Sight of The Army Going Into Battle is One of The Grandest Things I Ever Beheld." 250
343 Into The Iron Brigade: "Willis and James Was Enlisted And Have Gone To The WAR." 100
344 The 141st New York Vols. Helps Save The Day During The Battle of Resaca PASS
345 Stand Off at Kennesaw Mountain During Sherman's Advance on Atlanta PASS
346 The 141st Is Slaughtered During The Battle of Peach Tree Creek. "I Want To See Old Abe President For The Next 4 Years." 550
347 This Soldier Is Definitely NOT Fighting To Free The Slaves In The South 225
348 We Have Got Atlanta At Last. 180
349 This Non Voter Soldier "Thinks Old Abe Stand A Good Site. Little Mac Did Not Hoist The Right Colors." 225
350 I "Would Like To Have The Man That Shot" Lincoln. In My Power He Would Repent It." 120
351 Arrested For Going Home Early Their Soldier Loses His Pay and Honorable Discharge! PASS
352 General Frank Wheaton Signed Card PASS
353 Commission Issued By The Army of the American Eagle For A Woman PASS
354 New York Pays The Bounties PASS
355 Letter to Benson Lossing About his History of the Rebellion PASS
356 Federal General Orders PASS
357 Only FOUR Days Later, Major General Crook Would Be Captured 110
358 Nice Grouping of TEN Documents Regarding CSA Oaths - Richmond 1865 350
359 New York Pays Those Bounties PASS
360 Pair of Requisition For Surgeon J. S. Emerson PASS
361 Remembering The Sultana Disaster PASS
362 “ ... I personally directed and executed the written parole in duplicate of the two thousand Rebel Prisoners ...” PASS
363 The Important Book - Women of the War 325
364 He Raised Zouave-styled regiment, popularly known as "Hawkins Zouaves" PASS
365 Sheridan Encourages a Subordinate 350