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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Document Signed by the Financiers of the Exploration of the New World - Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand 6750
2 Christopher Wren Signed Document Dated 1699 2100
3 1708 East India Ship Log 2500
4 Good Content Indian 1757 Letter 3000
5 George II ... “On Our Losses in America & the Necessity of Retrieving Them” 2750
6 Important 1765 Stamp Act Pamphlet: "The Objections to the Taxation of Our American Colonies" 2000
7 Phillis Wheatley's "Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral" 17500
8 The Only Recorded Original Handwritten Copy of the Act Approved May 12, 1775, Creating an Independent Postal System in Massachusetts 2750
9 Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms 3250
10 The Autograph of the Father of the American Navy - John Paul Jones 4000
11 Benjamin Franklin Signed Document as President of the Commonwealth of Pennyslvania 7750
12 He Printed the Pennyslvania Packet 1100
13 John Hancock Signed Military Appointment 3250
14 Washington and Adams Elected! The Governor of Maryland writes to the newly elected president, George Washington, detailing the vote from his state in this country’s first election... and that the Fed 8250
16 President George Washington Writes Robert Morris Pertaining to Plans for the Executive Mansion PASS
17 Benjamin Banneker Helps Survey for the New ‘Federal City’ 2300
18 1795 House of Delegates Broadside 2750
19 James McHenry Sends News of Senator Blount’s Impeachment 3000
20 U.S.S. Constitution Supplies Receipt dated 1798 3750
21 Honoring the lives and public services of our Presidents – a Collection of Eulogies from the Founding of he Nation. 1000
22 Thomas Jefferson Signed Letter as President Concerning the Petersburg Company of Riflemen 11000
23 Presidents Under the Articles of Confederation 2750
24 James Madison to James Monroe – a retained copy of one of the most significant missives in American political history between two men who served as President “ is of great importance to the int PASS
25 Document Signed by James Madison & James Monroe 2300
26 Early Printing of the Star Spangled Banner 1000
27 Signed by Stephen Decatur PASS
28 Lengthy 1836 Andrew Jackson Autograph Letter Signed, to friend “Court Painter” Ralph E. W. Earl; with Signed Free-Frank 3500
30 Superb Quality Silk Broadside "Farewell Address of General Andrew Jackson to the People of the United States” 1900
31 John Brown Autograph Letter Signed to His Brother Pertaining to Ohio Land Deals 3250
32 The Civil War through Music -- Signed by General Irwin McDowell Multiple Times... Not to Mention Entries from Numerous Other West Point Officers Who Later Commanded Forces During the Civil War! 2000
33 Scarce Force Fascimilie of the Declaration of Independence 18000
34 Rare Edgar Allen Poe Autograph Letter Signed 22000
35 Mexican War - Maryland Militia Archive 5750
36 Frederick Douglass’ Newspaper ‘The North Star’ 16000
37 Archive of Papers from the Allen Family of Salem, Massachusetts, Pertaining to Salem Vessels, Firms and Trade Routes 4250
38 Charles Sumner Evoking the Declaration of Independence and Championing Louis Kossuth and his Exploits 1900
39 Kentucky Slave is Emancipated and Sent to Ohio 500
40 The North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company Insures a Slave in Charleston, South Carolina Owned by Secession Signer Thomas Y. Simons PASS
41 Rapahel Semmes Extraordinary Letter Concerning the Fate of a Slave who has Been Convicted of a Capital Crime, Revealing Both Southern Practices and Semmes's Own Attitudes on Slavery and Race Relation 4500
42 Original circa 1860 carte-de-visite photograph of ISAAC LEESER, most important, influential name in 19'th century American Judaism. 2500
43 South Carolina Secession Broadside 24000
44 Tennessee Pledges Her Military Resources to the Confederacy 15000
45 The City of Richmond Donates the Confederate White House 9250
46 Fantastic Advertisement for the American Express Letter Company Announcing ‘To the People of the Confederate States’ Uniterrupted Letter Service ‘to and from all points North and South’ 1600
47 107th New York Diary, Letter & Artifact Archive - Great Content on the Battles at Gettysburg &Chancellorsville, as well as the Atlanta Campaign 19500
48 Scarce Confederate Tennessee Secession Ballot 2500
49 Robert Anderson Writes from Fort Sumter One Month Before the Shelling of the Fort PASS
50 Rare A.P. Hill Free Frank from March 1861 3000
51 Albumen of Slave Family Owned by Gaines Family 1862 3500
52 Benjamin Butler’s Proclamation to the People of New Orleans on the Date of Its Capture 5500
53 ShortlyAfter Taking Control of Half of the Army of Northern Virginia General ‘Stonewall’ Jackson Writes General Longstreet of Captured Prisoners & Enemy Movements 22000
54 Sharp Shooters Recruiting Broadside 3500
55 Confederate National Flag 18000
56 2nd Manassas Victory Broadside 1000
57 Virginia Loyalist-Refugee Archive 7250
58 In the Defence of Philadelphia - Gettysburg Campaign Broadside 2500
59 11th Virginia Letter Group - Present at Pickett’s Charge 4250
60 Abraham Lincoln Signed Draft Call for the State of Massachusetts 17000
61 A heroic bust in bronze. An amazing work of art sculpted from life. 7500
62 War News from the Bristol, Tennessee Gazette 1500
63 Lincoln & McClellan Campaign Ribbons 1600
64 Jefferson Davis Authorizes Payment to the Secret Service 7500
65 Autograph Letter Signed by Secretary of War Judah Benjamin Being a Report Of Attacks On Forts Walker And Beaurgeard 3500
66 Sojourner Truth Carte de Visite 1600
67 General William Mahone's Personal Copy of Appomattox Surrender Document 3000
68 Confederate General John Reagan Letter as Prisoner of War to Texas Governor Hamilton Pertaining to his Pardon 1600
69 General William Pendleton's Official Transcription of General Lee's Farewell Address PASS
70 Black Corporal CDV PASS
71 Complete Run of Grant’s Peterssburg Progress Newspapers 3500
72 13th Amendment Signed by Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield and over 140 Congressmen in 1865 1620000
73 C.S. Navy Department Office Provision and Clothing Broadside PASS
74 Collection of Georgia Southern Cross of Honor Badges & Ladder & Shield Badges 32000
75 United States Colored Troops Medal of Honor Archive 3250
76 Boston Corbett Writes of His Shooting of Booth in May 11, 1865 the Day After Jefferson Davis was Captured 21000
77 Alexander Gardner’s Photograph of the Lincoln Conspirators Hanging at the Gallows 5750
78 “Crutch Extra!!!” An Extremely Early Broadside of Lincoln's Assassination 2750
79 20th Virginia Heavy Artillery Point Lookout Parole PASS
80 Oath and Parole for this 44th Georgia Infantry Soldier PASS
81 Rare 10th Georgia Cavalry Greensboro Parole 1000
82 No Lot PASS
83 Samuel Morse Autograph Letter Signed Attacking Benjamin Butler 1800
84 Personal Items of Charles Dickens 3500
85 George Armstrong Custer Writes General Ely Parker While Researching the Tribes Who Would Eventually Kill His Command & Himself 17000
86 Horace Greeley & Gratz Brown 1872 Campaign Broadside 2750
87 General George Armstrong Custer Letter from 1875 with Fantastic Indian Content and Mentions ‘the decision of the Sioux’ in Regard to an Indian Conference 11000
88 Photographs Signed by Indian Chiefs Geronimo, Sitting Bull and Rain-in-the-Face 26000
89 Oscar Wilde Autograph Letter Signed on Irish Art 4750
90 Schuyler Colfax Pens a Quote from Lincoln: “Let us have faith that right makes might” PASS
91 He Won The First Game In Professional Baseball 1400
92 The Hymn “America” Signed by its Author 1200
93 Claude Monet Autograph Letter Signed 1800
94 Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory Of The Coming Of The Lord 6500
95 Buffalo Bill Writes Jim Geary of being “Willie on a drunk” and States He is Hitting it Big in Cody 1000
96 Booker T. Washington Wants “Negro” Capitalized 2100
97 Harry Houdini Signed Photograph 1800
98 Remnents From the Wreck of the TITANIC 4250
99 Katharine Lee Bates Autographed Manuscript of her Famous Song “America the Beautiful” 32000
100 President Woodrow Wilson Writes the Wife of JEB Stuart Pertaining to his Grandson’s Admission to West Point 1800
101 Wonderful Content George Patton Letter on his Being a Roman Soldier Under Caesar in a Past Life 8500
102 Teddy Roosevelt Heart Felt Autograph Letter Signed on the Death of his Son PASS
103 Photograph Signed by President Warren Harding and His Cabinet 3250
104 Sigmund Freud Signed Letter 3250
105 Sioux Indian Panoramic PASS
106 Historically Important “God Bless America” Group 220000
107 The Stars of MGM Signed Image PASS
108 Thurgood Marshall’s NAACP Action Initiatives During the Heat of the Civil Rights Movement 20000
109 Winston Churchill Typed Letter Signed 1800
110 Jackie Kennedy Autograph Letter Signed on Mourning Stationary to President Kennedy’s Former Personal Secretary 1600
111 Rare Lyndon Johnson Signed Press Pass PASS
112 A New Discovery of Important Historical Significance. John Erlichman's 88-page Mostly Hand-Written Notebook Chronology of the Events of the Watergate Scandal 78000
113 Presidential Pardon for Richard Nixon Signed by Both President Nixon & Ford 5500