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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Portion of A Document Written in the Hand of Revolutionary Patriot James Otis, Sr. PASS
2 Possible Muster For 1763 March To Fort Pitt 300
3 Twice Signed James Otis Document PASS
4 Move The Vagrant Out Of The Colony PASS
5 Protesting The Tea Tax - Boycott the East India Company 200
6 Issued Under The Authority Of Governor John Penn 350
7 Declaration of Independence Engraving 100
8 Massachusetts Militia Document - 1776 275
9 Early Reference to "United States of America" William Paulding. Patriot. 100
10 By a resolve of Congress to pay no more of the Accts. Concerning British prisoners [Convention Troops]. 200
11 Bill For Treating A Wounded Soldier PASS
12 Declaration of Independence, 1776 1100
13 The Colonel Under Washington Approves Assemblyman’s Pay 275
14 Colonial Minter Jerimiah Platt Receives Interest on a Continental Certificate 400
15 Rev War Dated Document 275
16 Horses For Washington's Army 1780, PA. PASS
17 Salary Payment Certificate for Service in Connecticut’s Continental Army 120
18 A Pair of Clothing Documents For the Continental Army 150
19 Receipt from Pickering PASS
20 Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Confirms Tax Payment Form The Town of Norwalk 170
21 The Charleston Aristocratics - Drayton Appoints Bowdin PASS
22 Thomas Paine Pamphlet 190
23 1793 Loan Certificate 425
24 Americana Three Items Related To The Whiskey Rebellion PASS
25 Trading With Cuba - 1798 PASS
26 Debtor’s Prison Release PASS
27 Father of American Textile SAMUEL SLATER PASS
28 Three Early Benjamin Franklin Engravings 300
29 Washington City Canal Lottery 70
30 Aaron Burr Signed Check PASS
31 Declaration Signer - McKean 250
32 Secretary of War Dearborn Approves The Transfer 130
33 An Example of Pro-Slavery Lobbying in Opposition to the British 800
34 Very detailed and impressive 4-page 1824 slave estate document - Bourbon County, KY - listing 10 named slaves and 60 barrels of whiskey! 275
35 Garrison and Knapp - Noted Abolitionists 500
36 Significant slave document find from South Carolina! 275
37 William Lloyd Garrison’s Newspaper 110
38 The Slave Pipe 100
39 The Commissioner of the Feedmen’s Bureau Decides Against The Blackman 300
40 Abolitionists Signed Cards 140
41 Turn Of The Century - Uncle Sam and Feeding A Black Baby PASS
42 Provisional President of Africa - Marcus Garvey PASS
43 Three Segregation Pamphlets 150
44 Collection of Alabama Financial Documents PASS
45 Jones was killed 1864 50
46 John B. Floyd Writes The Attorney General PASS
47 Cobb Deals With North Carolina Cherokee Letters PASS
48 CSA General Grumble Jones Orders Maintenance of His Farm 550
49 Alabama Takes A Stock Stake In The Alabama + Tenn. River Rail Road Company 160
50 An Early Alabama Confederate Post Master's Application Letter PASS
51 Asking The Alabama Governor - The Commandant of Cahaba Confederate Military Prison Gets An 1861 Endorsement PASS
52 Financing The War - CSA 100
53 Financing the War PASS
54 He, with the sheriff, was in charge of John Brown's execution. 150
55 The Fifteen Year Old CSA Soldier, Voted for Davis in 1861 PASS
56 Two Officers Who Signed This Document Were KIA - Ashby and Koontz PASS
57 Ashby Was Nicked Named "Black Knight of the Confederacy" PASS
58 The Soldier Sends Home A Confederate Button Given To Him From A Prisoner PASS
59 Confederate Naval Document - J.N. Maffitt 275
60 CSA Naval Signals 100
61 CSA Naval Document - Night Signals / Day Signals - Georgia 150
62 The Confederate Officers Take Time Out Of The War For A Social Ball 950
63 Collection of CSA Currency 100
64 CSA Thomas Branch & Sons Buying Alabama War Bonds PASS
65 Collection of Documents Concerning D. W. K. Peacock, CSA Salt Agent. 250
66 Governor Moore Sends A Doctor To Make Cartridges For The Confederacy at Pensacola PASS
67 Confederate Fractional 25C 50
68 The CSA Texas Congressman Wright 70
69 The CSA Congressman’s Reputation is At Stake PASS
70 Known as The SHILOH Bond PASS
71 His Hatred For The "Damned Yankees" Knows No Bounds! PASS
72 This CSA Soldier Would Be Killed at Chancellorsville 650
73 The CSA Soldier Learns Of Deaths From Diphtheria 550
74 Smythe Advises The Movements Of The Famous Calhoun Guard PASS
75 Picked Up Confederate Souvenirs PASS
76 Death of Stonewall in a Confederate Newspaper PASS
77 Gettysburg report in CSA newspaper PASS
78 Paying For The Naval Uniforms PASS
79 The Naval Commander Can Not Comply With The Instructions. PASS
80 William W. Hunter. Order to observe President Davis' Day of Prayer in the Savannah Squadron PASS
81 The Leading Confederate Naval Hero’s Letter 475
82 In the midst of scenes of battle and of courage I have barely time to take advantage of the very earliest opportunity to write you. PASS
83 11th Virginia Gun Shot Wound Surgeon's Certificate For Antietam Campaign 300
84 Confederate George Bill PASS
85 Confederate Fractional 15 cents 40
86 The CSA General Wounded Two Days After His Promotion PASS
87 Jordon Was Staff Officer and Ran CSA Spie Network 100
88 Flag Officer Tattnall Refuses to Approve The Bills PASS
89 The following Three letters were written by 37 year-old Sergt. James Edmund Wallis of Co. B, 20th Texas Infantry-often referred to as "Elmore's Regiment." 475
90 “I got his jaw bone and extricated six teeth and picked out two of the nicest to send away.” 1200
91 Confederate States Of America - Striking $1000 Bond PASS
92 Memminger Can Not Help Mary Randolph PASS
93 Georgia Note From the Fuller Estate 40
94 Confederate Naval Document Signed by BOTH Sydney Smith Lee and Josiah Tattnall PASS
95 The Charge - Drunkenness PASS
96 CSA Mercer Advises That Assistance May Be Needed To Protect a CS Steamer in Georgia PASS
97 Extraordinary Libby Prison, 19 Autographs, Which Include Those Of Captain John M. Flinn & Captain Henry W. Sawyer, Each Who Were Scheduled For Retaliation Execution PASS
98 CSA Surgeon Writes From Prison 110
99 The Confederate Describes His Amputation in Virginia PASS
100 The Confederate Veteran Goes to Roanoke College. 450
101 Mississippi Adversity Paper - War Date Document 100
102 Southern Baltimore Telegram Advertisement with Confederate Memorial Day Poem. 100
103 Collection of 28 Confederate Ten-Dollar Bills. PASS
104 Consecutive Number CSA $10 Bills PASS
105 Honoring Jefferson Davis In Currency 100
106 “Queen of the Confederacy” on the $100 bill 100
107 Alabama Depository Document 100
108 Two CSA Congessional Members PASS
109 Financing the War 100
110 Valentine Lottery For Southern Belles Takes Place In February, 1864. 150
111 There is a negro school at the Cumberland Church (Alabama) and most of their younger servants attend it. 2500
112 1st Maryland Cavalry (CSA), Point Lookout Prison Camp Letters 3000
113 While stationed At Fort Sumter, he is struck by a brick PASS
114 Vanderford Anticipates Leaving Fort Sumter 200
115 Vanderford Writes From Fort Sumter 250
116 Gorgas Advises Breckinridge That He Can Supply Ordnance - March 1865 PASS
117 Confederate Gen. Phillip Dale Roddy Writes Late In The War - "Better men than me have been killed by the thousand-& better soldiers than me now languish by the thousand in northern prisons" 900
118 Magnificent archive of letters & documents AND TERMS of LEE'S SURRENDER PASS
119 1866 Alabama $100.00 Bond. 100
120 This Baltimore Medical School Uses Former CS Surgeons On Their Staff 375
121 Mahone Was With Lee at the Surrender at Appomattox Court House 100
122 The Beginnings of the Red Shirts 850
123 Margaret Junkin Was Known Informally as the Poet Laureate of the Confederacy. 150
124 General Extra Billy Writes General Wright PASS
125 His Poor Performance At Gettysburg Caused His Disfavor With Lee 50
126 Confederate Flag Memorial Painting with c1910 Print PASS
127 Racist Letter from Widow of General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson - Known As The "Widow of the Confederacy" 400
128 South Carolina Citizen Writes About The Politics and Military News of Early 1862 PASS
129 The Doctor Writes His Wife Regarding Illness PASS
130 They killed Capt. Brunn. ... My arm is almost well. The ball struck it on the outside, two inches above the elbow... 375
131 1838 PORTER Charleston Slave Hire Badge 4200
132 Spectacular Hand Drawn Map of the Siege of Yorktown. 1300
134 Naval Relics Are Scarce- U.S. Frigate Congress and the U.S. Cumberland 1500
135 The Following TEN Lots Are All Iimportant Letters Written by Col. Clark Edwards of the 5th Maine Infantry PASS
137 Following the Battle of Chancellorsville, Col. Edwards Writes to the Parents of One of the Men he has Just Lost in Battle PASS
145 George Armstrong Custer (1839-1876) Endorsement in his hand signed ("G.A. Custer"), as Brevet Major General, U.S.A. , September 1866 2400
146 Scarce Custer Brady 1864 CDV PASS
147 Extraordinary - The Button That Was Used To Smuggle a Letter Out of Libby Prison PASS
148 At The Crater - “I was shocked to see soldiers skulls and sometimes nearly whole sets of bones laying on the ground” 2100
149 Philadelphia Grocer PASS
150 1861 News Reports 50
151 Tactics Pocket Book 60
152 Scarce Horizontal Front Cover - Battle of Port Royal 120
153 Exceptional Graphics For The Martyre - Col. Ol. Ellsworth's Funeral March 100
154 Ellsworth Honered in Music PASS
155 Strong Color Rendition of the First Civil War General Killed in Action 475
156 Massachusetts Document Grouping From Enlistment Through Burial 300
157 Promotion In The Mass. Cavalry 100
158 The Official Congressional Record PASS
159 Rare signed document signed by Brevet Major General John W. Geary PASS
160 Patriotic Song Sheet 50
161 Called To Protect The Capitol PASS
162 The True Blue Virgiaia’s Poem PASS
163 Hagerstown (Maryland) Female Seminary collection, 1861-1872. PASS
164 Union Officer's Note to His Wife - “I will see you, It may be the last time ..” PASS
165 Unique Ellsworth Signature 700
166 The New York Soldier Sends His Cousin A Piece of the Stairs From The Marshall House PASS
167 ... four hundred of them would not take the Oath of Allegiance to the US, so they were stripped of their arms and uniforms and sent under guard to Harrisburg .. 150
168 Augur served as one of the officers who walked as escorts for the president's body from the Petersen House, where the president died, to the White House. 70
169 At the start of the American Civil War, Dix was appointed a major general in the New York Militia PASS
170 Rock of Chickamauga 120
171 Unique Patriotic Cover "That Feed Won't Do" PASS
172 Four Slave Related Covers PASS
173 Incredible Description of the Work of Berdan Sharp Shooter 950
174 A Pair of the HUGE Drake DeKay Signed Documents 80
175 An Amazing 10-Page (Legal Size) Letter on the June 13-15, 1863 BATTLE OF WINCHESTER, VA… AND LIFE AT LIBBY PRISON AFTER CAPTURE! 1100
176 The Colonel Writes from Salisbury Prison in N.C. - Great Content 700
177 Striking Color Printed Soldiers Memorial 130
178 Scarce Horizontal Image of “The Battle of New Orleans” 140
179 Strong Graphics - Battle of Shiloh 120
180 Scarce Color Cover 140
181 Another Color Civil War Cover 100
182 Four Daily Diaries Written By This Indiana Soldier 3000
183 The Steel Breast Plate Saved The Life of This Captain 250
184 The 2ND Corp Is Ready For Duty - 1862 PASS
185 The New Officers Getting Paid For Their Servants PASS
186 Chasing Lee After Antietam 275
187 Remarkable Medical Muster Roll For NURSES 350
188 Endorsed Discharge Certificate Document Signed by William D. Whipple. PASS
189 This Maryland Soldier is Ready to Go Against the Traitors 100
190 Fancy Maryland Donation Receipt For Governor Hicks 120
191 Archive of Maine Pension and Bounty Claims from George F. Emery. PASS
192 Likely the Worst Spelling We’ve Seen 100
193 The Massachusetts Soldier Comments On The Guard House Boys Wearing Twenty Pound Balls 100
194 War Dated Colorful Music Sheet 190
195 The Maryland Regiment Wants A Maryland Leader 100
196 Virginia Merchant Is Charged With Disloyalty PASS
197 The Maryland Soldier Advises His Brother-In-Law Of His Movements 120
198 Maryland Heights and the Destruction of Harpers Ferry by Stonewall Jackson during the Antietam Campaign. 150
199 Manuscript Union Soldier's Pass PASS
200 Manuscript Union Loyal Citizen's Pass PASS
201 Provost Marshall Reports The Capture of a Rebel Schooner PASS
202 The NY Soldier Readies For Home PASS
203 A Colonel Killed At Cedar Mountain Is Honored By His Men. 120
204 This Ohio Soldier Writes of Lookout Mountain Battle and His Own Gun Shot Wounding 300
205 Pennsylvania Soldier in Tennessee 130
206 Rare Civil War Soldier's Use of Ironclad and battle of Cedar Mountain Patriotic Stationery. PASS
207 The Colonel Presents His Plan To Defend The Artillery At Yorktown VA 200
208 “There is any amount of nxxxxxs here every day selling oysters-men, women and children” PASS
209 Group Written By New York Jewish Soldier - Sigmond Bachman 1100
210 Battlefield Directive Written From CSA General Keyes to CSA General Couch - Malvern Hill Campaign 325
211 “Major Culp, of our Regiment was killed when the fighting commenced” 350
212 Rebel Forces Drive Union Forces During The Battle of Fair Oaks 350
213 The Rebels Burned Goods and Wagons - “The Envelope In Which I Send This Letter Is One Of A Number Which I Found At The Place They Burned The Goods.” PASS
214 “One man was killed in this camp by the explosion of a torpedo placed in the ground.” 700
215 “I was the Battle yesterday, June 1, 1862. the 64th is literally cut to pieces....” 400
216 “McClellan must have had some faults, or Lincoln would not have removed him.” PASS
217 His Canteen Was Shot off At The Battle of Fair Oaks 300
218 “ ... Our Colonel was badly wounded in the loins. Our Major was killed. ...” 140
219 The Union General Defends His and His Corps - Battle of Fair Oaks 425
220 Hooker Said “that instead of the officers laughing, they should all be weeping for the condition of the Union” PASS
221 Original Civil War Sailor Art - U.S. Steamer ADELA PASS
222 This Soldier Submitted This Art To Harpers Weekly - Falmouth Virginia PASS
223 The Color Sketch Of The Sacramento Off Wilmington 400
224 Dawes Noted for His Service in the Famed Iron Brigade, during the Battle of Gettysburg. 110
225 Trading With The Enemy 750
226 The Governor Appoints a Field Surgeon Who Dies 18 Months Later 150
227 Gettysburg Related Maryland "Military Record" for The 1st Regiment Eastern Shore Maryland Vols. With Engagement Between The Monitor and Merrimac. 170
228 Ten Virgina Field Written Letters - February 14, 1864 through April 29, 1865 PASS
229 Battle of Brandy Station - “...sabres are hard things to face in the hands of determined men ...” PASS
230 The 20th Main Lieutenant Absence As Result Of His Little Round Top Wounds 300
231 Gettysburg Farmer's Battlefield Claim - Hood was wounded and Farnsworth was killed Within Sight of Slyder’s Farmhouse. 425
232 Issued Under the Command of Major General Heintzelman PASS
233 Rare Union Endorsement Signed By Five (5) Union Generals, Including Irish Brigade Commander Robert Nugent PASS
234 Endorsed Discharge Certificate Document Signed by Infamous Commander of Harpers Ferry, Col. Dixon S. Miles From Harpers Ferry 100
235 Union General's Signed document by Robert Schenck. 150
236 Group of Antietam Casualty Maryland Soldier's Document PASS
237 Massachusetts Soldier Letter Group PASS
238 The Maryland Soldier Is Glad To No Longer Be Under The Drunken Blowhard 150
239 The New York Soldier Tries To Help Recruit PASS
240 Tells Mother of Soldier’s Camp Life. PASS
241 Pennsylvania Cavalryman Writes Home PASS
242 The Major General Wants A Report 120
243 Dispatched To Get The Servant and the Horses PASS
244 The Major General Puts a Man On Parole PASS
245 A General to General Letter Recruiting A Regiment Commander PASS
246 Morgan's command - Rebels lost severely and were routed with prospects fair for the capture of himself 200
247 Letter Group - Joseph Cotton 12th New Hampshire Infantry 1000
248 James Biddle Letter Group -- These letters came from the consignors personal collection, select ed for extraordinary content. "I should think they must see their cause is hopeless, but Davis and... 3500
249 Often referred to as the "Hero of Little Round Top". 375
250 He Was Killed at the Battle of Chancellorsville. PASS
251 He was promoted to brigadier general of volunteers on August 11, 1863 40
252 During the attack on Winchester, Milroy's horse was hit by an exploding shell. 30
253 This Soldier Would Later Be KIA - Writes of the Battle of Fredricksburg PASS
254 The Citizen Writes His Brother Who Is Back From Gettysburg PASS
255 The Civilian Shows Concern Over a Second Confederate Invasion PASS
256 With Tongue In Check 110
258 Very Scarce - Hospital Newspaper Group 500
259 The Business Man and His Family Get a Pass Into Arlington 120
260 1864 Maine Soldier’s Letter Grouping PASS
261 Pair of Union Eagle Maryland Discharge Documents PASS
262 2nd Maryland Maryland Discharge and Albumen for Private James H. Heiser PASS
263 The $200,000 Ransom Of Frederick Maryland 900
264 The Reward Has Been Paid For The Capture Of The Deserter 100
265 Maryland Officer’s Appointment PASS
266 The Maryland Surgeon’s Weekly Report - The Potomac Home Brigade PASS
267 The Gunshot Wound Places the Indiana Major as Not Fit For Duty PASS
268 The Army Sends The Death Notice Via Telegram 150
269 He Advises His Son to Look Into Artificial Limbs “with as much particularity as he would if he were searching for a wife”. PASS
270 Broadside “Roster, Second Co. Heavy Artillery, N.H.V.” PASS
271 Letter Group Written By Massachusetts Lieutenant PASS
273 He was appointed to command the Army of the Potomac just three days before the Battle of Gettysburg and arrived on the battlefield after the first day's action on July 1, 1863. 225
274 He arrived shortly after the Battle of Little Bighorn and discovered the bodies of Custer's men. 70
275 At The Crater - "just as I always said, the black cowards broke and run" 450
276 Another Dramatic Civil War Scene 100
277 Dutch Parody of Barbara Frietchie 100
278 The Troops Are Ordered To Take Their Whiskey Medicine. 150
279 US Grant Approves The New Rate For Money Orders PASS
280 Francis Blair Wants Some Help 60
281 Union General Reid 225
282 Group of Three Documents Regarding The Union Loyalty of a Charleston Citizen 250
283 The Chaplain Has The Difficult Responsibility To Advise The Father of His Soldier Son's Death 200
284 Hundreds of New York Soldier’s Records Maintained in the County Ledger PASS
285 “Six hundred men have lost their lives through the perfidy of a cowardly foe” says Addison Pool PASS
286 Reynolds's winter campaign of March 1876 ended in failure and he was subsequently court-martialed for three charges. PASS
287 Early Intelligence Officer 60
288 Two Civil War Naval Officers Signed This Document PASS
289 The Military General Leads The Temperance Union 120
290 The French Captain Comments On Lookout Mountain Battle 110
291 The Reconstruction Era South Carolina Bond 70
292 Sickles Stands Behind His Man 120
293 The Prisoner of War Later Started a Pharma Company Now Worth $440 Billion PASS
294 Maryland Military Compensation Letter To A Former Brigade Commander. PASS
295 Draft For The Payment of Claims Under the Terms of the Settlement of the "Alabama Claims" For Restitution of Losses Suffered by Union Commerce During the Civil War PASS
296 The Noted Artists, James E. Taylor Writes Colonel George Meade, The General’s Son. PASS
297 Holman Melcher asThe President of the TWENTIETH MAINE REGIMENT ASSOCIATION Writes Chamberlain For Information regarding The Little Round Top Battle 100
298 Johnny Clem Biographical Booklet PASS
299 James Garfield Rare ALS as Civil War General 450