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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 AD 330-340 Roman Constantine I – Remus and Romulus PASS
2 Early Mass Land Transaction Signed John Weld, William Dudley and Samuel Gerrish PASS
3 Colonial Governor William Greene Receives Payment For Signing Military Commission PASS
4 The Colonial Grovernor Appoints A Lieutenant in the French Indian War PASS
5 1766 Colonial Governor SIR FRANCIS BERNARD OKs Expenses for Sufferers of a Fire PASS
6 Reporting The Seizure of John Hancocks Sloop - Benjamin Franklin’s Magic Squares Illustrated 225
7 A Rare Autograph Of Early Printer Solomon Southwick PASS
8 CHOICE UNCIRCULATED - Uncut North Carolina Colonial Currency Sheet PASS
9 North Carolina Currency 1771 pound PASS
10 North Carolina Currency 1771 pound PASS
11 North Carolina Currency 1771 pound PASS
12 Benjamin Franklin’s Leak Causes a Duel and Ultimately Franklin’s Removal as Postmaster General 150
13 In The Lead Up To The Tea Act, The Brits Are Planning On Ways To Increase Consumption PASS
14 Marriage and Dower Indenture Signed Revolutionary War General Otho H. Williams PASS
15 The Boston Tea Pary Reported in the Newspaper 700
16 Reports From The Colonies PASS
17 During the American War of Independence, John Wilks Was a Supporter of the American Patriots 125
18 1776 Map of the Western Hemisphere, including the United States... 100
19 State of Virginia Instructs Its Delegates to Declare Independence ... As President of Congress, John Hancock Declares "every kind of authority under the said Crown should be totally suppressed" 70
20 General Howe Takes Possession Of New York City PASS
21 $1 Note - South Carolina December 23, 1776 PASS
22 1776 Document 30
23 New Jersey March 25, 1776 Twelve Shillings. Fr. NJ-179 PASS
24 Connecticut Nine Pence Bill PASS
25 A Rare and Important 1776 Appointment of Barent J. Ten Eyck Signed by Nathaniel Woodhull as President of the New York Provincial Congress. PASS
26 The Absolute Rarist Declaration of Independence Signers 950
27 Scarce Autograph Of Abigale Wadsworth PASS
28 Payment Per Order of Col. Canfield PASS
29 Ten Pound Bounty Bond Issued By The State Of Massachusetts 125
30 Town of Hubbarton, Massachusetts Account of Payments To Continental Soldiers 1200
31 1778 South Carolina Appointed Him Commodore of the South Carolina Navy - Later He Captured the Bahamas PASS
32 A Scarce War Date Military Document Signed By French Admiral Comte de Grasse Who Commanded At Yorktown-1781 PASS
33 1778 British Maj Gen William Phillips Letter When Held American Prisoner of War PASS
34 Used to Detect Counterfeit Notes PASS
35 State of Massachusetts Bay State lottery Bond 225
36 Benedict Arnold Complete Autograph Document Signed in the Third Person 2000
37 The Sale Of A Ship At Auction - 1785 100
38 The Massachusetts Bay Begins to Threaten the Occupying British 425
39 A Revolutionary War Soldier From Virginia Looks For His Promised Kentucky Land PASS
40 Protecting The Seaman And Marine Merchants PASS
41 Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence Signer JOHN DAVIDSON Signed Document PASS
42 WILLIAM DONNISON Signed 1790 Military Commission Letter to Major General Goodwin PASS
43 President Washington Aprroves L’Enfant’s Plan for the Federal City 180
44 Silvanus Bourne Letter PASS
45 Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Treasury Department Document Signed To William Ellery, and Docketed by Ellery on verso 100
46 1795 Revolutionary War General DANIEL BRODHEAD of New York Signed Land Grant PASS
47 Three Founding Fathers of the American Navy on One Document PASS
48 Patrick Henry Document 550
49 JOHN CHESTER Autograph Letter Signed 1798 Connecticut Revolutionary War Hero PASS
50 Alexander Hamilton’s Father-In-Law - The Revolutionary War General, Philip Schuyler 170
51 During the Revolutionary War, Varick Served as George Washington's Aide-de-Camp and Private Secretary. 60
52 Alexander Hamilton Killed In A Duel With Aaron Burr 400
53 “I recommend my Soul to God…my body I commend to dust” 150
54 British Spy Major John Andre Engraving Collection 100
55 Collection of Revolutionary War Related Scenes PASS
56 An Important Slave Case In London, 1773 150
57 Using The the Ole’ Black Man to Sell Corn Meal PASS
58 Slaves Escape In Boston 70
59 Last Will - Leaves Slave to Her Sons 190
60 The Massa Wants His Runaway Sklave Duaghter Back 80
61 Four Philadelphia Newspapers With Runaway Slave Ads Including Two Runaway Woman 80
62 Ordered to Surrender The Slave Women 800
63 The Baltimore County Jails Has Committed Several Runaway Slaves PASS
64 Two Baltimore Newspapers With Slave Ads PASS
65 A Speech Highlighting Martin van Buren's Hypocrisy Against Slavery in 1840 PASS
66 This Georgian Defends Slavery - “The slaves are now enjoyed as much freedom as they are qualified to enjoy” 500
67 The Hall Is Denied to the Abolitionists In Connecticut 225
68 Slave Sells At Auction 300
69 Archive Of The Captain Who Discovered the Amistad PASS
70 Buying His Abolitionist Newspaper 60
71 Quakers On The Subject of Slavery 350
72 Abolition Will Divide The Country 275
73 Rhode Island Anti-Slavery, Whig Party Broadside PASS
74 He Speaks of Abolition, Whigs, Mexican War PASS
75 Iron Wrist Restraints 275
76 Collection of Revolutionary War American and British General's Portraits PASS
77 A Period Version of a Poem of the Uncle Tom Cabin Character Topsy PASS
78 A 10 Page Legal Proceedings Regarding A Slave Sale Gone Bad 400
79 The Trustee Defines The Ownership of The Slave Girl Born But Not Named In The Will 600
80 1856 Slave Bill of Sale - Three Generations of Slave Women 400
81 In 1862 He Organized the FIRST NEGRO TROOPS 80
82 Anti-Slavery Pamphlets - Focused On Kansas PASS
83 Scarce Electoral Ticket PASS
84 Interference of Slavery In The District of Columbia Is Unwise and Unconstitutional PASS
85 The Innocent Cause Of The War Cover PASS
86 The Emancipation Allows Blacks In The Army 110
87 A Minstrel Show Comes To Rhode Island In '65: "I Thought I Should Kill Myself Laughing." PASS
88 Important, Early Black South Carolina Congressman 700
89 Share Croppers Cabinet Cards 200
90 Racist Opposition to the XVth Amendment PASS
91 Derogatory Black Theme Cartoon Photos - 1877 PASS
92 An Invitation To See The Black Murderer Hang PASS
93 Orator In The American Antislavery Movement PASS
94 The Most Dramatic Orator In The American Antislavery Movement PASS
95 An Invitation to the Funeral of Wendell Phillips PASS
96 Share Cropper Themed Color Printed Postcards 40
97 Mixed Race Couple PASS
98 Vaudeville Blackface - Music Sheet PASS
99 A Jim Crow Era Restaurant Menu 100
100 First Hand Account of the Detroit 1943 Race Riots PASS
101 Black Toys PASS
102 Period Martin Luther King tin plate PASS
103 Klan Robe With Cap PASS
104 Another Klan Robe With Cap PASS
105 Stunning Klan Robe With Brilliant Red Cloak PASS
106 Four Klan Hoods PASS
107 Various Klan Accoutrements PASS
108 1928 Klan Membership Cards Into Knights of the Great Forest PASS
109 Malcolm X: His Own Story As It Really Happened PASS
110 Future CSA General Has A Request 60
111 Two Interesting Virginia Persons On One Document 80
112 Four Confederate Theme Engravings 80
113 North Carolina $2 Bill, PASS
114 Five Dollar "Sweet Potato Dinner" 120
115 The Secessionists Writes Regarding A Yankee POW 450
116 The Ice Is Necessary To Keep Meat For The Negroes. 650
117 Rare Confederate Soldier's Free Of Charge Railroad Ticket. 50
118 Governor Moore Sends A Doctor To Make Cartridges For The Confederacy at Pensacola PASS
119 Rare Confederate General Danville Leadbetter Letter On Repairs To Fort Morgan, Alabama PASS
120 An Early Alabama Confederate Post Master's Application Letter PASS
121 Asking The Alabama Governor - The Commandant of Cahaba Confederate Military Prison Gets An 1861 Endorsement PASS
122 Well-Known (and Published) Confederate Diarist John B. Jones Issues A Safe Passage Pass 550
123 CSA General Thomas Jordon Letter 350
124 An Early Pair of Covers With Anti-Jeff Davis Images PASS
125 An Early, Patriotic Confederate Printed Envelope 275
126 General Beauregard Wants The Flag of the ‘1st Corps Army of Potomac’ Solidified 600
127 Gibson Led a Brigade at Chickamauga PASS
128 Confederate General Bradley Johnson Signatur PASS
129 Confederate $5 Bill 80
130 Confederate States of America $50 - T14 80
131 1861 Confederate Brigadier General Henry Jackson ALS to the Governor of Georgia PASS
132 1861 Confederate States of America Printed Army Officer’s Commission Form 500
133 1861-Dated Law Book where Virginia Secedes from the Union and joins the Confederacy PASS
134 Captured “Secesh Paper from Newbern” PASS
135 Jefferson Davis and Alexander Stephens Virginia Electoral Ticket 150
136 An Incredible Detailed Letter Reporting the Battle of Wiliamsburg Virginia 1500
137 North Carolina Soldier, 8 Pages, Strong Political Insight 1400
138 The Confederates "Fought Like Tigers" at Shiloh PASS
139 Forrest Battles The Yanks at Shiloh. PASS
140 Union Forces Attack Corinth & It's Surrender. PASS
141 Picquetting After Shiloh & Surrender. PASS
142 Withdrawal From Corinth; Yankees Attack; European Recognition & Burning Cotton. PASS
143 Northern Vandals Conduct Themselves as "Proud Conquerers of Our Soil." PASS
144 Slogging Along To Tupelo. PASS
145 Better Off Detached From William Wirt Adams' Command. PASS
146 A Comrade's Narrow Escape at Holly Springs; A Timely Advance Saves Their Command. PASS
147 His Hatred For The "Damned Yankees" Knows No Bounds! PASS
148 Florida’s “To The Death” Resolution 100
149 A Scarce War Date Cavalry Order Signed By Confederate General Humphrey Marshall PASS
150 Johnson Island Prisoner’s Autograph Page 300
151 A Confederate Soldier’s Letter Written on the Back of a Virginia Tobacco Wrapper 1200
152 A Group of Five Letters Written By Sgt. Major A.H. Gordon of the 1st Battalion Georgia Sharp Shoopers, 600
153 A Longstreet Trooper Visits His Sweet Heart and "Made Good Use of My Spicy Words." 150
154 Illustrated Confederate Officer's Letter. 170
155 An Electioneering Battle Hardened Confederate Veteran Letter. PASS
156 Rebel Battle Letter with Confederate Army of the Tennessee Field Canceled Transmittal Cover. 325
157 South Carolina - CSA Postal Agreement 450
158 Archive of 18 Confederate letters written by 2nd Lieut. Alonzo A. Vanderford, 21st S.C. Infantry. 3250
159 The Evacution of Fort Wagner Was The Result of This Bombardment 325
160 This Soldier Rode With Mosby - Rejoices On Killing A Yank 700
161 One of the Famous Fred Fleet Letters - 26th Virginia - 1863 PASS
162 Scarce Johnson Island Prisoner Item 200
163 Very Scarce Engraving of “Camp of 5th Virginia Vol. Infantry, U.S.A.” PASS
164 Confederate Army of the Tennessee Field Canceled Transmittal Franked Officer's Cover. PASS
165 Valentine Lottery For Southern Belles Takes Place In February, 1864. PASS
166 March 1864; "We Are Exchanging Prisoners Now As Fast As Can Be Done." 325
167 From The Epic Battlefield of Trevilian Station Days Before He Dies In Action. 500
168 The 18th Virginia Cavalry Fights Stubbornly at The Battle of Third Winchester 900
169 Trading Cotton Cards for Bacon 200
170 Rare Uncut 56 Block of Confederate Ten-Cent Postage Stamps By Keating & Ball 700
171 Confederate $20 Bill 70
172 Confederate $50 Bill 70
173 Four Souveniers Picked Upon in April at the Fall of Richmond 1100
174 The Soldier Writes of Lee’s Surrender and Presents a Large Piec of The Apple Tree PASS
175 An Important Poem Penned on the back of a CSA $5 Note 425
176 The Confederacy Loses Too Many "Good Men" In '65! PASS
177 CSA Quartermaster General Alexander R. Lawton Document: "It Is Utterly Impossible To Procure Supplies For The Employees of This Dept." PASS
178 He Was Perhaps The Very Last Confederate Brigadier General, Charles C. Crews Signed Document PASS
179 Augustus H. Garland - Youngest Member of the Confederate Congress PASS
180 February 1865 Philadelphia Civil War Broadside:VETERANS, TO THE FRONT ! PASS
181 Andrew Carnegie United Daughters of the Confederacy Cover 50
182 Pair of Illustrated Confederate Veteran Covers PASS
183 The Georgia Confederate Vets Drill PASS
184 The Former Confederate Officer, Becomes a United States Marshal 40
185 The Southern Cross of Honor PASS
186 The Alabama Soldier Was Captured April 3, 1865 ... His Application For Southern Cross PASS
187 The Providence Spring is Shown in Andersonville Prison Park PASS
188 Before The “Woke Culture”, R.E. Lee Was Praised in the Northern Schools 300
189 Beauregard Monument Association Ceremonial Dedication PASS
190 Governor Edward Telfair Signed Georgia Land Deed 200
191 Georgia’s Own Hero - Sidney Lanier PASS
192 Mementoes Of An Early Confederate Casualty - Seven Star Flag Remnent 275
193 Unique Patriotic Confederate Card 120
194 Alabama Receipt for Purchase of Shotgun PASS
195 Member of Phillips Legion is Furloughed Due to a Fractured Thigh 80
196 Georgia Confederate Military Pass 60
197 6th Arkansas Officer’s Pay Voucher 60
198 Killed in Pickett’s Charge 325
199 Rare 1st Maryland Cavlary Pay Voucher 80
200 Confederate Pass By the Order of Brig. Gen. John H. Winder 70
201 The Libby Prison Minstrels Playbill Christmas Eve 1863 70
202 Document Signed By CSA General Thomas Carmichael Hindman PASS
203 Rare Confederate Railroad Stock Certificate PASS
204 Advertisement For South Carolina Maker Of Confederate Uniforms 500
205 CSA General Fry Aproves Clothing For 13 Free Negroes 900
206 The Chaplains From Provisional Army of the Confederate States Order Stationery 100
207 Requisition For Soldier of the 2nd Florida 50
208 Rare Virginia Confederate Military Telegraphers Log 800
209 CSA General Iverson Signed Atlanta Document 250
210 Irish signed Confederate Louisiana Artillery document 70
211 Pass for a Paroled Georgia Prisoner 225
212 Forrest’s Cavalry Corps Parole Signed by Union General Dennis 375
213 He Was One of the Confederate Soldiers Paroled at Augusta, Georgia with No Yankee Officer Present 550
214 The Richmond Prisoner PASS
215 Period Printing - The Libby Prison Minstrels 120
216 Document Signed By Former BLACK CSA SOLDIER 300
217 Excellent Robert E. Lee Engraving PASS
218 Cobb Sees The Weakness of The CSA Provisional Constitution 650
219 The Union Soldier Thinks The Darkey Girls are pretty 130
220 He Was Mortally Wounded at Gettyburg - W.T. Patton Discusses His Next Collar Star Making Him a Full Colonel 900
221 Addressed In The Hand Of Stonewall Jackson 275
222 General J.E. Johnston Is Displeased With His Transfer 1700
223 Payment of the Tennessee Soldier 50
224 The Maine Soldier “wish to god that Abraham and all his followers was in hell” 225
225 The Future Confederate Major General Receives His Pay 300
226 War Date CSA General Iverson Autograph Letter With Mititary Movements 850
227 Colonel Rains Is Moving The Ammunition 475
228 Identified Kansas Soldier Photograph 325
229 The Delaware Soldier Sends A Confederate Letter Home 250
230 The Georgia 22nd is 7/8 Barefooted PASS
231 Baltimore CSA General Steuart Approves The Deserter’s Arrest 600
232 Former Tennessee Governor Harris Praises General Hood in a Letter to Jefferson Davis 550
233 The Letter Is Endorsed By THREE CSA Generals - Pickett, Hunton & Anderson 1500
234 Fort Delaware Prison COUNTERSIGN 150
235 Fort Delaware Counter Sign 150
236 Maj. General Wheeler Acknowleges the Burning of the Crane Creek Bridge 600
237 General Wade Hampton Requests Beauregard’s Military Movement Approval 300
238 Captured, Now Paroled, He writes Onboard Ship Anchored at City Point 250
239 Pass Issued By The Provost Marshal 100
240 Fully Manuscript Field Hospital Pass - April 1865 225
241 His First Letter From the Battle 300
242 Hemphill Continues Reporting the Regiments Losses 475
243 He Writes of the Losses in Orr’s Rifles 325
244 Photo of SC Vet Wearing The Cross of Honor. 150
245 America’s Poet PASS
246 The Colony of Connecticut Pays For Transporting Vagrants 90
247 New York Canal Fund Check Signed by John A. Dix PASS
248 JOHN ERICSSON, Designer of the Union Ironclad Ship the MONITOR PASS
249 The Rear Admiral Approves PASS
250 The Future Admiral Issues A Check PASS
251 The Recruiter Issues Bounty - One To a Soldier Killed at Pea Ridge 40
252 Very Scarce Set of the Famous Rose of Washington - Stationary and Cover - With the Soldier Letter Who Identifies The Pieces 1400
253 The 20th Ohio Is Ready To Fight While at Camp King, Kentucky 350
254 Patriotic Booklet: Consecration of the Flag of The Union, Boston, May 1861 PASS
255 A Drummer Boys Gets A Patriotic Song From His Soldier Friend PASS
256 The First Union Hero - Colonel Ellsworth PASS
257 Winfield Scott Free Frank 110
258 Major Crawford Receives an Invitation To Speak Regarding Ft. Sumter PASS
259 Letter From Andrew, Governor of Massachusetts during the Civil War 225
260 She Tells Her Cousin “Union suffers from bad Generalship” 100
261 Predicts The Promortion Of A Colonel To Brigadier General 100
262 An Archivbe of 25 War-Dated Letters 2500
263 The Former Attorney General Writes His Daughter Gertrude 200
264 Large Color-Printed Antietam Map 500
265 The 6th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment Was Part Of Iron Brigade PASS
266 Letter Group of Soldier From the 101st Pennsylvania Infantry 450
267 The Soldier Has Two Alabama Buttons Cut From A Dead Lieyt. KIA At Gettysburg 200
268 The Vermont Soldier Recounts the Battle of Williamsburg 250
269 Slave Plantations; "Sour Looking" Southern Women; Fresh Military Graves Greet The Union Troops at Romney, Virginia in '62. 750
270 Advancing Into Western Virginia Results In a Ferry Boat Rescue Ends In Drowning. 325
271 Camp Delaware, Ohio. The Medical Examine Was Very Particular! PASS
272 Swearing, Gambling and "Fetching Up" Prisoners "At The Point of The Bayonet." PASS
273 Negroes Are As Thick As Hops. Some - Are Almost White As We Are. 400
274 Intense Heat In Baltimore Takes A Man Out While On Drill; Chaplain Sullivan H. Weston Is Overrated 100
275 General McClellan Authorizes Military Camp Flags and Guidons PASS
276 Drummer Boys, Muskets, and Swords 100
277 An Officer Is Given The Choice To Go Home or Into The Ranks As A Private PASS
278 Their Journey South With Great Commentary on Philadelphia, Baltimore and The Capitol Building At Washington, D. C. 100
279 4th Pennsylvania Cavalry Soldier Assaults and Robs a Man PASS
280 The Soldier Goes Crazy After Having Free Use of Tobacco & Goes On The Lam 100
281 Pro-union Civil War Poem Entitled "Our Union" PASS
282 1862 General Sturgis Takes Command of Washington PASS
283 Transcript of a Soldier’s Letter Presented as a Broadside - The Battle of Winchester PASS
284 Historic “Special Order 191” - the “General Robert E. Lee’s Lost Order - Printed in a Newspaper PASS
285 Poetic Quote by Union General PASS
286 Philadelphia Calls Out The Home Guards As CSA General Lee Threatens An Invasion 500
287 Naval Officer Died During The War PASS
288 Muster For Company F, 71st Ohio - “... were taken prisoners and paroled ...” 200
289 Muster Of Company Who Fought in the Battle of Fort Donelson 300
290 Group of Three Documents 140
291 Stuck In The Mud With Burnside & His Removal After The Fredericksburg Debacle 225
292 Abolitionist Massachusetts Gives One of Her Own For The Colored Troops: "Simon G. Is Promoted To Adjutant of One of The Color'd Regiments." 50
293 May [I] Live To See…Our Glorious Old Flag Unfurled To The Breeze From Every Capitol In The Union 110
294 The Barbarities of The Rebels Meted Out Against The 14th Brooklyn and General Rickett's Following The Battle of First Bull Run PASS
295 A Company of The 102nd New York Fires Nearly 500 Rounds During The Battle of Lookout Mountain 100
296 Rare Sutler's Receipt 89th Ohio Vols. Endorsed By Libby Prison Escapee! PASS
297 Rare Gettysburg Related 20th Maine Chaplain Endorsed Postal Cover 100
298 Great "Unhappiness & Discomfort Will Occasion Northern Copperheads" During The Coming Draft PASS
299 Promoted To Orderly Sergeant; His Cousin's Death & Lost Money PASS
300 The War Through Poetry PASS
301 Putting The Minnesota Regiment In Uniform 250
302 Rosecrans Leads the Charge PASS
303 Music Sheet Refers To The Battle Of Gettysburg as “Rebel Rain” PASS
304 This Wisonsin Soldier Witnessed The Fall of Vicksburg 200
305 Fighting Guerillas on the Mississippi River After The Fall of Vicksburg 170
306 The Following Nine Lots Are All Clipped Signatures of Union Generals 200
307 Winfield Scott Hancock Clipped Signature PASS
308 Group of Three Union Generals PASS
309 Group of Three Union Generals 80
310 Group of Three Union Generals PASS
311 Group of Three Union Generals 160
312 The Union Surgeon General USA PASS
313 Group of Three Union Generals PASS
314 Group of Three Union Generals PASS
315 3rd Pennsylvania Artillery Letter re”Runkle’s Nxxxxr Battery 200
316 Brandy Station Document PASS
317 War Dated Dahlgren Cover 350
318 The Same Shell Took Off Two Soldier’s Heads 650
319 The 16-page War-Date Journal of Adjt. Henry W. Camp, 10th Connecticut Infantry- Richland Jail - January 14, 1864 1200
320 On Captured Confederate Stationary, The Union Soldier Writes “Not long may it wave” ... “God dam the thing”. 800
321 Nifty Johnson Island Document 150
322 The 1st Maine Soldier Writes Home - 2nd Petersburg 130
323 Union Cavalry Capture Rebel "Negroes" Who Take the Oath at Bermuda Hundred. 700
324 A Black Union Cavalryman Gets Shot in The Chest. "It Wont Kill Him." 375
325 The Union Army Sets The Standard For Hospital and Ambulance Corps Flags PASS
326 Loyal East Tennesseans Populate Northern Alabama While A "Little" Schoolgirl Sings "Just Before The Battle, Mother." 170
327 North Carolina Locals Write To Col. Clark, 85th New York Volunteers In 1864. PASS
328 Arrested For Going Home Early Their Soldier Loses His Pay and Honorable Discharge! PASS
329 His Friend Captain Michael Mullery Has A Premonition of His Death 100
330 MOHW Seven Pines Lt. Frank W. Haskell Letter PASS
331 General Birney Orders The Tenth Corps To Proudly Wear Their Corps Badges PASS
332 Vote For McClellan: "He Could Fill Both Civil & Military Chairs" While Serving In The Navy, "Is Much Better Than Going For A Soldier." 100
333 The Michigan Engineers and Mechanics Save The day During The Battle of Lavergne PASS
334 Saratoga Springs Orders Relief For A Cavalryman's Family PASS
335 The Illinois Major Writes Home From The Charleston Prison 170
336 Major of US Colored Troops - Manual PASS
337 Certificates Call for Paying Enlisted Men PASS
338 The Commodore Repairs the Ironclad, Dictator PASS
339 Federal PASS
340 Politician Describes the Celebration in Washington Upon Receiving the Fall Of Richmond 600
341 Occupied Richmond Letter Written By Major General Patrick PASS
342 He Throws Away His Spencer Carbine To Prevent Drowning PASS
343 Remembering The Sultana Disaster 225
344 General Weitzel Is Looking For A Few Good Men From The Descendent of Revolutionary War General "Mad" Anthony Wayne PASS
345 Rare 2nd Corps, Army of The Potomac, Washington D. C. Pass PASS
346 Destroying the Heart Of South Carolina 250
347 New York Pays The Bounties PASS
348 Letter to Benson Lossing About his History of the Rebellion 30
349 24th Army Corps General Orders Signed by Officers PASS
350 Federal General Orders PASS
351 Philo Remington Partly-printed Bank Check. PASS
352 Philip H. Sheridan Maj Genl U.S.A. Collector Autograph and Engraving After Brady PASS
353 The following FIVE Lots Are Groups of Hand Colored Song Sheets, 5” x 8” 100
354 Magnus Hand Colored Song Sheets PASS
355 Magnus Hand Colored Song Sheets PASS
356 Magnus Hand Colored Song Sheets PASS
357 Magnus Hand Colored Song Sheets PASS
358 New York Volunteer Bounties PASS
359 A Gettysburg 2nd New Hampshire POW Orders His Painted Escutcheon PASS
360 The Death of General Ward PASS
361 Society of the Army of Tennessee PASS
362 Union General William Wells - Medal Of Honor For Service At Gettysburg PASS
363 This Naval Officer Was Wounded At Fort Pillow PASS
364 Noted Philidelphian Collecting Money For The Union League PASS
365 16th Vermont Regimental GAR Booklet on The Battle of Gettysburg 150
366 Our Honored Dead PASS
367 As A Senior, Porter Advises A Fellow Officer PASS
368 A Fine Association Of Banker August Belmont And Civil War General Daniel Sickels PASS
369 Fought In The Mexican War and the Civil War PASS
370 Alabama Claims – Restitution for Losses Caused by Confederate Raiders 250
371 Illustrating the Valor of the Civil War Soldier 50
372 Former General Butler - President of the Alabama Company PASS
373 1892 Major General Daniel E Sickles Signed 3rd Army Corps Membership Certificate 300
374 Check Signed By Julia Ward Howe PASS
375 Cook Served in Both the Civil War and the Span Am War. PASS
376 Seved in Both Civil and Soan Am Wars PASS
377 He Commands The Great White Fleet and Lists The Ships in That Fleet 80
378 Medal of Honor Winner PASS