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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 1726 - Document From Skinner’s Hall 50
2 During the French and Indian War, Pepperrell a Major General Responsible for the Defence of the Maine and New Hampshire Frontier. 350
3 New York Declaration of Independence Signer PASS
4 Printed By Benjamin Franklin 330
5 Belcher's Merchant Interests Included the Occasional Involvement in Slave Trading PASS
6 He Was The Presiding Justice of the Barnstable County Court of Common Pleas During the Sept. 27, 1774, Protest Against the British "Intolerable Acts." He Agreed to Ignore The Requirements of the... PASS
7 Large South America Map PASS
8 1759 - The Writer Details Monies as a Legacy 50
9 North Carolina Colonial Note 1760 20 Shilling 80
10 Dr. Holyoke Would Travel About 1.5 Million Miles, Make 250,000 House Calls and Train 35 Apprentices. 500
11 1765 - Colonial Document - Topsfield Massachusetts 50
12 Signer of the Declaration George Ross Signed Document Pertaining to a Free Negro in Pennsylvania 500
13 c. 1765 Colonial to Revolutionary War Era, Rare design Wooden Stave Canteen PASS
14 c. 1768 Rev. War Historic British KINGS 8th Regiment of Foot Pewter Coat Button PASS
15 The British Seize Hancock’s Smuggling Ship, The Liberty ... Results In The Petition To The Provincial Governor Requesting Grounds and Reasons For Bring Three More British Regiments To Boston 650
16 The Colonial Document Carries a Large King George Watermark PASS
17 c. 1770-1780s Revolutionary War Era Soldiers Camp Canteen PASS
18 Provincial New York Governor PASS
19 Governor Bernard Brought In More British Troops After protests Against the Townshend Acts in 1768 PASS
20 The North Carolina Declaration Signer PASS
21 Edmund Physick Had Negotiated with Generals Howe and Washington Not to Fight on the Property He Was Managing for John Penn on the Outskirts of Philadelphia PASS
22 The Universal Almanack For the Year of Our Lord 1773 350
23 1774 John Lathrop Discourse Intolerable Acts-Boston Port Bill Calamities Imprint PASS
24 Important Printing Of The First Continental Congress PASS
25 The Second Boston Tea Party Is Reported - Franklin Removed As Postmaster General - The British Quarter Troops in American Homes PASS
26 Virginia Makes The Call For What Becomes The First Continental Congress PASS
28 c. 1775 Revolutionary War Blacksmith-forged 9.5 in Diamond-shaped Iron Pike Head PASS
29 c. 1775 Revolutionary War Era, Soldiers Horn Drinking Cup with Belt Hook PASS
30 Scarce Revolutionary War Era Hand-Forged Brass Gang Bullet Mold PASS
31 c 1775 Revolutionary War Period American Forged Iron Pike Head 20.5 Inches Long PASS
32 Decorated Knife PASS
33 This Naval Officer Was Taken Prisoner and Exchanged Several Times. In 1779, he was again taken prisoner and imprisoned in Old Mill Prison, Plymouth, England, until his escape in 1781. PASS
34 Otis Coined The Phrase “"Taxation Without Representation is Tyranny"” 275
35 Pennsylvania Land Grant 50
36 Revolutionary War General Saved Charleston From The British 170
37 Scarce Revolutionary War General’s Appointment PASS
38 A Very Scarce Signature of Legendary Patriot Dr. Joseph Warren Who Was Killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill 5250
39 The Only Colonial Governor at the Start of the Revolution to Take Up the Patriot Rebel Cause PASS
40 The Government Impresses Guns Only Four Days After The Declaration PASS
41 Ellsworth Played a Role in Fashioning the Connecticut Compromise 275
42 Rev War Lodging Receipt PASS
43 Raising A Revolutionary War Company In Connecticut, 1777 1000
44 1777 Revolutionary War Manuscript Document Signed for a CT. Soldiers Family 450
45 Revolutionary War Dated Signature 200
46 He Served in the Grenadiers in the British Army PASS
47 1779 Historic Transport Ship HECTOR Revolutionary War Supplies Receipt PASS
48 Hancock Orders The Cities of Massachusetts To Supply The Revolutionary Troops With Clothing PASS
49 1780 Philadelphia Revolutionary War "Horse" Bond As Evidence Of Taking A Horse For George Washington’s Army. 550
50 Early Map of the East Indies PASS
51 1780 - Early Map of the English Channel 50
52 “ ... we may have the happiness of rendering the American cause...” General Rochambeau 1000
53 1780 Continental Army Service Connecticut Payment Guarantee PASS
54 Colonial to Revolutionary War Era - FOUR BUTTON GANG MOLD 600
55 Historic 1780 Revolutionary War Massachusetts Interest Bearing Bond PASS
56 c. 1780-1800 Revolutionary War Period Hand-Engraved Decorative GOURD Canteen PASS
57 c. 1780 Revolutionary War Hand-Forged Small Camp Axe Head PASS
58 1780s Identified American Revolutionary Virginia War Soldier - Miniature Painting PASS
59 New York City Revolutionary War General PASS
60 New York’s Revolutionary War Governor PASS
61 Second Battle of Savannah - Commanding General Lincoln’s Letter to Congress PASS
62 Revolutionary War Pay Voucher PASS
63 1781 First Edition Book Historical Essay on American Revolution PASS
64 1781-Revolutionary War Receipt for Use of a Sloop PASS
65 1781 Revolutionary War Pay Order PASS
66 Revolutionary War Reporting Includes General Washington ... Battle of Ninety-Six, South Carolina ... General Benedict Arnold 150
67 This Officer Was Captured On Long Island While Commanding a Holding Action That Allowed Washington and the Bulk of his Outnumbered Troops to Escape. PASS
68 January 1, 1782 Dated. MA, Interest-bearing Certificate, 300
69 1783 Peace of Versailles / French Libertas Americana Medal PASS
70 Paying This Declaration of Independence Signer 150
71 George Washington Asked Stoddert To Purchase The Land Which Became Washington City PASS
72 One Of Legal Patriots - Signed the Constitution 70
73 1785 Portrait Revolutionary War French Admiral Suffrein by J. Fielding, London PASS
74 A Signer of the Articles of Confederation PASS
75 Appointed By Washington As Secretary of State PASS
76 Huntington Responded To The Lexington Alarm With The Norwich Militia 85
77 Protecting The Seaman And Marine Merchants 1200
78 1790 Textile of Benjamin Franklin-George Washington - The Apotheosis of Franklin PASS
79 The British Colonial Governor of New Hampshire During The American Revolution. PASS
80 John Hancock Promissory Note - Six Months Before His Death 1500
81 The Financier John Nicholoson Picks Up 400 Acres 120
82 1799 Scarce Type General Benjamin Lincoln Signed Port of Boston U.S. Form PASS
83 Early Shipments To North Carolina 80
84 Shipping To North Carolina 130
85 Rare Washington City Canal Lottery 160
86 Revolutionary War Officer, Now Suppervisor of the South Carolina Ports 200
87 Political Letter Regarding The 1800 Election. 300
88 Early Pick Ax Head, 250
89 Cornwallis, The British Officer Who Surrender at the Siege of Yorktown PASS
90 General Irvine Was Captured, In Canada at the Battle of Three Rivers PASS
91 Barton fFught in the Battle of Bunker Hill. 770
92 Washington Appointed Commandant of the Army Corp Engineers PASS
93 He Sereved Under Baron Steuben PASS
94 This French Immigrant Fought In Our Revolution PASS
95 Newspaper Lists Revolutionary War Officers PASS
96 Bunker Hill History PASS
97 Philadelphia Erecting Monuments In Independence Square, PASS
98 Rare 1856 DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE Lithograph Engraving PASS
99 100 Years Later - Lexington Concord PASS
100 1775-1875 Bunker Hill Centennial MCMA Boston White Silk Printed Ribbon PASS
101 Max Rosenthal Engraving of Daniel Huger 170
102 Important and Early American Abolitionist Booklet 425
103 1789 Document List 13 Slaves 550
104 Slave Ship Diagram Showing The Placement Of 482 Slaves 1300
105 Court Ordered Appraisement of Estate Includes The Named Slaves 850
106 Court Ordered Slave Division 350
107 A Recommendation For A Sailor Who Served On The First Officer On A Slaver PASS
108 Another Slave Commits Suicide After Being Sold At Auction 180
109 Working To Support The Cause Of The Poor Blacks 100
110 Letter Written By An Important Abolitionist 60
111 The Kentucky Attorney Appraises The Estate PASS
112 Unique Cloth Printing Of An 1849 Anti-Slavery Poem 425
113 Abolititionist Signature 50
114 The World View of Slavery 150
115 Illustrated Runaway SLAVE Ads - Twelve Ads 160
116 Illustrated Runaway SLAVE Ads 180
117 The Massa Wants His Son Back On The Plantation - Runs A Runaway Slave Ad 120
118 Perhaps the Massa’s Mulatto Daughter Runs Away 110
119 Scarce War dated Imprinted Slave Receipt 375
120 Uncle Tom’s Cabin Is Playing In Washington DC 40
121 Racism In The 1868 Philadelphia Mayorial Election 150
123 The Black Civil War Soldier Writes of The Blacks In American Revolutionary and Civil Wars. 275
124 The Alabama Artist And Poet Who Painted And Wrote About Freedmen and Freedwomen 170
125 Very Colorful Die Cut Card Of Black Man 40
126 Likely KKK Whistle 50
127 The More Usual Klan Robe 1100
128 KKK Plate 150
129 The Lynchings In America Reviewed in 1936 250
130 A Complete KKK Security Uniform From One of the Most Violent Alabama Organizations 800
131 New York Petition For the Immediate Release of the Harlem Six 350
132 Titled “Black Liberation on Trial: The Case of Huey Newton” 110
133 The Black Panther Co-Founder Is Gagged In Judge Hoffman’s Courtroom In This Iconic Image 160
134 The Black Panther Revolution Is Reported In Their Newspaper 200
135 A Grand Dragons Robe 950
136 KKK - Childs All Satin Robe 1400
137 Black Panther Fred Hampton Killed In His Bed 150
138 Future CSA Virginia General Floyd MakesAn Appointment 100
139 Charleston Document Signed By Future CSA General Simons 70
140 Future 8th Virginia Chaplain Is On A Evangelist Mission 550
141 Asking For Rifles For Citadel Cadets 190
142 He Lost His Arm In The Mexican War - Old One Wing 120
143 As The Owner Of The Charleston Mercury, Fire-Eater Rhett Raised the Southern Passions 60
144 Drayton Owned Fish Hall Plantation on Hilton Head Island 300
145 Scarce Confederate Secession Badge PASS
146 Governor Pickens Wants His Cannons Back 200
147 $500 1861 MONTGOMERY ISSUE 160
148 War Date North Carolina Fractional Currency 325
149 Early CSA Document Using Federal Government Form 100
150 Jefferson Davis and Alexander Stephens Virginia Electoral Ticket 180
151 President Davis and the Confederate Government Organizes Its Army 130
152 1861 - Colnel Hatch of the South Carolina Militia Writes General Beauregard Regarding Preparations For War 425
153 The Confederate Soldier Wants To Join His Company - Governor Pickens Approves 250
154 Confederate General Trimble Wants Value of Destroyed Property PASS
155 Stonewall Jackson’s Personal Scripture Book 1900
156 South Carolina Raising Troops 160
157 South Carolina issues Fractional Currency 40
158 This Naval Admiral Was Responsible for 65 Prizes 300
159 After Secession and Until She Joined The Confederate States of America, the Republic of South Carolina Was Frequently Called the Palmetto Republic. 40
160 Confederate "D" Guard Bowie Knife, ca. 1860s. 850
161 Virginia CSA General 200
162 Music Dedicated to CSA Governor I.G. Harris 160
163 “– we are too poor to buy trimmings –” 100
164 The State of MISSISSIPPI "Cotton Pledged" Note 110
165 A Pair of War Date Obsolete Bills 70
166 The Kentucky General Joined the Confederacy PASS
167 Buckner Was the First Confederate General to Surrender PASS
168 The Battle of Gaines' Mill 900
169 “Dear Cousin Robert fell as a costly sacrifice upon the alter of Southern Freedom” 160
170 Charleston Orders The Calcium Lights Guarded To Assist The Blockade Runners 110
171 The Consolidated Steamship Company of Charleston Confederate Blockade Runner Stock Certificate. 250
172 Printer Evans & Cogswell Buys Shares In A Blockade Runner Company 160
173 The Confederates Most Prolific Arms Dealer 150
174 North Carolina War Date Notes 325
175 North Carolina Obsolete Bills 325
176 Historic “Special Order 191” - the “General Robert E. Lee’s Lost Order - Printed in a Newspaper PASS
177 Louisiana Guard Artillery PASS
178 The First Report of the Death of Stonewall Jackson 300
179 Negroes for sale for Confederate money; Incredible Report of the Occupation of New Orleans And How the Negroes Have Been Elevated to Equality 550
180 Virginia Confederate Souvenir Sent Home 100
181 The Confederate Soldier “... shall try to run the Blackade to go to the city...” 140
182 The Soldier Provides Details of the Battle of Chickamauga 700
183 Confederate General Patrick Cleburne Signed War Dated Promissory Note PASS
184 A Pair of Confederate Generals Signed Document PASS
185 General Gilmer Prepares Charleston Harbor Defenses PASS
186 The General Writes Home In Care Of His Iron Works Company PASS
187 Rodes Signs This Letter Three Times! Once “R.E. Rodes”, Once “R.E.R.”, Once in the 3rd Person “Head Qr Rodes Div.” PASS
188 Across The Lines - General To General - Flag of Truce PASS
189 $1000 Confederate Bond, Act of February 20, 1863 120
190 Confederate Music Sheet To The Maryland Society, Richmond VA 150
191 This Book Captured Off The Blockade Runner Minna 550
192 Unique Confederate ERLANGER COTTON Bond 190
193 This NC CSA General Received A Special Pardon From Lincoln 50
194 South Carolina Claims Cotton and Shoes From The CSA Government PASS
195 This Mississippi Sergeant Believes The War Will Be Over Soon 350
196 Letter to South Carolina Governor Bonham Regarding The Use Of Blockade Runners 375
197 The Confederate Postmaster General Reagan Reports PASS
198 McGowan’s Brigade Document Group 80
199 Charleston, SC- Charleston Importing and Exporting Company Stock Certificate PASS
200 Twice Signed by one of the Youngest Confederate Generals to Die While Fighting PASS
201 Document Signed By Both John B. Gordon and Clement Anselm Evans PASS
202 General Davidson - Defending Atlanta in 1864 PASS
203 Trevilian Station, June 11-12, 1864: Wade Hampton, Philip Sheridan and the Largest All-Cavalry Battle of the Civil War 425
204 Nearing The Surrender Of General Johnston 170
205 Confederate North Carolina Governor 50
206 Lee’s Farwell - General Order Number Nine 80
207 A Unique Johnson’s Island Pair 225
208 This Former CSA General Had The Citadel Stadium Named For Him PASS
209 Robert E. Lee Quick March Sheet Music PASS
210 Mobile Alabama Under Siege March 1865 PASS
211 The Carpetbagger Corrupt South Carolina Governor PASS
212 Former CSA General J.B. Gordon Sells Insurance PASS
213 Civil War General Wm. Mahone Signed Stock Certificate from Atlantic, Mississippi & Ohio Railroad Co. 160
214 De Saussure was in command of the Morris Island batteries during the bombardment of Fort Sumter on April 12 through April 14 PASS
215 The Author Served As A Spy For John. H. Morgan PASS
216 This Mess Sergeant Served Under Robert E. Lee 170
217 Post War Mississippi Law Makers 700
218 Copperplate Engraving Of Stonewall Jackson 140
219 Joseph Wheeler as Congressmen 50
220 Post war of Successful Blockade Runner 80
221 The Lee Family 150
222 A Citadel Cadet PASS
223 The Following FIVE lots are all issued by the The United Daughters of the Confederacy an association of women engaging in the commemoration of Confederate Civil War soldiers. The Southern Cross of... PASS
224 This Georgia Soldier Surrendered With General Lee PASS
225 This Soldier Surrendered April 20, 1865 PASS
226 This Soldier Fought With Terry’s Texas Rangers 150
227 This Soldier Surrendered With General Johnson, April 26, 1865. PASS
228 Great UCV Letterhead PASS
229 Biographical Notes for Cyclopedia PASS
230 The Justice Approves A Confederate Bill for Boarding Private 60
231 Arms Manufacture James Ames Gets Important Introductions 80
232 General Rufus Ingalls Writes General Palmer 300
233 The Preachers Says, “argues that scripture does not condemn slavery, prays that “abolitionism is abusive ..” 70
234 General Instructions Issued by Flag-Officer Goldsborough, Commanding North Atlantic Blockading Squadron. 170
235 Britain Mocks America’s Threat Of Taking Canada 70
236 Taking Hilton Head Island 325
237 Those Who Are Home Await News From Their Sons 70
238 Teaching Students To Salute The Flag 70
239 The Press Requests A Traveling Pass PASS
240 Official Printed Naval Communications Regarded Captured Prizes PASS
241 Rare Document From POW Camp Butler Issued by the Military Board 350
242 The Battle of Fredericksburg 60
243 The Battle of Antietam 60
244 Capturing a 7 Star Confederate Flag 550
245 Nice Copperhead Pair 180
246 Huge Dark Signature Of DeKay 40
247 This Mass Soldier Was KIA, May 31, 1864 650
248 Transfer By Order of Brig. General S.R. Gist 70
249 A Pair of Letters Regarding Elbridge G. Taylor Who Was Captured And Died In Prison PASS
250 This Major General Died Weeks After This Endorsement 750
251 M.O.H. RecipienM.O.H. Recipient Capt. Theophilus Francis Rodenbough Writes of his Capture at Centerville - “The bullets flew around our heads thick as hail”!t Capt. Theophilus Francis Rodenbough... 225
252 Facing Confederate Torpedoes During the Peninsula 1000
253 “...we have drawn new hats instead of caps and we have got a big black feather ... makes us look bold as lions” 1100
254 This Soldier Sends SACRED SOIL Home From Virginia 800
255 The Libby Prisoners Organize “The Prisoners Club” Written By The Colonel Who Was Captured By JEB Stuart 1400
257 Nearly A Day-By-Day Account of Chickamauga 900
258 Major General Hitchcock Draws a Half-Page Sketch of the Peninsula, Camps, and the Enemy’s Batteries. PASS
259 Seaman Forcibly Returned To Duty Aboard A Union Ship PASS
260 Guarding The City Of Washington PASS
261 The Army Recruits Correspondents To Help PASS
262 Offers To File War Claims For Damages PASS
263 Another SCARCE Confederate Prison Newspaper 50
264 Washington Newspaper Reports In Anticipation Of Gettysburg PASS
265 Grant Enters Vicksburg 40
266 The Union General Approves - Hilton Head 100
267 Field Printed General Orders - Gilmore’s Congratulations On The Fall of Battery Wagner And Greg. 100
268 Hard March To Gettysburg 200
269 Anticipating Another Battle In Virginia 375
270 Rosecrans Leads the Charge 150
271 New York Colonel Oliver Hazard Palmer Resigns 150
272 Booklet On How To Conduct War PASS
273 Paying The Prizes For Capturing CSA Ships PASS
274 The Federal Navy Off The North Carolina Coast 110
275 This Congressman Was Captured While Observing The 1st Bull Run Battle PASS
276 General McClellan’s 1864 Campaign Biography 350
277 Battle of Peach Tree Creek Reported By A NY Soldier 190
278 The Soldier Sends Home Georgia Isinglass 170
279 “ ... had skirmishes with the Rebels every day ...” 650
280 The Union General Writes The Senator With Views On Use Of “Colored Troops” 300
281 Two Piece Sheridan Group PASS
282 “A truce was had to bury our dead. It was a sad task and a hard one as the smell was sickening” 500
283 Unique Captured Confederate Form Used As A Stationary By Ned Barton, Cousin of Clara Barton 425
284 The Soldier Encloses a Sketch Titled “A Home in the Wilderness” 650
285 Describes The Siege Of Petersburg 850
287 Document Signed - General Terry PASS
288 This General Delivered the Appomattox Surrender Terms To Lee 375
289 A Scarce Bounty Manuscript Broadside 425
290 How To Handle The Turncoats 100
291 War-Date, “Restored Government of Virginia”, Governor F.H. Pierpont Writes of Debts Incurred During the “Rebellion” 750
292 President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address - Robert E. Lee’s General Order Number Nine PASS
293 Nice Souvenir From Wilmington PASS
294 Field Printed Civil War Printed Broadside, Farewell to the 11th Maine Volunteers PASS
295 United States Navy Admiral Card Signed PASS
296 The Virginia Takes The Amnesty 475
297 The Instructive Military Manuel PASS
298 Map of Bull Run PASS
299 The SCARCE Confederate Prison Newspaper “The Old Flag” PASS
300 The Kentucky Secession Sympathizer Governor 60
301 The Radical Anti-Slavery Senators PASS
302 The CSA President 130
303 General Banks Tintype 200
304 The CSA VP Stephens 150
305 Photograph of the CSA 1st Lady Varina Davis 110
306 Photograph of Anderson Taken at Fort Sumter 200
307 A Pair Of Confederate Ambrotypes 200
308 CDV Of General Wool 170
309 South Carolina Albumen Mounted Photograph Captures Two Black Contraband In The Window 225
310 Scarce John Wilkes Booth Carte de Visite 180
311 The Rock of Chickamauga - CDV 60
312 Signal Station, S.C. 200
313 The First General Officer of the Confederacy PASS
314 The Political and Military Leaders of The War 180
315 Photograph Of A Soldier’s Sketch 150
316 Comparing Charleston’s Mills House Early In The War to Late In The War 100
317 Tinted Tintype of a Union Army Drummer Boy 375
318 A Child and Her Toy Horse PASS
319 Mammoth Photograph Portrait of a Union General 600
320 Early Billy Club 400
321 Military Drawer Pulls PASS
322 Fine Condition of 'Jeb Stuart' Sword Hanger 425
323 War Period Ballot Box With Original Marbles 700
324 Rare Confederate Cavalry Sabre with Wooden Scabbard and Copper Rivets, attributed to H. Marshall & Co. of Atlanta, Georgia 5000
325 Blacksmith Tool PASS
326 Confederate Navy Insignas 110
327 Dug Civil War Belt Tongue 40
328 Large Copper Plate Engraving, Beauregard 50
329 1861-Dated Civil War Era, Miniature Portrait of Union Major General Eugene Asa Carr PASS
330 Civil War Period Powder Flask, 40
331 Original Percussion Capper, 300
332 Sharp Shooter Glasses 475
333 A Confederate Chapel Alter Cross 425
334 Large Format Civil War Map PASS
335 Civil War Union General Louis Blencker Miniature Painting PASS
336 Federal Navy Patches. 70
337 Encased Atlanta Minnie Ball PASS
338 The Largest Surrender Of The War Was Between These Generals 400
339 A Smith, Beck & Beck stereoscopic viewer, English, circa 1865 500
340 A Group of Christian Civil War Tokens PASS
341 Rare Old Joseph Rodgers & Sons Sheffield Straight Razor 80
342 A Younger Looking General Sherman 500
343 c. 1860-1870 Civil War Era, Union Army Major General Nelson A. Miles, Oil Painting on Board, PASS
344 Medical Staff Officer's Sword with Scabbard PASS
345 New York GAR PASS
346 A Series Of Early Cloth Tobacco Premiums With Civil War Commanders 800
347 C1900 Confederate Marriage Certificate & Union Certificate PASS
348 The 1858 Debates that Propelled Lincoln to National Attention - Including His Speech “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” 700
349 Scarce Lincoln Campaign Letterhead PASS
350 The Slave Othello Commands Lincoln and Davis To Put Up Their Swords PASS
351 The Soldiers Buy Their Colonel A Sword PASS
352 President Lincoln Contemplates The Slavery Issue While The Unity House Fills With Smoke PASS
353 President Lincoln Was Betrayed By This Actor 90
354 A Pair of Lincoln CDV’s 80
355 Lincoln Ordered The Maryland Secessionists Arrested - The Maryland Secesionist Are Arrested. This Letter is Written To A Political Prison By A Released Prisoner 475
356 President Lincoln Preparing To Bring The Negro Into The War 80
357 Punch Satirizes The New York Press’ Pollyanna Positive War Reporting Propaganda PASS
358 The British and the French Discuss Interfering In The American Civil War PASS
359 Will Lincoln Have War With England? PASS
360 President Lincoln Proposes Compensation Emancipation - It Fails PASS
361 Responding to Linoln’s Draft Call In Music PASS
362 John Wilkes Booth - Appears in Washington As Macbeth 225
363 President Lincoln and His Son 80
364 Lincoln Raises 300,000 More Troops PASS
365 Magnus Prints Supporting Song Sheet For Lincoln 90
367 Campaign Broadside - Is The War A Failure? PASS
368 Scarce Image - Washington & Lincoln "The Father" and "The Preserver" 150
369 John Wilkes Booth CDV 275
370 Amazing 19th Century Abraham Lincoln Ink Drawing....Railsplitter Content 600
371 Abraham Lincoln Assassination - Mourning Resolution From Manchester, New Hampshire, April 18, 1865 180
372 Currier & Ives Covers The Abraham Lincoln Funeral 150
373 Large Format Mount Albumen - The First Photo Of President Lincoln, 475
374 “The President Is Dead - Abraham Lincoln died this morning at twenty-two minutes after seven o’clock” 275
375 Prisoners of State “under the despotism of the late Abraham Lincoln” 170
376 Large 1909 Abraham Lincoln G.A.R. Bronze Medal 90
377 American Nazi Party Uses Abraham Lincoln In Its Recruiting 375