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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Seven Hundred Years Old 500
2 The 1st Earl Advises The Proctor Not To Neglect His Service 120
3 A Pair of Early British Documents - George 2nd 100
4 Connecticut Law Regarding Indians PASS
5 British Treaty With The SIX NATIONS 200
6 Boston Protests the Townsend Acts - Gage Begins His Occupation of Boston 100
7 Tar & Feathered in Salem Massachusetts 110
8 American Revolutionary-era reports and the first woman around the globe 200
9 Excellent Report of the Boston Massacre PASS
11 The Future Revolutionary War General is Commanded by This Warrant PASS
12 Bound volume of The (London) Monthly Review 1772 PASS
13 Partial volume Gentleman’s Magazine BURGOYNE SURRENDERS 425
14 This 1778 Periodical Has A New York Map, King George Proclamation and a Scathing Benjamin Franklin Letter. 375
15 A Lengthy Report of the Battle of Saratoga 120
16 Volume of Gentleman’s magazine, 1779. American Revolution reports 400
17 1779 Revolutionary War - Pennsylvania Expenditure 120
18 1780 Massachusetts Currency 110
19 Scarce American Parole Of A British Soldier PASS
20 A Pair of Timothy Pickering Documents PASS
21 A Three Documents of the Northwest Territory 600
22 A Three Documents of Northwest Territory Notables 800
23 The Proof Of Land Owned By Rev War General Blaine PASS
24 Partial volume Gentleman’s Magazine 1793. ELECTION OF WASHINGTON PASS
25 The General Writes The King PASS
26 Selling The William Penn Properity PASS
27 Rev War Pennsylvania Officer 150
28 THE BRITISH ARE COMING – Broadside Circular from William Reed, the Adjt. Gen. of Pennsylvania summoning the Pa. Militia! 650
29 One Of Our Founding Fathers - Period Biography 50
30 December 11, 1799, Fairfax was among the last guests at Mount Vernon before Washington died. 550
31 Irony - Anti-Slavery Tobacco Box PASS
32 Niles volume 1820-21. India pleads: “...your children ought not to kill us." 180
33 Denmark Vesey revolt in Niles Weekly volume PASS
35 A Speech Highlighting Martin van Buren's Hypocrisy Against Slavery in 1840 PASS
36 Clay Slave Pipe 200
37 An Important History of The USCT 1863-68. 700
38 Rally Round the Flag, Boys, Rally once again! War Meeting!!” 500
39 Frank Leslie Reports The New York Riots PASS
40 H.B. Stowe Signature with Sentiment 110
41 The Civil Rights Act of 1866 - Vetoed By Johnson - Passed Over His Veto PASS
42 Early Blackman CDV 100
43 First Black U.S. Armed Forces Regiment’s Commander Thomas Wentworth Higginson of 33rd U.S. Colored Troops PASS
44 Congress Reviews The Murder Of A Recruiter of Colored Troops PASS
45 Lynching Photo Of Fred Ingrahm And James Green, 1883 PASS
46 Trade Token for Fort Huachuca, Home of Buffalo Soldiers 170
47 Minority Print Cards PASS
48 Henry Ogden Southern Colonial Slavery Related Print 225
49 Using Black Imagery To Sell Music 50
50 The 54th Reunion Parade Flag 1200
51 Printed Recruitment Poster, “Colored Man is No Slacker” 750
52 Bisque Black Folks PASS
53 A Scarce Photo Group of the Negro Baseball Club Silver City Giants 1600
54 In 1887, Stone Mountain was purchased for $45,000 by the Venable Brothers of Atlanta 90
55 Three Tuskeegee Airman Signatures 50
56 Group Of 24 Tuskegee Autograph Cards 400
57 Post 1968 Election Poster For Dick Gregory 100
58 Charleston, SC- South Western Railroad Bank Second of Exchange. PASS
59 The Virginia Representative Opposes the Government Bank 550
60 Extraordinary Engraved Image 120
61 Slidell Letter 180
62 He Commanded At the Battle of Murfreesboro Losing 2,500 out of 7,700 PASS
63 Confederate General - Regarding Leasing His Texas Farm. 50
64 Hotel Register Sheet 375
65 Soule Was the Primary Advocate Of Annexing Cuba - 1854 PASS
66 John Tyler Presided Over The Virginia Secession Convention 650
67 Writing From West Point, “I will remain Here Unless My State Secedes 800
68 The Charlestonian Writes Two Days After Secession 900
69 This Texas Politician Uses Lincoln Words to Advocate Secession 110
70 The Various Military Units of South Carolina Are Recruiting 100
71 Historic South Carolina Railroad Pass 140
72 Provisional CSA Stamps 300
73 Letter Written On Exceptional Confederate Patriotic Paper Showing The Seven Star CSA Flag 475
74 Unused Confederate Passport 70
75 Confederate Texas Warrant 190
76 Montgomery Issued $500 Bond PASS
77 Montgomery Issued $50 Bond PASS
78 Stevenson Writes General Jackson 100
79 David Simpson - 4th SC State Troops - 15 Year Old Soldier PASS
80 The Souther West Point Cadet Says, “The Cause of the South is a righteous one & may God defend the right” 900
81 The Soldier of the Vigilant Riles Writes from Charleston, REPUBLIC of South Carolina PASS
82 Virginia Militia Commission - Signed by Letcher 150
83 CSA General James Simmons Looks To General Beauregard To Endorse His Career PASS
84 The Georgia Soldier Anticipates an Impending Battle 170
86 Rare Confederate Song Sheet - Sold to Raise Money for Soldiers and Their Families. PASS
87 Letter & Envelope Written on Poor Confederate Paper Picked Up on the Battlefield of Hanover Court House 550
88 The Mississippi Surgeon writes “We will without a doubt destroy the great Yankee Army soon. It will be a blow from which they can never recover” 2100
89 Paying The Father of the KILLED IN ACTION Virgina Solder 170
90 Confederate Quartermaster Form PASS
91 Confederate Currency PASS
92 Feeding the 30TH Virginia 120
93 Large Funeral Procession for Brig Gen Samuel Garland 1300
94 An Exceptional CSA Maryland Broadside In Prelude to Antietam 3500
95 Writes From His Hospital Bed About The Battle of Seven Pines 500
96 This Confederate writes, "the enemy started a balloon up close to the line" 550
97 Longstreet is Often Considered One Of The Most Gifted Tactical Commanders 250
98 The General Needs Letterhead 100
99 “You can keep this as the last relic of secessia at New Orleans.” 1300
100 27th Georgia Infantry Soldier Freeman Walker Writes a Great Description of Fort Sumter… He was stationed there! PASS
101 This Virginia Soldier Would Be KIA At Gettysburg Two Weeks After Writing This Letter 800
102 Rare C.S. Navy Department Form Regarding Court Martial 375
103 Covening A Naval Review Board PASS
104 Naval Commander Kennard Wants The Command of the Savannah 150
105 The Treasury Secretary Fires A Subordinate 375
106 Future CSA General POW Sheet 550
107 Mississippi Documents PASS
108 Imboden Was Involved In The Taking Of The Harper’s Ferry Arsenal PASS
109 Clayton Wilson - 1st Battalion Hilliard's Alabama Legion - Rosecrans in Tennessee PASS
110 Scarce CSA Naval Manuscript in the Hand of French Forrest PASS
111 Pair of Confederate Bonds 50
112 Letter of a Georgia POW at Point Lookout - Imprisoned With Sidney Lanier 150
113 1864 CSA Muster Roll - SIGNED By 96 CSA Officers 450
114 Charles Withstands The Bombardment - 189th Day 100
115 Group of FIVE South Carolina Soldier’s Letters - Just Prior to Being Mortally Wounded ... And His Wife’s Last Letter To Him ... And A nurse Writes His Wife Regarding His Leg Amputation 1700
116 Rare Yorktown, VA, Confederate Court Martial Manuscript Copybook 1000
117 Confederate Prison, Camp Sorghum, Autograph Book of Union Prisoners of War 950
118 Confederate $50 Bill With Jefferson Davis 130
119 An Important Printed Record Of the Grant / Lee Surrender Correspondence 350
120 Great Appomattox "Souvenir" A Confederate Note Surrendered By the Army of Northern Virginia 1300
121 Very Rare “CSA” Watermark Sheets PASS
122 Ultra-Rare Confederate Virginia Artillery Regimental History PASS
123 The Confederacy Loses Too Many "Good Men" In '65! PASS
124 CSA Officer Robert Perry, Jr - 8th Louisiana Reg't - POW at Johnson's Island - Rare Find ! 900
125 From CSA Military Leader to Insurance PASS
126 As a colonel, he led his regiment in the bombardment of Fort Sumter at the beginning of the war. PASS
127 Robert Ould Defines His War Position 120
128 South Carolina Governor After Reconstruction 60
129 Fitz - RE Lee’s Nephew 150
130 The Hood Texas Brigade Survivors 225
131 Advertising Notable Southern Men 150
132 Confederate Reunion Artifact - Richmond 1896 400
133 Marcus Wright Letter to James Longstreet Regarding 2nd Bull Run PASS
134 Beauregard Monument Association Ceremonial Dedication 425
135 With Bullet Shots to Both Thighs, He Successfully Charged up the Heights to Capture the British Cannon. PASS
136 Travel By Stage and Boat In Virginia 300
137 Membership Certificate for the Independent Order of Odd Fellows PASS
138 Clement Vallandigham Signed Card 225
139 Military Tactics Book 100
140 Stone was reportedly the first volunteer to enter the Union Army 225
141 Baltimore Under Martial Law 250
142 An Extraordinary Letter from Fort Sumter By The Fort’s Surgeon PASS
143 Future Union General Signs a Pass 90
145 This Soldier Writes From Camp Only 5 Days After Enlisting. PASS
146 The Mass Soldier Writes Of The Burning Of Hampton - Also Balloon Ascensions 800
147 They Captured A Secession Flag 120
148 The Military Grocer - The Sutler 225
149 The Change In Military Leadership 50
150 Patriotic Booklet: Consecration of the Flag of The Union, Boston, May 1861 100
151 Exceptionally Clean War-Dated Document. PASS
152 New Hampshire War Dated Document Signed By A Captain Who Later Was Twice Captured and KIA 80
153 Autographs of The Ten Officers (Including Major Robert Anderson) on Duty at Fort Sumter Just Days Before the Bombardment 4750
154 He Opposed Slavery Although A Slave Owner Himself PASS
155 The Future General Buys Some Beer At West Point 50
156 Four Better Patriotic Covers PASS
157 a 100 Day Ohio Enlistment PASS
158 The Naval Surgeon Writes The Herald With Complaints Of Abolition Schemes 200
159 Writes of their Advance on Richmond - Two Fine Letters from the 12th U.S. Army “Regulars” – Capt. M. H. Stacey 250
161 At Occoquan, Virginia - The Chaplain Picks Up A Confederate Cover and Lettersheet Which he Sends Home to His Wife PASS
162 An EIGHT PAGE Battle of Fair Oaks Letter 300
163 Battle of Seven Pines Letter on Stationery Showing the Capitol in D.C. 275
164 4th New York Infantry Soldier William Stow Sends Home the Most Colorful and Patriotic Souvenirs 425
165 “He got the contents of my rifle through his body” Writes Allison C. Crockett, Co. E, 7th Maine Infantry 550
166 Prisoners Cover - Fort Delaware De. PASS
167 Scarce Soldier’s Ticket 225
168 Lee’s Mill Battle Letter - “Bodies unburied by the Rebels after being robbed of their clothing and brutally bayoneted and punched with sticks” 850
169 Soldier Letter Group AND, CDV With HOSPITAL BACKMARK 250
170 The Wife Writes Of The Homefront and the Battle of Pittsburgh Landing 100
171 The Sergeant Is Drilling Recruits To Join McClellan at Yorktown 50
172 The Soldier Believes They Will Take Savannah and Fort Pulaski Soon 150
173 Such a Patriotic Color Guard 100
174 Federal Version of Maryland, My Maryland PASS
175 Civil War Soldier's Letter with City of New Orleans Scene 250
176 .... we will come in for our share of the ‘Shell and Shot’ ... 225
177 Discharged By Disability 50
178 Richard Weld - 44th MA Vols - Gen Foster Expedition - Battle Kinston !! 350
179 Written to POW at Richmond, VA - Writes of possible parole & exchange 100
180 The Sergeant Writes Concerning The Confederate Raid and Burning of Chambersburg PASS
181 This Soldier Provides a Full Page Map - Later He would Be Mortally Wounded 850
182 Paying The Civilian Surgeon in Kentucky PASS
183 The Surgeon Signs The Private's Disability Saying "should never have been enlisted PASS
184 The 2nd Lieutenant Protests Being Overlooked For Promotion - Three Generals Endorse The Result PASS
185 Large Letter Archive of a Twice Captured Union Soldier 8000
186 Broker Recruiting Card 110
187 The Battle of Fredericksburg Letter by William B. Glass Co. F, 155th Pa. Infantry 1100
188 A Second Letter by William B. Glass Co. F, 155th Pa. Infantry PASS
189 Meade Commanded At Gettysburg 250
190 Burnside Was Promoted to Major General 60
191 Rosecrans, Later Was President Cleveland’s Registrar of the Treasury 100
192 Ricketts Defended Cemetery Hill at Gettysburg 50
193 Drilling The Troops - In Color PASS
194 The Sailor Writes of A NxxxxR Riot On Board the Ship 350
195 The soldier says “ a white man is a slave now” 190
196 “The soldiers Swear They Will Never Fight For The Freedom Of The NxxxxR” 250
199 Capt. John J. Knox, Co. D, 5th Michigan Infantry Writes Home on the Battlefield of Chancellorsville! 850
200 A Remarkable Medical Success For This Gettysburg Hero 200
201 The James Biddle Collection of Thirty-Four Letters. 4000
202 Established the First National Draft System 100
203 Written To A Wounded Gettysburg Soldier Of The Maine 20th Infantry PASS
204 This Soldier Plays A Trick On His Fellow Soldier PASS
205 The Rhode Island Soldier Heading to Knoxville 90
206 Post Gettysburg - Still Worried About General Lee 110
207 “... I think this war will not be settled as long as the government has got money ...” PASS
208 The Soldier Gets His Pass and is Discharged PASS
209 Striking Litho Cover of the Union Generals PASS
210 Rare Official U. S. Army Price Schedule For Military Arms (Carbines) & Clothing 250
211 William Clarke - 85th NY Infantry - Negro Wenches Work in their Camp 250
212 Claims The British Are Helping The Blockade Runners 110
213 Manuscript Broadside Playbill For A Navy Shipboard “UNION AQUATIC THEATRE” PASS
214 Reports Of Gettysburg and Vicksburg PASS
215 The Fall Of Fort Macon PASS
216 Future Senior Officer Serving Under Custer at the Battle of the Little Bighorn 400
217 The General Sends Autographs 80
218 NY Captain Gets Paid PASS
219 Final Statement For Soldier Disabled By Wounds Received At Antietam PASS
220 The Dischage Shows Extensive Battle Experience PASS
221 A Full Year 1864 - Soldier’s Diary Dense With Virginia Battle Content 2750
222 Lincoln Campaign Broadsheet with U.S. Grant Appeal Highlighting the Dire State of the Confederacy PASS
223 The Soldier’s Opinion Of Negroes “... they are an inferior race and can never equal the white race ...” 225
224 This Soldiers Rails On and On About Lincoln and the Nxxxxrs - 12 Page Letter 475
225 At The Crater - “just as I always said, the black cowards broke and run” PASS
227 The Soldier of The 14th Ct. Writes of the Battle of Morton’s Ford 450
228 The Captain Deserted and Received A “D” Tattoo 50
229 A 6th Wisconsin Document - The IRON BRIGADE PASS
230 Nice Phil Sheridan Group 400
231 Important Diary from the 127th New York Infantry – The Siege for Fort Sumter in 1864! 1500
232 Letter from the Man who was Killed on the Very Day of Surrender at Appomattox Court House, April 9th, 1864 – Hiram Clark, Co. G, 185th New York Infantry 850
233 Treating the Guerrillas as Spies PASS
234 The Soldier Shows Kindness To a Southern Woman 100
235 The Literary Sergeant Writes His Girl in Berrien Springs Michigan PASS
236 The Lieutenant Advocates For Bounties For His Soldiers PASS
237 Patriotic Union Poems PASS
238 The Colonel Drank Too Much PASS
239 The Hospitalized Captain Was Awarded the Medal of Honor PASS
240 The Soldier Lost One Leg And Now Writes The Surgeon PASS
241 The Last Doctors Notes On The Wounded Lieutenant PASS
242 A Group of SIX Hospital Documents PASS
243 Soldier's Memorial, Co. I, 34th Illinois Vet. Vol. Infantry PASS
244 Rare Maryland "Soldier's Memorial" for The 1st Maryland Infantry. 160
245 Rare Civil War-era Newspaper Group Lasted Just 15 Issues 100
246 Honoring The Heroes of Gettysburg 100
247 The 8th New Hampshire - 1864 Document PASS
248 Abraham Kaley - 1st VRC (formerly 53rd PA Infantry) - Battle Chickamauga PASS
249 Negro Blamed for Deadly Explosion at Ft Pickering 200
250 The New York Soldier Writes From City Point Virginia on a Confederate Stock Certificate 325
251 Raising More Troops In New York PASS
252 The New York Lieutenant's Person Manual 110
253 War Dated General’s Letter From Point Lookout PASS
254 The Following Three CSA Letters Are All Written From Fort Sumter PASS
255 “ ... there are many thousand dollars worth of iron laying around this old fort. I expect ten steamboat loads of old shells ...” PASS
256 Vanderford Anticipates Leaving Fort Sumter PASS
257 Oh, How Long Shall The Blood of Husbands and Brothers Pour Forth…To Fertilize The Treasonous Soil of The South? PASS
258 Very Scarce Prisoner of War Check PASS
259 The Sutler’s Allow Soldiers Payroll Deductions PASS
260 Discusses Sherman’s Success in South Carolina PASS
261 The Soldier Mocks The Manner In Which Jefferson Davis Was Captured 190
262 General Nathaniel Collins McLean’s Resignation accepted Just days After Lincoln’s Assassination 130
263 Davis Dressed As A Woman 120
264 Newspapers - Jeff Davis Captured - Trial of the Assassins - More 120
265 Gloucester, Massachusetts in The War of the Rebellion PASS
266 Arrested For Going Home Early Their Soldier Loses His Pay and Honorable Discharge! 100
267 A Minstrel Show Comes To Rhode Island In '65: "I Thought I Should Kill Myself Laughing." PASS
268 Breveted Major General for Gallantry at Battle of Sailor's Creek. 50
269 Ordering A Court Martial PASS
270 Approving Supplied - Raleigh 1865 PASS
272 United States Colored Troops Muster Roll - Signed “His Mark” by 84 Black Soldiers. PASS
273 State of Rhode Island Adj General - Orders gun salute upon Union Victory! Richmond Falls PASS
274 State Of Ohio Honors Her Vets 250
275 Porter Faced Court Martial For His Performance at 2nd Mannassas PASS
276 Drummer Boy Johnny Clem Is Reassigned 160
277 Society of the Army of Tennessee PASS
278 Our Honored Dead PASS
279 One Of The Fighting McCooks PASS
280 Sherman's March to the Sea. PASS
281 This GAR Post Named For KIA Captain PASS
282 Pair of Battles of Gettysburg and Nashville Prints PASS
283 Gettysburg Historic Book 100
284 Two piece Collection Belonging to Johnny Clem PASS
285 Incredibly Scarce GAR Patch From The FINAL Encampment 300
286 A Siege of Vicksburg Map With History 150
287 The Maryland Governor Calls Out The Militia As CSA General Early Attacks Washington. 650
288 The Confederate Commanders PASS
289 CDV Fifty One Portraits, Of the Confederate Army & Navy 180
290 Beauregard commanded the defenses of Charleston, South Carolina, at the start of the Civil War at Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861. PASS
291 North Carolina Colonel Stokes was killed at the Battle of Chickahominy PASS
292 CSA’s 1st Secretary of State 275
293 The Bulky General Scott 50
294 He was Speaker of the House during the Civil War years. PASS
295 The CSA General Who Attacked Sumter PASS
296 Handsome CDV of Col. Harry Gilmore, 2nd Maryland Cavalry, CSA 180
297 General Johnston was trained as a civil engineer at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, graduating in the same class as Robert E. Lee. 250
298 War Date Albumen 225
299 Unusual Format - McClellan 50
300 Planning The Battle PASS
301 Very Scarce Brady Photo of General McClellan PASS
302 The Black Servant Is In The Photo 700
303 John B. Floyd CDV 50
304 The Word HOOKER is often Traced toThose Women Who Followed the Army Led By General Hooker. 50
305 French Noble Duc de Chartres, ADC to Gen. McClellan PASS
306 From Lincoln’s General to Lincoln’s Political Opponent PASS
307 Scarce Photograph PASS
308 General Tilghman was killed in action at the Battle of Champion Hill,Mississippi. 425
309 A Very Scarce Robert E. Lee Photograph 275
310 Unusual Format - Lee 250
311 Photograph From Newbern North Carolina PASS
312 Handsome Hand Colored Engraved Image 50
313 In 1864, Moon Was Commissio0ned Into The USCT PASS
314 Nicknamed the "Prince of Privateers" - Captain John Maffit 275
315 Twice Wounded, Signed CDV 120
316 Unusual Backmark - J.W. Campbell, Army Photographer, Army of the Cumberland. PASS
317 MacPherson Distinguished Himself in the Vicksburg Campaign 110
318 Appointed One Week Before Going Against Lee at Gettysburg PASS
319 Jackson Became Lt. Colonel of The 6th USCT 150
320 Colonel Macauley Was Grievously Wounded - Cedar Creek in October 1864. 160
321 CDV Lee’s Farewell 120
322 CDV Pegram 140
323 Under Union Occupation 110
324 Group Of Officers PASS
325 Field Was Severely Wounded Second Battle of Bull Run 250
326 General Anderson promoted due to his "gallant and meritorious services during the war". 80
327 Burnside Mainly Remembered the Disastrous Defeats the Battle of the Crater . 50
328 When the Civil War Began in April 1861, Wool Had Just Turned 77 years old PASS
329 At West Point, His Roommate was Stonewall Jackson 200
330 Abraham Lincoln appointed Banks as one of the First Political Major Generals, over the Heads of West Point Regulars PASS
331 The “Lieut. Gen. U.S. Grant” Mourning Image 110
332 Photograph of the Charleston Waterfront House Where High Ranking Union Officers Were Held To Deter Shelling The City By Union Vessels 90
333 He commanded the Cavalry Corps of the Army of the Potomac during the Gettysburg campaign PASS
334 Group Photo Connecticut GAR PASS
335 Duffie - 1st RI Medal of Honor Recipient 375
336 The General Signs the Photograph PASS
337 Unusual CDV of Wade Hampton 100
338 An Older Image of General Burnside 100
339 Sold For Benefit Of The Stonewall Jackson Monument 300
340 The Political Images of the Former Union General 160
341 Unique Woodburytype Image Of Buffalo Bill 600
342 Circa 1900 Maryland Snap Shot Album with Many Civil War and Maryland Related Military Views. PASS
343 Book, “Photographs of Union and Confederate Officers in the Civil War in America, From the Collection of Gen. Meade” 200
344 Lead Filled Federal Buckle 150
345 Morse Code Trainer PASS
346 The Pennsylvania Colonel’s Possessions PASS
347 Cloth V Corps Badge with Wire Border PASS
348 The First Battle Of The Ironsides PASS
349 War Period Baltimore Color Print - Fort Federal Hill 450
350 Andersonville Prisoner’s ID Disc 475
351 Sultana Survivor’s Artifacts 600
352 Last CSA Flag Relic 225
353 Identified Ohio Corp Badge PASS
354 Relics Collected by Captain Henry L. Pasco, Co. A, 16th Connecticut Infantry – A Piece from the Confederate Locomotive “The General” PASS
355 Relics Collected by Captain Henry L. Pasco, Co. A, 16th Connecticut Infantry – Three Relics from the Battle of Antietam 900
356 Still Honoring R.E. Lee PASS
357 Rare Andersonville Related Maryland Soldier's Memorial PASS
358 Post War Confederate 3RD National Flag PASS
359 United Confederate Veterans - Georgia 1919 PASS
360 Unusual Rain Cap For Kepis PASS