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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Rare Leaf from the Hours of the Virgin in the 15th Century 100
2 A scarce relic of the famous pear tree planted by Peter Stuyvesant in 1687. 375
3 Four Handcrafted Mughal Painted Pages PASS
4 Widow Braggor’s Receipt for Paying One pound 14 PASS
5 He Fought at Lexington Concord 300
6 Signers Were Directors of the FIRST Lottery PASS
7 Record of Estate Wishes PASS
8 Citizenship Certification 100
9 Colonial Receipt for Payment PASS
10 Three Colonial Connecticut Documents 120
11 1771 Map of The Six Nations PASS
12 1773 Plea in Court Case PASS
13 1776 Document Supplying The Revolutionary Army “...eighty filled with pickles the rest are not pickled...” PASS
14 Early Printing of the American Declaration of Independence PASS
15 “Pay Richard Ransom Seven pounds eight shillings & five pence & charge the state...” 100
16 War-date Voucher for “Loss of Clothes...” PASS
17 George Washington’s “Superlative Villain” Signs a Receipt for Beacons for Use on the Potomac River at the Start of the Revolutionary War, evocative of Paul Revere's, "one if by land, two if by sea" PASS
18 War-date Pay Voucher 50
19 Pennsylvania Revolutionary War Loyalty Oath 300
20 Revolutionary War Period Map - First Use of “State of Vermont” PASS
21 Revolutionary War-date Voucher For Soldier Who Served At Valley Forge PASS
22 1784 Land Sale Document PASS
23 An Important Captivity Narrative, in the Pennsylvania Wilds During the Revolutionary War. PASS
24 The Religious Debate In early America PASS
25 Period Engraving of Cornwallis PASS
26 Purchase Order for Commissary Stores PASS
27 Manuscript Revolutionary Story PASS
28 Patriotic Music Sheets- Revere - Washington - Lincoln 50
29 Magnificent Patriotic Display! Complete Set of ten Bicentennial Era Knives from the 1773 Boston Tea Party to General Washington’s triumphant Return to New York in 1783 PASS
30 “The Last Moments of John Brown” 100
31 Unique Collection of NAACP Christmas Seals PASS
32 Scarce Racist 1850 Book 170
33 North Carolina Document Records Division of Slaves PASS
34 Very Early Kentucky Slave Case - 1803 150
35 Sale of Slave to Help Clear the Cape Fear River in North Carolina PASS
36 An Overseer is Guilty of Murdering His Slave by “Stocks, Starvation and Lashes.” PASS
37 Fugitive Slave report 50
38 Mammy and Child With Etched Identification PASS
39 Scarce Charleston Slave Tag 1700
40 Accounting Settles Estate Including A Slave and Her Child PASS
41 Buying Shoes For The Slaves On Christmas 70
42 Union Or DisUnion - Slavery 150
43 Free Negroes Cannot Buy Slaves PASS
44 Conjoined Twins - CDV 170
45 Black Americana Themed Cover 100
46 Black Americana Themed Cover 50
47 Black Americana Themed Cover PASS
48 Emancipation Image with Slaves and Lady Liberty 120
49 Confederate Slave Hire PASS
50 The Senator Opposes The President’s Freedmen Bureau Bill 60
51 Young Black Child in Portland, Maine PASS
52 Reviewing the Amistad Case 60
53 A Grouping of 8 Comic Illustrated Black Americana Post Cards PASS
54 Racists Colorized Post Cards PASS
55 Blacks Delivery Pies In New York PASS
56 Woman’s Rights Leader Anna Howard Shaw Writes About Frederick Douglass and his white wife Helen Pitts PASS
57 A Grouping of 6 Comic Illustrated Black Americana Post Cards 50
58 Convicts Digging Trenches in Indiana PASS
59 Another Grouping of African American Real Photo Post Cards PASS
60 A Better Grouping of 7 Black Americana Real Photo Post Cards PASS
61 A Better Grouping of 11 African American Post Cards PASS
62 Klanswomen Ephemera 50
63 Little Rock Ku Klux Women 50
64 Additional Ku Klux Klan - Women 80
65 Black Americana Military Real Photo Post Cards 70
66 Interesting KKK Grouping 50
67 KKK Attire 200
68 A Pair of Mammy Images to Sell Product 50
69 Black Face Minstrels 70
70 Colored Girls Reformatory PASS
71 West Virginia State University HBCU PASS
72 1936 Summer Olympic Games Photo Collection with several Featuring Jesse Owens. 180
73 Segregated Oklahoma - 1941 800
74 the Author Discusses Integration PASS
75 Used to Summons Klan members to the Cross Burning 70
76 Mid 20th Century African American Themed First Editions PASS
77 Positive African American Heroes 70
78 New York Petition For the Immediate Release of the Harlem Six PASS
81 1880 Reprint of the Vicksburg Daily Citizen PASS
84 Howell Cobb - Clipped From Free Frank 70
85 South Carolina Cadet Rifleman PASS
86 The Secession of South Carolina and the Ordinance of Secession 850
87 Partial Letter Signed By the Confederate Prisoner of War Agent 50
88 Major Pickett is Ordered to General Johnston 140
89 A Virginian Hopes "Linkin" Will Withdraw Major Anderson From Ft. Sumter. 475
90 Confederate Bill for Boarding Private PASS
91 Georgia Soldier Bible 110
92 CSA Themed Cover PASS
93 Governor Pickens Writes of Nominations of Officers in Artillery Companies 200
94 South Carolina State Bond PASS
95 Nominations of Dunovant as Brigadier General and Ripley as Colonel 150
96 Officer Assigned as Inspector of Quartermaster Department 100
97 Confederate Letter from Sullivan Island 275
98 Mount Vernon Gets Word That The South's "Best & Noblest Are To Be Taken Away." 450
99 General Wilmot DeSaussure War-date ALS 200
100 Selma Alabama Confderates Thank This Woman for Her Devotion to the Confedertae Soldiers - She Later Receives the Confederate Medal of Honor, the Only Woman to Receive This Honor 500
101 1st Orr’s Rifles Letter on Running the Blockade and Slidell and Mason 375
102 1st Virginia Cavalry Early War Letter 425
103 Rare General Baxton Bragg Headquarter's Department of Pensacola Letter-Marine Lt. Baker Has Deserted We "Got Rid of Him Cheap." 300
104 General Beauregard War-Date ANS PASS
105 1st Virginia Cavalry War-date Letter 850
106 General Thomas Jordan Writes General Clark PASS
107 The War’s First Year 70
108 General Beauregard’s March 450
109 God Save the South 500
110 An Encouraging Confederate Music Sheet 475
111 God Will Defend the Right 350
112 Color Cover - Song of the South 1861 850
113 Our First President 650
114 Brilliant Color Confederate Cover 1200
115 War Dated Music Sheet of “Stonewall Jackson” Published in New Orleans 550
116 An Important Music SheetThe Bonnie Blue Flag by Harry McCarthy 475
117 Honoring the Southern Soldiers 350
118 The Sword of General Lee 850
119 Music Sheet - Our Leaders- With Dramatic Cover 1200
120 Riding a Raid Music Sheet with Nice Image of Stonewall Jackson 750
122 War Date, Five Named Slaves, Kentucky Document 100
123 Advises of the Killing of a Confederate North carolina Soldier 100
124 The 3rd Alabama Sends Home The Remains of Her Deceased Husband. 225
125 Wallpaper Confederate Cover PASS
126 The CSA Conscription Act and Col. Francis M. Walker's Promotion. 200
127 Samuel B. Maxey, Confederate commander and Texas politician, PSA/DNA slabbed signature clip PASS
128 Rare Choctaw & Chickasaw Mounted Rifles Confederate Document PASS
129 William Ferguson Colclock writes of the Present Situation in Charleston, South Carolina 400
130 Confederate Navy Surgeon Signs Parole PASS
131 25th Mass Soldier Writes on Captured Confederate Stationary PASS
132 Confederate Document Signed by the Famed Turner Ashby 475
133 Phillips Legion at Savage Station 400
134 Phillips Legion Stonewall Jackson and Jeff Davis 375
135 Phillips Legion Fighting Yankees 450
136 Member of Phillips Legion Writes His Father to Break the Negroes at Home So They Will Be Obedient 750
137 Group of Eight Letters from this Phillips Legion Member with Good Content 1300
138 Confederate Sheet Music 375
139 Confederate Georgia Slave Picked Cotton Document 100
140 20 Carloads of Wounded Soldiers from the Field 275
141 Union Prisoner of War Roster Endorsed by Confederate General John H. Winder. 400
142 4th South Carolina State Line Letter 350
143 the War’s 2nd Year 70
144 “Confederate Tax on Soldiers Tax” 50
145 14th Virginia Cavalry Provision Receipt for Valley Farmer 50
146 Making Confederate Jean Style Pants In 1864. 160
147 The Confederacy Will Not Let Him Go Even After An Amputation. 375
148 Rare Robert E. Lee Headquarter Guard's Letter 475
149 Confederate Report of the Postmaster General PASS
150 This Confederate Was Later KIA at Cold Harbor 225
151 Jefferson Davis Wants an Honorable Peace 100
152 POW 57th NC Soldier With Great Battle Record States He will Not be a Traitor to His Country nor His God 225
153 4th Alabama Soldier Letter 350
154 A Confederate General John Echols Warns His Commanders Not to Harass the Locals PASS
155 From The Last Confederate Reunion - Commemorative “General R.E. Lee’s Farewell Address” With FDC 100
156 Blockade Runner and Confederate Naval Officer PASS
157 Scarce Signed CSA Signed Postal Document by The CSA Postmaster General 700
158 Autograph Album Featuring Autographs of Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis on the Same Page PASS
159 Robert E. Lee's Gavel, an Amazing Well-Documented Relic PASS
160 Reviewing The Confederate Cause PASS
161 Two Large & Fine Colored Engravings of Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson PASS
162 On The Anniversary of Robert E. Lee’s Death 60
163 Reconstruction Race War in Mississippi 110
164 The Former Confederate Mayor of Savannah Addresses The Confederate Survivors PASS
165 A Pair of Bills For Work on Jed Hotchkiss’ Home PASS
166 Bobby Lee Bio PASS
167 A Touring Hand Book of Gettysburg 50
168 Published by the Libby Prison War Museum Association 150
170 1881 Booklet Promotes The Painting of the Battle of Gettysburg PASS
171 General Joseph K. Mansfield Autograph Letter Signed 150
172 He Constructed Fort Sumter and Later was Superintendent of West Point 100
173 The Martyred Ellsworth 700
174 Post war Group from an Officer on General Grant’s Staff 70
175 Magnus Song Sheet 325
176 Zouave Song Sheet 250
177 Magnus Song Sheet 200
178 Magnus Song Sheet 225
179 Hand Colored Song Sheet - 190
180 Hand Colored - Heavy Mortar PASS
181 Hand Colored Song Sheet PASS
182 Hand Colored - Petersburg 375
183 Hand Colored - Washington 250
184 Baltimore Hospital Song Sheet 325
185 Colored Song Sheet 190
186 Colored Song Sheet - Baltimore PASS
187 Color Song Sheet 100
188 Song Sheet PASS
189 Vive L’America PASS
190 10th Mass Patriotic Lettersheet 275
191 He Survived an Attempted Assasination PASS
192 Protecting the Vote in Maryland 80
193 Contrabands Come In All The Time 140
194 Enormous Signature 150
195 1st Pennsylvania Soldier Writes of the Confederates Using Poison Musket Balls 225
196 Ellsworth’s Zouaves and General Beauregard Fortifying Manassas 425
197 1st Minnesota Infantry Letter - Died of Wounds to the Head at Petersburg 450
198 The Battle of Dranesville PASS
199 Great Letter about the Battle of 1st Bull Run PASS
200 A Romantic Pre-War Music Sheet. 70
201 Commander Farragut With Mobile in the Background. 500
202 Dedicated to Commodore S.F. DuPont and His Brave Associates 375
203 Dedicated to the 51st Regimment of the Pennsylvania Volunteers PASS
204 General Grant Music Sheet. PASS
205 Likely Published As A Result of Gettysburg 425
206 Dedicated to Maj. General W.T. Sherman 425
207 The Capture of Jefferson Davis Is Mocked In Music 600
208 Banners List Grant’s Victory on the Cover 400
209 Another Gettysburg Music Sheet 300
210 Music Dedicated to the Milwaukee Light Guards PASS
211 Respectfully Dedicated to Captain John Worden 500
212 Music dedicated to the Loyal Ladies of the North 650
213 Great Horizontal Lithograph Image of Battle Scene 350
214 Dedicated to the memory of Col. E.E. Ellsworth 170
215 Gettysburg 50 Year reunion Honored in Song 225
216 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers Zouaves 200
217 Both the Confederate and Federal Flags Adorn the Cover 375
218 Ellsworth Transformed The Cadets and is Featured in the Music Sheet 550
219 Dedicated to Commander David G. Farragut 600
220 “The Net Proceeds of the Sales of this Music Sheet are Reserved for the Support and Education of the Orphan Children 650
221 Color Cover of Columbia and Soldiers 600
223 A 90 Day Warrior PASS
224 War Period Pocket Soldier’s Hymns and Psalms 50
225 the Slaves Play the Tune PASS
226 The First Income Tax - 3% on Income Above $600 130
227 Federal Tax Receipt Collected in Petersburg 50
228 Massachusetts Regimental Dance Invitation "DANCE, For There Is A Time To Dance" With Racially Insensitive Ditty: "NI**ER ON A MULE COMIN!" PASS
229 Magnus “The Boys of Uncle Samu’l” 325
230 Magnus View of the Encampment of U.S. Troops at Newport News 275
231 Soldier’s at Rest 110
232 General McCook Declares That The Rebels Have Outflanked Them. 90
233 5th Vermont Letter with Good Content 135
234 Drunk in the Irish Brigade 70
235 Zouave Lithograph Advertising Panel With Full Standing Zouave Soldier Wood Backed Cut-Out PASS
236 General Alfred Terry War-date ALS 150
237 50th Penn Soldier Writes of an Alligator Hunt in South Carolina 150
238 55th Pennsylvania Soldiers Taken Prisoner for Raiding Negro Shanties PASS
239 13th Massachusetts Soldier Letter 175
240 32nd Mass Letter Just Before the Battle of Antietam 100
241 The “Sharp-shooter” Print PASS
242 A Rare (Perhaps Unique) Union Broadside Songsheet Honoring A Forgotten Excelsior Brigade Hero. PASS
243 Important Union Broadside Issued by General Nelson Rallying his Troops Against “Rebel Hordes” in Kentucky 250
244 Peninsula Campaign Battle Letter with Great Berdan Sharpshooters Content 300
245 6th Connecticut KIA Writes of Contraband and the State of Slaves in South Carolina 300
246 5th Connecticut Infantry Letter on Fighting Jackson and the Battle of Winchester 450
247 Medal of Honor Awardee Capt. Theophilius Rodenbough Writes of his Capture at Centerville PASS
248 15th New Jersey Soldier Writes of the Battle of Fredericksburg with Casualty List 400
249 Battle of Drainesville, Virginia Letter: "The Rebels Had Had More Men Than We Had…We Made Them Run…". 300
250 Union Soldier's Kentucky and Fort Fisher Letter Archive 300
251 Awarded The Medal of Honor Missouri Soldier’s Archive 300
252 Correspondence Archive of Union Letters PASS
253 Letter Group of 2nd Maine Colonel Taken POW at Gettysburg and Later Escaped Libby Prison 1100
254 Great Content Battle of Secssionville Letter PASS
255 94th New York Officer Writes of Fredericksburg and More 600
256 19th Maine KIA Officer letter Group with Great Fredericksburg and Gettysburg Content PASS
257 War Date War Story of Escaping Confederate Tennessee 80
258 Connecticut Civil War 50
259 Respectable Young Men" of San Francisco's Enlist. 300
260 47th New York “Washington Grays” Document Group 90
261 141st New York Vols Letter 70
262 McClellan Has Shown The Cloven Foot…He Is A Murder On A Grand Scale. 100
263 He was the General in Command Over the 54th Massachusetts and was KIA at Fort Wagner PASS
264 The Irish Dragoons Fighting Rebs in the Shenandoah 150
265 Beaufort's Houses Are All Occupied By…"Gideonites or Darkies." 170
266 10th Connecituct Officer Writes of the Siege of Fort Wagner and the Use of Artillery and Mortars from Morris Island 275
267 10th Connecticut Letter Mentions His Colonel Lossing a Leg to a Confederate Shell at Morris Island 275
268 116th Pennsylvania “Irish” Infantry - Action at Bristoe Station PASS
269 Irish Brigade Soldier Letter 250
270 Battle of Gettysburg Prisoner of War Broadside - Confederate Guards Shooting Unarmed Yankees PASS
271 Col. Isaac Shepard Authorizes Recruitment of 1st Mississippi Regt. African Descent (Former Slaves) PASS
272 161 Young Men of Providence, R.I. Found “Loyal League” Pledged to Support the Union PASS
273 Rare Gettysburg Campaign Letter Written As Pickett's Charge Occurs! 200
274 Battle of The Crater Letter. 1600
275 Back From Tennessee To Where They Have Plenty To Eat. 110
276 General Grant Passes a Nashville Civilian to the Confederate Lines PASS
277 War Dated Booklet By A Soldier 50
278 War date New York Play Broadside 50
279 Civil War Patriotic Stationery Collection 70
280 Reporting on The Southern Army While A POW 160
281 The Father of Gangrene 50
282 Written by a Soldier of the Army of the Cumberland 50
283 45th Illinois Infantry Letter on Rare “Pirate Alabama” Lettersheet 200
284 Rebel POWs Are Rounded Up At The Rapidan. 110
285 Ohio Colonel's Elizabeth City, North Carolina Raid Letter. 100
286 Union General Foster Charges All "Idle" White and Black Citizens With Prostitution. 225
287 Soldier Discharged for Gun Shot Wound - Missionary Ridge PASS
288 The Battle of Cedar Creek 160
289 Encountering the Rebels Enroute to Burn Chambersburg 150
290 10th Connecticut Writes of Pillaging Occupied Virginia 250
291 Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles War-date Document Signed 120
292 Union Soldier Writes From Hospital About Lincoln Re-Election, McClellan, And "Uncle Sam's Niggers" 650
293 General Meigs' Chattanooga Campaign Battle Report. PASS
294 Battle of Cedar Creek Letter. 325
295 101st Ohio Infantry Writes of the Fighting at Altoona Pass 200
296 Colonel of the 1st New York Cavalry Writes of Raids Made by His Regiment in Western Virginia 325
297 127th New York Infantry Letter from Fort Wagner 200
298 52nd Pennsylvania Soldier Writes his Colonel About their Failed Attack on James Island PASS
299 A Tennessee Cavalryman Lambastes His Commanders In A Printed Letter To Major General "Geo. H. Thomas." 200
300 1st Michigan Engineers and Mechanics Broadside Poems. PASS
301 The Colors of the 2nd Mass PASS
302 Battle of Arkansas Post-Shells That Nearly Kill and Dear Sister Are You Who Sleeping With. PASS
303 1st Massachusetts Soldier Writes of the Battle of Spotsylvania 350
304 Great Atlanta Battle Letter PASS
305 General Gordon Writes of Fort Sumter and Use of Colored Troops PASS
306 Spencer Rifles 50
307 An Andersonville POW Victim Is Forgotten By His Commander! 50
308 On April Fool's Day This Vermont Officer Senses The End Is Near For Robert E. Lee. 225
309 After Lee's Surrender "The "Black Legs…Grow More Self-Righteous Every Day." 100
310 A Young Man's Seizure Turns Him "As Black As The Stove." 100
311 Beautiful Color Printed Certificate. 100
312 Very Graphic Presentation of The Grant Victory 100
313 Cooper Shop Receipts PASS
314 New York Cavalry Memorial PASS
315 87th Illinois Surgeon’s Letter - Tries To Send A Body Home PASS
316 War Date Wilmington North Carolina Map 325
317 I Am Glad That They Have Killed Booth, But His Life Will Not Half Pay For The President's…. 170
318 After Falling In Love With A Thirteen-Year-Old He Needs To Get Out Of Town! PASS
319 Funeral March to the Memory of Abraham Lincoln PASS
320 Rhode Island Communicates Its Ratification of the 13th Amendment With the State of New Hampshire 200
321 West Virginia Governor F.H. Pierpont Writes of Debts Incurred During the Rebellion PASS
322 The Union Officers Pay Their Servants - Document Grouping PASS
323 His Canidacy For Governor Pennsylvania 1866 Was Successful 50
324 Rare Colorado Grand Army of The Republic Calling Card, Abraham Lincoln Post, Denver. 50
325 16th Vermont Regimental GAR Booklet on The Battle of Gettysburg. PASS
326 Guilty for Loss of Public Funds PASS
327 Former President Grant Travels the World For Two Years PASS
328 Pennsylvania “First Regiment of Gray Reserves of the City of Philadelphia” PASS
329 Harper’s Ferry Cigar Box Label 80
330 Battle Sites Booklets 70
331 Battle Field Guide 50
332 Unveiling a Pennsylvania Statue at Gettysburg PASS
333 Collection Michigan Engineers Grand Army of The Republic Pieces PASS
334 Large Gettysburg Map 50
335 Battle Sites Booklets 70
336 Very Framable Sheets From The Atalas of the Union and Confederate Armies 100
337 The Oldest Women’s Civil War Organization 50
338 Civil War Reference Book PASS
339 Civil War Times Illustrated Magazine Collection PASS
340 Tintype in Flag Case 50
341 Ambrotype of Raw Recruit with Stephen Douglas 1860 Campaign Badge PASS
342 Braxton Bragg CDV 50
343 Union Corporal PASS
344 Missouri Soldier CDV 60
345 Colonel of the 85th New York Infantry 325
346 Naval CDV PASS
347 ID’d Soldier CDV 50
348 Naval Admiral CDV 50
349 Cased Soldier & His Wife - Tintype 50
350 CDV of Iowa Captain - POW 50
351 ID’d Soldier Ambrotype PASS
352 Cavalryman Signed CDV PASS
353 Tintype - Ready to Enlist PASS
354 Likely Confederate PASS
355 Tintype of Iowa Soldier Who Was Wounded and Captured PASS
356 He Surrendered Harpers Ferry To Stonewall Jackson PASS
357 War Date Albumen 275
358 He was Awarded the Medal of Honor for Actions at the First Battle of Bull Run PASS
359 He Was the First Confederate Brigade Commander Killed in Action 600
360 Uniformed Union Soldier 50
361 The 14th Vermont Fires on Rebel Cavalry. 60
362 Nice Union Tintype PASS
363 Nice CDV - general Elzey PASS
364 Anthony General Sickles PASS
365 Anthony - General Hood 170
366 Anthony CDV - Joseph Johnston 150
367 Brady - Kilpatrick PASS
368 Grant, Grant, and Grant 100
369 The Defenders Of The Union Large Albumen....Lincoln And Other Commanders 1862 300
370 Civil War Photograph of General Custer and General Sheridan PASS
371 CDV of the Adam Express Company Offices in Massachusetts 100
372 CDV - Slaves Revenge 225
373 brady CDV - general Mitchell PASS
374 Belle Boyd CDV 325
375 Multiple Signed CDV 225
376 He is most famous for making a charge at the Battle of Champion Hill which broke the Confederate left flank PASS
377 Signed CDV of Union Brevet Brigadier General Embury D. Osband 3rd United States Colored Cavalry 100
378 The Michigan Engineers and Mechanics Save The day During The Battle of Lavergne. PASS
379 Using RE Lee in Advertising PASS
380 The Union Spy Pauline Cushman 160
381 Another CDV of the Woman Spy 225
382 A Captured Jefferson Davis PASS
383 The "Kentucky River Giant" 140
384 The Grave of Stonewall Jackson PASS
385 Robert E. Lee in Confederate Uniform 150
386 Four Times Wounded in Action this 11th New Hampshire Officer Wears a Lincoln Mourning Ribbon PASS
387 A Pair of Gettysburg Magic Lantern Slides, 60
388 Libby Prison Engraving For Sale 100
389 1898 G.A.R. Souvenir 32nd ENCAMPMENT Cincinnati OH PASS
390 Porcelain Phrenology Head Inkwell 600
391 Memorial Silk Grant Printing PASS
392 Civil War Soldier’s ID’d Powder Horn 325
393 Gettysburg Souvenir Silk PASS
394 Lincoln Assassination 50
395 Scarce Cabinet Card Photo - Lincoln PASS
396 Abe Song Sheet 50
397 A Dozen Lincoln Images 150
398 Abraham Lincoln vs Jefferson Davis Prize Fight 475
399 The Assassin’s Brother 50
400 Booth CDV by the Original Photographer 375
401 Culver Photo Service - Booth PASS
402 Peter Cooper’s Letter to Lincoln Regarding Emancipation PASS
403 Lincoln’s Last Photographic Sitting PASS
404 A Naval Physician Describes Tension Between Lincoln and Admiral Goldsborough PASS
405 A Confederate Newspaper Prints Lincoln’s Response to Horace Greeley’s Anti-Slavery Editorial PASS
406 Broadsheet of Lincoln’s 1862 State of the Union Message PASS
407 The Assassin CDV 100
408 Signed Abolitionists’ CDV 230
409 Lincoln, Lincoln, Lincoln PASS
410 Great Eye-Witness account of Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln At The Grand Review 1000
411 Lincoln Campaign Token 120
412 1864 Lincoln Campaign Piece 550
413 Graphic President Lincoln Post Assassination Issue 250
414 Complete Fantasy Lincoln Assassination Newspaper 50
415 The Famous Lincoln Engraving by theTreasury Department 60
416 Lincoln Memorial Token 80
417 CDV - The Assassin Conspirators 250
418 Abraham Lincoln Mourning Handkerchief PASS
419 Lincoln Plaque 225
420 He Founded the Naval Academy 100
421 A Memorial Delivered to Congress On Lincoln’s Birthday 100
422 Written by Secretary to the Lincoln Log Cabin Associatio PASS
423 Lincoln Limited Edition Book PASS
424 Markham Signed Printed Poem 50
425 The Author Was a Member of Lincoln's Bodyguard. 50
426 Medal of Honor Winner PASS
427 Group of 10 Johnson & Fry Deep-Etched Engravings PASS
428 Another Group of 10 Johnson & Fry Deep-Etched Engravings PASS
429 Span Am War Dated Telegram PASS
430 An Historic Frock Coat of Lt. Col. Richard Snowden Andrews, Founder of the Maryland Light Artillery 3250
431 In Defense of Almeida PASS
432 Receives Congressional Award For Action in the War of 1812 300
433 Accounting Sheet For Colonel John Paxton PASS
434 War of 1812 Voucher Issued Under general W.H. Harrison 120
435 He Volunteers to Join Isaac Shelby in the Canadian Expedition - 1814 170
436 Pension Document for Widows of KIA Revolutionary Soldiers PASS
437 Letter Group to Secretaries of War, Navy 190
438 Group of (8) Letters Signed by War of 1812 Naval Hero, Philip Falkerson Voorhees 170
439 Decatur - First Barbary War Engraving PASS
440 Hat Pin PASS
441 Superb illustrated Magician's advertising handbill, ca. 1870 PASS
442 A Pair of American History Flag Booklets PASS
443 Helping the Sailors PASS
444 Span-Am Map PASS
445 George S. Patton’s 1899 Report Card! 1500
446 U.S.S. Virginia World War I Songsheet PASS
447 The Last Survivor of the Sinking of the RMS Titanic on 15 April 1912. 150
448 Hiring WWI Vets 110
449 Washington DC WWI Soldiers 50
450 He Sank The First German Submarine of World War One. 50
451 Enormous WWI Motivational Poster 130
452 WWI Liberty Bond Poster PASS
453 Poster Showing the Statue of Liberty in Ruins, and the New York Skyline in Flames. 60
454 WWI Photograph Collection PASS
457 WWI Map: Hammond's Large Scale War Map of the Western Front 70
458 He Is Considered As The Father Of The United States Air Force PASS
459 The Government Printing Office Brings Graphic Updates of the War PASS
460 April 1942 US Military IDENTIFICATION OF WARPLANES Two Sided Rotating ID Card 275
461 36th Armored Infantry KIA Letter Archive PASS
462 Use Of Military DRONES 75 Years Ago PASS
463 Stick in Hitler’s Ass PASS
464 WWII Snorter 100
465 WWII Infantryman's Journal on the Nazi Soldier PASS
466 Soldier Writes of the Atomic Bomb Drops on Japan PASS
467 B-26 Bomber Pilot Awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross Diary with D-Day Entries PASS
468 General Paul Tibbets Reflections on Hiroshima 60
469 The Allies Attack the Japanese PASS
470 “Americans Will Always Fight for Liberty” PASS
471 Okinawa Island Map Prepared between Dropping Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki PASS
472 One Small Step for Man 500
473 The First American Astronaut PASS
474 Signed in full, a John Jacob Astor handwritten receipt! PASS
475 As Kentucky’s 2nd Governor, James Garrard answers charges against him relating to a land transaction, claiming “fraud was used in the purchase…” PASS
476 Jospeh Smith Signed Bank Note 3500
477 A Desirable Document Twice Signed by Sam Houston as President of Texas PASS
478 J. P. Morgan, Jr. Letter to Secretary of the Treasury William McAdoo Regarding a Memorial to Sir Cecil Spring-Rice, British Ambassador to the United States PASS
479 Harry Houdini - Rare signed Houdini Picture Company Stock Certificate PASS
480 One of the Original Founders of the Brokerage Firm of Dean Whitter. PASS
481 Antique Telegraph Key 50
482 Jewish Themed Coin 50
483 Persian Tile PASS
484 Stephen A. Douglas: Scarce 1864-Dated Middleton Chromolithograph Portrait PASS
485 I wish I may never hear of the United States again! PASS
486 The Pro and Con of the Suffrage Movement 200
487 Suffragette PC Collection PASS
488 300 Year old Jerusalem Keyed City View PASS
489 George Washington Letter to the Jewish Masons of Newport, Rhode Island PASS
490 Judah Benjamin Autograph Document Signed as an Attorney in New Orleans 300
491 The First Expedition to the River Jordan and the Dead Sea PASS
492 Famous Jewish Actress PASS
493 Influenced Civil War Weapons 150
494 This Soldier was Taken POW at Chancellorsville 200
495 General Order Permits Rabbis to be Military Chaplains 180
496 Occupied Virginia DS PASS
497 Jewish Civil War Ladder Badge 1000
498 Jewish banker Follows the Gold 50
499 Jewish Civil War Hero West Point Document 120
500 Montefiore's 100th birthday was celebrated as a national event in his native Britain and by the Jewish community world-wide. PASS
501 Group of Four Jewish Interest Books PASS
502 Viewing the The Holy Lands - c1900 300
503 78 Issues of the PALESTINE 150
504 Unique, the Allies “Guide Map Jerusalem” PASS
505 He Invented the Title "The March of Dimes" For the Donation Campaigns of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis PASS
506 Yugoslav President Tito appoints a Consul to Haifa, Israel, and he is recognized as Consul by Israeli President Yitzhak Ben-Zvi and Foreign Minister Golda Meir PASS
507 French Printed map of Louisiana PASS
508 1788 New England Map 200
509 Early Boston Map PASS
510 Florida Photographic Souvenir Book PASS
511 Keeping of Negroes - Philadelphia 1774 PASS
512 Military Shipwreck, Eyewitness Account PASS
513 Another Comic Racist Book PASS
514 432 Years Old 110
515 Group of FIVE State of New York Indentures, 1788-1810 120
516 Group 4, 1790’s Kentucky Wolf Scalp Bounty Receipts 100
517 18th Century Book Safes 100
518 Monthly Magazine and Shakespeare Plays PASS
519 Simple Simon PASS
520 Slave Plantation Owner Harvard Lecture Journal 300
521 America Discovered in the Year 1000 PASS
522 The Inspiration for Moby Dick PASS
523 Mid 1800’s Stock Certificates 180
524 Philadelphia Almanacs PASS
525 Olney's School Atlas 50
526 A 20 Piece Collection of Horse Theme Billheads PASS
527 Thieves Vinegar Manuscript 275
528 The Abolitionist Says Good Bye to Webster PASS
529 Archetictual Printing For The New Jail - District of Columbia - 1856 350
530 Signed and Dated by”L. N. Fowler” 900
531 A 16 Part Napoleon Series PASS
532 Upper New State Colonial Survey PASS
533 Two UnRelated War-Date Booklets Use The Same Cover Illustration PASS
534 2nd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery Soldiers Archive 400
535 Fire And Brimstone Lecture On Slavery And Reconstruction At The End Of The Civil War 200
536 Group of 17 Official Federal Government Documents 50
537 The Arctic Group Drifted on the Ice Floe for Six Months over 1,800 Miles PASS
538 Home Remedy Booklets 60
539 Collection of Bill Heads For Suppiers to Various Rail Road Companies PASS
540 Large Hoard of West Virginia Related Family/Business Ephemera-19th Century to 1980s. 200
541 Berkshire Railway and Highway Map PASS
542 Photgraphic Book of New Haven And Yale PASS
543 Fine panorama of New York Harbor and the State of Liberty, with a view from the Washington Builidng near Battery Park in New York City. PASS
544 West Point Cadets March In New York City PASS
545 LosAngeles Photographic Souvenir Book PASS
546 Chicago Photographic Souvenir Book 50
547 Mammoth 120 Year Old Brooklyn Birds-Eye View PASS
548 Travel Booklets - Florida & Pennsylvania PASS
549 1903-04 Weekly Illustrated Newspaper For Children PASS
550 Graphic Music Sheets PASS
551 The Razor Turbo Skates of 1906 PASS
552 The Pennsylvania Prison Society PASS
553 Early Robert Frost Poem PASS
554 The Icon Mad Magazine Image -From 1908 PASS
555 1911 West Virginia Geological Map PASS
556 Pornography 50
557 1920’s Topographical Maps of West Virginia PASS
558 Charles Lindbergh art signed by Charles Dana Gibson and Oliver Herford 275
559 A Pair of Florida Accordian Folded Souvenirs PASS
560 Unused World Fair and Exposition Stamps 50
561 Earl Moran Pin Up Girl Art PASS
562 Current News Window Posters PASS
563 Three Gangster-Themed Movie Posters PASS
564 Three More Gangster-Themed Movie Posters PASS
565 Gangster Poster - Lepke 70
566 Depiction of Major John Andre` PASS
567 Cased Pennsylvania Soldier PASS
568 Pennsylvania Soldier Tin PASS
569 Oval Soldier Tin PASS
570 Early Niagera Falls Albumen 50
571 Military School Tintype PASS
572 the Wild Men of Borneo PASS
573 Unusual Tintype PASS
574 Miscellaneous CDV group PASS
575 Full Plate Mason PASS
576 Nice Image of "The Jersey Lily" PASS
577 Scarce Albumen of Oscar Wilde 450
578 Royalaty Photo Group PASS
579 Large family Composite PASS
580 Exotic Dancers of the Gay Nineties PASS
581 Vaudeville Team PASS
582 The Canadian Trolley 50
583 The Navy’s Blimp Is Severley Damaged PASS
584 Celebrity 35mm Slides 60
585 Celebrity 35mm Slides 60
586 Celebrity 35mm Slides 90
587 Celebrity 35mm Slides 60
588 1st republican Canpaign - fremont 50
589 Butler vs Hoar - 1876 political Battle PASS
590 Biographical Notes for Cyclopedia PASS
591 Four Republican National Convention Tickets PASS
592 Vice Presidents’ Pieces 50
593 Congressional Signed Photo Group PASS
594 President Washington Approves the ACT to Grant Land To Virginia Revolutionary War Veterans 50
595 Mount Vernon Slave Related Cherry Tree Relic. 250
596 George Washington Signs the Act Admitting Tennessee Into the Union as the 16th State PASS
597 The President and the First Lady Washingtons PASS
598 President Adams Signed Ohio Land Grant 375
599 President Jackson Approves a Patent 850
600 Van Buren Appoints a Consular 190
601 James Polk and Henry Clay Political Campaign Almanac 400
602 Secretarial Signed President Franklin Pierce Wisconsin Land Grant PASS
603 James Buchanan Secretarial Signed Land Grant 50
604 President Andrew Johnson CDV PASS
605 A Funeral Souvenir For U.S. Grant PASS
606 Treaty With China 170
607 Grouping of President Garfield Memorial Pieces - “God reigns and thegovernment at Washington still lives”. PASS
608 Telegram Results Archive From 1892 Presidential Campaign From Vermont 50
609 Benjamin Harrison Campaign Match Holder 110
610 Large Panel Card Photographs Of The Cleveland's In 1892 PASS
611 Woodrow Wilson As Professor At Princeton University In 1895 PASS
612 Roosevelt Unveils The Sherman Statue PASS
613 Printed Presidents PASS
614 Large Group Of President Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman White House Invitations To Staff Member PASS
615 President Truman Sends Condolences 200
616 Harry Truman Responds to an Autograph Request PASS
617 Truman Signed Items PASS
618 I Like IKE 150
619 President Eisenhower Hosts a Black-tie "stag dinner" PASS
620 A Signed 1st Edition of Robert F. Kennedy's Expose of Organized Crime's Influence in the Labor Movement PASS
621 Nixon Signed Photo 110
622 Ford Signed Photo PASS
623 President Ford Sends a Photo PASS
624 The Only Person To Serve Both as Vice president and President Without Being Elected to Either 50
625 Reagan Is Clearly Ready to Challange President Carter 600
626 Reagan Signed Photo 160
627 President George HW Bush Funeral Cards From Capitol Building Washington, DC 100
628 Clinton White House Photo Archive PASS
629 Exploring the Gold Finds in California 50
630 Overland Express Cover PASS
631 Carson was hired as a guide by John C. Frémont. Frémont's expeditions covered much of California PASS
632 A Pair of Western Leather Belts 50
633 7th Cavarly Soldier in Little Big Horn Era 100
634 Indian Wars Soldiers PASS
635 Wild West Show PASS
636 The Western fence - Barbed Wire Collection - 50 Pieces 150
637 Dodge City Sheriff Bat Masterson, after Arresting Defendant, is Accused That He, "through gross neglect, willfully permitted him to escape … " PASS
638 Wooden Advertising Panel from a Wagon in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, with a Photocard from His Last Season PASS
639 Following the Guidon by Libby Custer PASS
640 Western Jewelry - 4 Pieces PASS
641 Published Shortly after the Battle of Wounded Knee 275
642 Three Western Cartridege Belts PASS
643 100 Year Old Heavy Leather Chaps 100
644 The Smithsonian Reports on the American Indian PASS
645 Cowboy Cuffs PASS
646 Horsehair Bridle PASS
647 Deep Collection of Ephemera for Western Silent Movie Star ken Maynard 70
648 Three Wild West Comic Books PASS
649 The Smithsonia Releases Images of the Battle of the Little Bighorn Indians PASS
650 The Western Leather Poster - Great For The Man cave PASS
651 Great Base Ball Letterhead 50
652 Reports That Ethan Allen Has Taken Ticonderoga - Patrick Henry Raises Troops in Virginia PASS
653 The Full Printing of theThe Fort Gower Resolution PASS
654 A Grouping of Seven Abolitionists Newspaper 200
655 Group of 23 Issues of Scientific American 1846-1856 60
657 The National Police Gazette, commonly referred to as simply the Police Gazette, was an American magazine founded in 1845. Under publisher Richard K. Fox, it became the forerunner of the men's... 70
658 The Negroes Get Horrible Press 80
659 A New Jersey Execution 130
660 A Chinese Murderer Executed in California 70
661 She Accompanies Her Husband to the Scaffold 90
662 Newspaper on the Dangerous Condition of President Garfield PASS
663 One Of The Most Graphic Newspapers of the Lincoln Assassination 300
664 Stunning Graphic Engraving Battle of New Orleans 50
665 Scarce TEXAS Confederate Newspaper 200
666  Historic “Special Order 191” - the “General Robert E. Lee’s Lost Order - Printed in a Newspaper PASS
667 Alamo: “We are resolved to die under the walls rather than surrender.” PASS
668 An Important Front Cover Image of JESSE JAMES PASS
669 The Congressional Electoral Vote For George Washington For The 1st Election In The Nation PASS
670 Newspaper Reports President Lincoln Dead in Their 9:00 Extra Issue. PASS