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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Boston in 1653 450
2 1695, Dr. William's first sermon at Mr. Boyle's lecture PASS
3 Cotton Mather’s Nephew, Joseph Cotton PASS
4 1716 “Being a Sermon Preached on the First Day of August. (The Day which King George Began His Happy Reign)” PASS
5 1723 New Hampshire Document PASS
6 Family Letter - 1726 50
7 1741 New Hampshire PASS
8 1749 Document Re: First Parrish of Rowley (Ispswich) Massachusetts 200
9 Early Connecticut Broadside 120
10 Thomas Hancock, John Hancock’s Uncle and Benefactor 350
11 Colonial Connecticut 1763 (One Hundred Years Before The Emancipation Proclamation) Slave Receipt. PASS
12 1741 Colonial Connecticut Slave Sale Demand Letter: My Price For The Negro Is One Hundred & Forty Pounds Currant Passable Money As Shall Pass From Man To Men In Any Of Our Said Colonys." 375
13 He was a member of the Boston Tea Party PASS
14 1773 Account Book By Chairman of the Tea Committee 100
15 He Was the Secretary to the United States Consitutional Convention and Personal Secretary to George Washington 100
16 Early Pennsylvania Politician 50
17 American colonies react to King George’s response to Bunker Hill PASS
18 1776 Document PASS
19 1776 Chasing a Deserter 150
20 Revolutionary War Bounty PASS
21 1776 - The Town Armory Report 180
22 POW Document - 1777 225
23 1777 - Enlistment Documents 1500
24 Scarce Revolutionary War Broadside 2400
25 Revolutionary War Sword, Commission & Fort Ticonderoga Casualty List PASS
26 Revolutionary War Muster 190
27 He Commanded Massachusetts Forces During the Battle of Lexington and Concord in April 1775. PASS
28 Cornwallis Clip PASS
29 Rare Collection of Lexington Alarm Captain's Documents 500
30 Revolutionary War Documents For Lodging At Lexington Green's Iconic Buckman's Tavern. PASS
31 Revolutionary War Prize Money PASS
32 Mayflower Descedent - Miltia Captain Signs off on Dischatging The Militia 150
33 Timothy Pickering - War Date Document 100
34 1783 Occupied NYC 110
35 1784 Alexander Hamilton PASS
36 Signer of The Articles of Confederation PASS
37 1790 letter with Shay’s Rebellion Content 275
38 The 1st United States Secretary of War 60
39 The Ladies of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Called Hm the "Irish Beauty" 100
40 1799 Document Signed by Clement Biddle 50
41 Early Maine Document Grouping for William Jones Includes Military and Judicial Appointments PASS
42 Vermont Revolutionary War Claim PASS
43 Lot of 3 Baltimore newspapers with runaway slave ads 50
44 1806 New Jersey Slave Manumission 300
45 1806 Slave Bill 110
46 1807 Slave Census from New York City 100
47 Free Man of Color Teamster for General Grumble Jones and Other Slave Documents PASS
48 1841 Missouri Slave Tax List 50
49 King Cotton PASS
50 Slave Listing of 46 Names 150
51 The Founder of Washington University, Emancipates A Slave and Her Child 120
52 NC Slave Bills 275
53 The Fugitive Slave Margaret Garner Murders Her Child Rather Than Surrender The Child Back Into Slavery 50
54 the Key Abolitionists Newspaper PASS
55 Bank of Greensborough With Slave Peddlers Vignette-Civil War Souvenir Presentation On Verso. 50
56 The Daisy Bank Plantation - Speculation on Buying Negroes 350
57 Anti Slavery Ephemra 550
58 The War Date Slave Is $600 70
59 Negro Male Figural Clay Pipe Bowl. PASS
60 How Washington and Jackson Treated the negro Soldiers 150
61 Scarce USCT Song Sheet 425
62 Slave Gordon, the Scarred Back Contraband & Executions of Two Rebels 50
63 Former Florida Slave is Discharged from the United States Colored Troops 150
64 USCT - Various Items 200
65 1864 Confederate Slave Document PASS
66 Rare Alabama Confederate Bank Note With Slave Labor Vignette 60
67 USCT Eagle Disharges PASS
68 Freedmen’s Bureau Grouping PASS
69 Broadside: Bell’s Life in London Sporting Chronicle 100
70 Letters From THE COLORED HOME and HOSPITAL of New York City, 1872. PASS
71 Advertising for Plays PASS
72 Sambo - 1890’s PASS
73 He Played a Part In the Play Uncle Tom’s Cabin PASS
74 Buffalo Soldiers General Orders 100
76 No More Colored Cavalry Recruits at the End of World War I PASS
77 Rare Marcus Garvey Related Medal 250
78 A Pair of Portsmouth Virginia Newspapers PASS
79 Confederate General William "Grumble" Jones Draws The Erie Canal Lock System. PASS
80 A Know-Nothing Supporter On His Hatred of Too "Many 'Isms' From Within Both North and South." 100
81 When Virginia seceded from the United States on April 17, 1861, Forrest was made its first and only flag officer in the Virginia Navy 100
82 1857 Kansas Territory 50
83 1861 “Confederate States of America” Citizens are Given Protection of “American Seamn” PASS
84 General Grumble Jones is Ordered to Camp 80
85 CSA Medical Document 120
86 CSA Summons to Drill in Charleston PASS
87 General Henry Wise Wants Missiourians in his Army 225
88 Samuel Cooper Signed Special Order 120
89 Virginia Governor Transfer Property to the Confederate Governemnt 400
90 Early Carolina Grays Document 100
91 CSA Enlistment Bounty Receipt for South Carolina 50
92 Confederate Marine Hosptial in Florida 50
93 1861 Peace Commission - Lincoln Refuses Davis’ Commissioners 190
94 Tennessee Resolves to Fight With the South 850
95 South Carolina Enlistment of Baltimore Man PASS
96 General Ripley Writes General Manigault Pertaining to Ordnance 375
97 Early Confederate Virginia Politician 120
98 The Confederate Government Responds To The Federal's Contraband Act. 300
99 President Jefferson Davis Letter Written From Montgomery Alabama 1200
100 Confederate Commission - Not Issued 150
101 Immediately After the First Manassas Battle, General Johnston Writes General Beauregard 950
102 General Beauregard Gives Instructions and Advises He Has Another Servant 650
103 North Carolina Secession Letter 425
104 2nd Tennessee Officer WRites of Guarding the Maryland Shore Assisting the Blockade 260
105 “...You will hear from the Tennessee Boys...we will show our hands in two or three days. ...” 250
106 “ ... when we get that done, then we will go into Maryland & then this war will stop....” 300
107 The Great Charleston Fire 65
108 He was Stonewall Jackson’s Chief of Artillery PASS
109 Orr’s Rifles Letter Mention the Promotion of Colonel Orr and Slidell and Mason PASS
110 South Carolina Military Academy 250
111 Confederate Music Sheet PASS
112 CSA Music PASS
113 Boyle was Part of Numerous Undercover Operations 450
114 Bachman's Company, South Carolina Artillery 50
115 Virginia Governor Signed Commission PASS
116 Pickens’ Nomination for Command Positions in the South Carolina Military PASS
117 Early Confederate Lottery Items 400
118 Jefferson Davis on White Supremacy 130
119 Victory in Cantucky and Manassas Junction Is Full of Swindlers, Sutlers & Brawlers. PASS
120 McClellan Is Given An Ultimatum To Attack; CSA Substitutes Are Called Out; They Are Anxious For A Fight; The "Greatest Breastworks You Ever Saw" Are Constructed at Bull Run. PASS
121 Defending North Carolina's Coast From Bogue Island in 1861 PASS
122 The South's "Best & Noblest Are To Be Taken Away." PASS
123 North Carolina Teeters On The Brink of Civil War While Polly Has "Some Idea of The Cause of Our Troubles." PASS
124 A Union Majority Takes Hold In North Carolina in March 1861 100
125 North Carolina Prepares For War! PASS
126 War Begins: "Lincoln's Reign Will Be Remembered…As A Dark, Dark Spot In Our Country's History." PASS
127 Feeling Badly After Refusing The Good-Bye of A Young Southern Volunteer. PASS
128 The Opening of War Shakes This North Carolinian To The Core. PASS
129 She Feels Displaced and Anxious While Philadelphia's Citizenry Ramps Up For War. PASS
130 A Vessel Steams From Wilmington Just Before The Anaconda Plan Goes Into Effect. PASS
131 Feeling Isolated and Afraid To Show Her True Northern Feelings In Wilmington. PASS
132 Many of His Intimate Friends Have Been Killed or Wounded During The Battles For Richmond; Lewis Promised He Would Not Fight Against The South; Old Abe Must Feel Sorry About The War and Much, Much... 300
133 Witnessing The Beaching of A Blockade Runner "…Shells & Shot Were Flying Over Our Heads All Day..."; Pestilence Reigns In Wilmington. PASS
134 A Rare Blockade Runner's Letter Written From Nassau: "We Speculate Always On A Rising Market." PASS
135 The following six (6) lots were found among the military letters of Major Samuel Hollingsworth Stout (1822-1903) Confederate Medical Inspector for the Army of Tennessee whose military papers were... PASS
136 The Yankees Acknowledge They Were Badly Whipped at The Leesburg Fight. 100
137 Honoring Medical Director Edward A. Flewellen (Surgeon in charge of Andersonville's POW Hospital) By Naming a Struggling Hospital After Him. 100
138 Looking To Get A "Private" Deal For A Rebel Surgeon Whose Wife "Will Probably Die In A Few Days." PASS
139 A Rare and Perhaps Last "Official" Confederate Officer's Letter From Andersonville. 300
140 Helping The Atlanta Relief Society Prepare For Sherman's Push On Their City. PASS
141 Southern Rights! 250
142 He Was Strongly Critized By Forrest PASS
143 Ohio Copperhead Inventor Makes A Sales Pitch 275
144 Order Issued By Major General Van Dorn 100
145 POW Delaware Documents 450
146 Occupied Virginia Letter - Civilian Requests Protection from General Patrick 50
147 Texas Bond Certificate 325
148 Texas Military Pass 190
149 Confederate RR Tickets 600
150 Steel Engravings 50
151 Tredegar Iron Works Documents 200
152 Four Confederate Signatures Including Brigadier General JOHN H. WINDER Regarding Stonewall Jackson Fredericksburg Campaign Document PASS
153 Confederate Kentucky Soldier Discharge 170
154 “On Board Steamer Merrimac” PASS
155 “Our enemies are putting forth their maximum strength and will fall like a drunken giant exhausted by his overtaxed efforts....” PASS
156 Confederate Naval Report 50
157 Confederate Ammunition From Atlanta Arsenal. 50
158 Burned By General Sherman in 1864 - Cassville, Georgia Confederate Hospitals 50
159 CSA Treasury Note 70
160 Confederate General Henry Heth Writes the Union Command About Removing the Dead from the Battle Field Outside of Richmond 950
161 CSA Recruiting Report in South Carolina PASS
162 Letter Names CSA Deserters 100
163 From West Virginia Confederate Field Printed Broadside 450
164 CSA Navy Medical Document 100
165 Acting Under the Authority of Robert E. Lee 100
166 Advocating The Use Of Black Soldiers 300
167 Field Printed Broadside: Keystone Brigade Farewell Address by General Spinola. PASS
168 A Rare Hard Tack Confederate Rail Road Document 120
169 He Enlist As A Private and Was Promoted to General And Corps Commander 1700
170 The CSA Secretary of War Issues a Pass Bearing a Flag of Truce 325
171 “...Three of our men deserted night before last....they carried off all the rations belonging to ten men,...’ 250
172 South Carolina Soldier Writes of the Yankee Destruction of Sumter and Big Guns Running the Blockade PASS
173 Blockade Runner 750
174 Blockade Runner Stock 1000
175 Battle of Kelley's Ford; The Yankees Supply J. E. B. Stuart's Forces. 200
176 Fall of Atlanta reported in Confederate title 200
177 Tennessee Confederate Newspaper Printed in Georgia PASS
178 Confederate Order with Printed Generral Lee Signature PASS
179 Confederate Newspaper with Strong reporting PASS
180 Property Destroyed In Atlanta - 1864 PASS
181 This CSA General Was Wounded Four Times 150
182 1864 - Augusta - “These men are destitute of clothing...” PASS
183 Driven Into the Fields of Auguata PASS
184 $100 Per Cord of Wood in Augusta PASS
185 Brigadier General Wright Approves a Pair of Shoes for This georgia Soldier PASS
186 Atlanta’s Largest land Holder. Lemuel Grant 100
187 CSA Disability Medical Record 250
188 Feeding Wives and Children of Confederate Soldier 120
189 Telegram Sent in CODE 180
190 CSA Special Order 70
191 Rare Texas Pass for Mexican Importer to Cross through Confederate Lines into Louisiana 550
192 Louisiana State Treasurer Document 275
193 “...last Friday General Longstreet’s Corps was reviewed by Uncle Bob Lee...” PASS
194 From The Confederacy 50
195 Confederate Bonds and Treasury Notes Falls By The Way Side In Eastern North Carolina in 1864. PASS
196 A Confederate Requests Light Duty After His Amputation PASS
197 The Confederate Government Pays To Beef in '64. PASS
198 A Great Description For Making Confederate Jean Style Pants In 1864. PASS
199 Learning The Fate of Cousin William "Roby" Redwine Who Died At Point Lookout Prison Camp, Maryland. PASS
200 Confederates Under Command of Major Archer Signed Document During the Fall of Richmond PASS
201 Free Frank of Howell Cobb 60
202 Laminting The Loss Of The South 250
203 Lee’s Farwell - General Order Number Nine 100
204 Greensboro Parole - The Final Confederate Capital PASS
205 The Assistant Provost Marshal of Richmond Learns The Amnesty Oath PASS
206 Southern Native American Relic Inventory PASS
207 Two Fine Colored Engravings of Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson 375
208 Confederate General R.L. Gibson Autograph Letter Signed 70
209 CSA Invalid Pension Statement PASS
210 General Joe Johnston Autograph on Washington’s Birthday 50
211 The Confederate Ballonist PASS
212 His Father Nicknamed Him Rooney 100
213 The Richmond Reunion - 1896 130
214 Her Photograph was Found on John Wilkes Booth After He Assassinated Lincoln 80
215 A 21st Texas Veteran Bluntly Mocks UCV Commander's Rank PASS
216 Going From Houston, Texas To Richmond For A Reunion PASS
217 Lee’s General Orders No. 9 PASS
218 “ ...We had to leave many of the cannon at Evansport....We fired our encampment and burned up everything except what the country people carried off. At Manassas all the buildings were burnt....” 475
219 Hopeful Plans To Get A Commission In A Black Battery 100
220 James Ames Swordmaker on Medals for Excellence 450
221 Dahlgren Ordance Document 50
222 Bleeding Kansas Documents 375
223 D.N. Ingraham” as Chief of the Bureau of Ordnance 70
224 1858 Gen. Nathaniel Banks Document as Governor PASS
225 Atlas maps from official records of Union and Confederate Armies 1861-1865 PASS
226 Lot of 73 issues of NY Tribune from Jan.-June 1861 PASS
227 Civil War satire in this lot of Vanity Fair Magazines 50
228 1861 N.H. Diary Mentioning Fall of Fort Sumter 100
229 Yankee Notions Reconstruction Newspaper PASS
230 The Banjo Playing Stereotype Black PASS
231 Guarding Mason & Slidell 100
232 Rare Printed Harden Express Advertising Broadside…"Packages For Soldiers Conveyed At Half The Usual Rates". 150
233 This Pro-Lincoln Illinoisan Blames Douglas For The Nation's Simmering Tensions PASS
234 Their Uniforms Bled Them of Money While Old and "Inferior" Austrian Muskets Are Their Weapons of Defense. 120
235 1st DC Cavalry Group 425
236 War Date Magazine PASS
237 George Meade Jr. “Cadet U.S.M.A.” PASS
238 The Arrest of 23 Maryland Secession Representitives PASS
239 Organizing the Mail 50
240 DC Provost Marshal PASS
241 (4) Michigan Reg Books PASS
242 Major Fox 2nd Massachusetts Erects A Monument Upon Cedar Mountain Battlefield. 150
243 Seeking His Mother's Consent In Order To Enlist 50
244 Passing Ships Are Fired Upon; Spies Are Thrown Into The Guard House At Camp Defiance; This Shiloh KIA Would Like To Shot those Spies PASS
245 Lot of 8 Civil War era newspapers with front page MAPS OF BATTLES 160
246 Written During The Bombardment Of Fort Sumter: "The Slave Protagonists Have Pushed Their Extensive Views To That Point From Which There Is No Retreat." 250
247 Philadelphia Newspaper Offices Are Raided By Angry Mobs After Supporting The Southern Cause Following The Bombardment of Fort Sumter. PASS
248 The Pennsylvania Militia "Invade" Virginia; A Slave Owner (Who Can't Find An American Flag) Plies Them With Cakes, Pies and Milk! PASS
249 Marching To Free The Impressed Men Of Harpers Ferry; A Rebel Sentry Mocks Him After He Proposes Three Cheers For The Union. 200
250 Skirmish At Harpers Ferry, July Fourth 1861: Witnessing A Soldier Being Shot Through The Heart. PASS
251 Describes The Union Sentiment In Sharpsburg; John Brown's School House and His Harpers Ferry Raid Plotting House. PASS
252 A Grand Spectacle-Seven Thousand of Patterson's Men Cross The Potomac Into Virginia On Their Way To Winchester. PASS
253 Describes The Destruction They Found At Martinsburg, Virginia And Of The Horrid Sights of A Battlefield. . 150
254 Describing Martinsburg, Virginia's Secessionist Leanings . PASS
255 Guarding Rebel Spy Rose Greenhow; Daughter "Little Rose" Makes Him A Secession Badge. 1900
256 Rose Greenhow's Daughter Is Denied Permission To Leave Old Capitol Prison. 550
257 Locked Inside A House Near The U. S. Capitol A 12 Year-Old Is Forced To Cater To Drunken Soldiers. PASS
258 Topographical Engineer's Wounding At Yorktown Results In Amputation; He Extorts Sea Food From A Contraband Thru Threats of Imprisonment; Her Portrait Is Lost. PASS
259 The Ravaged Williamsburg Battle: "The Retreating Army Carries Desolation Before It." 150
260 Virginia's Women: "Are Bitter & Spiteful And Were It Not From Fear They Would Treat Us Like So Many Dogs." PASS
261 Newspaper Artists; Cumberland Plantation's Slaves Are Photographed; Sec. of State William H. Seward and "Little Mac" Review The Army. 1100
262 In Virginia "Slavery And Slave Drivers Are The Cause Of This Rebellion And Slavery Is…The Cause Of The Sorrow." 250
263 The Seven Day Campaign; A Dying Soldier Pleads "For 'Gods Sake' To Kill Him"; Sleeps Next To The Dead on The Battlefield; 425
264 Strong Anti-Slavery Commentary After His Female Accuses Him Of Being An Abolitionist! 500
265 President Lincoln Sees That The Army of The Potomac Retains Great Confidence In Genl. McClellan During Its Grand Review. 275
266 Describes His Feelings In Battle-Lt. Parker Falling Dead At His Side Shook Him Only Momentarily. PASS
267 Lengthy Description of The Burning of Westover Plantation; Regular Army Troopers Vs Volunteer Soldiers. PASS
268 Secession Women of Williamsburg, Virginia Are Full of Secession Women Who Chant: "Good, Good The Yankees Are Retreating" PASS
269 McClellan Evacuates The Peninsula; Newport News-The Site Of The CSS Merrimac's Destruction; Their Steamer Is Nearly Sunk By A Reckless Transport. PASS
270 The Destruction of Sharpsburg Is All Too Real To Officer Gensel; The Union Hamlet Is Riddled With Shot and Shell; Col. Croasdale Mets His End At Antietam. PASS
271 A Great Description of The Dunkard Church On Antietam's Battlefield; Col. Croasdale's Form Lays Mouldering In The Grave. PASS
272 Lincoln Reviews The Army After Antietam "He Looks About The Same As He Did…When I Used To See Him…At The White House, Perhaps A Little More Care Worn." 350
273 President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation Comes As A New Dispensation Of Those Of Us Who Have Enlisted In The Holy Cause Of Freedom. 600
274 The Females Declare: "Trust in God"; Their Flag Presentation While a Dry Eye Is Not Seen As They Depart For War. PASS
275 Gov. Dennison Inspects Their Regiment: They Get Rifled Muskets With "Raised Sights" While The Sins of The Soldiers Makes Him "Shuder". PASS
276 He Is Willing To Give His Life In Order To Put Down The Nation's Pro-Slavery Court. 225
277 Union General "Bull" Nelson Hoists The Stars and Stripes Over The Roof Top of The State House of Nashville In '62. 150
278 Sins of Drunkenness and Gambling Prevail Throughout The Union Army While At Nashville; Great Description of Nashville's State House. 100
279 Guarding Gov. Johnson During A War Speech at Sheblyville; Four Comrades Are Shot; Sutler Brown Is Allowed To Sell Beer-"A Good Summer Drink." 150
280 They Are NOT Fighting To Free The "Ni**er"; Guarding Nashvillians Who Refuse To Take The Oath; Andrew Johnson's Wife Is Ordered Out of Tennessee; A Comrade Has Found A Wife In Nashville. 950
281 General Rosecrans "Does Not Forget His Suffering Sick" and Has A Garden Planted In Nashville For The Aid; He Passed Along Their Lines During The Battle of Stones River. PASS
282 Views of Rebel Raider John Hunt Morgan's Invasion Across the Ohio River. 120
283 A Lengthy Union Soldier Letter Explaining Why, and For Whom, They Are Fighting This Bloody and Costly Civil War. PASS
284 Rebel Guerrillas Get More Of His Letters Than Home While His Friend Dies. PASS
285 A Union Soldier "Becomes A Rank Abolitionist" After Enlisting. PASS
286 From Canada A Draft Dodger Writes To His Soldier Brother: "As To The Annihilation of Slavery I Agree With You". PASS
287 Volunteer Hubbel Gets A Four Month Break On Enlisting In September 1861 PASS
288 Great Early Description of Washington's Defenses: Picket Responsibilities; Review By General McClellan Who "Will Not Move Unless All Is Right." 550
289 A Negro Spy Is Captured; Rebels Dress A Hog "With Strychnine Skillfully Rubbed Into The Meat"; Major Nutt's House and Barn Are Burned 150
290 Unless There Is A Great Necessity...Troops Do Not Move Sundays. PASS
291 McClellan Pens In The Rebels From Three Sets And They Must Fight Their Way Out 100
292 Col. McQuade and Capt. Seymour Suddenly Get Sick After The Battle of Ball's Bluff While McClellan Hesitates PASS
293 Skirmishing With The Rebs; Building An Observation Tower Near Fairfax Court House; Generals McClellan, Morrel and Porter: "Look The Same As Other men." 400
294 Reviewed And Having A Sham Battle In Front of McClellan All While In A Driving Rain PASS
295 A Foraging Party Is Captured; Their Grand Review; Fears Their Troops May be Defeated PASS
296 Lincoln's Message; Beauregard Promises His Men They Will Winter In Washington, D. C. This Winter 225
297 The Garibaldi Guards Riot After Consuming Smuggled Whiskey; Ellsworth's Avengers Put On A Burlesque Style Parade; Their Officers Know Less Than Them 100
298 McClellan Will Not Move Against Bull Run "Unless Everything Is Ready." PASS
299 Robbers Cut Through Sergeant Dubois Tent PASS
300 McClellan Is Their Man To Lead The Army-Col. McQuade Is Their Man To Lead The Regiment PASS
301 Union Forces Concentrate To Attack Manassas Where A Well Entrenched Enemy Awaits Them 100
302 Quaker Guns Are Found At Centreville Giving The "Appearance Of A Very Strongly Fortified Place." 250
303 Landing At Fortress Monroe; The USS Monitor; The Rebels Retreat From Big Bethel; The Slaves Have Been Deceived At Bethel; Occupying Hampton; Finding Union Farms Burned PASS
304 They Have Given The Rebels Until Tomorrow To Evacuate Yorktown; The Battle For Yorktown Commences PASS
305 Battling Near Yorktown; Sharpshooters, Deserters and The Merrimac Captures Some Union Transports PASS
306 Siege of Yorktown: McClellan Comes Under Fire; Capt. Wood 4th Michigan Dies By Fratricide Fire & A Deserter Is Shot And Killed PASS
307 Battle of Williamsburg: Union Dead Are Found With Their Throats Cut-Blames The Act on "2 Regts of Negro"; These Colored Soldiers Thought Union Forces Would Take Them Away & Sell Them In Cuba;... PASS
308 Regimental and Brigade Promotions; Transfer To Sykes' Regular DivisionA Contraband Brings Word of Richmond's Evacuation PASS
309 A Dead Confederate Soldier's Letter Sheet Is Used To Describe The Bloody Battle of Hanover Court House & His Feeling While In Combat 900
310 The Attack On Richmond Must Come "Sooner or Later" & His Promotion To Corporal PASS
311 McClellan's Men Prepare To Be Attacked At Gaines Mills Just Days Before The Major Battle There PASS
312 Seven Days Campaign: "Genl. Mac Is All Right And Intended This Move…We Mowed Them Down Like Grass…They Lay 3 and 4 Tier Deep." 750
313 Fooled Into Thinking McClellan's Men Faced Overwhelming Odds! PASS
314 Prisoner Spencer Is Suspected of Giving Aid To The Enemy While a POW PASS
315 The Confederate Shell Harrison Landing (They Are Spotted By Lowe's Balloon) While A Sutler's Schooner Burns To The Water Line PASS
316 Lowe's Balloon Is Towed Down The James River; Confederate Saboteurs Are Put To Death After Being Caught While Trying To Burn A Union Vessel; News of Spencer's Death Is Hushed By Captain Seymour 200
317 Rebel Batteries Shell The "Negro Brigade" and Porter's Camps At Harrison Landing PASS
318 A Hard March From Harrison's Landing "Almost Killed Me…Pope Has Been Driven Back." 100
319 Col. Hiram Berdan Is Wounded During The Battle of Thoroughfare Gap; Stemming The Panicked Retreat of Porter's Corps at The Battle of Second Bull Run 600
320 His Thoughts While The Battle of Antietam Raged: "The Blue Ridge Mountains Is Literally Covered With Dead Bodies. A Most Horrid Sight." 120
321 His Cousin Is Made An Officer: "He Can Form No Idea of What A Solger Has To Go Through..He Might As Well Come As Any, But He, Even With A Commission, Will Find It Is Not Home." PASS
322 McClellan Leaves The Army of The Potomac While Burnsides Plans On Moving "Onto Richmond By Way of Gordonsville." PASS
323 Burnside Threatens To Bombard Fredericksburg It The Rebels Do Not Evacuate The City 100
324 The Army of The Potomac's Starving Soldiers Rush The Quartermaster Stores During Thanksgiving 1862 PASS
325 Descriptive Battle of Fredericksburg Letter By A 5th Corps Soldier PASS
326 Griffin's "Flying Brigade" March To Cut Off JEB Stuart's Retreat From Maryland. PASS
327 Union Trooper Mock Burnside Calling Him A Murderer While The Rebels Mock Their Yankee Counterparts With Signs Reading: "Burnside Is Stuck In The Mud." PASS
328 The Army of The Potomac Needs The "Spirit of '76" To Win While He Has "Taken A Liking" To "Fighting Joe" Hooker PASS
329 Bitter Feelings For His Discharged Comrades. Two Months Later One Gets Killed In Action at Irish Bend PASS
330 The North Must Draft As Volunteering "Is Played Out." PASS
331 Battle of Kelly's Ford & St. Patrick's Day Celebrations Are "Damped" By Death At The Horse Races 200
333 Robert A. Hubbel Albumen & Letters-Content Removing His Name From The Draft Rolls 150
334 The Following Lots Are From The Family Of Lieutenant Whiting Wetherell, Co. H , 35th Iowa Infantry 225
335 Wetherell War Date Letters 180
336 Wetherell Schmatic 200
337 Wetherell Military Pension Related Grouping 100
338 Wetherell Post War Items 100
339 “We Drank From The Same Canteen” PASS
340 Actions of Congress during the Civil War, 1862-1863 325
341 Lot of 14 issues of The (Phil.) Press from March 1862 50
342 17 Civil War-era issues of National Intelligencer, 1862 375
343 29th Massachusetts Infantry Diary with Fair Oaks Content and More 225
344 Paper SupplierMarkets to the Soldier 50
345 Buying the Substitute 50
346 Kentucky Soldier Dishonorably Discharged 70
347 9th Rhode Islave Vols Document 50
348 Document Signed by Two Generals 150
349 The Women’s Circle 60
350 Unusual Printed Countersigns 50
351 Under Arrest in Grant’s Corps 50
352 Group of Passes 120
353 Governor Pierpoint Wants a Prisoner of War Exchanged 325
354 His Brother's Death Hits This Soldier Hard. PASS
355 An Ohio Squirrel Hunter's "Old John Hunt" Pursuit Letter. PASS
356 Great 13th United States Letter Group With Manuscript Map of Vicksburg and Vicinity. 950
357 Congressman Buffington Writes: "Hill Has Let Loose. Lookout For Squalls." PASS
358 John Hunt Morgan Threatens To Take Louisville and He Should "It Is Full of Secesh." PASS
359 General Rosecrans Reviews The Troops: "He Is A Fine Looking Man And A Fighting One Two." PASS
360 Graphic Battle of New Bern 51st New York Letter PASS
361 A Pair of US Grant CDVs PASS
362 Ordered To The Beach For Bathing 50
363 “ Bull Run where we first began to hear of the defeat of Pope ...” PASS
364 “We had a rebel Major along with us yesterday for our pickets took him the night before...” PASS
365 “Berdan’s Sharpshooters were outside of us and they dropped a man about every time they fired” PASS
366 He Was Awarded the Medal of Honor for His Actions at Trevilian Station - Letter About His Being Taken POW PASS
367 Wild Confederate Shootings 110
368 Father Is Trying To Find His Son PASS
369 Hilton Head Documents PASS
370 The First Execution of The War 50
371 The CSS Merrimac Is "An Infernal Machine." 100
372 The 14th Vermont Fires on Rebel Cavalry. PASS
373 State of Iowa Promotion Broadside. PASS
374 DARIUS N. COUCH Camp Brightwood Morning Report 50
375 General Charles P. Stone's Arrest Over The Ball's Bluff Affair Is Cheered By The Troops. 100
376 A Civilian Visitor To Camp Defiance Gets The Scar of His Life While There. PASS
377 Pvt. William Smith A Hastily Buried On Shiloh's Battlefield. PASS
378 Battle of Chantilly Letter. PASS
379 Reporting On His Brother's Loss at 2nd Bull Run PASS
380 He Will Not Correspond With Her While Serving Uncle Sam. PASS
381 General McCook Declares That The Rebels Have Outflanked Them. PASS
382 A Chaplain Dines At The Table of A Wealthy Man Who Was Murdered By Guerrillas; Sharing His Last Crackers With A Soldier While Trying To Reach His Regiment in Lower Tennessee. PASS
383 Rare Maryland Governor Hicks Memorial Certificate. 425
384 Brevet Brigadier General Jacob Sweitzer Defends The Conduct of The 32nd Massachusetts. 100
385 The Potomac Army War Map 500
386 After the Battle of Antietam Daguerreotypist Josiah Fuller and Member of the 32nd Mass Writes of the Scene PASS
387 Daguerreotypist Serving in the 32nd Massachusetts Infantry Writes of his Photograph Inventory 100
388 Historic “Special Order 191” -- the “Lost Order -- printed in newspaper PASS
389 Lot of 10 New York Tribunes from January 1863 70
390 The Chief of the Scouts and Spies 50
391 Pair of War-Date Treasury Broadsides Pertaining to the Sea Trade PASS
392 Benjamin Butler Items 70
393 Quick Clip Sigs 60
394 Speculating on Gold in 1863 Missiouri 50
395 11th Maine Colonel Mortally Wounded at Deep Bottom 250
396 Anti-Copperhead Pamphlet PASS
397 6th Maryland Officer Killed at Winchester PASS
398 Paying the Bounty 50
399 Popular Patriotic Song Sheets 150
400 Group of Union General’s Docs PASS
401 Nice Groupi9ng of Songsheets 150
402 Fall of Vicksburg Document - Sign & Countersigns 80
403 1863 Conscription Law Booklet with Tiffany & Company and Goodyear Rubber Company Advertisements. 225
404 McClellan Has Shown The Cloven Foot…He Is A Murder On A Grand Scale. PASS
405 Just Days Before New Yorker City's Draft Riots A New Yorker Gets a Letter of Recommendation. PASS
406 A Wounded Colonel Vouches For A Friend PASS
407 A Very Poor Choice of Words: " It Fairly Stilled The Clamor of The Men Seeing Those Little Children & I Heard More Than Tough Old Soldier Ejaculate 'God bless them'…" PASS
408 Father, I Was Not A Coward At The Battle of Stones River! PASS
409 He Did Not Enlist To Make Money-Their Sutler Is A Hog PASS
410 Robbing A Southern "Widow" of Her Smoke House Keys 100
411 Lieut. Goodspeed Had A Big Drunk…He Had Better Be A Little Careful Or He Will Get Reported Again." PASS
412 Rosecrans Consolidates The Soldier's Mess; Colored Cooks; Playing Baseball "From Morning Til Night." 100
413 Lincoln Is Listening To Too Many Men; The Army of The Potomac Cant Fight As Well As The Western Boys 100
414 Plans To Rip His Sergeant Off PASS
415 Pulling The Battery Over The Mountains Near Tullahoma, Alabama 100
416 Takes A Friend Back To The Hospital; Their Shabby Equipment; Ready To Move On Rome, Georgia 100
417 Balance of Content Ohio Artilleryman's Letters Who Died From Wounds Received At Chickamauga PASS
418 Outdor War Date Views of Memphis 140
419 Before The War, He Was the first Superintendent of the Louisiana State Seminary of Learning & Military Academy 50
420 Rock of Chickamauga PASS
421 Four Soldiers CDVs 100
422 A Pair of Union Generals 50
423 James Hazen Group PASS
424 10th Connecticut Officer Writes of Colonel Legget Having His Leg Blown Off PASS
425 The Monitor and Merrimac PASS
426 “...we was in a might hard battle at Stone’s River within 3 miles of Murfreesboro...” 350
427 “We had a very hot time of it at Bristoe Station” PASS
428 “...At 10am one in six were killed, wounded or missing on average...” PASS
429 Five Weeks Before Being Killed at Gettysburg Major Kearny Writes of the Death of a Soldier 900
430 New Orleans Appointment 80
431 He Asks, “What is Slavery but this?’ 65
432 Union Naval Letter 250
433 Vicksburg Soldier’s Letter and Albumen Vicksburg Photo 600
434 Rare War-date Letter Signed by Gettysburg Hero & MOH Receipient William Wells PASS
435 Pennsylvania "Goldstream Regiment” Document PASS
436 The Michigan Engineers and Mechanics Fight Off Wheeler's Cavalry At Lavergne, Tennessee. 180
437 A Sadistic Surgeon Medically Tortures One of His Patients. PASS
438 Mine Run Campaign Battle Letter. PASS
439 Marcus Reno; The Battle of Gettysburg and Lee's Invasion. PASS
440 Rear Admiral Paulding Exposes A Traitor In New York State's Government. PASS
441 A Union Picket Is Warned That His Rebel Counterpart Will Shoot Him In A Fight. PASS
442 Rebel Cavalryman Shoots a Union Picket. PASS
443 The 2nd Minnesota Gets a Drum & Sticks "Complete." 100
444 % Homefront Letters PASS
445 General Elliott Writes of Prisoners from Stewart and Lee and Asks that General Sherman be Notified PASS
446 Johnson’s Island Provisions Document PASS
447 Sanitary Commission Pass and Great Central Fair Ticket 100
448 Recruiting for the Union 100
449 The Fighting Irish 70
450 Rescinds Desertion Charges 50
451 Battle of Allatoona Letter 100
452 Union "Bomb Proofs" Are Ordered To Be Immediately Strengthened The Day Before The Mine Explosion. 110
453 Rare Georgia Oath of Allegiance PASS
454 Rare Peyser, Drake & Company Recruiting Agent's Substitution Payment Document 150
455 Brother Charles Is Shot Through The Bowels PASS
456 Battle of Petersburg New York Cavalryman's Letter: Col. Mix Dies In The Charge 800
457 CDV’s KIA Colonel at Battle of Nashville 100
458 POW Letter PASS
459 “..if I don’t come home a Brigadier General , it will be because merit is not rewarded! “ PASS
460 “ ... I was taken prisoner on the 9th of July and sent to Danville ...” 200
461 He Planted the Flag at the Fall of Sumter PASS
462 Rear Admiral John Dahlgren Orders the Marines to be Ready 70
463 5th Michigan Cavalry Commission - Fought Throughout the War with Custer’s Wolverines 200
464 1st Michigan Engineers Broadside With Four Poems By Private Brewer. 200
465 First Michigan Engineer's and Mechanics Not So Flattering Poem. 150
466 False Reports Circulate That He Is Dead; The Captain Is A Very Cruel Man PASS
467 The Rebels Cut The Throats of Wandering Union Soldiers PASS
468 Reporting on The Southern Army's Condition While A POW. PASS
469 Collection of Jacksonville, Florida General Order Documents. PASS
470 Rebel POWs Are Rounded Up at the Rapidan in 1864 PASS
471 The Rebels "Cannot Stand Before Their Seven Shooters." PASS
472 Escaping Mosby's Rangers. 425
473 The 12th Kentucky Cavalry Gets Ballard Carbines 100
474 General George B. McClellan Authorizes The Destruction of Arms While Falling Back During The Seven Days Campaign. PASS
475 Embargo Removed PASS
476 American Steamboat 50
477 Abraham Lincoln described his appearance in a famous anecdote: "A brown, chunky little chap, with a long body, short legs, not enough neck to hang him ... PASS
478 Lot of War Personality Signatures PASS
479 Quincy Gillmore Endorsement 50
480 2nd Maine Cavalry Document PASS
481 New York Finances the Bounty PASS
482 20th Maine Discharge - Served at Gettysburg 140
483 Listing the Graves of the KIA PASS
484 General Gregory Writes of the Surrender of Robert E. Lee from the Field 475
485 Grant Historically Important Military Autograph Letter Signed in Preparation for the final assualt on Petersburg. .... “ Sheridan has brought in with him some two or three thousand negroes....” 5250
486 Rare Grand Review Document: "The Colors of Each Regiment…Will Salute By Dropping." PASS
487 Federal Troopers East of The Mississippi Are Duly Exchanged. PASS
488 My Sensibilities Have Been Considerably Excited By The Execution of Two Poor Fellows (One A Mere Boy)… PASS
489 Horney Soldier’s Letter 50
490 From Savannah - “...Our Grand Reviews have all been held in the streets of this beautiful city. Sherman received each Corps separately, taking a day to each....” PASS
491 Bushwhackers in Virginia Are Executed 650
492 “Such men ought to be made an example of in the hanging line...” 50
493 Gutta Percha Receipt PASS
494 The Federal Government Comes Down On POWs, Guerrillas & Amnesty. 50
495 Ex-Rebels Can't Wear Their Uniforms in Public. PASS
496 Notorious Confederate Guerrillas Harry Gilmore Is Captured Near Winchester. PASS
497 The New York Journal Pays Draft Advertisement For April 1865. 50
498 Civil War Crime Punishment: "Stand On The Barrel." PASS
499 Requa (Civil War Machine Gun) Battery Muster Roll 100
500 Major Warren Is Appointed To Protect The City of Richmond After Her Fall. 150
501 Rare Union Occupied Hempstead, Texas Receipt. PASS
502 Jeff Davis' Captor Looks For Rebel Papers 100
503 The New York Tribune Headlines The Grand Review of The Armies of Tennessee and Georgia At Washington. 100
504 Large Lot of Civil War Postal History Transmittal Cover Collection 200
505 Brigadier General Nathaniel McLean Postal Cover Collection 325
506 In 1894 He Was In Command of the Battleship Maine PASS
507 Meade Signed Special Order 100
508 Burnside ALS and Docketted on his Personal Stationary PASS
509 The Father of US Army Signal Corp and Weather Bureau PASS
510 Alexander Webb Document Signed PASS
511 Union General Oliver Howard Signature, Omaha, Nebraska. PASS
512 G. A. R. Booklets: 1887 War Relics on Display at Admiral Foote Post Charity Fair and 1883 Gen. Nathaniel Lyon Post Rules, Regulations and By-Laws. PASS
513 Michigan Emphemra 50
514 Rare Colorado Grand Army of The Republic Calling Card, Abraham Lincoln Post, Denver. PASS
515 A Rare Grouping of 1st Michigan Engineers and Mechanics Reunion Documents. 100
516 Fitz Wants The History of the 5TH 100
517 Have A Cigar With The Union Leaders PASS
518 The Barbara Fritchie Incident in Review 50
519 A Very Unique Naval Photographic Collection of 14 CDV’s 1300
520 Major Robert Anderson CDV’s 60
521 Mathew Brady of Martyr Col. Elmer E. Ellsworth 100
522 Early 1860's CDV of Col. Elmer E. Ellsworth 100
523 Patriotic Civil War CDV: A Young American Flag Bearer 250
524 Shot Up Gettysburg Artilleryman, Medal of Honor Winner Cabinet Card 200
525 The U. S. S. Monitor: "Truly It Looks Like A Yankee Cheese Box." 475
526 Drunken Rebel General Magruder Burn Hampton, Virginia To The Ground. 120
527 “We are watching for the new Merrimac but have no idea that she will come down and give us fight. “ 300
528 Navigation Anthony Stereoview of Luxurious Rhode Island Steamer Bristol PASS
529 the Chief Engineer of the U.S. Army. 180
530 CDV lot of CSA Notables 100
531 He Was Severely Wounded at Petersburg, Virginia, June 18, 1864, Requiring the Double Amputation 70
532 He Killed His Superior Officer, General William "Bull" Nelson PASS
533 He Was Captured at Gettysburg and Later KIA Wilderness PASS
534 He Was Mortally Wounded at the Second Battle of Kernstown, Near Winchester, Virginia 80
535 A Confederate NCO PASS
536 This General Was Present At Appomattox PASS
537 Union Naval Officer PASS
538 A Gettsburg Commander PASS
539 A Gettysburg Commander PASS
540 He Became The 1st American Military Governor of the Philippines PASS
541 Gettysburg General CDV 500
542 Medal of Honor Vermont Officer Signed CDV 1300
543 CDV of Kill-Cavalry PASS
544 Massachusetts Officer PASS
545 He Also Fought in the Second Seminole War PASS
546 Michigan Officer PASS
547 Civil War era Demonic/Theatrical CDV of Man Cutting A Soldier's Throat 200
548 Merchant Seaman Captain William Story-Maligned In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter. PASS
549 AImage of ndrew Johnson 50
550 Carved at Andersonville - Cane of J.T. Brown, 70th New York Infantry PASS
551 Gettysburg Civil War Relic 250
552 Horstman Buttons 75
553 Early Civil War Battlefield Souvenirs From Malvern Hill. PASS
554 Lincoln’s First Law Partner PASS
555 Lincoln’s Secretary of War 90
556 Douglas And Johnson 1860 Campaign Ballot From Massachusetts...With Attached Local Ballot 170
557 Lincoln’s 1st inauguration Speech 200
558 The Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln 1000
559 General Blair Writes General Fremont Pertaining to Troops for the Fremont Emancipation 120
560 A Lincoln Election Ticket 225
561 An Eyewitness To Abraham Lincoln's Mourning At Colonel Elmer E. Ellsworth's Funeral. 1500
562 A Printing of the Lincoln April 9th, 1862 Telegram to McClellan 200
563 Lincoln Free the Slaves in Washington DC 1100
564 Pair of CDVs PASS
565 Rare Anti-Lincoln Letter/Cover To San Francisco: "Hang Lincoln, McClellan & Some Of The Other Do Little Scoundrels" 350
566 Full printing of the Emancipation Proclamation 250
567 Gideon Welles Document Signed 110
568 The Speed Lincoln Portrait PASS
569 Stanton Appoints A New York Provost Marshal 100
570 President Lincoln’s Secretary 300
571 New York Absentee Ballots 50
572 Praising President Lincoln 160
573 He Watched Over Lincoln’s Son Tad 100
574 Salt River Ticket: Steamer Know Nothing 100
575 Salt River Ticket: Copperhead Lunch. Served Up In Style. 200
576 Uncut Pair Of Lincoln And Johnson 1864 Campaign Ballots PASS
577 Lincoln And Johnson 1864 Campaign Ballot....In Yellow 100
578 Anti McClellan 1864 Campaign / Election "Salt River" Handout 50
579 1865 Abe and Tad Lincoln PASS
580 The Ford Stage Manager, J.B. Wright Cabinet Card 120
581 She Describes the New York Lincoln Services 150
582 She Was An Actress In Our American Cousin 50
583 She Was An Actress In Our American Cousin 100
584 Large Albumen - Mrs. Surratt’s House 750
585 The Handsome Assassin 400
586 Lincoln Beardless Portrait Mourning Ribbon 250
587 U.S. Capitol Building CDV Draped In Mourning Bunting After President Lincoln's Assassination 150
588 Funeral Procession Orders For Abraham Lincoln April 19, 1865 PASS
589 Early Ford Theater Reprint PASS
590 He Was in the Cast of My American Cousin When Lincoln was Shot 60
591 Letter Pertaining to a Programme Found in the Box that Lincoln was Assassinated in 170
592 The Printer ID’s The Program 50
593 Souvenir Photograph of the Assassination Playbill PASS
594 An 19th Century Lincolnia Collector 60
595 The Lincolnia Item in late 19th Century PASS
596 The Ford Manager’s Wife Tries To Sell A Blood-Stained ‘American Cousin’ Program 275
597 He Claims To Own The Booth Assassination Derringer 150
598 Remembering President Lincoln PASS
599 Barbary War Period Massachusetts Militia Documents PASS
600 British Trade Disputes Before the War of 1812 PASS
601 The Greenbush Cantoment PASS
602 Connecticut Governor John Cotton Smith War of 1812 Documents Related To General Nathaniel Terry. 300
603 War of 1812 Appointment Signed by Caleb Strong PASS
604 War of 1812 Imprints PASS
605 Rare War of 1812 Connecticut Secession Document. 250
606 The Death of Horation Nelson Memoralized in Poem PASS
607 Four Early Naval Document 130
608 1829 Gunners Discharge PASS
609 1833 Naval Document PASS
610 Archive of Brigadier General Michael P. Merrill of New Hampshire PASS
611 Albert Gallatin Autograph Note Signed 110
612 Group of Documents Sent To The Secretary of the Navy 100
613 1840’s US Treasury Ship’s Docs PASS
614 Discusses the Testing of Ordance 80
615 US Treasury Circulars Pertaining to Shipping 100
616 1854 Brig. Major B. Davis Registration Document PASS
617 1856 Rhode Island Militia Document PASS
618 Important Naval Officer PASS
619 Schooner Crew Manifest PASS
620 Gun Dealer Catalog PASS
621 Indian War Period Cavalry PASS
622 Frederic Remington illustrates “The Mexican Army” PASS
623 Great Spanish- American War Autograph & Photograph Albumn 250
624 Historic Aviation 100pcs 650
625 Leonard Wood SP 150
626 Army Reward Poster PASS
627 WWI Ephemra Group 50
628 The 1st WWI American KIA PASS
629 Very Rare Polar Bear Expedition Grouping PASS
630 He Was General of the Armies 100
631 Kearny family Group PASS
632 The Quartermaster’s Wood Measuring Stick PASS
633 Self Inflected Wound 200
634 “I SHALL RETURN” Signed by General MacAthur 100
635 Signed by General Omar Bradley 50
636 Signed by World War II Heroes PASS
637 He Fights for Freedom Broadsides PASS
638 US Army Generals Group PASS
639 Japanese Surrender Document 100
640 100 Death Cards 170
641 Nazi Christmas Ball PASS
642 WWI Death Photos PASS
643 Hanseatic Cross Medal 70
644 English Military Albumen PASS
645 Iron Cross 2nd Class 90
646 Iron Cross 1st Class PASS
647 Himmler Awards The German Cross PASS
648 Japan Occupation Soldier’s Photographic Archive PASS
649 Manson’s Accompliss PASS
650 Springfield 1884 Trap PASS
651 Historic American Personalities in Silver 100
652 Pennsylvania Family Grouping of Manuscripts PASS
653 A Confederate Officer Proudly Stops At Col. Abraham C. Myers Richmond Residence. PASS
654 CDV of Jewish Tribe of Aaron Gravestone PASS
655 Consecration of a Jewish Synagogue PASS
656 Lowenstein & Bros. Wholesale notebook PASS
657 Important Cutlery Manufacturer PASS
658 Passports for Jessie Rosenfeld PASS
659 Request for the President to Not Honor the Treaty with Russia Because of the Treatment of Jews 100
660 Iron Ore in Cornwall, Connecticut 110
661 1819 Metamorphosis Booklet PASS
662 Early New England Broadside Poem: Murder of Rhode Island "Factory Girl" Sarah M. Cornell. PASS
663 The Evil Lottery System 100
664 The Bold Shoemaker, Green Bushes & Bay of Biscay” Song Sheet, Broadside Printed in Boston 1834 PASS
665 1834 - Death of Kasper Hauser PASS
666 Texas president talks to his people; answers jailed Alamo villain’s gripes PASS
667 Southern Revival in Alabama 100
668 Bound volume of The Rural Repository from 1839-1842 110
669 William Humphrey ALS PASS
670 Scrapping in 1850 Was Different PASS
671 1840 Coal Mining Letter 100
672 Only God Should Punish - 1850’s Broadside 100
673 Washington City Documents PASS
674 Alexander Hamilton Bowman - Superintendent of the United States Military Academy PASS
675 A Graphically Gory Letter-Frontier House Fire. PASS
676 Lot of six issues of Gleason’s Pictorial PASS
677 1855 New Jersey Ferry Broadside PASS
678 What Congress was doing April-June 1856 PASS
679 Half-year bound volume of The Daily Cleveland Herald PASS
680 1865 Oil Document PASS
681 Government Regulations in 1868 PASS
682 Indiana Railroad Document 300
683 1868 Missionary Letter PASS
684 The Chamber of Commerce Wants to Make the Erie Rail Road a State Run Institution PASS
685 Signatures of the Artists and Novelist PASS
686 Modoc Indian War, Warriors scalp and torture soldiers PASS
687 Dozen Harper’s Weekly issues from 1873 50
688 Artwork by Winslow Homer from Harper’s Weekly issues of 1873 100
689 Lot of eight issues of Harper’s Weekly from 1873 with Thomas Nast cartoons PASS
690 Bound Volume of Illustrated Christian Weekly, 1874 110
691 A Mother’s Graphic Revenge 80
692 Passport Signed By Evarts PASS
693 Capturing a philandering husband with the camera obscura 80
694 Advertising booklets PASS
695 Rare Minnesota Postal History Transmittal Cover Collection PASS
696 Lot of seven issues of Scientific American, various dates PASS
697 Innocent victims dragged into New York opium dens, 1884 PASS
698 William A. O’Connor ALS PASS
699 Three Vaudeville Broadsides PASS
700 Circa 1900 Elias Howe Musical Instrument PASS
701 Map of New York City Shows The Horse Car Lines 100
702 San Diego Tourist Railroad Broadsides 275
703 Pinkerton’s Want That Prostitute PASS
704 Sculpture Rogers Booklet PASS
705 Whore House Albumen 200
706 Gold Mining Albumen PASS
707 Good Content Thaddeus Stevens Letter Mention Anti-Masons and Van Buren 350
708 His portrait appeared on American paper currency, the U.S. $1000 Silver Certificate PASS
709 Rare 1844 Presidential Campaign Stationery: Henry Clay and Frelinghuysen. 160
710 1860's Indiana Governor's Ballot Declaring Conrad Baker as The Candidate PASS
711 Beautiful Stone Litho Color Political cartoons in this Publication PASS
712 Political Ephemra. PASS
713 Dewey-Warren Dollar Certificate PASS
714 Letters Signed by Stevenson and Goldwater 50
715 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention Items 110
716 The Medal of George Washington - 1790 150
717 “Mr. Gano's Sermon on the Death of General Washington, 1800.” PASS
718 “Mr. Porter's Eulogy on Washington”. PASS
719 Thomas Jefferson's Congressional Act Declaring Military Force Can Be Used To Suppress Insurrections. 100
720 Madison Message PASS
721 1817 Congressional Act approved by Madison 375
722 President George Bush Signed Campaign Bumper Sticker PASS
723 Gouverneur Served as Private Secretary to President James Monroe 150
724 Rare Zachary Taylor 1848 Presidential Campaign Stationery with Unusual Content. My Wife: "Is Troubled With Her Breast." 250
725 Distillery Warehouse Stamp With Portrait of President Zachary Taylor. 50
726 Buchanan And Breckinridge 1856 Portrait Campaign Ballot From Virginia 160
727 Attend The Impeachment? 300
728 Attend The Impeachment? 275
729 U.S. Grant memorial Funeral PASS
730 1868 Grant Election Letter PASS
731 First Lady Grant Telegrams 100
732 They Tended to General Grant on His Deathbed 100
733 Large U.S. Grant Albumen 550
734 Presidential Campaign Charts....Political Advertising For Grant And Greeley In 1872 150
735 Early Washington Engraving 275
736 Death of President Garfield PASS
737 First Lady Garfield Signed Card PASS
738 Winfield Scott Hancock vs. James A. Garfield Presidential Campaign Circular PASS
739 President James Garfield Assassination Broadside Extra 160
740 William Howard Taft Signed Document....As Another President! PASS
741 The National Party Candidates 100
742 Tast As Presideny PASS
743 “1949 Inaugural Gala 41st Inaugural 225
744 Eisenhower as President PASS
745 Rare White House Program November 13, 1963....The Black Watch Playing for President Kennedy....From the Estate of White House Florist PASS
746 Alamo: “We are resolved to die under the walls rather than surrender.” PASS
747 Many of San Francisco's "Respectable Young Men" Can Get No Work So They Are Enlisting." PASS
748 Have I got to go out and be killed in such cold weather! 350
749 The Sheriff of San Marcos, Texas Gets A $2000.00 Reward Offer PASS
750 Buffalo Bill’s Indians in England 300
751 Scarce Book by the Son of Jesse james 50
752 Custer Battlefield Tourism PASS
753 D.F. Barry Letter Regarding Sioux Medicine Man PASS