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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 450 Year Old Bible Page PASS
2 Published by Women, JOANNA BROOME 50
3 1723 Colonial English Royal Governor WILLIAM BURNET Signed Manuscript Document PASS
4 1733 Nathaniel Ames, Boston Colonial Almanack For Year of Our Lord CHRIST, 1734 280
6 A view of the town and castle of St. Augustine, and the English camp before it June 20 1740, by Thos. Silver PASS
7 From The First Year Of The Annual Register - 1758 - The Massacre at Fort William PASS
8 1758 Rare French & Indian War, Fiscal Document Signed Joseph Talcott Treasurer PASS
9 French and Indian War Reporting - The Death of Wolfe in Great Detail PASS
10 1765 SIR FRANCIS BERNARD, NJ + MA Royal Governor, Signed Pension Payment Warrant PASS
11 1767 18th Royal Regt. of Foot, Battles of Lexington & Concord, Bunker Hill PASS
12 Slave Phillis Wheatley’s Poem “Recollection” Published in London’s Annual Register 2500
13 Report - Paul Revere Masthead - British Response to the Battles of Lexington and Concord in Sept. 1775 Massachusetts Newspaper PASS
14 Reporting on MilitaryAction Following the Battle of Bunker Hill - Franklin, Lynch & Harrison Advise on Raising a New Army PASS
15 The Declaration of Independence ... AND ... The Articles of Confederation ... Both Printed in Full in This Volume PASS
16 New York Burning, September 21, 1776. PASS
17 Tory Newspaper 1776, Revolutionary War and Independence PASS
18 General Washington Attacks Trenton PASS
19 The Battle of Monmoth - Washington Victory PASS
20 The British Accepts Monies To Aid The Captured American Soldiers PASS
21 Paul Revere Engraved Bookplate for David Greene PASS
22 1780 Act, PETER COLT Signed Connecticut Line of the Continental Army Pay Order 200
23 Paying the Rev War Captain PASS
24 Another Paul Revere Masthead - Battle of Johnstown 1781, New York, in Report of Commanding Officer 300
25 Treaty of Paris Signed by Adams, Frankilin, Jay, Laurens,Oswald PASS
26 The Continental General Supports His Canadian Soldiers Effort to Get Back pay 500
27 Hancock's Speech on the Surrender of Cornwallis 900
28 Colonial North Carolina - Two Signatures 100
29 1782 WILLIAM BRADFORD Attorney General under Washington Autograph Document Signed PASS
30 1782 New South-Sea Annuities. Joint Stock Transfer Certificate, London, Ch. EF 350
31 George Washington Closes His Military Career With Several Letters Including the Fraunces' Tavern Farewell PASS
32 1785 Windham CT. Court State Attorneys Pay for Prosecution of a Woman Criminal PASS
33 Judge Drayton Advise Bowdin of his Appointment PASS
34 1787 JOHN JULIUS PRINGLE South Carolina Patriot, Speaker of the State SC Assembly PASS
35 South Carolina City of Charleston July 6, 1789 2 Shillings PASS
36 The “President” of New Hampshire Apooints A Justice of the Peace 500
37 ELIAS BOUDINOT Signed 1790 Four Pence Church Currency Note on Newark, New Jersey 450
38 c 1790 Captain John Stuart (1774-1811) Silhouette Portrait by John Miers, London PASS
39 Basterd Childe, Rev. War Veterans Son is Accused of Impregnating a Minor PASS
40 The General Writes The King 300
41 1795 Revolutionary War General DANIEL BRODHEAD of New York Signed Land Grant PASS
42 SAMUEL BLODGET Signed 1799 Blodget Canal Company Stock Certificate 400
43 1779 Revolutionary War Regimental Court Martial to Hear Signed Hercules Mooney PASS
44 Simply STUNNING Wax Profiles 300
45 Two Paul Revere Related Wood Souvenirs, Ex: Paul Revere House and North Church 600
46 Paul Revere Engraved Portrait Signed by Artist Samuel Hollyer, after St. Memin PASS
47 1808 the Personal Estate of Stephen Decatur, Sr. Deceased, Appaisal Inventory PASS
48 Africans Attacking the White Interlopers PASS
49 The First Oath of Allegiance to the United States PASS
50 Historic Lithograph Color Print Serapis and the Bon Homme Richard, Sept 23, 1779 PASS
51 Paul Revere 'Liberty-Tree Obelisk' Engraving - 1881 Restrike From Original Plates 400
52 Charles E. Goodspeeds, Boston Massacre Design, Personal Engraved Bookplate 220
53 JOHN CHESTER Autograph Letter Signed Connecticut 1798 Revolutionary War Hero PASS
54 An Early National Paper Opposes Slavery PASS
55 The Slaves Stole The Millstones PASS
56 Hunting Runaway Slaves in Jamaica PASS
57 Georgia Slave Sale 325
58 $503 Buys a Slave in Alabama 1843 275
59 He Wants To Buy The Colonel’s Slaves 130
60 A Louisiana Plantation - Tally Ho - Was Built by a Free Man of Color 250
61 British Song Sheet with Black Minstrel Theme and Song PASS
62 Illustrated Slave Song Ballad PASS
63 Boston Slave Riot PASS
64 27 Slaves Distributed 325
65 Picking 29,200 Pounds of Cotton 100
66 A Comprehensive Study Of Slavery in the United States - Slave Deck Engraving - Horrible Stories of the Middle Passage 350
67 These Slave Tags Are Very Rare PASS
68 c. 1860s Sepia-toned Photograph of African American Likely Contraband 200
69 1860s Civil War, Carte de Visite Photo titled: COLORED VOLUNTEER, by Thomas Nast PASS
70 The Palntation Owner Can Not Sopply Shoes For His Slaves 250
71 O.O. Howard Wants the Colored Schools Repaired - Sends the Evangelist John Vasser 550
72 Using Poll Taxes to Disenfranchise Voters in Reconstruction Georgia PASS
73 The Most Incredible Story Of A Slave Mother Who Killed Her Daughter So The Daughter Would Not Live In Slavery 100
74 Fifteenth Amendment - Attacking Voting Rights for African Americans 600
75 c. 1870 Important Black History 15th Amendment Related Historic Photograph 800
76 The Work of the Klan? PASS
77 Abolitionists (ELIHU BURRITT) and WENDELL PHILLIPS Two Letters PASS
78 Exceptional Stone Negro Sculptures PASS
79 This Black Man Was Cook to Stonewall Jackson 2000
80 Remember Brownsville 150
81 Titled “The Regimental Mascot” PASS
82 Using Black Imagery To Sell Music 50
83 This Soldier Remittences About The Hamburg Massacre Of Black PASS
84 Vaudeville Black Face And More PASS
85 Picturing the Funeral of a Monumentally Important African-American Woman PASS
86 Vaudeville Blackface - Music Sheet PASS
87 The Black Man Is Wanted For Murder 170
88 Mammoth Enlargement of a 1938 Harlem Renaissance Street Children PASS
89 Mammoth Enlargement of a 1938 Harlem Renaissance Street Teen Boys Boxing PASS
90 Photo Roster of a Post-War Segregated Tank Battalion PASS
91 Black Baseball Advertising 450
92 1959-Harlem NY Nursing School Yearbook 275
93 C0-Founder of the Black Pathers 110
94 Railroad Stock Certificate Signed By Confederate General, William Mahone 150
95 Georgia Governor Brown Denounced Confederate President Jefferson Davis as an Incipient Tyrant 120
96 Alexander Stephens Free Frank With A Great Connection 100
97 As Mayor of Columbia, Goodwyn Surrender the City to Sherman February 17, 1865, Prior to the Burning of Columbia 120
98 Impressing Horses By Order of Brig Gen’l J.E.B. Stuart 225
99 Confederate New Orleans, Auction March 30, 1861, Nine Days After Joining the Confederacy. 450
100 The French Legion In The Louisiana Militia 100
101 Detailed Information on the EAST MISSISSIPPI GREYS 500
102 The South Carolinian Helps Pay The Way For The Imprisoned Confederates PASS
103 Lt. Col. Dr. James Ogburn Norton Was One of the FIRST to Die at Camp Chase PASS
104 General Richard Griffith War Date Letter - Marauders Killed PASS
105 Directly Following Secession, The “Combahee Planters” Pledge Support and Money 275
106 The 4th Louisiana Infantry - Soldier Discusses the Celebrated “Blue Cockade Medal of Louisiana 600
107 Georgian Leaves "The Old Union." Hopefully "The Black Republicans Will Back Down." 700
108 The Coahoma (Mississippi) Invincibles Keep The Yankees At Bay While A Union Observation Ballon Floats Overhead! 1300
109 The Surrender of Fort Sumter Reported in the CSA Capitol at Mongomery 1700
111 Moving The CSA Soldiers on the Railroad 80
112 N.C. Confederate Legislators Important Pro-Union Speech AGAINST SECESSION ! PASS
113 Missouri , “..said to Dr. Overton Monday that all the Union men in town ought to shot..” PASS
114 Anersonville Prisoner’s Note on the Reverse of The Confederate States of America - Missouri Defence Bond - Signed by the Colorful Confederate Governor, Claiborne Fox Jackson PASS
115 Captured By His Fellow West Point Graduate, Gen. George A. Custer 50
116 This NC Soldier Would Not Survive PASS
117 Confederate Monroe Louisiana Form Paying A Civilian 50
118 The Quartermaster of the 24th Louisiana Turns Over His Stores As the Regiment Disbands PASS
119 The Crescent Louisiana Manifest Lists Both KIA and Wounded Soldiers PASS
120 Three Blank Confederate States Forms PASS
121 The Confederate Soldiers Could Buy A Substitute 100
122 The CSA Government Writ of Garnishment Based on the firm Hyde, Gregg, and Day Being Alien Enemies 140
123 The Soldier Asks That The Slave Jasper Repair The Soldier’s Fence PASS
124 The Soldier Writes His Letter and Another For Comrad of the Mississippi 31st 100
125 Picks Up a Sheet of Paper to Write His Wife 150
126 The Production of Salt Was Essential To The War Effort 225
127 The Gallant 56th is the Most Noble in the Confederate Service PASS
130 Albert M. White & George W. White of the 4th North Carolina Infantry write home to their Father following BOTH OF THEM being wounded in battle! – “I WAS STRUCK 4 TIMES” “OUR CAPT. HAD ONE LEG SHOT... 900
131 Confederate General Richard Griffith – Writing from Leesburg, Virginia on January 16th, 1862, He Describes the Presentation of the Mississippi Confederate Flags! Griffith would be Killed 5 Weeks... 1500
132 North Carolina Soldier Fights at the Sight of Dunker Church, ANTIETAM Maryland - HE GROUND WAS BLOODY FROM THE DYING AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS - SOME WITH THEIR BRAINS SHOT OUT 900
133 Lengthy Soldier Letter of The North Carolina Fourth PASS
134 Set of Four Charleston SC, War Dated Fractional Currency PASS
135 Fractional Note-State of Georgia-TWENTY FIVE CENTS 50
136 The State of Georgia Supports The Soldiers Families at Home PASS
137 Both Officers Served on General Longstreet’s Staff PASS
138 Libby Prison Newspaper - Vol 1 No1 225
139 Longstreet Will Change The Tide 110
140 This Louisiana Tiger Is Spared the Death Penalty 100
141 Charleston Supoena 70
142 The South Carolina Soldier Gets A Pass PASS
143 The SC Soldier Denies He Sent Counterfeit Money To A Friend PASS
144 The Soldier Advises His Father of Several Tasks He Would Like The Father to Do PASS
145 The SC State Soldier Writes Home PASS
146 The Case of Jewish Men Cohen vs Salinas is Examined in Columbia - Found No Unsatisfied Judgements PASS
147 Christianity in the Camp 1000
148 Camped In Dense Growth of Poisonous Weeds 200
149 The Sergeant Writes Home While Recuperating form His Wounds 250
150 After His Parole From Vicksburg, The Captain Gets a Pass Home 150
151 Confederate Navy Document Signed By Commander Brent 200
152 “the immortal Jackson - the hero of the war and the hope of the country is gone” 850
153 A Partisan Ranger Receives Word That The Yankees Are Advancing on His North Carolina Wife's Home, "if My Baby Says So." PASS
154 Jefferson Davis "State of the Confederacy" PASS
155 Smythe’s Letters Were Used as the Basis For the Book, Days of Destruction: Augustine Thomas Smythe and the Civil War Siege of Charleston” 225
156 The CSA Organizes the Sharp Shooters PASS
157 Jacob Thompson Lead The Confederate Secret Service 450
158 This Note, Written During the Battle of Chancellorsville, Just as the Tide was Turning Against Hooker 400
159 Sending Out A Rescue Company PASS
160 A Pair of Confederate Printed Covers PASS
161 Scarcely Seen - Items from Texas Prisoner of War Camp Ford 500
162 Update of Friends Joing the CSA Army in Georgia 150
163 Devout Christian Soldier 100
164 The Christian Confederate Soldier Joins the Ambulance Corp 90
165 This Confederate Served in the Mississippi Davis Leg. Cavalry 70
166 The Alabama Soldier Thinks the Yanks Are Saucy. 140
167 The Confederate Soldier Reports the Battle Of Morton’d Ford 150
168 The Mississippi Civilian Father Encourages CSA Captain Son 200
169 The South Carolian Teen Writes His Soldier Brother PASS
170 Occupied New Orleans Insurance Policy PASS
171 The Father Asks For His KIA Son’s Pay 100
172 The Engineering Department Needs A Courier PASS
173 This Confederate Soldier Was KIA - New Market, VA 300
174 The Officer Writes While Convalescing PASS
175 Longstreet Orders “Collection” of Deserters PASS
176 He Advises His Father Of The Conditions In Charleston PASS
177 The Georgia Soldier Writes From Petersburg - Later Captured At Petersburg PASS
178 Very Detailed Description of the Bombing of Charleston 300
179 Death of Bishop CSA Polk 90
180 North Carolina Soldier Group - Three Letters 1300
181 The Chief Ordnance Officer, Gorgas, Supplies Alot of Beef 650
182 1864 Confederate Navy Commodore DUNCAN N INGRAHAM ALS and Commandeers a Building PASS
183 Another Confederate KIA Letter 150
184 This North Carolina Prisoner Was Wounded and Captured in the Final Pickett’s Charge 1000
185 Rare CSA Texas Treasury Department Pass From The Waning Days of The Confederacy. 150
186 The Captain of the Crescent Consolidated Regiment is Detailed to Court Martial Duty PASS
187 “Our boys have their own fun running the blockade to town every night.” PASS
188 In 1867, Gordon Became the Klan's First Grand Dragon for the Realm of Tennessee 80
189 Confederate Deserter in Texas -Galveston’s Second and Last Military Execution of the War. 400
190 The Last Book Published in the Confederacy 2200
191 The Charleston Residents Swears His Allegiance 90
192 In The Final Days Of The Confederate Government - Greensboro, April 18, 1865 475
193 1865-Dated Confederate Government Loan Cotton Bale Georgia Document PASS
194 A Confederate Account of the Immortal Six Hundred 200
195 Mary Custis Lee Signed Book Cover 180
196 The Chief Surgeon of Confederate Military Hospitals Defends the CSA Treatment of Union Prisoners at Andersonville PASS
197 A Rare Group of Controversial Confederate War Etchings PASS
198 Georgia Governor Joseph Brown Denounced Confederate President Jefferson Davis as an Incipient Tyrant 225
199 CSA General D.H. Hill Declines a Request 350
200 Buying CSA Stamps For The Columbian Exposition 275
201 John Ogden Murray Coined the Phrase “ "Immortal Six Hundred." 250
202 The First Federal Government Employee to hire Woman PASS
203 A Gala Event For This NY Militia PASS
204 Scarce Mid-West Color Illustration - Milwaukee Light Guard 100
205 From Philadelphia Militia To the 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers 130
206 The Founder of The Chicago Light Guard Was KIA 1862 100
207 Lincoln Appointed McClellan as Major General Early 1861 PASS
208 Our Generals Quick Step PASS
209 Uncolored Music Sheet - A Tribute to the Martyred Ellsworth PASS
210 Colfax Led the Effort to Pass the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution PASS
211 Our Post Was at An Episcopal Church - The Next Battle Will Be at Chain Bridge. PASS
212 . Lt. Col. Ward's 12th New York Marches With General Patterson's Command in July, 1861. 150
213 General Wadsworth Needs To Take Care Else The 23rd Chase The Rebels All The Way To Bull Run. 100
214 Battle of Falling Waters, July 1861; Advance on Martinsburg; Traitors Destroy The Locomotives and Rolling Stock of the B. & O. Railroad - Coal Cars "Are Burning Yet." 375
215 At Bulls Run The 2nd Rhode Island Was "First To - Attack and The Last To Retreat - Danger of Getting Your Head Blowed Off In The Battlefield." 275
216 A Soldier's Funeral. Brigadier General Briggs "Made Some Remarks Then The Bearers Took The Coffin Upon Four Muskets." PASS
217 Clean and Varied Collecxtion of Patriotic Covers PASS
218 The Government Buys the Ticket PASS
219 This Soldier Was Heavily Involved In Gettysburg - “We got flanked by a brigade of rebels. ... I tell you, the bullets flew like rain in front and behind for we was flanked. They came up so nigh... 8500
220 The Quarter Master’s Pocket Ledger. August through December, 1861 500
221 War Date Letter Of Connecticut Lt. Col Merwin Who Would Be KIA July 2, 1863 at Gettysburg PASS
222 Officer’s First Hand Account Letter of the First Battle of Bun Run 600
223 The Dark Storm Of War Is Approaching 400
224 The RAREST Regimental Stationary Sheets - “Camp of Instruction, Berdan’s U.S. Sharp Shooters, Washington D.C.” 600
225 Major Anderson Fort Sumter Signature With Provenance From His Brother PASS
226 The Sharpshooter Writes on Patriotric Mexican War Illustration 120
227 The Mass Soldier is Stationed In Maryland PASS
228 The Massachusetts Soldier Enjoys Baltimore PASS
229 Answering President Lincolns Call For Troops PASS
230 To the Surgeon. 130
231 The New Jersey Captain of the Palmetto Guards Offers 150 Men To Help Governor Pickens Defend South Carolina 700
232 Jefferson Davis Threatened to Hang 13 Prisoned Union Officers If The Crew Of the Savannah Was Hanged PASS
233 .. I send you a star off a secession flag ... 150
234 Peck Graduated West Point With U.S. Grant PASS
235 Stonewall Jackson Accepted The Harper’s Ferry Surrender 150
236 Six Weeks After This Letter, Miles Would Be KIA As A Result Of Taking A Cannon Ball In The Leg 375
237 Telegram to General Grant Concerning The Wounded From The Battle of Shiloh 250
238 Yankee Doodle on The Mississippi; Massing For The Assault on Chickasaw Bayou; Rebel Raid on Holly Springs, Miss. 110
239 Engagement At Rebel Dam No. 1 Near Yorktown During The Peninsula Campaign. 425
240 Butler's 13th Maine Has A Tough Time Reaching Mississippi. 50
241 A Union Artilleryman Gets Ready To See Old Abe. 110
242 The 1st Maine Cavalry Moves Closer To Richmond. PASS
243 Collection of Civil War Engravings PASS
244 Strong Graphic Harper’s Ferry Letterhead 225
245 Stunning Tinted Letter Sheet - Manassas Junction 200
246 “ I am not an abolitionist by a long shot, but if freeing the slaves will tend to end this war, for God sake, free them 300
247 This Free Blackman Writes of Being Drafted 550
248 The Chaplin Says “I shall be most thankful when the slave take the knife for the extermination of every rebel at all hazards.” 350
249 An Extraordinary Fredericksburg Battle Letter 650
250 Killed In Action Less Than Two Months After Enlistment 170
251 The Imprisoned Deserter Writes a Fellow Prisoner PASS
252 Henry M. Lowe Letter Group of War-Dated Letters Written By Paymaster’s Steward Most Written Onboard the U.S.S. Penobscot - Many Brown Water Locations PASS
253 Enormous Letters and Documents of the TEW FAMILY of North Carolina - Over 154 Letters/Documents PASS
254 The Wisconsin Soldier’s Record ForThe 44th Wisconsin Infantry, Company D PASS
255 The Wisconsin Soldier’s Record For The 44th Wisconsin Infantry, Company E PASS
256 The Wisconsin Soldier’s Record For The 47th Wisconsin Infantry, Company C 100
257 The Wisconsin Soldier’s Record For The 42nd Wisconsin Infantry, Company H PASS
258 The Wisconsin Soldier’s Record For The 44th Wisconsin Infantry, Company A PASS
259 The Wisconsin Soldier’s Record For The 49th Wisconsin Infantry, Company G PASS
260 The Wisconsin Soldier’s Record For The Forty-Ninth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry PASS
261 The Wisconsin Soldier’s Record For The Fiftieth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry PASS
262 The Wisconsin Soldier’s Record For The Fiftieth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry PASS
263 Document From The Famous Pennsylvania Bucktails 500
264 Incredible Eye-Witness Account Of The Gory, Brutal War - “to see his head cut entirely off by a passing 12 pounder” 1300
265 The Soldier Poeticly Writes Of The Battle of Williamsburg 650
266 Seven Page Fredericksburg Battle Letter 1100
267 Post Battle of Antietam Washington, D. C.: "The Capitol, Patent Office & Every Place Has Been Taken For Hospitals." PASS
268 Denying The Rebels of Salt in North Carolina. 100
269 The Maryland Lieutenant Is Presented With A Sword By His Comrads PASS
270 The Iowa Soldier Wants His Money PASS
271 This Marylander Served in Cole's Cavalry PASS
272 The six stanza poem, “The Wounded Soldier” is credited at the bottom of page 1, “Wm. Hinkson, Worcester, Vermont, July 9th, 1862 on Picket”. PASS
273 The Government Legalizes the Confiscation of Confederate Property PASS
274 War Dated House of Representatives Speeches PASS
275 A Baltimore Imprint Supporting Secession PASS
276 The Print From Soldier’s Original Art 100
277 Wisconsin Broadside Reporting on the Seven Days' Battles PASS
278 The Chaplin Writes His Letetr Home Using a Cover Picked-Up in the Field 400
281 27th Connecticut Battle Letter from the Battle of Fredericksburg – George S. Hill Describes being Hit there 3 Times & with a Piece of Shell Still Stuck Between his Eyes. His Overcoat had 9 Bullet... 700
282 War Date Union General Document Signed 60
283 At Gettysburg, Dix had Keyes Removed from Command. 80
284 Morris on May 9, 1864, Rode on horseback to Inspect his brigade and Was Shot and Wounded by a Sharpshooter PASS
285 General Miller Was Severely Wounded, Losing His Left Eye, at Liberty Gap on June 27, 1863 PASS
286 1862 Civil War Union General David Hunter ALS Involving Three Union Generals PASS
287 General to General - Major General Meade Needs Supplies 425
288 Rosecrans Defeats Bragg - Great Battle of Murfreesboro 100
289 Substitutes for Substitutes 200
290 The Soldier Misses His Wife - “feel your great sexual enjoyments” 650
291 13th Pennsylvania Cavalryman Remembers "Desperate" Fighting At Mine Run. 250
292 Balloon Hovers Over Falmouth At The Opening of The Gettysburg Campaign. 275
293 Union Operations in North Carolina - Their Beloved Commander Goes Home. 100
294 Battle of Chickamauga: A POW Rebel Colonel Declares That They Were Fighting The Whole "Eastern" Confederate Army. 450
295 JEB Stuart's Cavalrymen Demonstration Near Washington, Christmas 1862. PASS
296 I Have Not Found A Man But What Is Disgusted With The Way The Officers Treat The Men. A Man Is Not Treated As Well As A (N Word) Is At Home. 150
297 Very Rare, Detailed Account of Union Raid Upon The Wilmington & Weldon, Railroad, North Carolina: "They Fired Into Us And We Gave Them The Contents Of Our Revolvers." PASS
298 The SALT Is Ordered to be Distrubuted Through the Citizens Committee PASS
299 Property On King Street Sold in 1863 After Wife Disclaims Her Dower - Husband Sells The Property PASS
300 Confederate Point Lookout POW Is Examined 160
301 Myer Enlisted on 9/18/1854 as a Asst Surgeon. PASS
302 This General Was Wounded at Gettysburg PASS
303 The Ohio Soldier Was Captured and Imprisoned at Andersonville - Released - And Killed in the Explosion of the Sultana 550
304 The Mass Soldier Sketches in His Letter PASS
305 Reynolds Was Killed on the First Day of Battle at Gettysburg 400
306 Describes The Vicksburg Battle 275
307 The Soldier Describes The Gettysburg Battle Field PASS
308 A Colonel Reminiscences of Chancellorsville While Preparing For The Coming Battle at Gettysburg. 650
309 Scarce Broadside of the Opening Prayer at the Dedication of the Gettysburg Cementery 550
310 The Connecticut Soldier Believes the War Will Close Soon PASS
311 Congress Delegates to the President The Power to Issue Letters of Marque PASS
312 The Publication Prints Anti Copperhead Sentiments PASS
313 They Take a Rebel Officer Prisoner While on Scout 150
314 Woodstock Vermont Draft Board Broadside 250
315 The Rhode Island Soldier Was Wounded at Gettysburg PASS
316 Secret Service - Pinkerton Agent For McClellan 500
317 1863 Author Signed Book General Charles Bormann: To Admiral Dahlgren, U.S. Navy PASS
318 Union Soldiers are Fired Upon by Girls and Old Men in Winchester, Illinios 150
319 Hiram L. Sibley’s 1864 Diary 1100
320 We Were Congratulating Ourselves at Cold Harbor - Perhaps We Will Rush off on Another Flank Movement Without Warning. 100
321 Grant's Overland Campaign: "We Have The Johnnies Tails Down A Little But They Fight Like Devil." 100
322 An Iowa Soldier In St. Louis Awaits Exchange While Fellow Prisoners Come From Georgia. 275
323 The South Carolina Citizens Decalres He Was Always a Union Man. 100
324 Encourage The Union Troops 150
325 The Indiana Soldier is Frustrated By His Wife’s Lack of Writing. Great New Orleans Letterhead 250
326 Written on Colored Troops Letterhead. 900
327 Stoneman’s Expedition to Liberate Our Prisoners at Andersonville is Complete Failure PASS
328 The New Memeber of Congress Urges Partizan PASS
329 The Confederate Guerrillas Assassinate Three Soldiers 325
330 The Patients Want The Disorderly Soldier Returned To His Company PASS
331 Scarce New Orleans Union Regiment - Enlists Two Soldiers From Alabama 350
332 A War-Date Letter Group From A Maine Soldier 3500
333 On November 14, 1861, the National Committee of the YMCA Initiated the USCC PASS
334 Appointed to Command of the Army of the Potomac 3 Days Before the Battle of Gettysburg, Meade Arrived on the Field After the First Day of Battle 250
335 Hawkins Raised the 9th New York Infantry, popularly known as "Hawkins Zouaves" PASS
336 California Joe Advices His Comrade to “Pray to the Devil .. to thrash the old slavebreeding traitor (R.E. Lee) out of his boots into a hole two feet wide by six PASS
337 The Galvanized Yank Regiment: "Did Not Enlist To Fight The Rebs. We Enlisted To Fight The Indians and Guerillas." PASS
338 Rebel Batteries Take Advantage and Shell Grant's Headquarters at City Point. PASS
339 Manuscript Special Orders - New Hampshire Raises The 5th Heavy Artillery. 550
340 Eight Page Letter - The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain - Confederate General Leonidas Polk is Killed 850
341 General Halleck Writes His Publisher Regarding His Book, “Life of Napoleon by Baron Antoine-Henri Jomini”, (1864) published by David Van Nostrand 250
342 By the Author - Sherman's March to the Sea 100
343 1864-1866 FOUR Civil War U.S. Christian Commission Circulars + Final Anniversary PASS
344 This NC Soldier Was KIA at Winchester PASS
345 General Halleck War Date Autograph Letter Signed 350
346 The Soldier Believed Lincoln Was Stabbed to Death PASS
347 The Gerneral Approves the Return of Corn PASS
348 The Army Turns Over The Rice To The Commissioner PASS
349 Rice From Bennett’s Mills Turned Over For Use of the City PASS
350 Accounting For All The Union Captured Rice in Charleston PASS
351 The Annual Report of an Oil and Coal Company- 1865 - Early For An Oil Company 50
352 The Federal Check Book 100
353 He Was Killed by a Sharpshooter's Round at Battle of Chancellorsville PASS
354 Warren Arranged the Defense of Little Round Top at the Battle of Gettysburg Earning Him theMoniker "Hero of Little Round Top" PASS
355 The US Christian Commission Tends The Wounded 70
356 The Maryland General Asks His Senator To Influence the Secretary of War PASS
357 Confederate Saboteur Was Tried and Executed - Lincoln Refused to Commute His Death Sentence 250
358 Printed on a Naval Vessel Tempest on the Mississippi in 1865, Trying to Catch Jeff Davis PASS
359 Lincoln’s Assassin John Wilks Booth Killed 150
360 The Rhode Island Soldier - Chasing Bob Lee 850
361 Major General JOHN ADAMS DIX Union Army, Signed Bureau of Engraving & Printing PASS
362 Property Transfer to George W. Williams PASS
363 Generals Grant and Lorenzo Thomas Rent The Same Georgetown, D. C. Home; Baltimore Benevolent Fair To Aid the "Southern Poor." PASS
364 Post War Boston Politics PASS
365 Honoring the Connecticut Soldiers PASS
366 Exceptional Printed Brady Images PASS
367 Doctor, Heal Thyself 150
368 The Federal Government Pays the Montana Territorial Governor PASS
369 Noted Civil War Photographer Signs the Check 550
370 Archive of 4 Items with TWO Signed by Civil War Union General Benjamin Butler PASS
371 During Wanamaker’s administration, the Post Office Department issued the first U.S. commemorative postage stamps. PASS
372 Jefferson Davis’ Last Letter, Memorial Print PASS
373 Medal of Honor for “"Captured Confederate flag at battle of Sailors Creek Virginia, April 6, 1865 “ 190
374 Maryland Civil War Veteran's Records , Set of Books PASS
375 Certificate from the Lincoln Farm Association. PASS
376 The Former Union Maryland Soldier Writes of an Incident 45 Years Later PASS
377 This Soldier Writes of the Hunt and Capture of Jefferson Davis 160
378 The Mass Volunteer Writes From Hospital. PASS